What If the COVID-19 Pandemic Lasts 18 Months or More?

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Most major cities have only been quarantined for a few weeks, trying to lower the curve of the spreading virus known as COVID-19. People are already getting tired of being locked in quarantine, and grocery stores are still sold out of disinfectants and toilet paper. We don't know how long the world will be this way, and we had to wonder "What if this pandemic lasts 18 months or more?". It seems like a crazy question, and in today's video we breakdown what life would be like on lock down for almost 2 years.
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Troy Hunt
Troy Hunt Hace 6 horas
Covid 19 is Just a flu that's why more people are living
WelsonNot Hace 6 horas
I'll update you guys on how I'm gonna tell my future kids that I survived a global pandemic. Give me like 10 years 2030 Update :
Hace 7 horas
Vaccines....Mandatory, forced vaccines...Line up...Wait, Don’t be me. I am an M.D. but let me tell you what you do not know about vaccines and what I didn’t know and what 90% of all M.D.'s do not know and what No politician knows... I did not know that Vaccines had not been tested against any placebo (ever). I did not know that animal testing would be skipped for the future COVID vaccines..I did not know the 30+ ingredients used in vaccines. I did not know that there are neurotoxic aluminum and mercury molecules in vaccines. I did not know enough to research vaccines before vaccinating my own children. I did not know that my own precocious, active, talking son would be vaccine-injured. I did not know that my own baby brother (also an M.D.) would become paralyzed (Guillain-Barre) and then die after his swine flu vaccine in the same hospital (Shands) where he had received his medical training. I did not know that my mother(an R.N.) would get 8 vaccines in 1 day to "catch-up" with newly added CDC vaccines to keep her job as Head Nurse in the Largest Hospital in the county and then get such severe, aggressive, progressive brain fog in days and become unable to dial a phone or push an elevator button or remember any of her 5 children in a few weeks and then have this "dementia" progress and then die in diapers I did not know that vaccines were given a blanket indemnity from liability in 1986 and now total immunity for all COVID vaccines for the future. I did not know that we gave more vaccines than any other country starting on day #1...I did not know that we have the highest rate of SIDS of the top 35 industrialized countries... I did not know that we had more autism than any other country... I did not know that Vaccines could injure an infant's brain. I did not know that vaccines can result in autoimmunity and neurological damage. I did not know that herd immunity does not apply to vaccines and is a myth created by the CDC. I did not know that Vaccines have almost no effect after about four years. I did not know how emotional the topic would be and how angry people would be at me for just asking questions about Vaccine Safety. I did not know that pediatricians were paid to give vaccines. I did not know that the CDC owned the Patents on so many vaccines. I did not know that the NIH stands to make Billions of dollars on a COVID vaccine. I did not know how angry at myself I would be for not knowing. I did not know that the CDC committed fraud and destroyed their evidence in their vaccine safety studies when it showed vaccines can cause autistic neurological changes..I did not know that a whistleblower came forward with all the evidence but he was silenced. I did not know that Merck committed fraud in their vaccine research repeatedly. I did not know that aluminum molecules in the vaccine ingredients is connected to brain inflammation and brain inflammation has been proven to be connected to autism. I did not know that vaccines contained human cells from aborted fetuses.. I did not know how much mainstream media would censor the independent research that showed these facts...I did not know that 90% of all vaccine research that the CDC and FDA use to "approve" vaccines are done by the scientists hired by vaccine makers..I did not know if we were alone... I did not know how many other millions of parents and families in the world have been affected by vaccine reactions.. I did not know how many would find, join, and share the Facebook help group= Vaccine Support Group on Facebook..I did not know that FB would delete the scientific medical research that had been suppressed, deleted, or censored until it happened to us... Dr.MAS..
It’s me George
It’s me George Hace 8 horas
June 2020 update: 6.3M cases. And 400K deaths.
-R̷e̷n̷ -
-R̷e̷n̷ - Hace 10 horas
Im just here to say that the Covid-19 is a planned lie-
MutantIguana42 Hace 14 horas
1:28 thats so cute lol
Peter Sha
Peter Sha Hace 15 horas
Plague Inc. in real world
Mona Martinez
Mona Martinez Hace un día
When the virus going to be gone I said I wanted the virus gone this month I said I want the world back to normal and the orders and bans lifted get to work on that vacine now please
Sena Wayessa
Sena Wayessa Hace un día
I'm believing in the sciencetests to make this go I mean it takes time but there really smart so....
Thermal being
Thermal being Hace 2 días
Govid-19 agenda yall. wink wink
Lan Vo
Lan Vo Hace 2 días
I still remember when I thought that quarantine was for 2 weeks but look at the world now and I live in San Francisco which was one of the first city's in quarantine in the US
winning thief
winning thief Hace 2 días
1:48 no joke that guy looks like PewDiePie ...
Ethan Ang
Ethan Ang Hace 2 días
Protest: Continue Covid-19: Jackpot!!!
Nick Nasty
Nick Nasty Hace 3 días
Um riots? What? Yo this is exactly what’s happening right now.
Bettis Hace 3 días
*F*ck 2020*
p1shpirik Hace 3 días
Im from may 31st and there are almost 5 million cases and usa has the most
Shut Up Your Mouth
Shut Up Your Mouth Hace 3 días
sept 2019
Shut Up Your Mouth
Shut Up Your Mouth Hace 3 días
Shut Up Your Mouth
Shut Up Your Mouth Hace 3 días
Shut Up Your Mouth
Shut Up Your Mouth Hace 3 días
tummalapenta manaswin
tummalapenta manaswin Hace 3 días
China will release COVID-20 and COVID-20 pro by December
DimFire Hace 3 días
Anti vaxxers will mad
Year 2098 Children : Grandpa Jacc is gonna tell us a story. Me : hey kids , it was is 20 or 19 , Jan or Feb , I remember.......
909Griz Hace 4 días
17 months to go
Avi Davis
Avi Davis Hace 4 días
He was right about the riots
Mike lbaesc
Mike lbaesc Hace 4 días
What pandemic will 2120 bring 1720 1820 1920 and now 2020 have had pandemic what will 2120 pandemic be
battlekrusher Hace 4 días
You don't know what you're talkin about
Jewels Unisouls
Jewels Unisouls Hace 4 días
Those who got their social media accounts disabled during covid 19 and can’t be recovered because of covid excuse are furious at ig and fb
Azerty Hace 4 días
What if ??? It will.
MangoFoxy Hace 4 días
Day 621 of coronavirus: all the anime has been consumed...send help...
Junior Francisco
Junior Francisco Hace 4 días
Thank you
Rokas Gustys
Rokas Gustys Hace 4 días
What is 'novel' in novel cornavirus?
Epic Watermelon
Epic Watermelon Hace 4 días
1:50 what the
Cristian Salas
Cristian Salas Hace 4 días
It would be nice if kids at my school didn't have parties every day.
57ashdot Hace 4 días
Thanks China
Ahmad Al Jaf
Ahmad Al Jaf Hace 4 días
If u break your glasses ur doomed
Ahmad Al Jaf
Ahmad Al Jaf Hace 4 días
At the end of this pandemic everyone's eyes would be burned off
Joel Decoster
Joel Decoster Hace 4 días
what do we tell our kids? As usuual they will be the innocent souls that must suffer the fall out with faded dreams and anxiety and depression of the future.Hugging is banned,friends banned parties banned, playgrounds banned, fun banned, making a mess in your rental-banned, seeing grandma- banned. festivals cinema sport BANNED .what a wretched world we live in, just living our life in front of a screen, mum and dad fighting over money, job loss, and despair. Staring at the wall, in the cage of freedom. labeled and put into little boxes.
NUHA OMER Hace 5 días
The girlfriend: no challenges. YEAHHHS
Désert Chaud 2
Désert Chaud 2 Hace 5 días
F king naive people who think it will be behind us soon. So naive and innocent.
Désert Chaud 2
Désert Chaud 2 Hace 5 días
It will last 18 months or more.
Niels Pemberton
Niels Pemberton Hace 5 días
COVID-19 has DESTROYED MY LIFE. But I'm still alive & doing my part. I blame Donald Trump for his lazy response to COVID-19. I DO NOT HAVE 18 months to wait for a vaccine or cure. I want a solution sooner to COVID-19.
SimpedLoced OutBustaz
SimpedLoced OutBustaz Hace 5 días
Where does infographics gets its statistics from ? ? Because its fictitious .
Breathin Ariana
Breathin Ariana Hace 5 días
We all miss 2019.
Gary Stevens
Gary Stevens Hace 5 días
What if we all die in the end and never really lived life?
Alex Tarallo
Alex Tarallo Hace 5 días
At least sports are starting to come back now
Natalie Estrada
Natalie Estrada Hace 5 días
Grandma, why do you like sitting outside?. Me: There was a time when this was illegal.
james kelly
james kelly Hace 5 días
more panicdemic hysteria
Tiny Memer
Tiny Memer Hace 5 días
At least now it’s May and places are opening back up
ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions
ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions Hace 4 días
That's not because it's safe though
Aram M.
Aram M. Hace 5 días
Reliable source? World Health Organization? You must be joking. 😅
Zack Peterson
Zack Peterson Hace 6 días
I would go INSANE
Dorissa Claire
Dorissa Claire Hace 6 días
College admissions aren’t going to go “on hold” due to lack of testing...many have said they will just wave the requirement for one year. I’m not saying OTHER things won’t cause huge college admission problems, but there’s no reason to think THATS what’s going to do them in. No SAT testing.
Vidalion Hace 6 días
What if it lasts 18 months? It certainly will. We will just slowly get better at dealing with it, as we are now, and over time more of us will be exposed and at least partially immune..(No, don’t deliberately expose yourself).
Benjamin Dahlen
Benjamin Dahlen Hace 6 días
ha no it wont
Meadow Baxley
Meadow Baxley Hace 6 días
Meadow Baxley
Meadow Baxley Hace 6 días
"dont touch your face" *me adjusting my braces as he says that*
Cleatus Hace 6 días
I don’t care
Kratos Kill
Kratos Kill Hace 6 días
pandemic means overdeath from specific disease but only corona virus killing people other disease are there like tb pneumonia cancer why so importance has given to simple corona flu virus .
Field Girl
Field Girl Hace 6 días
You should make a current video as things are starting to open, at least they are in the small town I live in.
Shockwave Hace 7 días
Who here after the 18th month?
Jasmine Garcia
Jasmine Garcia Hace 7 días
can’t wait to b in a textbook!! 🙈
IncognitoUNk Hace 7 días
You are a Propugndis
Cedric Lim Chu
Cedric Lim Chu Hace 8 días
Anti-virus for coronavirus
Wolf Heart
Wolf Heart Hace 8 días
In order to prevent covid, do all these things that's impossible to do.... ok
kpritch 238
kpritch 238 Hace 8 días
Anti vaccs gangster until covid 19 vaccine comes out
U look at My name u ar gay
U look at My name u ar gay Hace 8 días
Dont let 2020 see this
Baby Whale Crypto
Baby Whale Crypto Hace 8 días
Reliable source like the WHO?!?! Uh, no thanks!!
K9 Blue Boi 206
K9 Blue Boi 206 Hace 8 días
There's already proof out there that the Wuhan Institute of viral biology was funded by America.. this is part of Obama Gate. It was used as a weapon of mass destruction
Esther Reagle
Esther Reagle Hace 8 días
Welp were all gonna die.
artim Hace 8 días
QUICK REMINDER: keep maintaining social distancing from toxic people after lockdown ends.
Movies Too Cold
Movies Too Cold Hace 8 días
Look at this sensationalized thumbnail
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