Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.

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The New York Times

The New York Times

Hace 6 meses

Bob Ross painted more than 1,000 landscapes for his television show - so why are they so hard to find? Solving one of the internet’s favorite little mysteries.
Read more about Bob Ross: nyti.ms/2xIsshb
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Summer Playz
Summer Playz Hace un hora
Is everyone forgetting dark white and light black
Think Hace 3 horas
A postmodern Bob Ross would paint just like this, but with a bunch of litter leftover in the forest by the rascal human being that camped there last night.
RandomCeleryStick Hace 3 horas
Bob Ross doesn’t want his paintings to be sold because he wants you to create your own work you can appreciate and feel good about making. You can even show it to your friend, everyone needs a friend even trees.
Madison Owens
Madison Owens Hace 5 horas
Aww I love it
Erin Roffey
Erin Roffey Hace 6 horas
5:16 "he didn't like people I guess" Same
Desire4Sound Hace 8 horas
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-rDs3o1uLEdU.html Yes, agree... hoomans are not worth anything.
Pingapong64 Hace 10 horas
Fun fact: Ross is missing his finger on his left hand from a carpentry accident in his childhood.
Tony Tancoš
Tony Tancoš Hace 19 horas
dudu s
dudu s Hace un día
what if bob ross was a serial killer and his paintings are of locations where he hid bodys ??
Marlow Makes
Marlow Makes Hace un día
"I'm really a tree and mountain guy." "He was not a people person." Me too, me too
Master of my fate
Master of my fate Hace un día
I didnt know there's a person named Kowalski in real life. I remember that penguin character
LI TH Hace un día
Lol that SpongeBob music
Will Deal
Will Deal Hace un día
You nailed it!
Jean Francois
Jean Francois Hace un día
Bob Ross was a copy cat, he stolen Bill Alexander entire business and duplicated it with no panache
Holyfox Hace un día
He’s big nowadays because he reminds us of the good old times and quality tv.🌈 🦄
Vincent Perez
Vincent Perez Hace un día
This was a super cool video lol thanks so much to ask the happy trees 🌳
Drawer Girl_0079
Drawer Girl_0079 Hace un día
My mind is going crazyyy😵😵😵
NADIR CET Hace un día
Nexus Hace un día
"Wo sind all die Bob Ross Gemälde? Wir haben sie gefunden." *Wieso übersetzt ESwomen den englischen Titel eines englischen Videos?!*
Nexus Hace un día
@Историја А&Т Doch!
Историја А&Т
Историја А&Т Hace un día
p A
p A Hace un día
This video is so extremely 'American'
Desiree u
Desiree u Hace 2 días
I woke up early on weekend mornings to watch Bob Ross paint while my dad made breakfast. My love for painting started young all because of his happy trees
goomba1982 Hace 2 días
I think they should release 1 or 2 for sale every now and then to help with charity and disasters like hurricanes the Aussie fires etc.
PentagonDoesWhatever Hace 2 días
Did you find the bodies?
Rafael Pulido elias
Rafael Pulido elias Hace 2 días
I’m hella close to where that is
Dreading World Order
Dreading World Order Hace 2 días
Please make a museum of just his paintings..don’t sell them
ziemniak_online Hace 2 días
As someone whos from poland, the fact that it's written "Kowalski" for a girl really triggers me. 'Kowalski' is masculine and 'Kowalska' is feminine
ziemniak_online Hace 15 horas
Kayson as someone who comes across this surname very often, it kind of makes me annoyed, as if someone just said “oh let’s suddenly decide I want a polish surname and use it wrong”
Kayson Hace un día
Does it being her last name make a difference? Genuinely curious.
Snazzy Dogs1
Snazzy Dogs1 Hace 2 días
Along with the Calendar thing We have a "Bob Ross" but it more likely is a Happy Fake
Snazzy Dogs1
Snazzy Dogs1 Hace 2 días
I have a 2020 Calendar with his paintings and a little quote on the bottom from the video on which the painting was on I like it!
Grackle2012 Hace 2 días
I'm so happy that he made it into the Smithsonian. Art is meant to evoke an emotional response. Mission accomplished Bob.
YQ Cui
YQ Cui Hace 2 días
I cried from minute 1, and I'm a Chinese that barely knows English nor painting, but Bob just used so many simple words and little jokes and metaphor to help me try not to think that I'm such a loser. RIP Bob Ross and thank you.
Laura d
Laura d Hace 2 días
Thank you for this, albeit a bit late. Stumbling upon it was a happy little accident :) Bob was a painter, yes, but he was, first and foremost, a philosopher. I don't think he would have objected to his paintings in a museum, as long as it brought people joy. I think he found the idea of selling his work for profit repugnant, but displaying it to bring a little sunshine to people's lives? You bet!! Again, thank you for this piece. It was upbeat, well timed, and the interviews were delightful. Those two gals at Bob Ross Inc. seem to live the life philosophy Bob gifted the world, as do I.
SusanScrapPassion Hace 3 días
Bob Ross literally taught me to paint. It brought out a talent in me that I never knew I had. I actually sold my paintings and kept just a few for myself. He was an amazing man. He was gone too soon.
jack_da_niels Hace 3 días
Its like an Apple share, keep it as long as you can, sooner or later they are worth millions - and a few years later, just some more millions and so on 🤪
Dino Hace 3 días
Peep the cleveland news
Rum Inant
Rum Inant Hace 3 días
I was lucky enough to see several Bob Ross paintings in person in purcellville, Virginia October 2019
Kelly Hernandez
Kelly Hernandez Hace 3 días
Maybe he’s got a little friend named Harold😂.
Haymo Sachs
Haymo Sachs Hace 3 días
roger von mounser
roger von mounser Hace 3 días
ship of fools ! Bob Ross could not paint a brick wall
Karimplaya93 Hace 3 días
Wenn sie es nicht verkaufen möchten, muss ich halt eins klauen
Beagle Nation
Beagle Nation Hace 3 días
*There is no mistakes, just happy little accidents.*
studio developers2
studio developers2 Hace 3 días
Looks like the New York Times has finally improved.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Hace 3 días
Bob Ross didn't want his creations to be sold. So just give one to me.
ChubbyBear Hace 4 días
2:48 I have that same exact dog tablet holder, I call him Guppy.
anthonyto80 Hace 4 días
Where were the songs in this video?
WildBeats Hace 4 días
I've heard he or someone else was killed for something, but maybe not this.
Brendan Folk
Brendan Folk Hace 4 días
“Where are all the Bob Ross paintings?” *Kowalski, Analyze*
. Hace 4 días
As a classical music nerd, hearing Die Fledermaus and the Blue Danube and Habanera in the background was so distracting lmao
N. L.
N. L. Hace 4 días
Did Bob Ross ever paint any murals? I think those would be the most excellent works to visit and see!
N. L.
N. L. Hace 4 días
There should be in existence somewhere in the US “The National Bob Ross Gallery and Museum” featuring his paintings and anything else connected with the great Bob Ross!
Jake Doucet
Jake Doucet Hace 4 días
This video makes me so happy.
space fan
space fan Hace 4 días
Bob Ross hat einfach die Seelen der Menschen berührt. Mit seinem fast schon kindlichem Character und seiner Freude am malen, wie ein kleines Kind mit einem Lolli in der Hand...er ist einfach ein sooo wundervoller Charackter gewesen!. ;)
Leoni Wintermantel
Leoni Wintermantel Hace 4 días
Why did he do one painting after the show?
koen meyssen
koen meyssen Hace 4 días
Sell these for charity. Tax the rich. But ssssst don't tell anyone....
Scrap Dog
Scrap Dog Hace 5 días
Way to go bob! You finally made it. ❤
Adam Sandburg
Adam Sandburg Hace 5 días
“you and i, with all our creative power. we will create a better tomorrow. “ -German Bob Ross
1castellp Hace 5 días
Paula Cole asks, "♫ Where Have Ross' Paintings Gone? ♫ "
Glitchy Soup
Glitchy Soup Hace 5 días
Hailey Couch
Hailey Couch Hace 5 días
Ok but does anyone else hear SpongeBob background music 😂
MISTER40 FIVE Hace 5 días
He couldn't paint people only wildlife
Blurry Flag
Blurry Flag Hace 5 días
the Ode to Joy and Bob Ross paintings
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos Hace 5 días
10:30 "Smithsmonian" I love how the employees couldn't remember the name of the Smithsonian, and neither could Bob!
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos Hace 5 días
1:24 want that No Face dress.
HuhnK0t Hace 5 días
thanks to the official bob ross youtube channel for making the videos exclusive to US residents. talking about globalization right.
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober Hace 5 días
Aw bob
[Insert meme here]
[Insert meme here] Hace 5 días
What if Bob Ross was a serial killer and he was painting the places where he hid the bodies
Ninja_Warrior019 NW
Ninja_Warrior019 NW Hace 5 días
Bob Ross is brilliant painter
Ninja_Warrior019 NW
Ninja_Warrior019 NW Hace 5 días
That sound like one of spongebob music at 4:18
Ilaria Eu
Ilaria Eu Hace 5 días
Raphael Joaquin D. M.
Raphael Joaquin D. M. Hace 5 días
is it true that bob ross became viral because of twitch in 2014? just asking from a gen z youngin
-PARADOX- Hace 5 días
Remember "tap, tap, tap" 📺🎨
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