When You Have to Name Your RPG Character

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When You Have to Name Your RPG CharacterWhen your name your RPG characterwhen you name your character in an RPGcircletoonshd RPG

CircleToonsHD Hace un mes
It's my birthday, so you legally have to buy 100 plushies from me! And if you can't, please stay safe, drink water, and be kind to others for me
Otter Nonymouz
Otter Nonymouz Hace 4 días
Su Tart
Su Tart Hace 13 días
Happy birthday
Nattan Gomes
Nattan Gomes Hace 16 días
happy bday!
Crazmeup Hace 24 días
CircleToonsHD i No Have money
EmeraldDemaru Hace 26 días
I wish I could
Acidous Hace 2 días
Why the hell is Shaggy a mail man?
The MrMcNuggett
The MrMcNuggett Hace 3 días
*Me making the name changed later*
TheDonutAssassin Hace 4 días
What about the character creation and customisation, that takes forever for me
Rjay Mitchell
Rjay Mitchell Hace 4 días
Don’t disrespect dragon quest just because it isn’t as popular as other rpg
Stephen Manning
Stephen Manning Hace 4 días
0:45 morty mode: active
Stephen Manning
Stephen Manning Hace 4 días
Caleb Hace 7 días
Well i was late to the plush apparently so now i am the BIG sad. (Seriously though, i want it so bad but i can't get it and i wish i never forgot about it, is there ANYTHING i can do to have a demon beside me with BEANS!?)
Crowzar Illkona
Crowzar Illkona Hace 7 días
You're my new favorite animator and youtuber! I just discovered you but you're amazing, I'm watching your videos fro. most recent to oldest
white Hace 8 días
"Greetings,FSFFGGKLL.I see you have finally made it to the dungeon.Too bad you are ganna have to fight ME to get into it!" - Skeleton Lord Xrac,the 2nd hardest boss.
KID COOL 1.o Hace 9 días
Kind of feel bad for that guy but then again I kind of feel stupid for saying that
Oscar Wu
Oscar Wu Hace 10 días
The ps16 came out wait no wrong time line
Elias deublein petersen
Elias deublein petersen Hace 10 días
Wait. If every Mailman has the key to any door, The Mailman has SCP-005
Joey Bear
Joey Bear Hace 12 días
Asdf Asdf
Asdf Asdf Hace 12 días
Shit dude is your finger alright???
Amirah Soetan-Balogun
Amirah Soetan-Balogun Hace 13 días
You guys can't sit here and tell me that that postman didn't remind you of Lemongrab from Adventure Time
Григорий Гридчин
Григорий Гридчин Hace 15 días
Hilariouskiyu Hace 16 días
Why don't you just make a new save?
Plumber R.J.C
Plumber R.J.C Hace 16 días
I would just put my own name 😂😂😂
Tickytickytango Hace 17 días
"Your name is permanent and can't be changed later" There are 2 kinds of people "Permanent" and "Changed later"
lazar lazar
lazar lazar Hace 17 días
Nohl__ Hace 19 días
I just name My character My Name.
Randy Walter
Randy Walter Hace 19 días
Game Grumps: It's free real estate
Sophie Sawyer
Sophie Sawyer Hace 19 días
So, a bit of a personal experience, but I am _so_ glad BOTW doesn't have named save files. Cuz I discovered I was trans after having the game for like 2 months, and it would _really_ suck if that file permanently had my deadname on it.
Josh M
Josh M Hace 19 días
Yeah, choosing a name is one of the hardest parts. A personal favourite was when I named my elf character 'I Eat A**'. Yeah, that always made me laugh (it didn't have asterisks in it but this is a family-friendly channel).
Tyler Diggle
Tyler Diggle Hace 20 días
2 weeks ago
kyle hearn
kyle hearn Hace 20 días
I'm now interested in the Mailmans Lore.
Christopher Pugh
Christopher Pugh Hace 21 un día
1:38 *B E A N S*
The Gucci Banana
The Gucci Banana Hace 21 un día
I always use one name: Your Worst Nightmare, I make him I mean it look ugly
Jayy Hace 21 un día
Just chose the canon name, that’s what I did with persona
That Animation Guy
That Animation Guy Hace 22 días
Always go for *_"sans undertale"_*
creativecreepy turtle
creativecreepy turtle Hace 22 días
For me its just: "Ah, screw it. lets do 'MyButt' "
Nate Stuff
Nate Stuff Hace 21 un día
Aw yeah
Peacheriffic Hace 22 días
Lookin, for BeANS
killerd54 Hace 23 días
Video created for those games that have a boring hour long scene before someone asks your name
Camren Kimmerling
Camren Kimmerling Hace 23 días
Just name him butt like everyone else
Ali Chaudhry
Ali Chaudhry Hace 24 días
What kinda RPGs do you recommend for someone trying to get into RPGs
Touya The Weeb!
Touya The Weeb! Hace 24 días
Why do you sound like Bill from gravity falls and Rick from Rick and morty?
Doom Clasher
Doom Clasher Hace 24 días
Just reset the game
couveiro Hace 24 días
Mailman: I used to play this game a lot as a kid Game: *PS4*
Sloan Anderson
Sloan Anderson Hace 24 días
I'm really sad that I missed this video and thus missed the plush :( I want it badly
Viktor Milivojevic
Viktor Milivojevic Hace 24 días
HungryUnit350 Hace 24 días
I wanna get this game This sounds awesome
MetalFan98 Hace 25 días
Chad Thundercock. Equal parts epic and silly, works for me 95% of the time.
Chancellor Ally
Chancellor Ally Hace 25 días
Oh I’ve just been naming them after fruit
Máté Forisek
Máté Forisek Hace 25 días
Oh cool he has me and the boys at 2am looking for beans plush! So 2 more weaks after the video's uploaded... "Uploaded: 2 weeks ago"
ST R Hace 25 días
Two kinds of people: Those who think their RPG names through thoroughly And those who don’t
BLACK SKULL Hace 25 días
He cant even put his name
twizz dat boi memer doggo
twizz dat boi memer doggo Hace 25 días
I cant find the beans
Victoria, a human
Victoria, a human Hace 26 días
I watched this video on the last day that you can buy a plushie:/
STORMER 281 Hace 26 días
Zenith, Lord of the eternal
Andrea Molitas
Andrea Molitas Hace 26 días
Relatable, but in some cases I'd just name em with Bob Joe or Tim
Roaming Robot yes
Roaming Robot yes Hace 26 días
God of pancakes Mooni
God of pancakes Mooni Hace 26 días
Welp off to play nioh where ill be grinding for the next month cause you know have to grind
Human Kerbal
Human Kerbal Hace 28 días
Where is CircleToonSD?
Samith varma
Samith varma Hace 28 días
Ps4 game, xbox contoller.hmmmm
Luke Fornea
Luke Fornea Hace 29 días
“Sounds like you have a lot to learn about the POSTAL SERVICE” is now my favorite quote ever
Macro Wave
Macro Wave Hace 29 días
Lol I got a mail ad at the beginning of the video.
William Washburn
William Washburn Hace 29 días
video: Your name is PERMANENT Me: Hi I'm Permanent
Oct Hace 29 días
You made the mailman USPS
R-cane Hace un mes
every skyrim restart ever
Christian Wurtzbacher
Christian Wurtzbacher Hace un mes
I accidentally kept my characters name as prisoner on Skyrim
Cruz Stratton
Cruz Stratton Hace un mes
8 cans of mountain dew, that is insultingly low
Golden Trap
Golden Trap Hace un mes
That’s like so like true like
Doot Hace un mes
Easy, make a cross-game persona and name all your characters that always, never change it lmao.
The unpopular opinion
The unpopular opinion Hace un mes
It took one whole minute to get into the actual joke except the joke wasnt even funny.
Ros3NburG Hace un mes
I name my characters Huh?.
Preshoter you just got pea’d
Preshoter you just got pea’d Hace un mes
0:20 that means that 6monthes ago he was playing and he was 17 now he’s 18 he has job that means if people have a brain 🧠
Air Pods
Air Pods Hace un mes
Got an ll.bean add before the vid😎
Vladimir Hace un mes
1 week later, the captions are not accepted yet. (and i did some changes too!)
k Manister
k Manister Hace un mes
My biggest thing with this, other then deciding on the actual name, is not knowing whether names are all caps or not. Side shout out to JRPG's and not knowing if it uses first name first or last name first.
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