We Try the Ultimate Real vs Candy Challenge

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Hace 29 días

Gummy Shark or Fermented Icelandic Shark? Candy Chicken Feet or Real Chicken Feet? Vat19ers spin the wheel and take their chances!
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Vat19 is dedicated to "curiously awesome" gifts, candy, toys, gummy, putty, puzzles, games, and more! In addition to making funny commercials you'll actually want to watch, we produce amazing challenge videos, document our outrageous contraptions, and invite you to a front row seat for our silly stunts. Sometimes we blow things up, fill up a bathtub or pool with crazy stuff, dare each other to eat super spicy foods, and answer “burning questions” from our viewers.

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austin kirby
austin kirby Hace 2 horas
Cow tail taste so good
Mayra Aguilar
Mayra Aguilar Hace 4 horas
Aw I wanted them to eat like a shark fin
Camron Masters
Camron Masters Hace 8 horas
I have a diaper genie and I can confirm skrew that
Lunid Gacha
Lunid Gacha Hace 8 horas
I like dog treats, only the Milk Bone brand.... Dont judge... My dad tricked me into eating it before.... Then.... I sorta got addicted to it😅
Saphie Wu
Saphie Wu Hace 13 horas
Rattlesnake meat: exists Me:* Thinks about corona virus* **SHOOK**
Itsaiden17 Hace 13 horas
1:44 does anyone else remember this in hidden in plane sight? Like if u do
DonGT Hace 15 horas
3:07 Have you ever smelled an old diaper genie....
the awesome gamer//tag//graeme
the awesome gamer//tag//graeme Hace 16 horas
The "blood puding" is black pudding a Scottish breakfast itemq
MoreRiskky Clips
MoreRiskky Clips Hace 17 horas
He is legit about to get the coronavirus at 8:24
dglor Hace 18 horas
chicken feets are good though...
515 DR4PD05
515 DR4PD05 Hace 19 horas
1:33 when ben said "Curtain" from hiding in plain sight and jamie found out where danny was hiding
LIL S1CK Hace 22 horas
Did corona start from the rattle snake that he ate?
Not Ash
Not Ash Hace 23 horas
1:41: Jamie: “curtains!”
Arthur Gaming
Arthur Gaming Hace un día
is it just me or on our left they are the only ones getting the candy while our right is getting the real food...
Lion Team
Lion Team Hace un día
Female Scout TF2
Female Scout TF2 Hace un día
I'm asian and I actually eat chicken feet ^w^ so..
CAITLYN L Hace un día
A lot of people actuallt eat cow tail stew and chicken feet
Aaron Thorsonrenomeron
Aaron Thorsonrenomeron Hace un día
Shark is an illegal substance in all North American country's
KawaiiLemon Hace un día
I swear I’d get a job at Vat19 just so I get to eat good food. I’m not even a fan of gummy.
KawaiiLemon Hace un día
Why do I feel slightly offended with their reaction to chicken feet? They are good af.
Devin Lowe
Devin Lowe Hace un día
you have an edible candle
Boom broh
Boom broh Hace un día
Hey vat 19 I'm from Iceland
XxAydenxX Hace un día
Ben: how do you eat chicken feet?!? My grandma: *stonks*
DJ Blyatman
DJ Blyatman Hace un día
Actual shark, grilled or smoked is very delicious!
Erik Moglia
Erik Moglia Hace un día
4:03, they do pee on the shark
Small Cthulhu
Small Cthulhu Hace un día
chicken feet chicken feet CHICKEN FEEEEEEEEEEET
ωσσғlεsвσσғlεsтяσσғlεs ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
ωσσғlεsвσσғlεsтяσσғlεs ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Hace un día
Wait I think they were filming this while filming a ‘hidden in plain sight‘ video
D I O R I S Hace un día
Seeing the reaction to chicken feet I was so surprised us Dominicans eat that all the time
Sledgey Mobile
Sledgey Mobile Hace un día
Dog bones arent bad
Rosselyn Baca
Rosselyn Baca Hace un día
Being Hispanic my mom used to eat chicken foots
xX_Møøn Hace un día
*remembering hidden in plain sight* “CURTAIN”
Marshmallow Hace un día
You guys really don’t know how to eat chicken 🐓feet
Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park Hace un día
This video was interrupted by Jamie
Cindy Cayetano-Evangelista
Cindy Cayetano-Evangelista Hace un día
I actually like eating dog food I don’t know why ;-;
Finley-mia O’connor-mullard
Finley-mia O’connor-mullard Hace un día
By the way the blood sausage is called black pudding in england
indira aamirah
indira aamirah Hace un día
in indonesia there is sop buntut aka tail soup is from cow tail
PrincesskittycatD Hace 2 días
I love chicken feet
Fun Smith
Fun Smith Hace 2 días
Fun Fact about me I actually used to eat the bones
willyam mak
willyam mak Hace 2 días
When white people doesnt know how to prepare chicken feet right is triggering the Asian in me
Grétar Myrkvi
Grétar Myrkvi Hace 2 días
9:35: you're dirty... just how?????
Grétar Myrkvi
Grétar Myrkvi Hace 2 días
Hehe, blood pudding is also icelandic
Grétar Myrkvi
Grétar Myrkvi Hace 2 días
hákarl is not the name of the meal, it just simply means shark. I know this cause I am icelandic.
Nika Kakhiani
Nika Kakhiani Hace 2 días
I live in Tbilisi Georgia And we call it.curcxela
white deer909
white deer909 Hace 2 días
Filipinos eats chiken feet chiken feet bbq
Milla St Charles
Milla St Charles Hace 3 días
I just absolutely love how Kara is just so chill and calm maybe I should meditate Hey Kara how are you so calm cause I wanna learn!!!!!
Coins Treasury
Coins Treasury Hace 3 días
The cows tail could of had cow poop on it
Lizzy Hodes
Lizzy Hodes Hace 3 días
Inside hidden in plain sight
Bryon hardy
Bryon hardy Hace 3 días
lok lol
lok lol Hace 3 días
PP BIG Hace 3 días
me watches 8:50 while eating ox tail soup
666 Devil 666
666 Devil 666 Hace 3 días
I lost my appetite when I saw the cat tail 🤢
Zubo Zubo
Zubo Zubo Hace 3 días
0.35 I love churchkhela I am Georgian so that's very cool nuts and Tatars are in one and I love that food/snack/candy we make it every Christmas and new year
JJ_ Otter
JJ_ Otter Hace 3 días
when it was the blood one I thought it was good vs bad edit:dont eat cigars cause they contain a million harmful chemicals
Snappy Hace 3 días
This was made during the hidden in plain sight vid
Kim Sky
Kim Sky Hace 3 días
Lmao im georgian, glad u like churchxela XD
That Dude
That Dude Hace 3 días
Number 10i like eating them they are delicious
Bingqing Liu
Bingqing Liu Hace 3 días
I like eating all those things. LOL
LukeArticTimberWolf Hace 4 días
This came out and I half birthday, I love Anthony Bourdain, RIP
Shandre Geel
Shandre Geel Hace 4 días
Duuuude. Ox tail soup doe 😍😍
Little E
Little E Hace 4 días
0:01 *Kirbys calling the police!*
Mew Mew
Mew Mew Hace 4 días
Ben: *Says curtain* Me: RUN JAMIE RUN
Peanut Piggy
Peanut Piggy Hace 4 días
At 1:41 it’s talking about a hand I remember when they were shooting this in hiding in plane sight
Daniel Waters
Daniel Waters Hace 4 días
Candy rocks
M4KU709 C1PRI4NO Hace 4 días
We ate chicken in pilippines its yummy
XTRANITE Hace 4 días
Who else thinks this would be the most fun job ever
Angelo Bonilla
Angelo Bonilla Hace 5 días
1:35 I reallly wanna make a racial joke, but Ik it’s not all of them
Kennedy stewart
Kennedy stewart Hace 5 días
Danny:”YES!! Adam:*choking*
Mia Nekic
Mia Nekic Hace 5 días
My mom loves eating chicken feet
Khyra Kerr
Khyra Kerr Hace 5 días
Alot of different Coulter's eat chicken feet
Mary Bystriansky
Mary Bystriansky Hace 5 días
7:08 NoOoOoOoOo she could become a smoker if she ate the whole thing
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