Which Automakers Can Seriously Challenge Tesla?

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Several major automakers are making big bets on electric vehicles. A few vehicles have been released so far, but sales indicate any one of them has failed to make a significant dent in Tesla’s share of the EV market. So, who are they? And how much of a chance do they have?
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Which Automakers Can Seriously Challenge Tesla?

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Brandon Hace 3 horas
Rivian...nuff said!
ZZ Hace 4 horas
Who needs Electric car when you can buy a super reliable Toyotas for lot less and drive it everywhere!! You can buy a Prius for $25K and drive it 400K and more at $1.50 a gallon gasoline prices, you got to be insane to buy an Electric car!!
sudipta Hace 16 horas
The short sellers automotive association, will
Yvens Tseng
Yvens Tseng Hace un día
EV is not a big deal to every carmaker...The key should be the Algorithm Telsa has built...and this is the part that BMW, BENZ, others cannot pickup..Just like what Cisco does.......
Incredible Gamer
Incredible Gamer Hace un día
Tesla is officially a monopoly
Agunaechibe Agunaechibe
Agunaechibe Agunaechibe Hace un día
Innoson motors 🤗
Future Forever
Future Forever Hace un día
7) The Federal Reserve Bank Are The Most Powerful Than Tesla, understand that Tesla CEO El Musk
Future Forever
Future Forever Hace un día
6) So Please Do Not Compare Between Tesla And The Federal Reserve Bank,
Future Forever
Future Forever Hace un día
5) Tesla Do Understand The Federal Reserve Bank Do Have The Power To Knock On Tesla At Anytime
Future Forever
Future Forever Hace un día
4) I Are Also Holding The Federal Reserve Bank Key,
Future Forever
Future Forever Hace un día
3) so when Tesla CEO El Musk are want to stolen my Military Secret About World Economic?
Future Forever
Future Forever Hace un día
2) most of my Education are have been professor to carrying the economic system lately
Future Forever
Future Forever Hace un día
1) so please do not compare With I, don't play dirty game
Future Forever
Future Forever Hace un día
Tesla Motors Manufacturing Do Understand In this Whole World Are Do Have Million Million College Student Graduate Yearly,
John Hace un día
I don't care who's taking on Tesla. It's good to hear that everyone is going electric. Edit: Thanks for the 1 like.
Vicente Carmo
Vicente Carmo Hace un día
I think this is good in a way because it is forcing fossil fuel companies to develop electric vehicles for competition and at some point in the future the whole production will shift to electric only, so even if it is bad between companies its better in a general global way
synthiandrakon Hace un día
Sedans have way more international appeal. This feels like a very America centric point of view
Danial Khan
Danial Khan Hace 2 días
Tesla is gonna be like Apple in future. You will pay for the brand not the product. Right now they are building their brand. Once they do that, they gonna steal our money. Japanese and German auto companies can easily beat them in future.
Andhika Akbar
Andhika Akbar Hace 2 días
Benjamin Robinson
Benjamin Robinson Hace 2 días
Tesla is like driving an I phone tech savvy. The older (Ford, GM )companies can't get away from the way they build ice vehicles. They will always be dinosaurs compared to Tesla. They can't beat the model S from 2012, enough said.
Sandeepbabu C.R.N
Sandeepbabu C.R.N Hace 2 días
Brainwashed... It's other way of marketing Not only in this field... Every where .. Anyone can challenge... :)... Every one got there own creative ideas. If you doing creative do it and make awareness and make it to reach ... Rather doing these types of idea...
Ricky Roan
Ricky Roan Hace 3 días
Well...taking 3 to 5 years.....every car manufacturers will catch up....mean while buy Tesla stock market to make some quik $
Timbo Yuen
Timbo Yuen Hace 3 días
Not Tesla's fault. Why do we need competitors? They all didn't believe in electric and for a long while as well. They even removed the EV1. They were in the lead actually but they didn't believe in it.
Aditya Patel
Aditya Patel Hace 4 días
Before: Which Automakers Can Tesla Seriously Challenge? After: Which Automakers Can Seriously Challenge Tesla?
PGT Beauregard
PGT Beauregard Hace 5 días
It doesn't matter(i.e. who will challenge Tesla). If they make no mistakes, no one might catch them, and then we can say they deserved it. On the other hand, we all know market leaders(Sears? Western Union?) who were overcome by mistakes or simply time. I wish Tesla well and boldness deserves rewards, but only time will tell.
Tiger Eye
Tiger Eye Hace 5 días
Invest in Tesla and you will be rich in ten years.
Yumin S
Yumin S Hace 5 días
What about the Kona?
The Philosopher of Culture
The Philosopher of Culture Hace 5 días
Tesla is the Apple of the car industry. GM is a goner.
The Philosopher of Culture
The Philosopher of Culture Hace 5 días
The financial pundits who talked Tesla stock price down and predicted its demise, all were heavily invested in hedge funds against Tesla and / or in GM and Ford. These people know they lie and know they lied for private gain. They HATE Tesla because Musk's successes are eating into their capital. They will use every propaganda trick in the book to destroy Tesla, just for the sake of a few million dollars more in their own pocket. Extreme capitalism like in the USA is a very very very bad thing for the world. The first mishap was in November 2000, and now we will see the worst scenario's hatch out. All thanks to the Republican Party and Wall Street. Thanks guys, but no thanks.
Ritoo 27
Ritoo 27 Hace 6 días
I am going to challenge tesla
Perry Mason
Perry Mason Hace 6 días
This video is only a month old and it's already dated, lol. The covid-19 world has changed much that was.
Brynjaraa Hace 6 días
Other companies have just one issue .... They don't have Elon musk...
nazmi nazmi
nazmi nazmi Hace 6 días
It seems people are mostly buying Tesla cars for its founder cult-like personality. That is so rational. Lol
Red Devils
Red Devils Hace 6 días
One of the other reason why Tesla is successful is because of it's CEO, Elon Musk himself
BunzeeBear Hace 7 días
What is a downer for Tesla is "I won't be allowed to fix it, modify it or anything." No want for that reason alone.
Us Yadav
Us Yadav Hace 7 días
Indian automaker TATA., Or Japanese automaker TOYOTA can screw tesla....🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵
Soul Guru
Soul Guru Hace 7 días
Once again mainstream media is clueless
Matty Iannielli
Matty Iannielli Hace 7 días
I like Tesla electric cars and Elon Musk and I think Elon Musk is a good businessman despite the scandals going on with him.
Howard Jones
Howard Jones Hace 7 días
Alex Pusher
Alex Pusher Hace 7 días
'Me and my dawgs pulled up in ah Tesla' Lil Wayne "Wild Dogs" From the album FUNERAL.
Joshua Steel
Joshua Steel Hace 7 días
rcpmac Hace 8 días
Companies like Tesla and Apple no longer are a cult.
Baharuddin Buang
Baharuddin Buang Hace 8 días
Tesla = Fad mixed lies. The rest is just ancient.
nigel cairns
nigel cairns Hace 8 días
GM, Chrysler and Ford have made crap for decades- I am sure they will continue to do so.
Full Tilt Boogie
Full Tilt Boogie Hace 9 días
Buy Tesla stocks folks. I got 7.6 shares at 520. Looking at market to dip again n I'm going back in. Long term guys you'll make a killing but you need patience. $$$
N.W.A /IceCube
N.W.A /IceCube Hace 9 días
Because their ceo don't care and interact with audience
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson Hace 10 días
Just make a better battery
gino enas
gino enas Hace 10 días
The competition will never get even close to Tesla for a very elementary reason: All Tesla competitors have been building the same cars for too many years and not even an earthquake will shake them from their fossilized mindset , the great old car manufacturers are all led by old men and women, just don't know how to compete against Tesla total electric philosophy and concept to ever worry Tesla. Manned by Silicon valley young minds and culture, led by a true Genius that definitely landed on hearth from another much more advanced planet.Without wanting to, he will simply just blow the away, one after the other.
David Hace 11 días
CNBC .Oops your bias is showing?🤣🤣🤣🤣😊 = What are are the dinosaur auto companies shares doing as of today against Tesla ................Oops again😂😂😂😂👍.
wang alex
wang alex Hace 11 días
Who could even sell that much cars?
Peter P
Peter P Hace 12 días
No one !!
ChawenHalo 008
ChawenHalo 008 Hace 12 días
Tesla is probably the reason why other mainstream car manufacturers aren 't going into EVs head first. EV is unfortunatly still a niche with sales not increasing. Most manufacturers devoid of a clear visible futur (in terma of legislation) believe that EV are in engineering terms, a technological dead end. Combine this with non existent support infrastructure development. Tesla are doing well with EV sales because they have little to no competition and manufacturers are bitting that particular bait. Funny thing is all these new and establishes companies keep saying they'll x and y model of WV by 2020 wtc. Trouble is they've been saying this since the late 1990's and none of it has come to fruition. Not meaning to EV bash here (IMO they have their place in cities) but this EVs are the next big thing is just utter BS.
Tesla Dude
Tesla Dude Hace 13 días
You almost did well. Past issues with Tesla are in the past, with learning and innovation Tesla has the safest 3 cars in the US. Their 4th car is 7 months early, no more letting down the customer. Consumer Report had an issue with Model 3 in 2018 and part of 19 because of the number of cars manufactured and delivered. CP in 2020 says that Tesla as a company is RATED number one in Customer Satisfaction, over every other company!! It is not a cult following. It is disruption, learn about it or tell about it if you understand it. Tesla will be making 3 million cars per year in 2023, and it will be keep doubling, it is an exponential curve. You obviously have not driven a Tesla. The following is because they are an experience on Wheels, the safest cars on the road, clean, very little maintenance costs, The Model 3 gets 124 miles to the gallon. They are good for us and the planet. No other car company can do what Tesla is doing, why you ask? Because they have put in so much work in the last 8 years. It will take the other car companies at least 10 year to catch up. Most will be bankrupt in the next years. Mark my words. It was a good try. Keep working at it and you might eventually get it right.
TheKosiomm Hace 13 días
Dude are you very stupid or something? i'm seriously curious.. Basically almost every automaker sells more cars than tesla per year. For example BMW sold 2.5 million vehicles last year. How many vehicles sold tesla last year, 300k? I can't believe CNBC got employees that stupid.
Mauricio Cortes
Mauricio Cortes Hace 14 días
Of course, NIO will crash Tesla because the value after buy it drops 60% and according customers report the repair are excessively expensive, people are crazy because it’s a new green vehicle after that it’s a garbage . I rather buy a Lexus then a Tesla
beyondcompute Hace 14 días
Not the “traditional“ ones. Because they have different organizational structure. They simply won’t be able to keep up with the more agile companies. They won’t have the courage to innovate and because of internal bureaucracy even their reaction time is years.
Austin Blackburn
Austin Blackburn Hace 11 días
You may be right by do you have to innovate when you can just buy the company even Tesla will probably one day be bought or merged with one of the larger companies especially after Elon dies.
Lokesh Gnanasekar
Lokesh Gnanasekar Hace 14 días
Drako gte
Daniel Collinson
Daniel Collinson Hace 15 días
Watched this video March 20. WOW! What a difference one month makes with the Model Y deliveries.
DarthOliptius Hace 15 días
All the cars trying to compete with Tesla are basically just advertisements for Tesla since they're all inferior.
BEAST Hace 16 días
tesla is winning. other auto companies think they too big to fall... blockbuster, nokia, blackberry.... shared the same mindset. People in charge (board of directors - old school) and they just don’t see/understand the future... they cannot keep up, they will be consumed by future!
matthew riggs
matthew riggs Hace 16 días
VW is owned by China
Here Here
Here Here Hace 16 días
Ask the government in each country. Willing to build infrastructure for all EV cars? And have car manufacturers sell car comfortably with Government subsidize as well. Who actually get the profit here? I guarantee if each Government don't be too fool or fail in Math. They going to stop support it and look for the alternative with way far beyond easy to manage switching from Fossil fuel to new energy solution with car's owner own cost. And manufacturer own investment with Country zero emission full benefit. Not to stupidly subsidize for others investment profit....I have seen many countries stupidity decision enough.
Saadaq Nuur
Saadaq Nuur Hace 17 días
it really too late to catch up Tesla if you look the mind set of the old companies .
Michael Carnahan
Michael Carnahan Hace 17 días
Invest in Tesla if you have the money.
granskare Hace 17 días
we have had Mitsubishi sedans and now their SUV...great vehicles!
j evans
j evans Hace 20 días
Tesla reminds me of Apple. These vehicles just need to be cheaper.
Dieter Zerressen
Dieter Zerressen Hace 17 días
Why? Apple and Tesla sell everything they produce. Let VW, KIA and China build the cheap metro car.
rr2dee2 Hace 20 días
What do you expect from business analysts? This is just a regurgitation of the hype around Tesla. Tesla's hardware, software, and even new manufacturing practices are outpacing the other car manufacturers. Let's examine each at a time: 1. Hardware: highest range ~320 (Rivian will need double the battery size to get 400 mi range in their pickup). Here is a video of just how efficient their car is: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-RaGVoB4Zn-Y.html. One lap of being pulled by raptor == 5.6 laps at average speed or 1 lap with the pedal all the way down. Almost defies physics. 2. Software: Only car company with level 3 maybe level 4 autonomous driving. 3. Manufacturing: Breakthrough in Model Y electrek.co/2020/01/31/tesla-model-y-production-pictures/, Cybertruck using the panels as a frame. This doesn't even include the patents they have open-sourced and Maxwell's battery know-how.
Michel de Rauville
Michel de Rauville Hace 21 un día
This is all about the American market there are many more and better models out there
the_wolfpack_berlin Hace 21 un día
Will take a long time ... The current crisis will make it difficult for all car manufacturers.
Igor Tolstov
Igor Tolstov Hace 21 un día
Tesla make cars with very simplistic, bare design. Both exterior and interior. Their cars are also cheaply built. All in effort to cut costs. And they are still expensive. Cult members will keep buying them, but regular tree huggers may move to those automakers who make better looking cars. (Which is every one of them)
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