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Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link

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Today, we're riding our bikes, dancing, and searching for some cool stuff by the LA river. RL #010
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Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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rhett and linkrhettandlinkrhett & linkrhett&link

Neato Burrito
Neato Burrito Hace un día
CoronaVirus:I was a creative choice. So it’s links fault
Blephan Hace un día
they got 296 points all together if you count the big bird value as 150 points like Like said in the beginning if you count it as 50 points when he actually saw the "big bird" they would have had only 196 points.
that doge boy that cate boy
that doge boy that cate boy Hace 3 días
The thumbnail was probably a golf ball
samantha valeriano
samantha valeriano Hace 4 días
The chemistry and their dynamic is y their vlogs r funny asf n genuine
Africa Cohen
Africa Cohen Hace 5 días
This reminds me of that FRIENDS episode where they keep passing the ball, you know?
Evan Lewis
Evan Lewis Hace 5 días
We can refer to Rhett and link as the “two entertaining vloggers” everyone will know what we’re talking about
Valerie Dalton
Valerie Dalton Hace 7 días
There are “mole people” in the tunnels
fat351 Hace 8 días
where is the new vlog HURRY 😢
Micole Erin Madrid
Micole Erin Madrid Hace 8 días
15:49 “What is wrong with you?!” - Rhett 2020 😂🤣😂🤣
Oscar Alton
Oscar Alton Hace 10 días
if you don’t think it was recorded before quarantine, then just look at their hair
dragon kings
dragon kings Hace 13 días
11:05 rehtt found a abandoned bike
[ashley] Hace 13 días
15:00 - 15:56 had me in tears laughing
Jen Toons
Jen Toons Hace 13 días
B o o m m b y
B o o m m b y Hace 13 días
19:09 W
Ip man 1402
Ip man 1402 Hace 14 días
Do LA residents never question that trees grow in a rives
Grim Hace 14 días
woahh this was made on my bday ;w;
Dark Prime88j
Dark Prime88j Hace 14 días
At about 13:00 link starts to say hd on and in one minute he says hold on about 5 times
Elizabeth Gammon
Elizabeth Gammon Hace 14 días
Point total: 197
Hax Saw
Hax Saw Hace 14 días
My ASL teacher showed me these two now I’m hooked on their channel
Awesome Pancakes
Awesome Pancakes Hace 15 días
What did you catch? Moss What did you catch moss
angelsRsinging Hace 15 días
I wouldn't have touched half that stuff even before the COVID :P Thanks for the video guys. Much love :)
Natural Disaster
Natural Disaster Hace 15 días
I agree with Rhett's inspirational no littering campaign. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!? It drives me nuts... I've picked up bottles from our walking trail before but if you saw how dirty our walmart parking lot is, it's disgusting...and the amount of carts that people just won't walk back to the cart collection area lol is ridiculous. Captain planet!! didn't anyone watch it when they were young??
deotis1234 Hace 16 días
Link: "Hi, we are Rhett and Link and we would like to talk to you about something important" Rhett: *looks dead into the camera* "What the hell is wrong with you?" 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Eddie Nguyen
Eddie Nguyen Hace 16 días
Link: Doesn't do anything necessarily amazing Rhett: "Yeah, that was it." 18:34
Bea Aspiras
Bea Aspiras Hace 16 días
Cooper Creates
Cooper Creates Hace 17 días
Honestly my favourite show
alpha hyperion
alpha hyperion Hace 17 días
rhett looks like a hebrew
Benji Roberts
Benji Roberts Hace 18 días
That moment when you realize you rode your bike on the same path as Rhett and link almost every week about two years ago
The Midday Show fan
The Midday Show fan Hace 18 días
Link: there is no leader Rhett: I got two helmets
Chris Hace 18 días
This quarantine has made me subscribed lol you guys are hillarious
Logan Strauts
Logan Strauts Hace 19 días
you guys have test witch bike helmet is the best before just use that one
MattChats Hace 19 días
I lost track of the point total, but I can tell Link won by a lot
Emily Irene
Emily Irene Hace 20 días
“Hey! Everyone in here likes sweet potatoes right?” 😂😂😂
Milan Bennett
Milan Bennett Hace 20 días
Ref needs to get Pit vipers
Sawyer Brandt
Sawyer Brandt Hace 20 días
you guys have horror Tales your losers
Spinn0rz Hace 20 días
I like your fishing rod Rett...
Mark 4
Mark 4 Hace 21 un día
They are apparently hosting I clean up for the LA river this year folar.org/cleanup/
Melancholy Werewolf
Melancholy Werewolf Hace 21 un día
Pre-quarantine, were two grown men could go down to the LA river and film themselves touching garbage.
Nilla Wafers
Nilla Wafers Hace 21 un día
I hope y’all got a shot after all that 🤣. Y’all are very brave for going out in that wilderness 🤣.
Young Wiz
Young Wiz Hace 21 un día
Lmao the dancing was golden 😂
pheezworld 2017
pheezworld 2017 Hace 21 un día
Man Rhett's been preparing us for the apocalypse
Poppy Rose
Poppy Rose Hace 21 un día
can someone tell them that city rivers are way grosser than the country rivers and creeks they grew up around
TA Colton 16
TA Colton 16 Hace 22 días
i wish you guys would’ve grabbed that old flag... old glory deserves respect and you should’ve retired that flag at the nearest VFW
Maia Papaya
Maia Papaya Hace 22 días
Rhett, have you read Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk?
zach thomashow
zach thomashow Hace 22 días
you should go big foot hunting in a oregon forest
Willow Battaini
Willow Battaini Hace 23 días
Am I the only one who was a bit concerned about they're bikes Throughtout this lol xx
Fire Foxx
Fire Foxx Hace 23 días
That was a razor mini scooter worth like 150$ so
Micah Wagner
Micah Wagner Hace 23 días
The cult symbol was the zodiac killers sign 😬
Matej Brtka
Matej Brtka Hace 23 días
The "almost a swastika" club is the best name for the club.
Rock Hace 23 días
The music in these vlogs are fantastic bruh.
Itslucidityy Hace 23 días
18:45 bruh that’s Batman’s layer leads to his bat cave
Ben Ben 49
Ben Ben 49 Hace 24 días
Rhett and Link are basically fishing in Chernobyl
Aceno Von
Aceno Von Hace 25 días
Na hard tells are better
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 Hace 25 días
This vlog had a 80s vibe
Sydney Robertson
Sydney Robertson Hace 26 días
Two southern boys search for their wildlife fill in the LA ditch.
Wes Brok
Wes Brok Hace 27 días
It's called a canal
Michael Cruz
Michael Cruz Hace 27 días
What is wrong with you 🤣
Flamecrew9 At roblox
Flamecrew9 At roblox Hace 28 días
The music keept making the think they were getting honked at.
•sad._.floof• Hace 28 días
You guys always find a way to make me laugh 😁
Zenon 45
Zenon 45 Hace 28 días
Why didnt they see what was on the vhs
Hyper Fox
Hyper Fox Hace 28 días
This was made after my birthday
Stacy O'Carroll
Stacy O'Carroll Hace 28 días
I am surprised that this channel doesn’t have more subscribers
Jovis Hace 28 días
what'd you catch? moss.
Haley Johnston
Haley Johnston Hace 28 días
Thanks for being here for us
quork 8
quork 8 Hace 29 días
I use to live by the LA river and ride my bike there all the time. Even without a pandemic going on, I would never touch that much trash with my bare hands.
Bennett Thomas
Bennett Thomas Hace 29 días
Is it me or did they change the title of this video?
Pan With a Plan
Pan With a Plan Hace 29 días
Link trying to give a useful PSA while Rhett interrupts him is amazing 😂😂
Platønic Plagüe
Platønic Plagüe Hace 29 días
"If you're gonna kill somebody you're gonna put them in the river... If you're dumb."
IIGAV Hace 29 días
I low key love hard tail mountain bikes
Logan Schofield
Logan Schofield Hace 29 días
im pissed about litter
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