When the WHOLE SQUAD is using the MOST OP GUN in Apex legends

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Hace 28 días

Don't you dare sleep on the havoc
Pajamamax: eswomen.com/women/UCJrmrf_KS6oGxUNRczeRb0A
ToddyQuest: eswomen.com/women/UCV7lP3Xi0F9j21st7MnoQ5Q

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Zylbrad Hace 28 días
I’m gonna use the havoc as my pillow tonight
Tumacho El cocho
Tumacho El cocho Hace 14 días
I love your videos. Me and my wife tested positive and thanks to your videos it lightens up my days while in quarantine
Belial Cabral
Belial Cabral Hace 15 días
Lol I will too even tho they r deadly
Mixitrion Hace 16 días
You'd be sleeping on it bruh
Curse Cloud
Curse Cloud Hace 21 un día
Only tonight? Not like, yesterday, the day before yesterday, and like a year worth of days before that?
Gogo_Winter1836 Hace 21 un día
I use the havoc all the time too it’s not nerfed for me it’s so easy too controll still
Flame Gaming
Flame Gaming Hace un día
14:50 when your friend takes all the energy ammo
Andrew Kavi
Andrew Kavi Hace un día
Toddy wasn't playing gibby 😢
Sama Dengan
Sama Dengan Hace 3 días
Thats was you??!!!!!!
Jude Walker
Jude Walker Hace 3 días
Brad reminds me of Morty
That Guy In A Godzilla Suit
That Guy In A Godzilla Suit Hace 3 días
He Gets The Havoc At 5:23 Peoples.
Barteq _YT
Barteq _YT Hace 4 días
Be finding 383 havics and dont pick them
Sylo Hace 4 días
You should make more 40 min vids
ツKyle Hace 4 días
Zylbrad:Sweating during a fight with the best team His friends: Imagine we find RusellCrowTTV
I sleep in war zones all the time
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hace 6 días
flatline is op now
Lil Salt
Lil Salt Hace 6 días
Anyone else just love hearing Todd’s voice.... no just me
Vero G
Vero G Hace 7 días
No one Not a single person Not a single soul My mom waking me up for school. 0:05
geneticist 88
geneticist 88 Hace 7 días
The havoc is not the most op weapon. Try being on my squad where everyone has a golden devotion.
The Best Daughter Ever Griffin
The Best Daughter Ever Griffin Hace 9 días
"Don't get shot" Gibby in the distance: "I'm getting shot" 26:09
NRG_Taras Hace 9 días
Nerfs again**
Tnios Hace 9 días
I thought Zylbrad was a girl
Palette of art
Palette of art Hace 10 días
You sound like morty
Da_ Bandits
Da_ Bandits Hace 10 días
Big brad wasup my g?
Lilcrust Hace 10 días
Rick and morty reference?
prince enzio ifurung
prince enzio ifurung Hace 10 días
too bad the havoc is getting nerfed
Gellal Hace 10 días
wers max youtube
James Curfman
James Curfman Hace 10 días
Actually Todd, there IS an 'i' in TEAM. Look inside of the capitalized 'A'. Inside of the top part of the A, there is a triangle-shaped dot. Under the middle bar, between the legs of the A is the vertical bar of the i, but it is shaped like a trapezoid in order to escape detection. So, thee is an 'i' in TEAM, it's just REALLY funny-looking. Right, Brad? :)
Gungi Gangu
Gungi Gangu Hace 10 días
Cool Guy
Cool Guy Hace 10 días
Havoc was shooting like charge rifle at season 1 right?
Kalen 258
Kalen 258 Hace 10 días
Zylbrad has such smooth movement. Like us controller gotta play like sweats
About Football
About Football Hace 11 días
The worst voice ever
Компьютерные Железяки
Компьютерные Железяки Hace 11 días
pikachu gang
pikachu gang Hace 11 días
Is he octane main noe
سليمان ناصري الاحمد
سليمان ناصري الاحمد Hace 11 días
Your voice is like Morty's . From Rick and Morty
Hasani Branch
Hasani Branch Hace 12 días
He sounds like morty when he gets excited. I can't get over his voice
Valentino Amaya
Valentino Amaya Hace 12 días
Zylbrad:can I have it plz Me:can I havoc plz
holy mina
holy mina Hace 12 días
They sound like the three piggies in shrek 😂
Arduno Dragner
Arduno Dragner Hace 13 días
you found six havocs? impressive
ahmed atef
ahmed atef Hace 14 días
This squad is the best🤣🤣❤
Got merced
Got merced Hace 14 días
Splxs Hace 14 días
Lmao he sounded like morty in the intro
sweptscorpio Hace 14 días
Anyone notice how he missed a gold barrel
Nah its me Tftaf
Nah its me Tftaf Hace 14 días
7:01 So You have played populor children's game Five nights at freddy
mike wazouski
mike wazouski Hace 15 días
I like energy guns because their green like me... Eheheheh
Gaming with Volcano 20 years ago
Gaming with Volcano 20 years ago Hace 15 días
Reported. Using a havoc. Jk
Belial Cabral
Belial Cabral Hace 15 días
Lol Brad"oooOo~ fanfiction of all of us😂" Toddy"bend over"
Code Mo
Code Mo Hace 15 días
*mozambique really needs a hugeeeeeee thicc buff!!*
Supreme Hace 15 días
The 3 of you together is just too hilarious.. too funny.
Pub Man
Pub Man Hace 15 días
Does anyone else think it's spooky how they all have their real names in their online names?
Applez Hace 15 días
12:21 my heart is screaming at you telling you to look LOL to the right
Ian Moore
Ian Moore Hace 15 días
1:34 Why the frick does octanes jumpad STILL CONTINUE TO NOT WORK????? It does this to me all the time when I'm trying to push people:[
Ted P
Ted P Hace 16 días
Todd is on some special drugs. Lol
ShadowBlade Hace 16 días
It’s impossible to shoot far away tho
Hungry Legendz
Hungry Legendz Hace 17 días
So no ones gonna talk about that toddy sneeze ? 7:00
pickleRick morty
pickleRick morty Hace 17 días
TerrorBullGamer Hace 17 días
Zylbrad is honestly the Australian morty.
Aurelion Sol
Aurelion Sol Hace 17 días
LMAO The ending xd "And follow me on-"
Hiim5 and Lil Nub
Hiim5 and Lil Nub Hace 18 días
Did anyone see Gibraltar's hair 18:46
Antonio Soto
Antonio Soto Hace 18 días
Why do you sound like a girl
____________ Hace 19 días
im only sure one person in this squads a dude. the other two im unsure.
Hilarie Ranin
Hilarie Ranin Hace 19 días
which server do you use??
Allu Akbar
Allu Akbar Hace 19 días
Anyone else got that join better rank ad
Wilson Tsui
Wilson Tsui Hace 19 días
giannikoulas Hace 19 días
Is turbocharger rare?
IndonesianMan Hace 20 días
16:39 buwong apa tu man?
A Gecko Commented
A Gecko Commented Hace 20 días
Zylbrad got the whole squad havoconing
Pie Productions
Pie Productions Hace 20 días
Whats with all the gunga
Aurora Hace 20 días
Benjamin Ewing
Benjamin Ewing Hace 20 días
I must be really bad because the havoc always fucks me.
RyeSeaBre Hace 20 días
Double havoc rifle
TheOnlyNiki YT
TheOnlyNiki YT Hace 20 días
You kind of sound like Rick from Rick and Morty
Liz Ll
Liz Ll Hace 21 un día
And I enjoyed the voices, is that makes any sense.
Valentin Benito
Valentin Benito Hace 21 un día
you have the same voice than morty in rick and morty dude 🤩🤩
Mystic Johnson
Mystic Johnson Hace 21 un día
Its stop being apex in season 4 its been the havok game
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