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From Starbucks to the golf course to dollar stores, White people are unnecessarily calling the cops on Black people. Here’s a look back at our coverage. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DulceSloan
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IandAproductions Hace 4 minutos
Is it only me who wants to beat the shit out of Trevor
Cris EX
Cris EX Hace 7 minutos
God this show is aids 😂
IandAproductions Hace 7 minutos
2:31 if you hate America’s policies and policing than leave go somewhere else
IandAproductions Hace 9 minutos
OK I can see that calling the police on Black people is stupid but I hope you guys just don’t hate on the police because they’re not doing anything wrong
god of weasels
god of weasels Hace 11 minutos
I needed this
Jay Mym
Jay Mym Hace 11 minutos
Should be a crime
Chen Chen
Chen Chen Hace 13 minutos
Why people will call police anything for nothing.👎👎👎😫😫😫
Juben Nti
Juben Nti Hace 16 minutos
All this is just ridiculous. #blacklivesmatter ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Phebe Meyer-Kamara
Phebe Meyer-Kamara Hace 16 minutos
People are still being killed by police.
liz mari
liz mari Hace 17 minutos
By biker cops lmao
Luke Bohannon
Luke Bohannon Hace 17 minutos
And the award for the most annoying man on earth goes to ...... Trevor Noah.
Brad Beren
Brad Beren Hace 17 minutos
When Trevor steals jokes and compiles other's people sets to create his own unique amalgam is their someone we can call?
gets187 Hace 28 minutos
This show is trash .
aaron behrens
aaron behrens Hace 28 minutos
Its funny how the first one about starbucks is literally a leftist company lmao and people still need a reality check? These liberals that are “fighting” for blacks are just oppressing them again for example aunt Jemima was the first black female millionaire but we took her off a syrup bottle why? To get rid of blacks not to make them feel better🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
JoseMR2k11 Hace 33 minutos
I gotta be honest it is true that black people are seen as inherently threatening and that's true because they are taught that There are people out to get them so they are naturally on the defense Ready for war At all times. They are brainwashed by the past of what happened to their people and small little anecdotal evidence is of prejudice against them in public places
thewolfmoon 26
thewolfmoon 26 Hace 35 minutos
bs this nothing but bs
Tryhard101 Hace 44 minutos
Call is Booty Black Child Ops IIII That is stuff of legends
stevie ray genoch
stevie ray genoch Hace 47 minutos
People calling the cops on stevie ray genoch on youtube.com Call the police it's stevie ray.... For no reason. Alot of times...lol
Jacob Snyder
Jacob Snyder Hace 47 minutos
So I cant report this video for hating on whites you clame to be not racist but you come out with some crap like this what if I made a video of black people calling the cops on white people for no reason it wouldn't stay up for 5 mins you people need to think about what you do and look and see if you would like it if the role was reverse just saying
Milk Man
Milk Man Hace 50 minutos
If this was reversed you'd see headlines
i Lack Logic
i Lack Logic Hace un hora
Nobody: Permit patty: They don’t teach object permanence in the hood
Garnet Mystery
Garnet Mystery Hace un hora
Arizona’s police is the LAPD in gta 5
bama31 Hace un hora
1st one: Loitering ( I’ve been asked to leave places before and I’m white. I left and they didn’t call the cops. This anchor is racist.
iAm Unchained
iAm Unchained Hace un hora
Cringy title
David Stone
David Stone Hace un hora
If someone does call the police and you haven't done anything to warrant being arrested, the you have nothing to worry about.
seth kahny
seth kahny Hace un hora
I dislike this guy so much
nickacelvn Hace un hora
It makes me embarrassed to be white for these racist ignorant fools.
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz Hace un hora
I feel sorry for the people you've brainwashed.
Jimmy Two-Times
Jimmy Two-Times Hace un hora
Go back to south africa
Your Local Milk Man
Your Local Milk Man Hace un hora
This is doing nothing but causing more hatred. This guy seems to thrive on negativity, he’s the type to dig for the most negative things to report on, and constantly bring up race making things much worse. Maybe he will be happy when all this reporting he and all his friends do leads to some type of civil war.
Kenneth Lyle
Kenneth Lyle Hace un hora
Let's show some good stuff black and white people getting along with each other 😉 if you want change set the example!
Parks 2099
Parks 2099 Hace un hora
7:49 actually, he def slid his entire forearm and elbow against her ass.
Tim Jones
Tim Jones Hace un hora
trash video
Toxzick Hace un hora
It's cornerstone karen
Caleb Shepard
Caleb Shepard Hace un hora
How on earth does this not get taken down for racism? Blows my mind how black people can openly be prejudice towards other races and get away with it.. just another reason I’ll be voting for trump in this upcoming election
Daniel Collard
Daniel Collard Hace un hora
If I tell you to leave and you dont what do you expect?
Joel Saner
Joel Saner Hace un hora
I never watch Trevor Noah. But youtube seems to think I should since it’s advertised at the top of my feed. Is this not pushing a political ideology? Hey ESwomen, make larger “Skip Ad” buttons and stop pushing your leftist agenda
Toxzick Hace un hora
Look boomers this is what you call a Kaaareeen
Parks 2099
Parks 2099 Hace un hora
0:30 yeah pal, its called trespassing. What of they were waoti g for their friend so they xould have a 3 man crew to rob the store.
Adam Fowler
Adam Fowler Hace un hora
They called the police when they were asked to leave, and refused to go. It's called loitering, and that is an actual crime.
Arty Smarty
Arty Smarty Hace un hora
All race's, genders, and sexuality do dumb things sometimes. Whether their the caller or the person. All people mess up sometimes. Its a little races to just call whites...well stupid
Zade Hace un hora
Yeah, this is helping right now.
Soowoo22 Hace un hora
Trevor Noah is a clown
Ash Ash
Ash Ash Hace un hora
Ew Trevor Noah 🤢
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Hace 2 horas
Man this show just isn't funny is it...
Free Man
Free Man Hace 2 horas
FAKE NEWS already proven
Mini14 Hace 2 horas
Dude who tf is this and why do i see him anywhere, like i dont like him😂
BLUEDRAGON7777 Hace 2 horas
Ha ha ha yeah pretend that they weren't their doing something illegal. Just because of the way you looked. Yes but since it strangely happens to white people twice as much. Lol fucking idiots. So really the census is a lie and their really are more black people than whites they just lie or don't read. Or maybe dont fill out the census. An Tuesday morning is a nice store and the only time one of us went their alone they did the same thing and called the cops. Even though we had shop there are entire lives. He showed up alone and had on a leather jacket. Lol so they immediately assume that he was a biker and there to Rob them.
fmosqa Hace 2 horas
white men seem to be so much smarter then the women in gonna fucking transform into chris brown
Geoff German
Geoff German Hace 2 horas
How on earth does this guy still have an audience? Craig Kilborn was funnier and to this day more relevant.
Sean Simpkins
Sean Simpkins Hace 2 horas
Old news old story, grow up, racism isnt an epidemic. Wear your masks and worry about the actual problems in the world.
Spencer Heffelfinger
Spencer Heffelfinger Hace 2 horas
The groundhog could have had rabies...
Brian Cooley
Brian Cooley Hace 2 horas
Notice these are mostly white WOMEN
ccam 2012
ccam 2012 Hace 2 horas
Well I see it as black people see one racist or wrong cop, and that makes all cops bad... us white people see one bad black person that beat on innocent white people does it mean I should think all black people are the same, or can I keep my black friends. One Hispanic is illegal and or running from somethin in mexico.... does that mean all Hispanics are illegal doin the same... I recommend everyone get off this shit show channel and go to heavydutycountry's channel.
Hey everyone I gifted Timthetatman90 subs
Hey everyone I gifted Timthetatman90 subs Hace 2 horas
Have you ever thought about how many black people call the cops on white people for no reason
Seth Thomas
Seth Thomas Hace 2 horas
The daily show is not alternative or cool anymore. Fuck network television altogether at this point. People are getting tired of this.
Interesting Hace 2 horas
So this was in my recommended and I’m just taking a crap right now.
Gael Evangelista
Gael Evangelista Hace 2 horas
Okay and
Chris Collier
Chris Collier Hace 3 horas
Not EVERY person acts like this, to put this narrative on every white person is wrong...in my opinion
Sarah Myers
Sarah Myers Hace 2 horas
He didnt.
Will C.
Will C. Hace 3 horas
Oh my God, I think the Phoenix police snorted too much "evidence" before shift started.
rolando medina
rolando medina Hace 3 horas
Stop calling cops on black people for no reason! Yo color racism is corny!
WBp 73
WBp 73 Hace 3 horas
Yes, racist people are still out there but they aren't a majority. What do you want us white people to do about it? I'm not saying these racists are right but I believe this form of review is making more divide and hate. Is that the point?
Joe The FSU fan
Joe The FSU fan Hace 3 horas
Trevor Noah hates freedom loving Americans. Change my mind.
Bear Builds
Bear Builds Hace 3 horas
Oh stop it now. You are trying to claim the starbucks was all over because they where black but it was actually over them loitering there. Stop it already and grow up. Racism is just a cop out to make a fit over something it shouldn't be. 1 out of over 1000 people are racist if that.
Linkavitch Chomofski
Linkavitch Chomofski Hace 3 horas
2 things I've learned about white people, 1 - they tell you all their business and 2 - they can't mind their own business.
Light Artorias
Light Artorias Hace 52 minutos
That's racist
Allen Holmes
Allen Holmes Hace 3 horas
That's cause she dont got no ass 🤣😂🤣💯...
Craig Donaldson
Craig Donaldson Hace 3 horas
Anyone that watches Trevor Noah is a fool and uneducated to life and reality
Sean Donaldso
Sean Donaldso Hace 3 horas
I'm a white middle aged male and all my black friends tell me i'm not racist. I find it funny tho that if Trevor reversed the context and was saying the same things just about black people. He'd be burned at the stake as the most racist person ever.
hill billy
hill billy Hace 3 horas
Trevor is a dumpster fire. Poor excuse for a human being. Exercising his rich minority privilege to pedal fake news with a goal of destroying the country. Btw, not funny at all, libtard.
Will C.
Will C. Hace 3 horas
Yes, because black people sitting in the Starbucks is an extremely dangerous situation that requires armed response. s h o o k
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