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"The Capricorn, she should just have a cup of ice."
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Najah Walker
Najah Walker Hace un día
Aries has entered the chat😭
Tristan Levario
Tristan Levario Hace 3 días
I’m Capricorn!!!
Zoe Brost
Zoe Brost Hace 4 días
Teresa Ann Broadhurst
Teresa Ann Broadhurst Hace 6 días
I am a Aries like Jen
Teresa Ann Broadhurst
Teresa Ann Broadhurst Hace 6 días
evilgenius4213 Hace 6 días
I think they meant they don't condone underAGE drinking...Or they just think everyone should be buzzed.
Love your Self
Love your Self Hace 7 días
A&D’s World
A&D’s World Hace 8 días
Gemini squad♊️♊️♊️♊️♊️♊️♊️
Thomai Roula
Thomai Roula Hace 9 días
“She thought it was mohito” 😂 lol I’m dying
Natalie Calvillo
Natalie Calvillo Hace 9 días
I am also an also an aries
Michelle Joy
Michelle Joy Hace 11 días
another frequent thing with capricorn is that we put work first
✨Sirius_Mae✨ Hace 12 días
its funny because im a gemini and i love margaritas
Jasmine Bolton
Jasmine Bolton Hace 12 días
Always related to Devin and now I get it 😂 we’re both Capricorn’s lol and I also hate rum
Elodie Kuhn
Elodie Kuhn Hace 15 días
Heather Smith
Heather Smith Hace 16 días
Aries unite! Yas!
AnarchyStockers Hace 16 días
Leos getting here and seeing that this isn’t about us: Ight imma head out.
Crysta Bowie
Crysta Bowie Hace 16 días
I’m a Capricorn too
Tiannah M
Tiannah M Hace 18 días
Devin doesn't seem like a Capricorn at all. Like Capricorns are supposed to be skeptical. And Devin believes in like everything.
Cris M
Cris M Hace 19 días
Oh yeah! I'm Aries too! And part Italian like her!
cneale9 Hace 19 días
you dont make margaritas with rum
emersyn piska
emersyn piska Hace 19 días
I am a Capricorn
Camila Arantes
Camila Arantes Hace 20 días
Danica Derocco
Danica Derocco Hace 21 un día
Yee devin is a Capricorn like meee
Brittany P
Brittany P Hace 21 un día
Is Chantel still in Ladylike?! This is like the 5th video or more in a row she hasn't been in... :/
Thayla Gomes
Thayla Gomes Hace 21 un día
What is Kristin's zodiac?
Charli Damelio tiktoks
Charli Damelio tiktoks Hace 21 un día
#capricorn all the way
Neha Duggal
Neha Duggal Hace 22 días
Should have done a video for every sign then this video would appeal to a larger audience. Instead of people clicking in, realising their sign isn't covered and clicking off.
XArtistic MusiciansX
XArtistic MusiciansX Hace 22 días
Yes Jennn I’m an Aries tooo!!
Eden Brauner
Eden Brauner Hace 22 días
Devin is so rieeich
Savannah DaSilva
Savannah DaSilva Hace 22 días
I am a Capricorn to!!!!!
Erika Z
Erika Z Hace 22 días
i'm a cancer, i should just drink a glass of tears but with a tiny umbrella in the top so it looks cute
Jennie Fajman
Jennie Fajman Hace 22 días
Omg I love Jen!😂 I wonder what a Taurus drink would be ♉️
Akshita Ramesh
Akshita Ramesh Hace 22 días
tbh I feel like Capricorns are the sweetest sign!
Allie Winograd
Allie Winograd Hace 23 días
jen dancing with a bowl of ice reminded me of these two guys at our school dance who had no one to dance with so they danced with balloons during the slow dance
Kayla Limb
Kayla Limb Hace 24 días
Emily Elise Hunt
Emily Elise Hunt Hace 24 días
WHERE ALL MY CAPRICORNS AT!!! ♑🐐♑🐐♑🐐♑🐐♑🐐♑🐐♑🐐♑🐐♑🐐♑🐐♑🐐♑🐐
l l
l l Hace 25 días
I am Aries too!!!!
B Hace 26 días
Devin gained a lot of weight
Yuuki Pu
Yuuki Pu Hace 26 días
I’m just here to say that I’ve got the biggest crush on Jen! 🥺
Alia Gordon
Alia Gordon Hace 26 días
Anyone else think Bethany looks like Sarah Levy? (Twyla on Schitts Creek)
Desirae Silvers
Desirae Silvers Hace 26 días
“Buzzfeed does not condone underage or excessive drinking” 😆😆😆 im done with you Buzzfeed lol
Majestic galaxy •w•
Majestic galaxy •w• Hace 27 días
8:38 why is he adorable? HOW IS HE ADORABLE? Am i the only one who thinks hes just adorable-
No1fan15 Hace 27 días
As a middle of March baby I shall drink directly right out of the fishtank
Kendall Schillinger
Kendall Schillinger Hace 27 días
Me and devin have the same birthday
miss tnt x
miss tnt x Hace 27 días
ok but what about the rest of the signs tho
Kristen Skinner
Kristen Skinner Hace 27 días
I wanna see this done for every sign now! I'm curious about what cancers would of been
A Day In A Planner Life By Becky
A Day In A Planner Life By Becky Hace 27 días
"Buzz feed does not condone under or excessive drinking" Y'all gotta be right in the middle 😂
Dense 58485
Dense 58485 Hace 27 días
Aries right here
A il
A il Hace 28 días
i'm just upset that she put lemon on the stem of the glass cuz what if someone gets lemon in their eyes lol
Sofia Kelley-Riley
Sofia Kelley-Riley Hace 28 días
Me before the video started: “ I hope nobody’s a Gemini, I hate so most Gemini’s so much” Freddie: “ I’m a Gemini” Me: “goddamn it”
Angel Angeles
Angel Angeles Hace 28 días
I’m a Gemini and margarita was my initial thought! Def love it!!😍😍🔥✨
nerdykitty cakez
nerdykitty cakez Hace 29 días
Omg Jen at 6:45 😆😂☠️ love it
AnimaLover Hace 29 días
Gemini’s are the best type whaat
Mila232 :3
Mila232 :3 Hace 29 días
Imma Libra
Brokenbot 25
Brokenbot 25 Hace 29 días
Yes finally a Gemini ♊️!!! | | | | | Like if your a gemini like me and fred ;)
son riv
son riv Hace 29 días
Ryan was on it!
Anastasia Miller
Anastasia Miller Hace 29 días
I'm a Scorpio
Amber Heart
Amber Heart Hace un mes
sometimes i forget just how adorable jen is
blueberry _pie123
blueberry _pie123 Hace un mes
I'm a sagittarius ♐
Jennifer Hace un mes
Too cool ladies! And after yall stated your signs its so obvious now!
Tamara W
Tamara W Hace un mes
Freddie: “everyone hates Geminis” Me as a fellow air sign: “Yup”.
Tamara W
Tamara W Hace 11 días
@Victory Angle I'm an Aquarius
Victory Angle
Victory Angle Hace 14 días
Tamara W are you a Libra? I am. I like it except for the fact our symbol is a set of scales.
lauren Weasley
lauren Weasley Hace un mes
Scorpio 🦂😘
Pretty Priscilla
Pretty Priscilla Hace un mes
Solar Sistars
Solar Sistars Hace un mes
ME AND JEN ARE AR BOTH ARIESSSSS!!!! And mah sis is a capricorn uwu owo
Sup children
Sup children Hace un mes
Omg but the 13th sign ophiuchus... I used to be a Gemini but it makes better sense to be Taurus (witch I am)
Tiffany McKenzie
Tiffany McKenzie Hace un mes
Imma tourist 😖
Mackenzie B
Mackenzie B Hace un mes
How did Devon not get the “glass of ice” joke? If anything Capricorn’s are more known for being cold and heartless lol. Or at least that’s the stereotype.
Cydney Wright
Cydney Wright Hace un mes
Little Italy😉😉
Wake up Style
Wake up Style Hace un mes
My daughter is a Gemini, let me tell you.... it’s a difficult sign for sure. She is happy and friendly, but can have random moods and is a lil bipolar #tea ... my poor baby 😂
bubblegum.b*tch Hace un mes
YO! my name is Bethany too.
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