When you forgot what you were JUST playing

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Daniel Thrasher

Daniel Thrasher

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the first time someone said break a legwhen you learn a riff and put it in everythingpianist enters a pianoless homedaniel thrasher

Daniel Thrasher
Daniel Thrasher Hace un mes
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TheRealBrendan Hace 15 días
Does the brain have 2 left hands?
Rhyley Zimmer
Rhyley Zimmer Hace 19 días
My guy sounds like a British drug dealer
Chersie Hace 20 días
Daniel Thrasher alr alr i’ll see u there B)
random fish guy off the streets
random fish guy off the streets Hace 26 días
Comment Spaepanion
Comment Spaepanion Hace un mes
Do you...HAVE to use the base of the punchline for the thumbnails?
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez Hace un día
Damn the brain is powerful
Falcons Calls [MUSIC OFFICIAL]
Falcons Calls [MUSIC OFFICIAL] Hace un día
No One: Not A Soul: You: *(Clicks* *Read* *More)*
Grace deMenocal
Grace deMenocal Hace un día
"Todays video is brought to you by Squarespace please stick around for a sketch after anpther sketch that happens to be paid for"
The Khanman
The Khanman Hace un día
You should become an actor.
Ayen Castro
Ayen Castro Hace 2 días
AT Mocha
AT Mocha Hace 2 días
this only happens when i’m reading music and i’m supposed to be passing off to maintain my chair order and position as the dictator of the flute section
Meeta Verma
Meeta Verma Hace 3 días
That white board 🤣🤣🤣
Lisa Violet
Lisa Violet Hace 4 días
Inside out but better
Leon The Strange
Leon The Strange Hace 6 días
The fucking flanger gets me every time
Kelly Buchanan
Kelly Buchanan Hace 6 días
Then add the riff and the end
Brog DaFrog
Brog DaFrog Hace 6 días
This hit hard...
AveRay Hace 6 días
I like when- I lik- *what was I just typing?*
Peter And Jeffry
Peter And Jeffry Hace 7 días
I love the parts when the brain says it ain't familiar
Jade Muse
Jade Muse Hace 7 días
This is literally me each time I sing and come up with something while singing. Except I never find it again.
Cri Lune
Cri Lune Hace 7 días
Gets interrupted again*
NS777 Hace 7 días
So is that what happens when you forget then remember something?
My Favorite YouTube Channel
My Favorite YouTube Channel Hace 7 días
This guy is a genius with youtube video creation. Actually want to watch even past video into sponsor ad.
L4C32N ._.
L4C32N ._. Hace 7 días
I love that brain, mine just sleeps in these kinda situations Edit: I'm sorry my beloved brain plz don't be offended, plz don't stop working🙏
Susie Perdue
Susie Perdue Hace 7 días
Your so cool!
Aya Arts
Aya Arts Hace 8 días
Does anybody know the name of the music tho???
Stephenplays_Ep1c *-*
Stephenplays_Ep1c *-* Hace 8 días
👇THIS is how many times he has said in his videos it ain’t familiah
It'sRomla Hace 8 días
I thought at the end it was gonna be the "yip yip" song
Samuel Mardis
Samuel Mardis Hace 8 días
The things written on Daniel’s brain’s whiteboard are consistently funny.
MajorGunFire 1
MajorGunFire 1 Hace 8 días
i wanna know how he fillmed that chase
Marina Fontes Malka
Marina Fontes Malka Hace 8 días
My dog enjoys your videos.
NightcoreAzuya 「ZERO」
NightcoreAzuya 「ZERO」 Hace 8 días
Did you record it the second time?
MurphDazzle Hace 8 días
You sir, are a national treasure ❤️❤️❤️
RaynChan Hace 8 días
this episode of Cells at work looks great!
Mary Essency
Mary Essency Hace 8 días
His characters are so great.......
Cool Name
Cool Name Hace 9 días
The brain character looks like a unstable hairy potter
Fong Yik Hei 冯益希
Fong Yik Hei 冯益希 Hace 9 días
The comment section so cringe omgoodness
Unseamed Leaf 739
Unseamed Leaf 739 Hace 9 días
Only the real ones know there was a Gus Johnson cameo
JS Music
JS Music Hace 9 días
0:46 That's some sick tasks
Stich 3am
Stich 3am Hace 9 días
Errorcode 3
Errorcode 3 Hace 9 días
*Yeah I hate it too when my hands get distorted and become wobbly noodles after playing something fonky*
Hum Whatever
Hum Whatever Hace 10 días
Hey dude have you seen at 1:56 he uses his right hand but the hand thats holding melody is a left hand ?, Yeah dude that's weird Thanks dude
Coldfrost Hace 10 días
You're genius hahahah
DarkKnight226 Hace 10 días
All of the people who disliked were Karen’s who could relate.
Schwido Hace 10 días
I just suddenly forgot how to play air while playing it
Nunya Biznas
Nunya Biznas Hace 10 días
I already ALSO don’t know what he was playing...
Nunya Biznas
Nunya Biznas Hace 10 días
As a guitarist I’m getting fed up with the piano advertisements.
JinMin Hace 10 días
So, when are you going to post your next slow mo video?
Jundale Macalinao
Jundale Macalinao Hace 10 días
How many Daniel's are in the video??
Soviet Russian Motherland
Soviet Russian Motherland Hace 10 días
I can relate to this way to much
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Hace 10 días
by far the best sketch in my opinion. Genius
Frunkle McBunkle
Frunkle McBunkle Hace 10 días
I wonder what Dan thinks about the fact that people have the hots for his Brain character, _specifically_
Jo G
Jo G Hace 10 días
This is me in piano class when I haven't practised
Julian Martinez
Julian Martinez Hace 10 días
I was looking at the microwave and I was like, “ is that thing shattered” but it’s just the umbrella light 😂
Moaning Myrtle
Moaning Myrtle Hace 10 días
it’s familiah, but not too familiah
Boaking 101
Boaking 101 Hace 11 días
Bruh I’d simultaneously die laughing and shit my pants if while watching a horror movie Daniel starts to choke some one like he just choked himself.
Christian Dwi
Christian Dwi Hace 11 días
It just so annoying when you forget what did you just do
Foxxo Hace 11 días
Why does the start sound like numb
JMF GAMING Hace 11 días
It aint familah
LeaveItBlank Hace 11 días
Dude you need to compose that song now
Riley Johnson
Riley Johnson Hace 11 días
This is too relatable
Vincent De La Terre
Vincent De La Terre Hace 11 días
Should’ve just rewatched the tape used to record this video 🤦‍♀️
Massimo Di Quinzio
Massimo Di Quinzio Hace 11 días
This is just great.
Stupid Soba
Stupid Soba Hace 11 días
Okay okay but can someone tell me what song he’s playing? I must learn it :o
ALoonwolf Hace 11 días
The one you forgot was better.
Mate Guy
Mate Guy Hace 11 días
Thats actually me Every time i made something really cool Then i forgot EvErY Time dangit
Diamond_ Warrior
Diamond_ Warrior Hace 12 días
Lol imagine choking to death.
Airica Starwall
Airica Starwall Hace 12 días
Me trying to recall any lost thought that was important😂
WinterGeist9192 Hace 12 días
What song was That??
Fatih UĞURLU Hace 12 días
He is like harry potter at 1.59
spotlight productions
spotlight productions Hace 12 días
This was so dark
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber Hace 12 días
This is me for EVERYTHING. What was I doing? What is the name of that person I am working with for the last 4 years? What did I forget? What was I thinking right now? What was the idea I had two second ago? What number was I suppose to bring? Etc.
Levita Joy Francisco Javier
Levita Joy Francisco Javier Hace 12 días
Fox Fantasy
Fox Fantasy Hace 12 días
Omg lol... Pause at 0:47.his list says: "Choke on water @ 3:30pm" "☘Contemplate going vegan☘" "Eat a steak" "Cry :')
htfghy ygrtgr
htfghy ygrtgr Hace 13 días
Anybody notice that when he chokes the melody, his hands aren’t facing the right way
the first time someone said "break a leg"
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