We Try Styling School Uniforms As Clothes

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"I hate this f**king skirt"
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schoolboy writing math formula on blackboard
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Walking to School
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Jazzmyne Robbins

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Derpy bubbles
Derpy bubbles Hace un día
Nina is so cuuute
emma rackley
emma rackley Hace 2 días
I love the garder
Sunny Stuff
Sunny Stuff Hace 3 días
This is what happens every morning before school 😂
Macy Smith
Macy Smith Hace 4 días
I go to a school with uniforms that we get from lands-end (where they got those) I have like all of the skirts that they have😂😭
Lucy Hace 4 días
I’m so glad I don’t have to wear a uniform any more I’ve worn one from reception to year 11 (12 years) and now I’m in sixth form I can finally wear my own clothes
Crystal Chantal
Crystal Chantal Hace 4 días
Should have worn the neck tie and shirt together for a cute vintage inspired look!
Reese Crotch
Reese Crotch Hace 5 días
Do the British one
Tenjume lewis
Tenjume lewis Hace 5 días
I love the night time looks, even the ones they hated.
isla cooper
isla cooper Hace 5 días
Lindsey completely nailed this
Samantha Rorie
Samantha Rorie Hace 6 días
I do and it sucks
Santana M.B
Santana M.B Hace 6 días
In my public school you had to wear uniforms but i guess its a elementary so
Shwkksjdks Bleep
Shwkksjdks Bleep Hace 6 días
Why are jazz and Lindsay e-girls
barely functional
barely functional Hace 6 días
lindsey got nicer / trendier items than the other girls?
Ava Johnson
Ava Johnson Hace 6 días
for the night look Lindsay should've gone with a white bralette and some shorts with fishnets underneath and the blazer unbuttoned on top
emoticon feliz
emoticon feliz Hace 7 días
Nina is so creative when she dress, I really like her color and textures combinations
Nina Eberle
Nina Eberle Hace 7 días
was this sponsored by Lands End?
Madison Maldonado
Madison Maldonado Hace 7 días
Except you would to wear them all... But it was fun to watch🤷🏻‍♀️
Olivia Louise
Olivia Louise Hace 7 días
Help I’m going to new school and there uniform is a white blouse short sleeve and I need help nipple covers still show through bras and crop tops show through and it’s really see through the shirt
Bria F
Bria F Hace 8 días
I really liked Lindsay’s night look with the gold pants and no shirt under the blazer! I don’t get why she hated it, I think she should’ve gone with that one
A Y E Hace 9 días
My old school used to have us buy uniforms from Lands End... I still have them lol
Belle The boss
Belle The boss Hace 9 días
I have a uniform buttt I have uniform shorts shirt belt and shoes!
Mikey D
Mikey D Hace 9 días
I want a shirt that says “mediocreally white”
Brookie- Cookie
Brookie- Cookie Hace 9 días
All you can do in my school is put on a decent jacket and hope for the best ~ ps I have uniform~
The Faith Girls
The Faith Girls Hace 9 días
yep and that is why i’m in i different school hated wearing uniforms because you would have to pay a dollar to wear clothes that was not your uniforms
Jc2ose Alien
Jc2ose Alien Hace 9 días
I thought it was called "we tried stealing school uniforms" and I was just thinking "huh ok....well.....sounds about right"
Kelsey Kinder
Kelsey Kinder Hace 9 días
I legit could have gotten detention outside of school for wearing my uniform not the way its supposed to be worn, my principle used to threaten all the time that if we were seen by her or a teacher just casually walking into like a 7 eleven and we weren't wearing the uniform correctly they had the right to give us detention or whatever because it was like in our school bylaw that even outside the school if in uniform we were still a representation of the school. so yeah all of this would be a no no. also the only time i wore my uniform outside of school was to be brittney spears for a college halloween party...
eva martini
eva martini Hace 10 días
My school uniform is a zipper up hoodie. Its dark red with grey arms and a blue logo on the chest. I thank the lord it at least has pockets
Aimee Brown-Borges
Aimee Brown-Borges Hace 10 días
Jazzmyne: I just put some jewelry on and a little eye makeup... Me: ...that’s so Jazz...
tammyhi1 Hace 10 días
Can that indian girl make 1 video without mentioning her boobs or being self centred?
Jaedyn Hace 11 días
Anyone realize there’s lipstick on jazzes tooth??? 11:14
abby anderson
abby anderson Hace 11 días
my school literally has every single one of those items, thank you lands end :/
Claudia Booher
Claudia Booher Hace 11 días
I went to private school and, I used to get my clothes from Lands end.
creator-kun yen
creator-kun yen Hace 11 días
My friend makes her uniform into a 90s aesthetic and i live for it mind you we are in a public school that still uses uniform but we are allowed to wear pants for the girls if u want to wear a skirt it can be black or like khaki
May Flower
May Flower Hace 11 días
11:18 No Words
yooyjae Hace 11 días
in the Philippines, i guess Paulinians can relate to this. our black and white checkered skirt have been everywhere.
Heidi Cusic
Heidi Cusic Hace 12 días
I wear black and navy uniforms with a blazer and button down...this is funny because i do this every day!...
nick orange
nick orange Hace 12 días
the outfits were awesome. i like lindsays new hair. :O also at the end lindsay looks so 90s and fashionable with the hat at the end.
LaDominicana33 Hace 12 días
It's weird and kind of sad that their friendship wasn't the same after the first uniform video. Also makes me wonder if they would actually be friends in high school. I didn't get the big deal about one or the other caring how the uniform was worn/styled when that video was shot.
Heidi Hernandez
Heidi Hernandez Hace 12 días
I can’t hold it in anymore, Nina has the WORST style!!!... how is she an As is producer her outfits are always awful. Don’t think she should be in fashion videos tbh
Beul Ping
Beul Ping Hace 12 días
Try styling a green skirt that is REQUIRED to be two inches under your knees, and a tan blouse that I’m telling you right now it cannot be tied to be a crop top or tucked :/
Antonia Prince
Antonia Prince Hace 13 días
Jazz night outfit is cute
Phan ARMYBTS Hace 13 días
“I’ve never worn a school uniform” Me: cries in English
Ronja Unger
Ronja Unger Hace 14 días
Wait...school univorms aren't clothes....so I go to whit out clothes..😯
Patti Hace 15 días
You guys could have tied a knot into the white button up and worn like a pink bra underneath for a night look. I could imagine this looking pretty good too
Maria R. Bain
Maria R. Bain Hace 15 días
i have to wear the blazer for school and i live in florida
Maria R. Bain
Maria R. Bain Hace 15 días
i go to a charter school and we have like our school crest on our shirts and sweaters and we have wear certain skirts and all our uniforms are required to be purchased from lands end and the first skirt is what i have the wear to school 😭😭
Rachel Graf
Rachel Graf Hace 15 días
Wear a crop too under the button up?
Melissa Waters
Melissa Waters Hace 15 días
Love jazz and Lindsay but Nina nearly makes this unbareable
Gabriela Gomez Vargas
Gabriela Gomez Vargas Hace 15 días
My uniform freaking sucks compared to this😂like I wish I had a cute skirt instead of green and blue PLAID, like no thx bai
maria Hace 16 días
in brazil we have to wear jeans and the school shirt, well at least at mine. It's só good to feel your legs burning bc it's too hot and you are wearing jeans
-Kiwi A.-
-Kiwi A.- Hace 16 días
I’m the 1k comment
Ruby Croxton
Ruby Croxton Hace 16 días
Jazes blacl skirt looks hella cheap is that plastic?
Harry Potato
Harry Potato Hace 16 días
My uniform looked like a prison uniform. I had a navy blue striped shirt and navy lightly flared trousers or a navy long pleated skirt. My sister had to wear a navy blazer. None of the pieces matched as they were varying shades of navy.
kate Hace 16 días
I have a grey shirt, navy skirt, and a little bit of teal mixed in.
•michh.///i• Hace 16 días
I hate my uniform, it's full sleeved and you HAVE to wear it even in the burning hot summer 😭😭
Clara Kristine
Clara Kristine Hace 18 días
With Jazzmynes night look, I got big top energy. all of them were pretty cute
Meg McNamara
Meg McNamara Hace 18 días
I never had a school uniform, (my high school tried to get uniforms passed, but didn't) however my family shopped at lands end constantly when I was little. I wore all lands end clothing when I was little, plaid skirts and all
Sabrina Salazar
Sabrina Salazar Hace 18 días
Lindsay killed this challenge. Damn girl
Dana Dana
Dana Dana Hace 19 días
my school’s skirt is green n it’s down to my ankles 😐
Veronica Perez
Veronica Perez Hace 19 días
Nina has the worst taste! Seriously 😒
Angelver Flores
Angelver Flores Hace 20 días
Who else is watching this after school IN their uniforms🖐🏽😁
Melissa Gordon
Melissa Gordon Hace 20 días
Jasmine's outfit with the floral....chile! She killed it. Also, where are those earrings from??????
Zarah Hace 21 un día
I love seeing the three of them in a video ♥️
Bella Blanchard
Bella Blanchard Hace 21 un día
Noname Hace 21 un día
Nina wink so cute
Sabrina Ouenzar
Sabrina Ouenzar Hace 22 días
"And I saw that people were matching white button down shirts with suits" Well Obviously, that's like the basic ?!
Carol Amarela
Carol Amarela Hace 23 días
V Hace 23 días
is that jazzes new gf?
Tilly Caddy
Tilly Caddy Hace 23 días
I found it hilarious that they were like “ if you do have to wear school uniform style it how u want “ hahaha that’s how u get isolation in England 😂
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