What have the Sky Sports F1 team accomplished in the absence of race weekends?! | Sky F1 Vodcast

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Sky Sports F1

Sky Sports F1

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A Sky F1 Vodcast Easter Special with Martin Brundle, Ted Kravitz, Karun Chandhok & David Croft and others discuss what they’ve accomplished in the absence of racing!
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Rolston Holas
Rolston Holas Hace un mes
TED!...Finally, some talent on this vodcast
BroAverage Hace un mes
one of the best teams of TV presenters in the world in my opinion
Eclypse Hace un mes
Great fun watching you guys! Not too crazy back here in the states, just ppl being more mindful of each other. Stay safe!
Patsy Heaphy
Patsy Heaphy Hace un mes
love watching these vodcast, love you guys BUT is my all time fav and my top driver Damon Hill going to join in at some point,
So Isaidtogod
So Isaidtogod Hace un mes
No racing, no one cares about any of these people.
wils pu
wils pu Hace un mes
Economy’s gone f1 finished
FullLoader Hace un mes
Why no Damon Hill?
Edinson1 Hace un mes
Wow I just realised how much I hate seeing these dorky non entities on the television. They spend the entire program trying to "entertain" us as if we're interested in their worthless personalities, instead of giving us factual information about racing. WE ARE MOTORSPORT FANS, not fans of your nonexistent personalities. Especially that brunette chick, seriously who gives a fuck about your easter egg hunt, is this a motorsport channel or fkn mother's group?
Dermot Carroll
Dermot Carroll Hace un mes
I love this format! It's very personal and very enjoyable! Good lick Karun chasing the little person! :D
Dean Sida
Dean Sida Hace un mes
Been amazing watching the Lewis Hamilton 2018 racing battles 🏎💨💨💨
Rain Hace un mes
Sky Sports F1-Team... you're the best !!
Lennart Markovic
Lennart Markovic Hace un mes
trully great by skysports to support this especially since it isnt a tv channel - because of it, i have hope of f1 not being too commercial in the future, meaning creaming money out of people as a nr 1 instead of doing something for the fans. THIS will be remembered.
Detail1 Walks
Detail1 Walks Hace un mes
Brilliant crew, can't wait to see more :)
WhiteComet RX-7
WhiteComet RX-7 Hace un mes
Can u post some full races please 😊
HolyGuacamole Hace un mes
I live in the USA and I'm really enjoying these. Good on y'all for making the best out of the situation.
Kris A
Kris A Hace un mes
Sky F1 - I'd love it if you had 4 or 5 members of the public to speak over Skype to about F1 for an hour or so for a few streams. Chat about past races. :)
mike flower
mike flower Hace un mes
the next episode of the Sky F1 media team : please do it with your choice of alcohol and after consuming a few hehehe
mike flower
mike flower Hace un mes
Johnnie H, a camera on that lawnmower and lap times!!!!!
7vhn Hace un mes
If only my own group video calls with my colleagues were this civilised...
Yuri Lakhtionov
Yuri Lakhtionov Hace un mes
Yeap, I cleaned my windows too )
In the Post Game
In the Post Game Hace un mes
Ted Kravitz is a national treasure
Bailey Brown
Bailey Brown Hace un mes
Corfty should use all 5 lights are on and we go green I will laugh
Zulu Warrior
Zulu Warrior Hace un mes
Thank you so much to the Sky Sport team for keeping the F1 love going
Sevh C
Sevh C Hace un mes
he said it all on 19:11
Johnny Martin
Johnny Martin Hace un mes
Would be good for Martin to show us his car collection!!!
Mark Swain
Mark Swain Hace un mes
That was absolutely brilliant. What a great group of people. Such a good laugh together. Was so nice to see & hear them all together.
Darren Stuart
Darren Stuart Hace un mes
They should put these on the F1 channel. Great to watch 👍
Emmanuel Goussot
Emmanuel Goussot Hace un mes
NOBODY CARE ABOUT YOU IN THIS FORMAT! Comes to show the most amateur youtube is better than you and you don't justify your money. I have more experience than you yet i stay at home without money
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas Hace un mes
Why do we need to have Chandook on this coverage. Everyone of the other x drivers have a personality. All he does is tell everyone how good he was, but the problem is that he wasn't that good.
Prince Edward
Prince Edward Hace un mes
Is it possible to put some clips of old Grand prix on ESwomen? I am currently suffering withdrawal symptoms. #f1🏁
TheAlexFrom1994 Hace un mes
haha that was hilarious
Ricky Baxter
Ricky Baxter Hace un mes
I love these vodcasts! I'd love them to become a regular thing once this whole pandemic is over.
Jordan H
Jordan H Hace un mes
Holy fucking boring shit!!
UzzyT Hace un mes
Congratulations on your new daughter James :)
Tai Jay
Tai Jay Hace un mes
17mb internet lol,
nick batson
nick batson Hace un mes
The Easter 🐣 bunny 🐰 is a key worker
Tai Jay
Tai Jay Hace un mes
This is great ah
Jamie Coats
Jamie Coats Hace un mes
Well done to Sky, a nice bunch of people you have brought together, diverse in a healthy non-BBC over correction way. 👌🏼
Tim Hendley
Tim Hendley Hace un mes
Suggested subject for next week's (Wed. after Easter)prgm: "How will our lives change permanently (not just in F1) when this is all over
Merkman Hace un mes
"That's a nice segway to Crofty!" That's just mean! Who let's that guy run this ship? I'd be planning the takeover after that!!!
Louis L Mussbacher
Louis L Mussbacher Hace un mes
Though I live in a small city of about 1 million people here in Edmonton, Alberta, I just wanted to pass on my envy regarding your BBQ and sunny weather reporting. Where I live, there is still a couple of feet of snow on the ground and though we occasionally see above 0c temperatures, the sun only sometimes shines. Oh, I wish we could wash our windows and BBQ everyday. Thanks for the weather reports and hopefully like F1 and spring, it too will reach us all.
Louis L Mussbacher
Louis L Mussbacher Hace un mes
@Louis Browne it is for Europe and Asia standards....lol.
Jeremy Xiong
Jeremy Xiong Hace un mes
lol he missed out Karun, 21:35
Zenoura Hace un mes
Sky: posts video Me: reads title Nobody: Also me: Nothing. Lol jk. Lovw that youre still doing videos. ♡ From the U.S!
Gary Jolly
Gary Jolly Hace un mes
Great Video Hope You Are ok
Martin Montinola
Martin Montinola Hace un mes
I appreciate Sky Sports’ effot to release videos in relation to F1 since we are all in self quarantine lately but i would appreciate it more if Sky Sports would do more community related efforts to help our present situation regarding this Covid 19 like giving away masks and food to our unfortunate brothers. Not just consolidating videos from their past footages...just saying 😢 Sky Sports earned a lot of money from their F1 coverages...It’s time they should give back 🤭
Darragh Hace un mes
So you're saying the F1 stuff is good, but the rest of the Sky Sports stuff is bad?
tuckerhauser Hace un mes
Liking this nice and relaxed format, plenty piss taking and less corporate much more like being with ya mates :-)
Chris T
Chris T Hace un mes
Yeah just goes to prove how we are all getting ripped off with the pathetic broadband speeds .....the providers have a lot to answer & hope the culture secretary gets off his backside & takes them to task.
Jonathan Teague
Jonathan Teague Hace un mes
Superb vlogs really enjoy them. Good banter and Sky have been amazing during this crisis. A lot of folk moan about having to pay Sky to watch F1 live and I used to be one of them but not anymore. Fantastic channel, great team, best analysis and Sky even let me pause my sports subscription while all this is going on! Worth every penny and the vlogs are icing on the cake. Well done.
Greg Brown
Greg Brown Hace un mes
Gee, what an utter waste of my plentiful time. Didn't make it much past the hand bunny.
Chris Fuell
Chris Fuell Hace un mes
Can I suggest just U.K F1 races for this year as it’s important to keep F1 suppliers, and teams etc. As the majority of the teams are based in the U.K is this possible behind closed doors?. if you think of the alternative of waiting for things to be over it’s likely to be 18 months to 2 years to be able to travel again freely if not longer so can F1 afford to wait that long?. I am available to drive if necessary lol.
JJ Master
JJ Master Hace un mes
katgolds30 Hace un mes
Great to see you all. Thanks.
Sean Sutton
Sean Sutton Hace un mes
This might be the most I've laughed during this period. Thanks, everyone.
Roy Szweda
Roy Szweda Hace un mes
Glad you are all ok, keep on keeping on!
SF Pred
SF Pred Hace un mes
Probably more hamilton news
David Williams
David Williams Hace un mes
Love the banter. Great to see everyone's personalities.
Fingers Titan
Fingers Titan Hace un mes
I can't stomach that pointless Pinkerton!! Women thrown in to tick boxes is not needed when you have woman who love the sport and not doing it as a job!
B,K, D,
B,K, D, Hace un mes
great to see/hear so much humor in these times of doom'n'gloom..😋
B.C. Iykx
B.C. Iykx Hace un mes
is Rachel without a spouse? .....
Angel5999 Hace un mes
Mateusz Czmer
Mateusz Czmer Hace un mes
When i hear Martin's voice I feel like I'm watching F1 even if he is just talking about the weather.
MagicAyrtonforever Hace un mes
The man is very funny.. And a BMW bike rider.. What's not to like.
dave dave
dave dave Hace un mes
Maybe they should learn to code🤣
Nosaj Hace un mes
I like these guys.
Dave Hace un mes
You guys just made my day. Ta.
Awesome Superior
Awesome Superior Hace un mes
Clearly isolation has made them all go mad
polyglotuk Hace un mes
Ted Kravitz barely hiding his contempt for the "banter" is gold.
David Wilkes
David Wilkes Hace un mes
Loving the content you guys are putting out, maybe you guys could do like "a day in the life of" but a lockdown version haha. Personally would love to see what Jonny and Martin get up to on in a typical day as I remember them racing in Formula 1 when I was younger. Much love, stay safe, stay home and protect the NHS and all other healthcare systems
Richard Porter
Richard Porter Hace un mes
A good way of losing weight is to keep your neck cool. When your neck is cool your body burns fat to raise your body temperature in order to prevent your brain getting too cool also.
Aaron Hunte
Aaron Hunte Hace un mes
I f#cking love these people!
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy Hace un mes
Sorry but Sky sports has ruined F1 for me , for taking F1 to pay for view .
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