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Watch 10 women with drastically different styles try their hand at styling the same clothes in their own unique way!: eswomen.com/wlist-PL0PtUxA4JeEJDptSshD4ndClyS7AnaUFv Watch Kristin as she travels to far flung places with nothing but an Empty Suitcase: eswomen.com/wlist-PL0PtUxA4JeEJUsdeMKOjnhfSEj8BNlu8-
Watch more of Ladylike videos here: eswomen.com/wlist-PL0PtUxA4JeELmIfUxaN6z-r4-VrSJ4F7v "The Capricorn, she should just have a cup of ice."
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jennifer hellur
jennifer hellur Hace 3 días
I’m so glad I’m an aries
Yadira 110
Yadira 110 Hace 14 días
Me thinking about Fairy Tail
GonnaFly Hace 28 días
Lol I don’t believe in zodiac signs having an impact on your personality, but I am also an Aries and out of all As/Is women, I identify and like the most Jen.
Rae Ja' Allen
Rae Ja' Allen Hace un mes
Yay! Team Aries! Do the dress like your zodiac with Jen, Devin, Freddie, Chantel, Kristen and Mike!!
Ess For
Ess For Hace un mes
tommy precidio
tommy precidio Hace un mes
gordon ramsay best insults
Jagger The Dog
Jagger The Dog Hace un mes
I'm fish
Leia Nickerson
Leia Nickerson Hace un mes
I'm a leo but I don't see what's so bad about Gemini I know a lot and they're sweethearts
STITCH Lover Hace un mes
What is a Taurus
Serena Johnson
Serena Johnson Hace 2 meses
now that i know Jen is an aries i need her and julien to do a video together
Taya Wilson
Taya Wilson Hace 2 meses
Freddie! I need to know your hair secrets!!!🤯❤️❤️
Mala Hace 2 meses
me as a German watching this is 1/2 ounzes a lot??? no its not what are the doing ohhhh drinking is legal from age 21 that explains it
Irma Amelie Bošnir
Irma Amelie Bošnir Hace 2 meses
I see that I'm icy ( ITZY).
Siesie Haycraft
Siesie Haycraft Hace 2 meses
Shout out to Freddie, you are such a Gemini and that is fabulous and beautiful and you should never be ashamed to be a little 2-in-one! I'm Sag which is supposed to be best buds with Gemini and I know from having many many friends that you guys rock
Gacha_ lucy
Gacha_ lucy Hace 2 meses
If you are latina/latino you will understand When Freddie was pouring the lime juice your mouth just watered all over the place Spanish-Cuando Frediie esta poniendo el jugo de limon tu boca se hico agua como que estabas tomandolo de verdad I am mixed I am Canadian and Honduran :3
Angeline Wilson
Angeline Wilson Hace 2 meses
No wonder Devon is my favorite 😂
Kirstine Frello
Kirstine Frello Hace 2 meses
don't be shy put some more
Maggie Reid
Maggie Reid Hace 2 meses
Jen: we washed our hands COVID: *you think that can stop me?*
Adriana Medina
Adriana Medina Hace 2 meses
me being born on Sept. 22 gets confused on my zodiac sign cuz some charts show i'm a Virgo or a Libra - can some one help me out
Melody thecellist
Melody thecellist Hace 2 meses
I was born under the wrong sign and it pisses me off a hella ton 😔 I’m a pessimist, I don’t like being outdoors, and I don’t like adventures that are too extreme. I’m a Sagittarius and that makes 0 sense.
Gloria Howe
Gloria Howe Hace 3 meses
Geminis are great, we are born in pride month.
MelBell 0865
MelBell 0865 Hace 3 meses
As a Virgo, it’s hard finding a drink that matches your sign, because they’re either super boring or don’t match our personality at all. On Tasty, it was basically a boozy banana chocolate shake; in another video, it was a tequila soda with a slice of cucumber & a scant sprig of rosemary.
Hannah Marit Hess
Hannah Marit Hess Hace 3 meses
I always thougt me and Jen were very similar turns out she is a aries and I'm a aries to
Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller Hace 3 meses
I want to visit Jen's little Italy 😜
i dropped my chicken
i dropped my chicken Hace 4 meses
Geminis are not actually two-faced. They’re lovely people >:(
Sarah_Playz 0
Sarah_Playz 0 Hace 4 meses
I am a Gemini and Freddie is my favourite so we are so similar
Carrissa McWilliams
Carrissa McWilliams Hace 4 meses
Me:knowing that the bartender is a libra and I’m one too and I’m a bartender
CEO of sleepy
CEO of sleepy Hace 4 meses
I'm an Aries like jen
Wolfie Hace 4 meses
I’m a capercorn too 👏🏻👏🏻
Kimi Chews
Kimi Chews Hace 5 meses
Oo I am a Gemini too When they’d aid how many peppers I randomly said 3 and it wss
Lilybeth Lucero
Lilybeth Lucero Hace 5 meses
I’m an Aquarius ♒️
Elena Watkins
Elena Watkins Hace 6 meses
I’m am an Aries so like if your a Aries
JadynN' Ady
JadynN' Ady Hace 6 meses
Yayyy capricorn squad. I like how alot of the videos about astrological signs and they're all like, oh they're so smart and they're tough. My friends are jealous about my sign sometimes
Ellis Love
Ellis Love Hace 6 meses
Poor camera man just watching everyone get drunk and not getting any himself
Imogen Deacon
Imogen Deacon Hace 6 meses
im a leo rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Queen Rekker
Queen Rekker Hace 6 meses
I guessed right I New the blonde girl was a Capricorn :D and I’m Capricorn 2
Lo Ashley
Lo Ashley Hace 7 meses
Yessss Aries sun, Sag moon and Libra risingggg
Rachael Howerton [Bonner ES]
Rachael Howerton [Bonner ES] Hace 7 meses
recipes please!!!
Jacqueline White
Jacqueline White Hace 7 meses
Gemini’s are considered the flakes of the zodiac, maybe that’s why people who believe don’t like them. I’m a Gemini, but I don’t believe in the zodiac, fun to read or hear about though. Btw, even though I’m a Gemini, I know things about other signs.
Savage Girl
Savage Girl Hace 7 meses
Im a leo
Reporting Live
Reporting Live Hace 7 meses
Who else is an Aquarius ♒️ ♒️♒️ | | | ⬇️
Bella Bella
Bella Bella Hace 7 meses
Margaritas! Gemini 💜
Ani Gemini
Ani Gemini Hace 7 meses
He wins because we are bests geminis 👏♊💜
Madelaine Taylor
Madelaine Taylor Hace 8 meses
I KNEW IT!! I was hoping and betting Devin was a Capricorn like me 💕😁
Alisa Jeffery
Alisa Jeffery Hace 8 meses
Everyone: I LOVE WHEN JEN SAYS/DOES/THINKS (insert cute moment here) Me: She ALWAYS lets us know she washed her hands first 🥰😘
Mark Butt
Mark Butt Hace 8 meses
Gemini’s (might be spelt wrong) are actually hidden Angeles and according to the fbi Aries are more dangerous than Gemini
Linnéa Andersson
Linnéa Andersson Hace 8 meses
Jamie Vee
Jamie Vee Hace 8 meses
Curious what a Pisces Aries cusp would be. I love how Mr. “I only know stuff about Gemini’s “ got everything right lol
Rishu Raja
Rishu Raja Hace 8 meses
Like 👍 if your a ♈🐏 aries ⬇️ (PS I'm a girl )
Itz laur
Itz laur Hace 8 meses
Who else is a Gemini
UMICL Hace 8 meses
Me: **worried there’ll be no Gemini representation** Freddie: “well, I’m a Gemini” Me: 🥳😍🥰😌
Aubrey Stella
Aubrey Stella Hace 8 meses
I have the same shirt as devin we have great style
Pricila Mickel
Pricila Mickel Hace 8 meses
how diid she "guess " the flovors if the bottles are literally on the table lol
Marisol VG
Marisol VG Hace 8 meses
Esme V
Esme V Hace 8 meses
I’m Capricorn and yes my go to drink is whiskey
Najah Walker
Najah Walker Hace 8 meses
Aries has entered the chat😭
Tristan Levario
Tristan Levario Hace 9 meses
I’m Capricorn!!!
Zoe Brost
Zoe Brost Hace 9 meses
evilgenius4213 Hace 9 meses
I think they meant they don't condone underAGE drinking...Or they just think everyone should be buzzed.
Love your Self
Love your Self Hace 9 meses
Akeilia Clarke
Akeilia Clarke Hace 9 meses
Gemini squad♊️♊️♊️♊️♊️♊️♊️
T R Hace 9 meses
“She thought it was mohito” 😂 lol I’m dying
Natalie Calvillo
Natalie Calvillo Hace 9 meses
I am also an also an aries
Michelle Joy
Michelle Joy Hace 9 meses
another frequent thing with capricorn is that we put work first
Sirius_Mae Hace 9 meses
its funny because im a gemini and i love margaritas
Jasmine Bolton
Jasmine Bolton Hace 9 meses
Always related to Devin and now I get it 😂 we’re both Capricorn’s lol and I also hate rum
Elodie Kuhn
Elodie Kuhn Hace 9 meses
LilHeatha Smith
LilHeatha Smith Hace 9 meses
Aries unite! Yas!
AnarchyStockers Hace 9 meses
Leos getting here and seeing that this isn’t about us: Ight imma head out.
Thatgirl weird_11
Thatgirl weird_11 Hace 9 meses
I’m a Capricorn too
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