Whiskey Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Whiskey | Price Points | Epicurious

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In this episode of 'Price Points,' Epicurious challenges whiskey expert Heather Greene to guess which one of two whiskies is more expensive. Heather breaks down Scotch, rye, Irish, Bourbon and Japanese whiskey before making her guesses!
Heather Greene is a whiskey author/expert and partner at Ben Milam Whiskey: www.benmilamwhiskey.com
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Whiskey Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Whiskey | Price Points | Epicurious

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Michael de Bavay
Michael de Bavay Hace un hora
Yep, completely tanked at 5 mins in. Gets louder progressively and goes with 'spanking'. This is pure internet hahaha
Anthony Gunter
Anthony Gunter Hace 4 horas
Why don't they display the brands of these products? WHY?
estelsil Hace 17 horas
I wish they would show the producers of the products in these videos so that I could try them as well.
ᎦᏝᎬᎬᏃᎽ Hace un día
People be reviewing alcohol and I’m necking a plastic bottle of Popov alone at 1 AM
Chad Rinehart
Chad Rinehart Hace un día
I want to know what the Irish whiskey, bourbon, and Japanese whisky was!
Brandon Sargent
Brandon Sargent Hace un día
I don’t think I’ve ever fallen in love with a woman so quickly
John Sevilla
John Sevilla Hace 2 días
All bottles on side A are the expensive ones except for the last tasting. Way to switch things up guys.
Orpheus Multimedia
Orpheus Multimedia Hace 3 días
Heather: "Aw crap, I spilled some of my breakfast whiskey on my shirt, anyone got one I can borrow?" Eli Cairo: "You can borrow mine."
Zach Scheel
Zach Scheel Hace 3 días
Not telling us which whiskey exactly tho??? Wtf
Marcus Cicero
Marcus Cicero Hace 3 días
But what were they?
Master Nerfer
Master Nerfer Hace 3 días
She pointed to Whiskey B before even smelling it or tasting it saying it was the inexpensive whiskey @2:09
Benjamin Shipley
Benjamin Shipley Hace 4 días
I came down to the comments to find people talking about spanking, I was not disappointed
Cade Gauthier
Cade Gauthier Hace 4 días
You do know that slot of whiskeys you can't go by the price because some 40-50$ whiskeys are possibly better than a overly pricey bottle of whiskey soooooo you can't really tell by price
Creampie man
Creampie man Hace 5 días
Im waiting for a champagne expert now
H.C.S. Botch
H.C.S. Botch Hace 5 días
How unladylike.. shame on you.
Patryk Busler
Patryk Busler Hace 5 días
She looks like violets mum from Charlie and the chocolate factory
blank blank
blank blank Hace 8 días
Does anyone notice the editing towards the end? I think she got a little tipsy and might have had to shoot a couple takes, or the editor just isn't great.
Chris Bardolph Music
Chris Bardolph Music Hace 9 días
Here’s how to taste the difference between cheap and expensive whiskey. Cheap whiskey tastes like nail polish remover. Nice whiskey tastes like an angel just blew you.
FortuneWookie Hace 10 días
She looks like Siobhan from CollegeHumor
Frantic Mower
Frantic Mower Hace 11 días
I wouldn't consider this lady particularly beautiful but she has an outstanding 11/10 on attractiveness.
Roob Trulso
Roob Trulso Hace 11 días
Has anyone tried googling products based on the price listed instead of flat out stating they should just give the name of the label? P.s. I haven’t done this and don’t plan to.
Trude Hace 11 días
The zooming in this video. Someone just found the zoom button😂
Damian Lopez
Damian Lopez Hace 12 días
Can we get the brands please so we can try them.
name's Zeus
name's Zeus Hace 12 días
I like her. I really like her. She likes spankings, so i like her. I dont even drink, but i want one.
Ethan Ward
Ethan Ward Hace 12 días
There a fine line between “whiskey expert” and “informed alcoholic”
Darrin McGann
Darrin McGann Hace 13 días
I would marry this woman!
crazyhasek3921 Hace 13 días
This lady is the tits
Tapan Trivedi
Tapan Trivedi Hace 13 días
Which Irish whiskey was that? We need brand names
Nicholas Calegari
Nicholas Calegari Hace 14 días
Watching this. Music: chá cha chá...
bigtoad45 Hace 14 días
For me the best bourbons are aged 5-7 years.
Scott P
Scott P Hace 14 días
Oh my god please give my wife a bottle of whiskey
Undead Skill
Undead Skill Hace 14 días
You need a drink when you wake up? That’s called being an alcoholic 🤣
Hadoc Haddockson
Hadoc Haddockson Hace 15 días
3:35 yeah we do ;)
andrew mckim
andrew mckim Hace 15 días
Methinks there's a lot BS "fancy word" fuckery going on. This whole practice offends me. The idea that there's these flavor characteristics that you may or may not (probably not) pick up on and that the so-called superior version is worth 5 times as much as the other brand (that the majority of people wouldn't notice the difference of.) It's just SNOBBERY at it's finest, I deplore SNOBS.
Keola  Iseri
Keola Iseri Hace 15 días
She’s definitely in the south side serpents
Renne Ukaegbu
Renne Ukaegbu Hace 15 días
Do they use lemon, vanilla, oranges and such to flavor whiskeys?
Donald Tyrrell
Donald Tyrrell Hace 16 días
Did she just say we like spankings? Lmfao I need to wife this woman
Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez Hace 16 días
I just want to know what brand of whiskey they are!!
LEE lee
LEE lee Hace 16 días
Why do I keep on hearing clapping in the background?
Jeremy Franks
Jeremy Franks Hace 16 días
What was the Irish whiskeys??
Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous Oxide Hace 17 días
Sure this is fun to watch, but the downside to this is she had to become a raging alcoholic to become a professional. I hope her AA meetings went well after this video
Thegangsta00711 Hace 17 días
This channel is gonna turn me into an alcoholic, I mean a alcohol connoisseur.
Larduk_ 1UK
Larduk_ 1UK Hace 18 días
Whiskey for breakfast. Where do you work maam? Asking for a friend 👀
Anthony D
Anthony D Hace 18 días
If people could read and compare prices at the store, they could do that instead of whining in the comments about not knowing a certain brands! 😃👍
2nd3rd1st Hace 19 días
Spanking Expert next?
dkn Hace 20 días
37.50 whiskey is the cheap one lmao watching this with a $15 whiskey
Gustav Jensen
Gustav Jensen Hace 20 días
Its easy to tell the most expensive whisky.... litterly EVERY whisky drinking entusiast can tell....
Gustav Jensen
Gustav Jensen Hace 16 días
@Nitrous Oxide lol
Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous Oxide Hace 17 días
I cant afford whiskey, so i just piss in a jar and let it ferment. After about a month it gets really dark and gets you messed up. Amazing palate of urochrome with hints of viatimin B.
Gustav Jensen
Gustav Jensen Hace 17 días
josh b No it dosent, i can taste differance from a 5$ and 10$ and 40$ its quiet obvious buddy
josh b
josh b Hace 19 días
Gustav Jensen it depends on the prices, if its like JW red price vs something like glenfiddich 25, then its super obvious
Mayank Tiwari
Mayank Tiwari Hace 20 días
Look at the background... Just #Gorgeous.., someone beautifully made it
Matt Becker
Matt Becker Hace 23 días
That my kinda woman 😏, spankings, whiskey for breakfast and she's a cheap date. Yeehaw
visionsoflacrosse Hace 24 días
This woman is definitely not an expert. Maybe a level 1 sommelier. A few things she talked about the first scotch were not accurate to what a scotch is. Also the fact that she said in the second with rye, she mentioned how she loves to put it on ice in a traditional old fashioned glass(whiskeys dilute very fast and hinder flavors in whiskey and the smell of a whiskey tells as much as the taste, the smell is much harder to understand out of a glass like that) which would not be typical of someone who knows a lot about whiskey, I am sure she has taken a course and you can learn a lot in a course and be a level 1 sommelier but definitely not be an expert. It is obvious to tell an expensive whiskey to a cheaper one if you have a good pallet when you are directly comparing only two whiskeys. It takes a lot more expertise to really tell the difference.
Jimbo B.
Jimbo B. Hace 24 días
Can't get past the 3D melanoma. Uncle wart. She's my growth. Here's a quarter. Buy a rat.
B P Hace 24 días
It’s not just where it comes from. It also depends on what type of barrel it is aged in.
Conner Polsin
Conner Polsin Hace 25 días
Is that Tina fey?
Brent Parks
Brent Parks Hace 25 días
I’d be in trouble trying to guess as all the whiskey I drink is in the 25.00 to 50.00 dollar range! Can’t find or afford the Weller, Pappy, or expensive scotch’s!
KobyXGaming `
KobyXGaming ` Hace 26 días
9:19 thank me later 20:00 your welcome
dave macy
dave macy Hace 26 días
She’s great!
Michael R
Michael R Hace 26 días
I could be wrong but I don't think my American legion has many $200 bottles laying around for me to try
jess d
jess d Hace 27 días
Which one will make me fight and vomit the least?
AngryAussie Hace 27 días
"We like spankings" - she just threw that out there
Joe Durushia
Joe Durushia Hace 28 días
All the expensive ones are way out of my range. Btw, your sexy!
Joey is Losing Weight
Joey is Losing Weight Hace 28 días
Dude this is the ermahgerd girl in that meme, all grown up! The meme pushed her to whiskey!
SeanP7195 Hace 28 días
Damn I gotta party with this broad
Aaron Bieber
Aaron Bieber Hace 28 días
I wanted to know if she nailed some of the details, though :(
Ian Shafer
Ian Shafer Hace 28 días
Opens New Tab for Google Search: Irish Whiskey $104
David McNally
David McNally Hace 28 días
I'm a cheap whisky drinker, I recently won a 50 year old whisky valued at £5000, couldn't face drinking such an expensive drink so sold it and bought cheaper whisky and didn't feel guilty,
Max Zaslove
Max Zaslove Hace 28 días
Lol she is hilarious
Mykal Wilson
Mykal Wilson Hace 28 días
These comments are killing me 😂
Urn A55
Urn A55 Hace 28 días
I got a feeling she is just an alcoholic lol.
Cachicochip Hace 29 días
She's pretty crazy. I wanna travel the world with her...
Alpha Hace 29 días
"This is a perfect roll outta bed and you're like I need a drink with my oatmeal" ...umm Heather, that's what we call a problem.
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