We put $10,000 wheels and lift on the 1957 GMC and it looks freakin good

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Hace 2 meses

Well it stayed stock for 36 hours 😂😂 I wasn’t planning on doing this but it looks AMAZING. The tires are a little too big for the lift but it’s not terrible. 12v swap next. #absoluteunit


NEUTRAL DROP Hace 2 meses
Looks sick man, this is gonna be fun! WHATS IT GOT WHISTLIIIIIIN!
(Student) Michael Lyford
(Student) Michael Lyford Hace 5 días
Ryan Poulin
Ryan Poulin Hace un mes
Now you have to destroy it bud, camera man here <3
V Z Hace un mes
When are we getting milk and bb's in this engine?
TheRealYamaha Hace 2 meses
My two favorite channels
Strokin7.3 Hace 2 meses
She’s a beauty
Хозяин Госдепа
Хозяин Госдепа Hace 13 horas
Are you gonna rip it off just like f150?
aztaroth Hace un día
Dammm, that's a nice truck man!...👍..by the way i have a Nissan i would like to destroy , but i was thinking if you can do that ..😅😅😅😅..great videos man
Chris Dowland
Chris Dowland Hace un día
Big block time
deegan727 Hace un día
That’s the truck your sister is honored to say yes to your marriage proposal in, after most likely conceiving your first child in as well.
David Pope
David Pope Hace 2 días
Please don’t destroy this one make this the on nice one pleaseee
Adam Adam
Adam Adam Hace 2 días
Plz destroy it !
Grumpy Hace 3 días
Please don’t kill the truck😢
Slick Ruler
Slick Ruler Hace 4 días
Don’t drive it on the highway or shit I wouldn’t drive it period with that heated steering arm it’s going to fail. When it does you’ll be going off the road into a tree or head on into someone or something. Looks sick AF though
(Student) Michael Lyford
(Student) Michael Lyford Hace 5 días
Looks sick man I love the tires I think you should do next is put a loud exhaust on it and make it sound sick bro I think you should do it
Flip Vc
Flip Vc Hace 6 días
How abt none of those on the list and send it to me
Orange Crate
Orange Crate Hace 6 días
So you grind without safety glasses, cut without goggles, lifted a 2wd truck and finished it off with hip-hop hoops? So basically you wrecked it.
Adam Macer
Adam Macer Hace 6 días
No it doesn't
Matthew Shaw
Matthew Shaw Hace 7 días
the trucks looks nice but wheels are to over kill i would put the old wheels back on tires to close to fennders if she was mine
Empire of Dirt
Empire of Dirt Hace 7 días
All that on a 2WD? Why? They stick out so much, that one good pothole will make the tires hit the fenders. SMH. Your truck, you will do as you please. Whatever.
Eric Stone
Eric Stone Hace 7 días
I really hope you keep it, take care of it, enjoy it, hell even one day maybe give it to your kid. Driving that truck makes you feel like your back in the 1950’s. There ain’t many things that can do that. Enjoy the videos keep em comin
Horse_ Boy
Horse_ Boy Hace 7 días
I enjoy watching him destroy the 6 figure trucks and shit but this ones gonna hurt 😂
Charlie Adams
Charlie Adams Hace 7 días
Man that looks sick. Absolutely beautiful
Francois Cloete
Francois Cloete Hace 8 días
Why you playing . Wreck it on a ramp to flat !!
Hideaki Myr,
Hideaki Myr, Hace 8 días
707Barracuda Hace 9 días
Dude bro you should totally just ruin that thing. Completely destroy it. It will be so much fun. Who cares if it’s a beautiful piece of history right? It’s just a material object.
Noble Lundberg
Noble Lundberg Hace 9 días
I really hope he’s being serious, that truck is super clean and a nice classy Cummins swap daily would be a great homage to that piece of history
Eliud Lara
Eliud Lara Hace 9 días
Dont destroy it
RestroAlex82 Hace 10 días
Don’t ruin that what’s wrong with u
THE HONDA CRF150R GUY Hace 10 días
Do a Duramax swap in the gmc
MustObeyTheRules Hace 10 días
Use that truck vs the crew cab square body in a demo derby
Parker Howell
Parker Howell Hace 10 días
Don't fuck it up. They make millions of the little dick trucks these days they don't make those anymore. God I hate my generation that destroys anything old.
brain clinton
brain clinton Hace 10 días
looks sweet
MAGNETK Hace 10 días
When oh when are you gonna start testing this one? Lol
dustin vlogs
dustin vlogs Hace 11 días
Love when people give old truck love
TheRecklessOne Hace 9 días
I hope it stays that way
Tom Van
Tom Van Hace 11 días
That is one beautiful truck. I love everything about it.wouldn't change or add another thing.want to sell it?
LSMC-Hxtedx Hace 12 días
I kinda hope he won’t destroy it but he will 😂😂
Cr4zy Coc4 Col4
Cr4zy Coc4 Col4 Hace 12 días
How Much Do You Want For This Truck
Rubens Skids for the kids
Rubens Skids for the kids Hace 14 días
Please don’t wreck this one ☺️😔
RizzyakaTherobotransfusedSuperhuman Hace 14 días
What is the name of the track at 2:40? O and I'm looking for a job. I can tell you I am more than required and will be a huge asset to you!. I have a 2 inch stiffy and I am a pro naked welder. Am I hired? I'm ready to do some testing. Let's fucking go
Mr Rj
Mr Rj Hace 14 días
Keep that thing as it no cuts..
Korben Hace 15 días
This man gets triggered really easily I love it
TheRecklessOne Hace 9 días
Oh ffs shut it fortnite player
M4nHun73r Hace 15 días
honestly the best looking truck on the channel so far
Juan Jerez
Juan Jerez Hace 15 días
Linda camioneta. Saludos desde Chile
Zane Derrick
Zane Derrick Hace 15 días
By far the coolest truck on this channel
Matt&Jareth Moore
Matt&Jareth Moore Hace 16 días
Love your old truck, it looks freakin' good bro
Farmer Pickel
Farmer Pickel Hace 17 días
Love the vids keep em coming
Holler Boys
Holler Boys Hace 18 días
somebody buy this truck before it’s gone
Holler Boys
Holler Boys Hace 18 días
please don’t destroy this truck. i’m begging you
MrDADDYE Hace 23 días
thhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!! bihhhhhhh.. harrddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!
deegan727 Hace 25 días
Truck looks good. Hopefully it gets you out of the friend zone your sister has you in.
Avisu AviKhizho
Avisu AviKhizho Hace 27 días
I'm outta of here... Poor truck...
GhostE Masters
GhostE Masters Hace 27 días
Plz don’t destroy this truck lmao
Mjl Hace 28 días
When I was a kid just learning how to build muscle cars, the person I was learning from told me. “ Rims and tires can make or break a vehicle. It can change everything about it by just that simple swap”.... that was over 30~ years ago and it is still true to this day .. they can say everything you want to about the vehicle.. I really like the way they t changed the whole truck dude 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸
AsianWifi Hace 29 días
I swear if you destroy this😂😂
aidan brousseau
aidan brousseau Hace un mes
Lance Ruff
Lance Ruff Hace un mes
Watching this in May and just watching the roller shots over and over again with the background music make this even mintier. This is a very beautiful truck, especially after the 24x14s, and few extra inches of lift were slapped on. A helluva truck that was.
Wolfs Hollow Survival
Wolfs Hollow Survival Hace un mes
By far my favorite truck you've ever had on this channel
Wolfs Hollow Survival
Wolfs Hollow Survival Hace un mes
My 89Scottsdale
My 89Scottsdale Hace un mes
It is nice to see you taking care of something for once
corncob say
corncob say Hace un mes
You could make them fenders dark blue and it wood look kinda cool.
Cimarron Sloat
Cimarron Sloat Hace un mes
for the love of God please dont wreck this one
Google User
Google User Hace un mes
You spent $10k for those wheels? Damn, and I thought you couldn’t get any dumber.
Google User
Google User Hace un mes
Jahim Uddin sure. Doesn’t make the decision any less dumb.
Jahim Uddin
Jahim Uddin Hace un mes
If he has the money, he can spend it.
Paul Hace un mes
Omg you don't destroy those car wow
Squeeks713 Hace un mes
Boot leg lift still works
Dylan Browning
Dylan Browning Hace un mes
That truck actually looks super cool with those wheels. I think it would be awesome to see a Cummins swapped into it. I hope people don't hate and cause this truck to be destroyed because it's a genuinely awesome piece of history.
Dan Hall
Dan Hall Hace un mes
Perfect 10 +
Jacob Wade
Jacob Wade Hace un mes
I hope he keeps this truck nice it’s beautiful
Lorenzo Pelizzari
Lorenzo Pelizzari Hace un mes
1:58 what’s song name ?
Preston Davis
Preston Davis Hace un mes
It is very entertaining to watch you destroy vehicles, but please don't hurt this classic beauty. Gorgeous truck.
Kenny The Best
Kenny The Best Hace un mes
ERICSON 7 Hace un mes
Dont destroy that shit nowww
Jordan Mallory
Jordan Mallory Hace un mes
I love that truck lol the color just pops and you made it even better by putting it on those wheels and man it’s sexy
Michael Cheek
Michael Cheek Hace un mes
Fuck.. he lives by me I knew it..
Cordell Tucker
Cordell Tucker Hace un mes
Love it
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