Which Makeup Counter Gives The Best Custom Makeover? • Candid Competition

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The Try Guys

The Try Guys

Hace 6 meses

Four different beauty counters with WILD instructions! Today Zach will settle the age old question: "Where's the best place to beat that face?!"💄💋
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The Try Guys
The Try Guys Hace 6 meses
Who's cancelling Candid Competition?! Give us your best guesses bc we really need to get to the bottom of this.
0urs Music
0urs Music Hace 2 días
Walmart. Definitely Walmart
Hailey the duchie :3
Hailey the duchie :3 Hace un mes
Idk lol
Blue the Best Boi
Blue the Best Boi Hace un mes
I've cracked the code...It's Walmart.
Bob Jenkins
Bob Jenkins Hace 2 meses
Who. Who is cancelling Candid Competition.
star gazers
star gazers Hace 3 meses
Aaliyah Davis
Aaliyah Davis Hace 15 horas
hearing you guys talk about make up is so cringey...just because its a different brand doesn't mean the foundation is thicker...also sephora houses multiple brands among-st their own. foundations come with different formulas that go from light coverage , medium, to full coverage...you can always layer to get a full coverage.
sunny 1019
sunny 1019 Hace un día
Walmart doesn’t have a makeup tech should have went to Ulta
Rainbow squad👑
Rainbow squad👑 Hace un día
Why is Walmart always apart of the competition but don’t have
yaniie kat
yaniie kat Hace 2 días
Zach KornFIELD 😍😂
victoria madelyn rose
victoria madelyn rose Hace 3 días
Just here binge watching all Zach-focused episodes bc I want to support all his endeavors always 😩🐙🥰
Caroline Dela Fuente
Caroline Dela Fuente Hace 3 días
I know Eugene's the one who's actually cancelling the show. Cuz... He's a villain😅😂😂
themaskedcriminal Hace 3 días
but he DID have bronzetouring-
Kunjam Sharda
Kunjam Sharda Hace 3 días
I’m such a stupid, I thought this was gonna be a normal video
Randomname Hace 3 días
Zach do you know what walmart even is
Trinidad Leone
Trinidad Leone Hace 4 días
Devika Hace 4 días
This episode of Candid Competition is............. actually pretty damn good :O
Niamh Mae
Niamh Mae Hace 4 días
maxwell s.strings
maxwell s.strings Hace 5 días
Estée Lauder guy looks like a love island contestant
Sitsume Hace 6 días
For the description of crazy makeup blogger it should have totally gone to MAC! America Horror Story uses a lot of uncanny looks like that. It was gorgeous, but horrifiying. PS: The Sephora look is what my day look used to be every time I wore makeup. More on the sexy, not everyone can handle these colours at the same time, sort of way.
Chibi Being Chibi
Chibi Being Chibi Hace 6 días
Wait...Where is Walmart?
Emma Wellman
Emma Wellman Hace 6 días
Is Becky a make up artist
Cometachi Hace 6 días
First of all, the models here are amazing and gorgeous. But why is nobody saying anything about how the Sephora-eyeliner looks so sloppily made? :(
msdiedara Hace 6 días
Um I don’t think any Walmart has a beauty counter
Trina Datta
Trina Datta Hace 6 días
Damnnnn Amro just came out of that paper bag to make us go "Oh mama!'
Deborah T-G
Deborah T-G Hace 7 días
jolili98 Hace 8 días
Lmao. Yo. That reveal was HI.LA.RIOUS.
j k
j k Hace 8 días
All of them looked fabulous
Yura Graterol
Yura Graterol Hace 9 días
Sam's eyes are the most soulful eyes EVER
Yura Graterol
Yura Graterol Hace 9 días
Why is no one talking about Eugene's Britney Spears tee?
Haley Smith
Haley Smith Hace 9 días
wow, get you an employee like amro. while the video is recording, he's hooked up to the sound system doing his job.
Noah Mitchell
Noah Mitchell Hace 9 días
So glad this is back!
Mochirin Hace 9 días
I think sam could pass as Billie Lourd's twin on ahs one season
Vannah Lynn
Vannah Lynn Hace 10 días
Omw to the nearest Estèe Lauder counter because GOD DAMN
ˈkēnwä Hace 10 días
MAUVE Hace 11 días
Sounds weird how they pronounce Estée Lauder
?_Clueless_ Yøongi_?
?_Clueless_ Yøongi_? Hace 11 días
people: ugh! The intro is B O R I N G. *TRy guys hear that* Try guys : *this is what u asked for*
Paolo Vagay
Paolo Vagay Hace 12 días
Idk what this is supposed to be.
horrorvictim Hace 13 días
Ok... Why is Estée Lauder mid-Katy Perry? 😂
yummybear Yum
yummybear Yum Hace 13 días
Oof my Walmart does have it but i don’t go there
Nora Sullivan
Nora Sullivan Hace 14 días
9:45 hey sisters!!!!
Stacy Owl
Stacy Owl Hace 15 días
I'm sure they had that script to make sure those employees at the beauty counters know it's a prank lol
Dillen Pressly
Dillen Pressly Hace 16 días
“I didn’t come here to make friends, I came here to be America’s next top model.”
aNaRcHo pACiFisM
aNaRcHo pACiFisM Hace 16 días
Amro doesn't need bronzetouring, he has cheekbones sharp enough to puncture the hull of an empire class fire nation battleship leaving thousands to drown at sea
Megan Hace 17 días
I love the Sephora lips! What happened with the MAC foundation?! I do like the MAC eyes though! Wow Este Lauder! It looks amazing! I don't like the Este Lauder lips though.
blackphantomsm Hace 19 días
What is that I'm Sorry So Sorry song?
Kiarra Pyefinch
Kiarra Pyefinch Hace 21 un día
I love Zach's multi-pink corduroy jacket~! 😍
kgirl1992 Hace 22 días
Zach should have gotten Walmart make up and had Becky do his!
CQ -Crew
CQ -Crew Hace 23 días
The guy with the beard kinda reminds me of Jack Black
Shelby Connors
Shelby Connors Hace 24 días
I just thought it was so funny how Zach thought there was going to be a make up counter at Walmart Walmart to grocery store for one
Annabeth Cgase
Annabeth Cgase Hace 24 días
“Harley Quinn Things” more like egirl face things
Morgan Hace 25 días
bring back candid competition!!
Jerry Mitchell
Jerry Mitchell Hace 25 días
If the hair on the hand is a clue, it is not Ned, Eugene, Keith, or Zach himself... Probably Miles' hand - maybe he is just upset Zach is playing with others. Pretty sure they kidnapped each other, technically speaking (Miles' shoes 0:52 & kidnapper custom cake episode, plus Zach's shirt fitment in last scene of custom cake episode); however, story-wise I am uncertain who the villain is.
Daphne R
Daphne R Hace 25 días
Wow, his clones look *exZACHtly* like him.
Sunny the Tiny Horse
Sunny the Tiny Horse Hace 26 días
i bet the people thought the bagged men were getting kidnapped
Dixie Rekt
Dixie Rekt Hace 26 días
Sam needs to be put in drag Oml that’s stunning! 😂❤️
Save Fading Light
Save Fading Light Hace 28 días
Anybody else super annoyed by the Sephora eyeliner job?
MarinaArts Studios
MarinaArts Studios Hace 28 días
Those moves tho....
DAHLIA ando Hace 29 días
i feelbad for Zach because he must be embarrassing himself asking Walmart weird questions!
profil namn
profil namn Hace un mes
This is the most confusing Try guys video I have evern seen
danɪelle Hace un mes
I didn't know that Becky is a MUA.
Andrea K Haid
Andrea K Haid Hace un mes
Why... is there an animated gazelle at 0:09??
Ohana Lee
Ohana Lee Hace un mes
Try guys please try INDONESIA FOOD!
Katie-Lynn Beck
Katie-Lynn Beck Hace un mes
jared “the friend” didn’t have to work today
Kyra Macomber
Kyra Macomber Hace un mes
The finale of candid competition will be when Walmart finally wins.
Fatin Amirah
Fatin Amirah Hace un mes
Estee lauder wins for me
Samantha Stein
Samantha Stein Hace un mes
These women were handed a hellfire task and all SNAPPED goooo offff
LaurieY. Hace un mes
As a former Walmart employee I can say that Walmart employee is peek Walmart employee pulling a cart of go backs looking like they hate to be bothered by a customer asking a stupid question.
Palim Pali
Palim Pali Hace un mes
Becky is soooooo cuuuuuute
Koda II
Koda II Hace un mes
{\_/} ( - . -) / >☕ Goodmorning ❤
Paige R
Paige R Hace un mes
am I the only one who thought the estee Lauder one was terrible
Morgan Hace 25 días
Klaunn Hace un mes
Am I the only one who really loves the candid competition?
Rose Martinez
Rose Martinez Hace un mes
I love this . Everything The Try Guys do gives me happiness.
Alex Roberts
Alex Roberts Hace un mes
Hey, Try Guys! I would like to challenge you to try the app BitLife, a life simulator with different scenarios and random outcomes. For the first round, start a random life as a practice round to get the gist...jist??? You know what I mean. Anyway, after the practice round, have each Try Guy create a custom life using your names. See if you guys can get married, have kids, go to college, get a job, and end up retiring rich. If any of the Try Guys end up dying and have kids, you can continue as their children. See who can last long and find out who made bank as a senior citizen!
Atlantean Cherub
Atlantean Cherub Hace un mes
I can't even lie--I want a husband like Zach, or like Keith. They have my dream personalities in a man. Lmao
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