What's in my Tech Bag! [2019]

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Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

Hace 6 meses

My tech everyday carry.
Peak Design Everyday backpack: amzn.to/2lCOFdR
OnePlus 7 Pro: amzn.to/2lrmPRv
iPhone XS Max: amzn.to/2xUSOfP
Sony WH1000XM3: amzn.to/2lCmg7H
Canon EOS R: amzn.to/2XRYe62
Anker 26,800mAh battery: amzn.to/2XTmwfO
dbrand Anker skin: dbrand.com/anker-battery-bank-skins
11" iPad Pro: amzn.to/2lALFi3
MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com
Vanja SD card reader: amzn.to/2k5rLLG
Video Gear I use: kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recom...
Tech I'm using right now: www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD
Intro Track: Whoa Whoa Whoa by Watsky
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: goo.gl/B3AWV5

tech bagwhats' in my bagin my bagmy bag

can old man jenkins reach 10,000 subscribers?
can old man jenkins reach 10,000 subscribers? Hace 28 minutos
Marques: “i’ll start with phones I carry” Me: did you just say “phone’s”
Jer Jer
Jer Jer Hace 6 horas
Wheres the black cubic?
SAVAGE bro Hace 14 horas
Steal this guys bag n u will be rich
Richard Andrew
Richard Andrew Hace 17 horas
...and all I want its just a T7i w/ a good lens to take photos and make a movie or other... :(
nice. Hace 19 horas
The man has a fully black rubix cube in his backpack
Sean Dent
Sean Dent Hace un día
I have a bunch of electronics that my mom wont let me bring to school besides my phone. So all I have in my backpack is papers I forgot to turn in to the teacher and some pens and pencils and more papers!
DJ_ PlayzStuff
DJ_ PlayzStuff Hace 2 días
iPhone 8, 64GB Apple EarPods to Lightning Adapter A lock for a locker And useless shit
GD Zodixc
GD Zodixc Hace 3 días
The Thumbnail Has A Literal Stickerless Cube
Daniel Hartnett
Daniel Hartnett Hace 3 días
On the thumb nail he has the same headphones as Jacksepticeye
WaterCubeGamer Hace 6 días
Am I the only one who clicked on this video to see the gray colored rubik's cube?
Kelly Foreman
Kelly Foreman Hace 10 días
If I buy one from the store it's over $200 If I grab one from you it's free and comes with all kinds of cool shit! Lol!
Aryan gaming
Aryan gaming Hace 10 días
You are handsome
Aryan gaming
Aryan gaming Hace 10 días
You are hand
Jing Jing Y.
Jing Jing Y. Hace 10 días
My bag * * * * *
Neil Buckanaga Jr.
Neil Buckanaga Jr. Hace 12 días
One of the things I was most interested in, was the black rubiks cube in the thumbnail. You didnt pull it out in the video, it would of been cool to hear more about that cube n how you used it, etc...
ERROR Yt Hace 12 días
My back pack A diary which is tore A pen and a pencil Total 3usd It is 🆒️
Bomo Soepardji
Bomo Soepardji Hace 13 días
this video made me buy the backpack, and it is AWESOME lol thanks Marques
Daniel Marschall
Daniel Marschall Hace 14 días
"Minimal setup" hahahaha
TJ Trapz
TJ Trapz Hace 16 días
2020 version NOW!!!
younus tasin
younus tasin Hace 17 días
ttui kala
VENATUS Hace 17 días
Who is here for 5 times
Terrel Thompson
Terrel Thompson Hace 18 días
Felt more like a video about the bag itself and less whats in it haha
Nick Name
Nick Name Hace 18 días
1:43 Whait a second... Nebaula Blue
mqgic trick
mqgic trick Hace 18 días
nebaula blue
Saurabh Meena
Saurabh Meena Hace 19 días
Buddy what's that cubic tech machine behind you
Louis Hace 21 un día
My tech backpack: 15.6 inch Lenovo laptop, charger. Android phone with a USB C and my mouse, mouse pad and that's it
Yeag 9009
Yeag 9009 Hace 21 un día
My bag iPhone 5g MacBook clamshell Sorry for flexing on y’all 😜
AGOR2 GamingTV
AGOR2 GamingTV Hace 22 días
200$ backpack...very simple guy.. huh!
Rajat Chorghe
Rajat Chorghe Hace 22 días
I love that bag someone also recommended it to me, i follow minimalism so i do not buy many things. I also bought the 20L i love it.
Reaction bounty YT
Reaction bounty YT Hace 22 días
Zac Gan
Zac Gan Hace 22 días
wait what about ur water bottle xd
Sanjay Krishna
Sanjay Krishna Hace 24 días
Brother please gift me a airpods pls
Shadow141 Hace 24 días
I think you forgot the Tile.
Joker 24/7
Joker 24/7 Hace 24 días
Rich people stuff
Bernard M
Bernard M Hace 25 días
Try the new "KORIN Design" bag, not as good for cameras maybe but much better for everthing else, for me personally built in, waterproof umbrella/waterbottle pocket is the top feature for everyday use here in Sweden 😁
become crazy
become crazy Hace 26 días
Love from India
OGJohnnyboy Hace 27 días
It’s a $200 backpack 🤨🙄
S.W. Merrill Music
S.W. Merrill Music Hace 27 días
What is the camera you were testing for video? Curious...
Edward Joyce
Edward Joyce Hace 29 días
Mostly just advertising an insanely priced backpack but ok
qwerttzizzi Hace 29 días
Is the powerbank allowed on flights?
qwerttzizzi Hace 27 días
@Rohan Patil what are the limitations?
Rohan Patil
Rohan Patil Hace 27 días
Larry Richardson
Larry Richardson Hace un mes
1:43 Nebaula blue. mm-hmm.
Bella Curcio
Bella Curcio Hace un mes
My backpack always has chapstick, comb, gum, pen, pencil, home keys, work keys, wallet, microfiber for glasses, headphone splitter, portable charger, journal, current novel. At ALL times that stuff lives in my bag, only comes out when used then goes back. Anyone else?? I feel like most my friends have a handbag or just use pockets but for me I have to take my backpack with me everywhere. Except like the club that's really the only exception.
Pradana Hace un mes
I don't even carry a bag.
shashibushan k
shashibushan k Hace un mes
What do you do with full black rubics cube??
Jr Travieso
Jr Travieso Hace un mes
Marques is the type of guy to chew matte black minty gum lmao 😂
otniel rajendra
otniel rajendra Hace un mes
Basically just call me poor for 8 mins
SpreeHertz Hace un mes
5:56 I thought u said the f word lol
samax jain
samax jain Hace un mes
You guys are having backpacks?
Blue Tribe
Blue Tribe Hace un mes
i cant even afford the backpack wtf i feel poor as fuck after watching this
i88music Hace un mes
Angel: Marques welcome to heaven, here is your angel robe Marques: Do you have this in MATTE BLACK
The Finite Infinity
The Finite Infinity Hace un mes
I came for the black cube. But I am disappointed now.
John Steinbeck
John Steinbeck Hace un mes
QUICKTAKE: 1. backpack: Peak Design Everyday backpack (20L) 2. phone: OnePlus7 Pro & iPhone XS Max 3. headphones: Sony WH1000M3 4. camera: Canon EOS R 5. lens: RF 28-70mm f/2 6. battery bank: Anker 26,000 mAh 7. charger: McLaren OnePlus charger 8. iPad: 11" iPad Pro
Justin Hace un mes
10 mil hype guys get ready
Ryan Denney
Ryan Denney Hace un mes
dang you went into the apple ecosystem hard
Ana Lias
Ana Lias Hace un mes
Backpacks aren't my style and this one is kinda ugly but I love the functionality
Ocean Tang
Ocean Tang Hace un mes
I appreciated the way you did this, Marques. It's a departure from the other "what's in my bag" videos I've seen in the sense that you've got the minimal and functional things down instead of packing your entire studio into your backpack like I've seen others do. While I still find the others enjoyable no doubt, thumbs up for that minimal practicality!
Anshuman B
Anshuman B Hace un mes
And I thought most bags are supposed to carry clothes.
SqUEaKerZ Hace un mes
Why two phones? please answer me
Isaac I
Isaac I Hace un mes
Give us a house tour
Isaac I
Isaac I Hace un mes
Is anybody wondering where he lives
ILLUSI0N Hace un mes
1:50 this is asmr
Fade Slash
Fade Slash Hace un mes
Robber: give me ur so phone Marques: which one?
Joker 24/7
Joker 24/7 Hace 24 días
All of it
Muni Sharma
Muni Sharma Hace un mes
Congrats in advance for 10M
Aditee Lele
Aditee Lele Hace un mes
Nice video kinda useful
shaider ramos
shaider ramos Hace un mes
System g carry+ is a good backpack if you like pockets
George Avetisyan
George Avetisyan Hace un mes
Just curious why do you need freaking 2 smartphones ?.
Amaan Ismail
Amaan Ismail Hace un mes
Damn he is a 'Nebaula' 😂
John Michael Powell
John Michael Powell Hace un mes
ricoviii1 Hace un mes
You don't have the right battery bank linked down there got the old 26800
xtysonx Hace un mes
Anyone else wondering why he carries two phones with him
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