Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.

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Bob Ross painted more than 1,000 landscapes for his television show - so why are they so hard to find? Solving one of the internet’s favorite little mysteries.
Read more about Bob Ross: nyti.ms/2xIsshb
Watched the video? Here are a few more details on The Times website. www.nytimes.com/2019/07/12/arts/bob-ross-paintings-mystery.html
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Emily Rhyne
Emily Rhyne Hace un mes
Hi, I’m Emily, one of the producers who made this video. I also shot and edited it! 1) Yes, that is SpongeBob music. 2) Fun fact, I had never watched Bob Ross before making this video. #happylittleaccident 3) BTW, for those of you who didn’t make it to the end of the video… a selection of his paintings will appear in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. nyti.ms/2xIsshb
lenny108 Hace un día
Bob Ross paintings are valuable because of the person - Bob.
Rachel Esperida
Rachel Esperida Hace 2 días
Emily Rhyne i liked the filter
Juan Piece
Juan Piece Hace 4 días
Nothing costs more than a person
Aniyah Martinez
Aniyah Martinez Hace 5 días
Emily Rhyne HA I KNEW IT I KNEW IT WAS A 𝙨𝙥𝙤𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙗𝙤𝙗 SONG 😂😭
Artistic Channel
Artistic Channel Hace 5 días
thank you so much for your deep research and great great, beautifully edited article
Sunny Days
Sunny Days Hace 22 minutos
I'm 33. When i was a kid I used to watch his shows in its entirety. Even though as a kid i have the attention span of a nat I just loved watching him paint. He had such a calming voice and you wanted to see what he was going to create. My dad then started watching it with me. We're this random middle eastern family that loved watching Bob
Kristian Mucaji
Kristian Mucaji Hace un hora
Oh boi, I watch Bob Ross, and I wondered where all the paintings went.
Dyandra Clevia
Dyandra Clevia Hace 5 horas
4:21 that SpongeBob soumd track doe
Jesterface Hace 9 horas
As someone who has worked as a "white gloved" art museum packaging-technician, I get serious cold sweats watching this.
Lilah Simon
Lilah Simon Hace 19 horas
Today I found an original bob ross painting hanging on my grandmas living room wall. No joke. My sister pointed at the trees and said “those look like bob ross trees” and we looked in the corner to see ross written with a personal note written to my grandma from Bob ross on the back. I have been looking at this painting for the past 18 years of my life and WE HAD NO FCKING IDEA THAT IT WAS A BOB ROSS PAINTING UNTIL NOW IM SHOOK
metrikal1 Hace 20 horas
They should sell some, and then use the money to build a museum so the paintings don't sit in boxes
Ibrahim Sheikh
Ibrahim Sheikh Hace 22 horas
Imagine having bob Ross as your gps narrator
douchbagat Hace un día
Aelius Realm
Aelius Realm Hace un día
You had me at "A Happy Little Mystery"
Purple Cat
Purple Cat Hace un día
Y'all are the sweetest people
Mon S
Mon S Hace un día
I missed this man, I watched him throughout middle school when my family can only afford free public tv.
sram kcaj
sram kcaj Hace un día
So there was once an Agent Kowalski going around.
STAAZ Hace un día
what's the music at 2:45 pls??
João Pedro
João Pedro Hace 2 días
*L E G E N D*
DENTUS Hace 2 días
When storm Area 51 was a thing... Coming up next... *STORM THE PLACE THAT HOLDS ALL THESE BOB ROSS PAINTINGS*
Sean Hace 2 días
Did they use spongebob music on 04:03 ?
Cansu Kayan
Cansu Kayan Hace 2 días
What is the song around 8:53?
Felix Garcia
Felix Garcia Hace 2 días
Aly Bee
Aly Bee Hace 2 días
Was I the only one who cringed when the lady opened the box of his paintings and saw that they were just stacked on top of one another? You’d think they’d be individually wrapped to help preserve them.
Martin Manweiler
Martin Manweiler Hace 2 días
I got a Bob Ross T shirt lol
Rachel Esperida
Rachel Esperida Hace 2 días
What’s wrong with the 2.7k people who disliked this???
Noufil Muhammad
Noufil Muhammad Hace 2 días
This woman can tell if the paintings are real or not, so if you want her to identify a painting, I guess you could say... *_"Kowalski, analysis!"_*
zark212 Hace 2 días
All these Famouse Artists like Turner and Van Gogh and along comes Bob with his 2 dollar wall mart emulsion brush and blasts the great masters into the History books lol >LOLOL
RNG gingy
RNG gingy Hace 2 días
Who's here from TIKTOK
roy hart
roy hart Hace 2 días
His casket was built with his paintings
AW Hace 3 días
I can’t believe the caretakers of the thousands of Bob Ross paintings had done nothing but simply left them in boxes in a storage room. I mean... WTF?? Are they idiots? Do they not get how much people would have loved to see them?? I mean, c’mon you people. It took the friggin’ Smithsonian to get you to come to your senses and display them? What is wrong with them? Can’t they put the remaining paintings in a local museum or convert their current space into one?? Why would they hide these things in boxes when people all over the world would come there and pay good money to see them?? Duhhhhhhh!!! The office staff at Bob Ross Inc. didn’t seem like the sharpest knives in the drawer.
SANA Hace 3 días
i want to go to area 51 and get Bob Ross back!
Miguel S. P.
Miguel S. P. Hace 3 días
I don´t like his pictures but Mr. Ross, his lectures and all these ladies holding his legacy are adorable and part of the best of the world.
Cameron White
Cameron White Hace 3 días
6:13 Female Anthony Fantano
Touchstone Jean
Touchstone Jean Hace 3 días
I love him. He didn’t like people because they are inherently evil and he fought in the Vietnam war. That was enough hate for him!
Ben Collis
Ben Collis Hace 3 días
I don't get why they're not sold. I know it's not like him to try to make money, but paintings are made to be admired. Not kept in boxes for no one to ever see.
Ape from the kitchen of Enki and Enlil.
Ape from the kitchen of Enki and Enlil. Hace 3 días
Kowalski Błota, Poland is a great place on Earth. You should check it out.
Chaika Gaz
Chaika Gaz Hace 3 días
The only way to get a real Bob Ross painting is to break into Bob Ross inc. And steal em all. I think it would be a bit harder to break into the Smithsonian museum unless you're a world class thief
Matthew Waldham
Matthew Waldham Hace 3 días
Who else is 17 and knows who Bob Ross is.
Nozy Shark
Nozy Shark Hace 3 días
3:45 Hmmm, where have I heard ThAt from before? HAIL HYDRA
Jimm Playz134
Jimm Playz134 Hace 3 días
Mr beast: First to find the bob ross painting wins a $1000000
xaracrocker Hace 3 días
WAIT A MINUTE!!!! The one marked as TV was the okay version not the most beautiful painting? So we were seeing his OK version not the EVEN MORE STUNNING ONE?! That's just incredible. (Edit) I love the employees. They're so wonderful.
Rah Torres
Rah Torres Hace 3 días
I was born in 87’ and my fondest memories was watching Bob Ross as a kid. So much nostalgia listening to his voice May he rest in paradise
AquarianAlchemist Hace 3 días
I was in Chicago a free weeks ago and got to see four of his paintings by complete accident. It was the first time they had ever been shown in a museum and I cried on the spot. resources.depaul.edu/art-museum/exhibitions/Pages/new-age-new-age.aspx
Nerddom Square
Nerddom Square Hace 3 días
I am S H O O K that these paintings are not being climate controlled, and they're simply stacked on top of each other in boxes!! Whaaaat! For the love of God, give them to a museum so they can properly preserved!!
cameron mason
cameron mason Hace un día
I don't know what is wrong with these people, yeh maybe he wouldn't want to sell them but at least take care of them. What's your plan? Leave them in a room forever? I'm sure he would have wanted that, maybe it's better to get rid of them than to just hide them forever.
Brooklyn Hawkins
Brooklyn Hawkins Hace 3 días
Why you snoopin
Jacob Rivas
Jacob Rivas Hace 3 días
He was a big part of my childhood. I never painted, nor was I interested in it as a child, but for some reason I was drawn to his show.
Leocario shiny
Leocario shiny Hace 3 días
To buy a Bob Ross original goes against the whole message of The Joy of Painting: to make your own art
RCWildvideos Hace 3 días
Now I really want to buy one... Dang-it!
Joshua Pfeifer
Joshua Pfeifer Hace 4 días
Ahh the Keanu Reeves of painting... What a great guy
Soul Eater
Soul Eater Hace 4 días
1:40 I felt that 😂😕
SqiffyMarlin Hace 4 días
“This is worth more than me”
I am not Lochana Thambeliagoda
I am not Lochana Thambeliagoda Hace 4 días
Omg the spongebob song was played
M W Hace 4 días
Even if you don't have art talent, he made you want to try 😊.
Ben Walker
Ben Walker Hace 4 días
Are we just gonna ignore the spongebob music at 4:29
Couldn't think of a name
Couldn't think of a name Hace 4 días
The New York Times on a quest for the holy grail
Auburne Fletcher
Auburne Fletcher Hace 4 días
I bet ya bob Ross and his “friend” Annette was having an affair and her husband whose linked to the CIA killed him. YES. YES CONSPIRACY
Arafoxania Yupiko
Arafoxania Yupiko Hace 3 días
@Auburne Fletcher its very upsetting
Arafoxania Yupiko
Arafoxania Yupiko Hace 3 días
@Auburne Fletcher What i mean is dont say someone killed him
Auburne Fletcher
Auburne Fletcher Hace 3 días
Arafoxania Yupiko explain that THEN
Arafoxania Yupiko
Arafoxania Yupiko Hace 3 días
[¿] Mia Redwood [?]
[¿] Mia Redwood [?] Hace 4 días
Everyone missed the painting legend.
John Spinelli
John Spinelli Hace 4 días
They should turn that HQ in virginia into a museum
Miruna Dobrică
Miruna Dobrică Hace 4 días
9:22 I know! Don't remember me.
Therese Espinosa
Therese Espinosa Hace 4 días
Comment a happy little tree 🌳 for respect
Aalia Hasan
Aalia Hasan Hace 4 días
6:49 ikkkrrr she's real nice
ThisFuzzel Hace 4 días
3:10 I wonder if he drives a Gran Torino...
Han BLUE Hace 4 días
This is so wholesome, a video hasn't made me this happy in a long time. Love it!
Philgamer_ 309
Philgamer_ 309 Hace 4 días
charles sedlak
charles sedlak Hace 4 días
Share with the world .... Sell them.... not for money but to share with the world . there's enough for everyone . The joy it would bring into others lives to have one. think about that please.
Raja Habti
Raja Habti Hace 4 días
knowing that all of his paintings are so near you just makes me feel happy :)
Lily Anna
Lily Anna Hace 4 días
I like to think the reason bob ross has jumped back into popularity because he helps with peoples anxiety
Enrique Jr Martinez
Enrique Jr Martinez Hace 4 días
I wonder about Bob Ross's sons. Why are they not mentioned once in this video.
MyNameIsLemon Hace 4 días
Kowalski analysis
Ellen Kelley
Ellen Kelley Hace 4 días
I love Bob!! I have watched him since my teens & am well into my 50's. He made it look so easy & his technique's do work.
Łuna Hace 4 días
Bob Ross is my therapist
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Hace 4 días
It never occurred to you to sell them? Seeing that you have no catalog and no archive process I find it more likely that you are actually selling them and keeping the money yourself
Łuna Hace 4 días
Bob Ross was probably the most kindest yet relatable person to mankind
James Smith
James Smith Hace 2 días
Really? More than Jesus?
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