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"I'm a celebrity!"
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A beautiful aggressive gray cat hisses into the camera, instills fear, the instinct of self-preservation. Slow motion
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Ladylike Hace 25 días
Hey y’all! In case this wasn’t clear in the video - Chantel and I had to give up on the plastic mouth holder because it was actually physically painful for our mouths to stretch that much, so we stopped! And we didn’t think y’all would want to watch seven minutes of us trying every way we could think of to ram plastic into faces, LMAO -Kristin
Liv M
Liv M Hace 6 días
you and chantel put them in backwards that’s why haha
That Chick
That Chick Hace 9 días
They were backwards .the bigger part goes into your mouth
Artzy Ivon
Artzy Ivon Hace 17 días
You were supposed to put the thing in the other way lol
sydney bilz
sydney bilz Hace 20 días
they were backwards for you 2 btw
veraxluisa Hace 22 días
TawnyPoo Hace 6 horas
I think Jen got the kids one it think. They usually come in packs with both.
Kayleigh Fontenot
Kayleigh Fontenot Hace un día
Sarah Edwards
Sarah Edwards Hace 2 días
There’s this thing called a toothbrush
Alyssa Jameson
Alyssa Jameson Hace 3 días
i absolutely love jens confidence
Emmie and Laila Vlogs
Emmie and Laila Vlogs Hace 4 días
You was putting the mouth pieces in the wrong way that’s why they slipped out lol 😂 I love you guys xxx
Gabi Benschop
Gabi Benschop Hace 4 días
is that Jenna Marbles hiding beside you guys on the couch?
Maranda Breen
Maranda Breen Hace 5 días
Look at Jen just being her beautiful self eating an apple haha
Carlie Byrom
Carlie Byrom Hace 5 días
They had the mouth pieces THE WRONG WAYYYY I was yelling flip itttt
yartoonime yes me
yartoonime yes me Hace 7 días
6:40 Jen your killing me
yartoonime yes me
yartoonime yes me Hace 7 días
4:06 I'm GAy me to everyone
Ginger Snap
Ginger Snap Hace 7 días
I donno why, but everyone has a crush on Jen... Me too XD
RummageTheRum Hace 11 días
The sounds, then pictures of cats just popping up made me cry 😂
Ashley Binsted
Ashley Binsted Hace 14 días
whoever edited this is amazing 😂
Trisha Ken
Trisha Ken Hace 14 días
Vesper Zhang
Vesper Zhang Hace 17 días
They put the mouth thing in the wrong side
a_my.z ••••
a_my.z •••• Hace 18 días
*im gay*
CrizpeeBiskwit Heyo
CrizpeeBiskwit Heyo Hace 19 días
Where’s devin
Rishika Goswami
Rishika Goswami Hace 19 días
Why was literally beauty break from clevver
capt weezy
capt weezy Hace 19 días
The cat slides made laugh becauss im faded
Marie Goodner
Marie Goodner Hace 20 días
Yay Jen !
sw Hace 20 días
Kristen is looking good. Has she lost a bit of weight?
Peanut Gargoyle
Peanut Gargoyle Hace 21 un día
*silence* Jen with a full/busy mouth: “... IM GAY!”
Kelly Flores MUA
Kelly Flores MUA Hace 21 un día
Me and Chantel have the same shirt 😁
karter the giraffe
karter the giraffe Hace 22 días
Did devin go on the extra gum ad on the vma's?
Choco Phoebe4ever
Choco Phoebe4ever Hace 22 días
I want an apple
Daphne Conover
Daphne Conover Hace 22 días
you have to flip it around... the mouth thing. 😂
Elizabeth Grace
Elizabeth Grace Hace 22 días
They were putting the mouth things in backwards🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Hannah Jayne Usher
Hannah Jayne Usher Hace 23 días
Alternate title: “Jen is Enthusiastic About Apples for Eight Minutes Gay • Ladylike”
Lillian Powell
Lillian Powell Hace 23 días
At this we’re all gone have them clay noses 👃
Ellen Karlsson
Ellen Karlsson Hace 23 días
0:34 Urgh, Chantel is so perfect. I hate her! (Jk, Chantel's amazing) I did expect this video to be funny because Jen's in the thumbnail, but not this funny! 😂😂😂
Amelie Brown
Amelie Brown Hace 23 días
You were putting the mouth things round the wrong way
natalia gd
natalia gd Hace 24 días
I like how kitchen puts what your ganna do into modern day stuff and its really funny
xx xx
xx xx Hace 24 días
I lowkey wanna be one of the ladies on ladylike when I'm older
In Full Bloom
In Full Bloom Hace 24 días
I worked in dental office. The dentist told me that home bleaching kits damage the enamel (and contrary that advertisements say that toothpaste can strengthen the enamel it is NOT true, once the enamel is damaged that's it). The enamel ends up looking like Swiss cheese (with micro holes).
Kaisha McManis
Kaisha McManis Hace 24 días
And of course Kristen just over here in her red lipstick, LOVE IT
bigdayafan Hace 24 días
Jen and chantel are honestly AADDOOOORRRAAABBBLLLEEE!!!!! my jantel ship is backkkkkk HAHAHAHAHAHA
Mrs J
Mrs J Hace 24 días
Lol this was awesome 💖👍 Nadleh Whutèn Band B.C
BitchPlease YouStank
BitchPlease YouStank Hace 25 días
I patiently searched for a chip skylark joke and couldn’t find one
Dibenhi Reyna
Dibenhi Reyna Hace 21 un día
BitchPlease YouStank SAME
Bliss Holiday
Bliss Holiday Hace 25 días
The way this was edited was SO funny, I loved it.
CrazyCatLady !
CrazyCatLady ! Hace 25 días
I think when Chantel and Kristen were putting in those mouth-extender-things, they put them in backwards
Audrye Shirah
Audrye Shirah Hace 25 días
I realized halfway through that I was smiling obnoxiously and copying Kristen. 😂😂
FreedomWriter3 Hace 25 días
Jen was killing me!
Kennedy Becker
Kennedy Becker Hace 25 días
Kristin and chantel were using the mouth spreaders backwards that is why they didn’t work. Jen was the only one who used it the right way
Kate Zelko
Kate Zelko Hace 25 días
The lips of the mouth opener things hook inside your lips. There’s a game called Watch Ya Mouth and it uses the same mouthpieces
Alfonso Hernandez
Alfonso Hernandez Hace 25 días
6:36 😂😂 wow jen
sup its rosa
sup its rosa Hace 25 días
jen is soo cute and beautiful, i luv her😄💕
It's Amber
It's Amber Hace 25 días
04:07 That's a mood, and that's why she my favorite is!
Stephen green
Stephen green Hace 25 días
Why does kristen have a green apple!!!!
Tanisha Weir
Tanisha Weir Hace 25 días
You should your the bigger bit of the guard
Zayd W.
Zayd W. Hace 26 días
Everyone is here for Jen And her randomness *claps*
katiecatcalloway Hace 26 días
kristens hair is messy is driving me cray
Julia Krutz
Julia Krutz Hace 26 días
They couldn’t get the mouth piece in because they had it turned the wrong way! The bigger part should go in your mouth like how Jen had it!! Ily guys sm💛💛💛
I'm just being honest
I'm just being honest Hace 26 días
I have on the same shirt as Chantel!
JAYME IS A PERSON! Hace 26 días
Anissa Hammu
Anissa Hammu Hace 26 días
3:28 they where using the wrong side 😂😂
Jojo Lovell
Jojo Lovell Hace 26 días
I loved this vid
BlossomsVlogsAnd MORE
BlossomsVlogsAnd MORE Hace 26 días
Hehehe lol 6:39 to 6:43 lol Jen😂😅
Lauren Fell
Lauren Fell Hace 26 días
Kristen: "We cancelled straws last year" hahaha
Noah Ampe
Noah Ampe Hace 26 días
Cause like we canceled straws I felt that
Android Lust
Android Lust Hace 26 días
I hate Kristen. Still with that annoying amateur sophomoric personality. Ugh...
katmandoot Hace 26 días
I lost it at the cats hissing! Idk why.
Christy ToK
Christy ToK Hace 26 días
Your content is getting better!!
heather girdwood
heather girdwood Hace 26 días
Michael Scott would have a field day with this video. "That's what SHE SAID"
Charlotte Brackenbury
Charlotte Brackenbury Hace 26 días
Can you do video with that spike bra in the background needs a video as cameo in every video
GraceC 297
GraceC 297 Hace 26 días
Chantel:How’s yours Jen? Jen:My apple tastes good 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Echo Redwine
Echo Redwine Hace 26 días
I’m pretty sure they were putting in the mouth piece the wrong way
Jess Daly
Jess Daly Hace 26 días
Chantel and kristen didn't have the mouth piece the right way round 😂
Izzy Walker
Izzy Walker Hace 26 días
Luv u gurls xxx
Eldergeek Hace 26 días
Speaking of acne, I'd like to see someone from Ladylike try Neutrogena's acne fighting concealer/foundation.
Krystle Starbrooks
Krystle Starbrooks Hace 26 días
I'm only liking this video for Chantel telling Jen 🥰
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