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In this episode of 'Price Points,' Epicurious challenges whiskey expert Heather Greene to guess which one of two whiskies is more expensive. Heather breaks down Scotch, rye, Irish, Bourbon and Japanese whiskey before making her guesses!
Heather Greene is a whiskey author/expert and partner at Ben Milam Whiskey: www.benmilamwhiskey.com
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Whiskey Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Whiskey | Price Points | Epicurious

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Seth Parry
Seth Parry Hace 2 días
What brand do you think the $104 Irish Whiskey (A) is?
michael trent
michael trent Hace 3 días
Please name the whisk(e)ys
David Meier
David Meier Hace 4 días
The trouble with this comparison is the two products are not even in the same universe. Come on....a $40 compared to $400?? $37 versus $165?? Any normal human could tell the difference! She is good at what she does, but it needs to be maybe $40 versus $60 or something. Any fool could tell the difference between $45 and $200. The spread is too great.
Erin H
Erin H Hace 4 días
Of all the characters on this show. I like her most. "Some people like pain yk like SPANKINGS" " it's for occasions unless ur me in which case u have it for breakfast" she's got me pissin my self
isaacespapa1 Hace 4 días
This chick is hot
The Chad Pad
The Chad Pad Hace 4 días
Damn, she knows her stuff. They didn’t lie! Very cool. Learned a lot. Spankings👌
Baller Doge
Baller Doge Hace 5 días
Her knowledge is profound, but listening to her is not as pleasant as the beer guy
Mark Hoener
Mark Hoener Hace 5 días
Is anyone bothered that the darker whiskey was always more expensive. I didnt even need to taste it....but I wish I did.
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis Hace 5 días
"We like spankings" and i oop
eli Hace 5 días
I've never drank whiskey in my life but she made me want to SO BAD
FARGIN Hace 6 días
I really identified with this eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-gIg1gAy4lVg.html
Mike Wargo
Mike Wargo Hace 6 días
What’s a guy gotta do to get paid to be paid to talk about “whiskey?”
Fif 5t.
Fif 5t. Hace 7 días
She reminds me of Grace Helbig, if Grace Helbig dedicated her life to whiskey even MORE...
Ale Minetti
Ale Minetti Hace 7 días
The drukest person alive
Unknown Prodigy
Unknown Prodigy Hace 8 días
Spanking. Cheap Date. A sexiness to it. First dip of a teabag. I feel like I could bathe in this. Ohh Yes. Interesting adjectives. Who cares about the whiskey. This lady is a wild fun one. LOL.
Alien skullcollector
Alien skullcollector Hace 9 días
Johnny walker black label anyone?
Alien skullcollector
Alien skullcollector Hace 9 días
Just clicked the video.... Wondered what would happen.
G2IntegraDA Hace 9 días
Can we get a list of the whiskies she tried??
Steven Owens
Steven Owens Hace 9 días
Two errors in an otherwise excellent video. One Scotch single malt isn’t the only whiskey that is 100% malted barely. There are 100% malted Japanese and American whiskeys. Second the presence of peat does not definitively mean a whisky is a blend. There are many single malts that are peated that are very expensive: Octomore and Ardbeg committee releases.
Sir Underbridge
Sir Underbridge Hace 9 días
she doesn't spit???? She must be loaded!
ala ska
ala ska Hace 10 días
I only drank twice last year. Once for five months and once for seven.
Michael Hace 11 días
Never revealed which whiskies they are? I question the results of this test!
ChihiroOh Hace 12 días
So informative and fun these episodes!
Velcera Hace 12 días
Man, i'd like to just see all these experts hang out together, tasting with eachother. What does the condiment guy think of tea, what does the tea guy think of whiskey.
Regular Dude
Regular Dude Hace 12 días
No one: Literally no one: Whiskey Expert: We like spankings.
Jabas Tv
Jabas Tv Hace 13 días
She reminds me of Mindy St. Claire In fact that’s her reincarnation
Леонид Пак
Леонид Пак Hace 15 días
She is adorable)
Raja Hace 15 días
Wow..!! I’ve never seen anyone describe whiskey in such a sexy manner like yourself.. also it helps that the fact your so gorgeous as well..!! Great informative video.. cheers babe..!!😀🥂🍾🎊🎉🌹
John Harvey
John Harvey Hace 15 días
She appears to be getting buzzed by the Irish segment lol
Henry Hace 17 días
Didn't know my dad was getting all these amazing flavors before he came home and hit my mommy at the dinner table.
hellfish2309 Hace 17 días
When you leave Halloweentown and need a stiff drink
Liam Bishop
Liam Bishop Hace 18 días
"I'm a whiskey expert" I immediately looked for a wedding ring. Her spouse is one lucky man, I'll say that much.
Armando P. Problemas
Armando P. Problemas Hace 18 días
I like whiskey........but now I like bourbon better than scotch. Scotch just tasted all the same to me. Bourbon? Now that's some good s******t!!!!
Armando P. Problemas
Armando P. Problemas Hace 18 días
WTF!!!! When I smell whiskey all I smell is alcohol. 40% will overpower the 60%.
Benjamin Sitaud
Benjamin Sitaud Hace 7 días
1. Get yourself a nice Glaincairn glass (the one she uses for tasting Scotch whisky). The shape helps to smell and taste the different notes. 2. Let it breathe a little, be patient. The alcohol vapor, aromatic profiles and flavors evolve with time. 3. Follow Richard Patterson's advice while you're approaching a fine dram: put you nose into the glass (as far as your nose can get) and say "Hello" (smell it), "how are you" (smell it again), "fine, thank you" (I smell it quickly after "fine" and then again after "thank you"). Your nose should be able to go beyond the alcohol burn after a while because our brain nullifies the scents that are overwhelming after a while. 4. Once you have finished the glass, smell it again, there are still aromas you can discover and it's less aggressive (I had a Johnny Green the other day and in the morning I could still smell the empty glass on the night table).
Rodolfo Correa
Rodolfo Correa Hace 18 días
Is there a list somewhere of what she actually tasted?
R L Hace 18 días
She’s awesome!
Youn Gu
Youn Gu Hace 20 días
I love whiskeys but unfortunately am one of those many Asians allergic to alcohol. A 750ml bottle of whiskey lasts...
Karyn Blaylock
Karyn Blaylock Hace 20 días
I bet the 38 dollar bourbon is Eagle Rare. It fits her description and the price. It is an excellent affordable bourbon
3 Beards Podcast
3 Beards Podcast Hace 21 un día
joe blow
joe blow Hace 21 un día
Whiskey should come with bail money
The Grimwiz
The Grimwiz Hace 21 un día
Which whiskey is the tastiest?
Sara Davis
Sara Davis Hace 22 días
With a nose like that I’d like to see her challenge a German Shepherd find drugs.
TokyoTraveller Hace 22 días
"I need a drink with my oatmeal" I love this woman. Too bad she's already married.
Parker Barcikoski
Parker Barcikoski Hace 23 días
This was interesting but she talks like every female prof at school lol
Operation Snooperfax
Operation Snooperfax Hace 24 días
anybody noticing she progressively gets louder and more animated as this goes on?... lady's straight up getting toasty lol
no one knows
no one knows Hace 24 días
Omg....i think i just fell in love with tgus woman.
Dylan Thurston
Dylan Thurston Hace 25 días
The whiskey has made this woman’s voice like a crow.
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron Hace 25 días
she LOOKS like a whisky expert....woof
Allan Tj
Allan Tj Hace 26 días
Is she just fun or just drunk? Can't tell
John Smith
John Smith Hace 27 días
I really like her, and the video has a lot of good information, but I have some issues with the Scotch section. In the interests of clearing up confusion/misinformation: 1:27 Being made of 100% malted barley is "what really separates a single malt Scotch ... from any other kind of whiskies in the world." Um, no. Blended malt Scotch whisky (a precise legal category) is also made of 100% malted barley, as are many single malt whiskies from Japan, the US, Canada... 2:15 The slight whisper of smoke and peat identifies a "blended whisky." Sorry, that makes no sense. To get the pedantic part out of the way, almost all whiskey bottled in Scotland--including single malt--is blended. It is clear from the context that she means a "blended Scotch whisky," a precise legal category indicating a blend of malt and grain whiskies. But even so, how does a "slight whisper of smoke and peat" indicate the presence of grain whisky? It could be a blended malt Scotch (another precise legal term that *excludes* the presence of grain whisky) that combines a smoky/peated malt whisky with unpeated malt whiskies, or it could simply be a very slightly smoky/peated single malt. 2:25 "Blended whisky producers basically take elements of different single malt Scotch distilleries ... blending them together." That statement accurately describes blended *malt* Scotch whisky, but she was previously using "blended whisky" to refer to blended Scotch whisky (the two categories are mutually exclusive). In any event, what makes a whisky "blended Scotch" is the presence of both malt and grain whiskies, not necessarily malt whisky from more than one distillery. 4:25 "blended whisky, a type of still that they use called a column still" Now we are clearly back to discussing blended Scotch whisky. In fairness, there is probably an editing/continuity issue here, and she does seem to say "a type" rather than "the type of still," but the result is misleading. By definition blended Scotch whisky must contain some single malt Scotch (necessarily made in a pot still), and some grain whisky (almost always produced in a column still). It is true that many (most?) blended Scotch whiskies have a large proportion of grain whisky, but this is not true of ultra-premium blends like Johnny Walker Blue, Chivas Regal Royal Salute, etc. Just do not be misled into thinking that "blended Scotch is made in column stills," although it does contain some proportion of grain whisky that is almost certainly made in a column still. Cheers!
Jen Haganey
Jen Haganey Hace 27 días
She has a Tina Fey vibe
GRRB Hace 27 días
What Irish is A? 12:35
Emin Gani
Emin Gani Hace 27 días
She wife material
robert thomas
robert thomas Hace 27 días
Her: "I feel like I could bathe in this." Me: "I'd drink your bathwater."
robert thomas
robert thomas Hace 27 días
Her: "Unless you're like me and you have it for breakfast." Me: "Marry me?"
amarillosoja Hace 29 días
6:34 did she just say "F*#!"
Aditya Girisha
Aditya Girisha Hace 29 días
We need Snoop Dogg to do one on weed.
I, Jupiter
I, Jupiter Hace un mes
Whhhiskey! The only brown or yellow liquid I will imbibe! As for our whiskey goddess, yes please! She's awesome, as is whiskey! Sláinte!
Eric Jennings
Eric Jennings Hace un mes
How are you a “whiskey expert”? What does that even really mean...
Gluten Free Kitchen Chemist
Gluten Free Kitchen Chemist Hace un mes
I think Epicurious could make this type of video about any product and I would want it
Omar G
Omar G Hace un mes
And the brands so we can buy? Real bummer that they did not mention the actual bottles. She raved about the $100 Irish whiskey and we will never know :((
Nazmi Mohamed
Nazmi Mohamed Hace un mes
She look like lynn lemay Yeah guys...... Look it up
Grendel's mom's boyfriend
Grendel's mom's boyfriend Hace un mes
"Whisk(e)y expert" sounds like such a fun job.
Dakota Ferran
Dakota Ferran Hace un mes
I am going to become a carrot expert.
John Smith
John Smith Hace un mes
As a Canadian, I am a bit miffed that she assumes that the rye whiskeys are "American," by which I assume that she means from the US. That said, everything that she says about rye whiskey is accurate with respect to US rye whiskey (although to be exact, in the US rye whiskey must be *at least* 51% rye, just like bourbon must be *at least* 51% corn, but I assume that is what she meant).
Ben Schwader
Ben Schwader Hace un mes
Where's the list of the whiskeys?
Ren McCormack
Ren McCormack Hace un mes
In best Austin Powers voice "Moll Molest MOLEna! MOLE!!! Mole! Bloody mole! We aren't supposed to talk about the bloody mole, but there's a bloody mole winking me in the face! I want to cut it off, chop it off, and make some guacaMOLELY!"
Daniel Arias
Daniel Arias Hace un mes
In every video, the expert gets super excited after getting the first one right. Almost as if getting it wrong will cost them their title as expert lol
CMClaudio1989 Hace un mes
Almost as if it doesn't take an expert to tell the difference in quality between two alcohols that more expensive is literally 10x more expensive than the cheap lol
Abdulkhader Khan
Abdulkhader Khan Hace un mes
Even with a small sip don't you get drunk lady.
A Marie
A Marie Hace un mes
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