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Zion WilliamsonNBA Summer League HighlightsLeBron James JrLA Clippers

Dan Nol
Dan Nol Hace 20 horas
Yo man Ron Baker is from my hometown 😂😂
Henrikb 0
Henrikb 0 Hace un día
Why dont They just Sign thanos?
Jack Ramirez
Jack Ramirez Hace 3 días
Im just watching this video and he has the golden state warriors as contenders Hahahahhahah There record is literally 4-18 like bruh 😂😂😂😂😂
Darrow Au Andromedus
Darrow Au Andromedus Hace 3 días
Funny how most of the bottom contenders, stayed bottom contenders even with the switch lolol
Basketball Gaming
Basketball Gaming Hace 4 días
Funny how the warriors are in the “Contenders” spot when they’re the worst team in the league
Basketball Gaming
Basketball Gaming Hace 3 días
DJ Devyn true
DJ Devyn
DJ Devyn Hace 3 días
lmao yeah, to be fair they didn't predict the curry injury
robizzlor Hace 6 días
2020 contenders: Warrios. Lmao xD
MastiMax308 Hace 6 días
Make a vid on siakam this year and how good he is doing
SUPR3ME Hace 7 días
You were right about the Celtics but wrong about the Suns and Heat
Dee Man
Dee Man Hace 7 días
Golden state is now below average
Nicholas Beagle
Nicholas Beagle Hace 8 días
I’m not a lakers fan but this lakers team is underestimated they lost to the clippers but lebron had an off night and kawhi had 30 if lakers aren’t one they should be 2 but as of right now there 16-2 and the clippers are 14-5 I just don’t get why people say the clippers are better
LeGoat JaGoat
LeGoat JaGoat Hace 8 días
Imagine Lebron, Danny g, Kawhi, ad, and a healthy demarcus cousins
Mohammad Fatta
Mohammad Fatta Hace 9 días
Knicks took the L and clippers with the W
Markus Christiansen
Markus Christiansen Hace 9 días
Lol, we sang Lacrimosa in class and it was right when all the boys voices were changing (Ima boy so I couldn’t sing either 😂)
ALPHA GABE Hace 9 días
*Sees warriors in contenders* Me:🤣
DC Supremos
DC Supremos Hace 9 días
lol suns bad and heat below av somehow u messed up 😂
zeppels baD
zeppels baD Hace 10 días
Is it only me who laugh when the narrator talks about money and he showed up LBJ?lmao
Nisha Cherotich
Nisha Cherotich Hace 11 días
Is it me or does your voice sound like young don the sauce gods voice 🤷🏾‍♀️
ttv. StreamerByTheWay
ttv. StreamerByTheWay Hace 11 días
Jimmy: Chris Paul's career will dwindle down Chris Paul: Hold my basketball
Luke Colson
Luke Colson Hace 11 días
Please make a podcast
El Dormido
El Dormido Hace 11 días
The NBA playoffs are gonna be INSANE!!! Epic video... it’s looking like the English Premier League where you have at least 7 teams that can get hot and make their way to a trophy(of course, NBA has a playoff system and the BPL doesn’t, I know)
carsonpressler Hace 11 días
MegaRejish Hace 12 días
You hilarious dude😂😂
Tyler Tv
Tyler Tv Hace 13 días
Just gonna this (L) to the knicks
Owen Carter
Owen Carter Hace 14 días
Miami heat is below average ...?
Borja Salmeron
Borja Salmeron Hace 10 días
15 of july
Rodrigues -Senpai
Rodrigues -Senpai Hace 14 días
Celtics are destroying.
Ramon Suris
Ramon Suris Hace 15 días
The clippers weren’t counting with load management...
Johna High
Johna High Hace 16 días
Got that requiem on
Dwayne Wade
Dwayne Wade Hace 16 días
Miami Heat is below average? Are you fcking kidding me
Jérôme Mallem
Jérôme Mallem Hace 17 días
Ron Baker my man
Estom Hace 17 días
If kawhi chose the Lakers, its the second generation superteam
Elias Dran7
Elias Dran7 Hace 17 días
Song at the start of the video?
Joey C Costello
Joey C Costello Hace 20 días
I hate players playing gm. They have no loyalty. They are only loyal to their dream of a championship and the money they get.
Jay A Lay
Jay A Lay Hace 20 días
Grizzlies in 5....years.
Vincent Simbol
Vincent Simbol Hace 21 un día
Oh boy, Jimmy that hierarchy you made isn't aging well
Logan Gibson
Logan Gibson Hace 21 un día
Knix l and lakers w
Nick Tarkenton
Nick Tarkenton Hace 22 días
Boston 9-1 and the suns are goated
christian albino
christian albino Hace 24 días
Sandrino 20
Sandrino 20 Hace 25 días
76ers in 5 in the NBA 2021 Nba finals
Z Flash
Z Flash Hace 26 días
Miami Heat aren't below average, they are playoff locks. A 4th to 5th seed team is guaranteed to make the playoffs. The Heat will probably make it to the 2nd round. Below average is under playoff contenders on the graph, but the Heat are *above* playoff contention.
Rafael Gaming
Rafael Gaming Hace 26 días
KNICKS: Guys!! Kyrie, Durant and Zion might go to our team!!!!! KYRIE: *signs with Nets* KNICKS: Nah we can get Durant... DURANT: *signs with Nets* NETS: YIIIIIIH BOIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! KNICKS: Hoooolll da f*ck up..... WHAT.... ZION: *drafted to the pelicans* KNICKS: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
Squanchy Digs Your Squanch
Squanchy Digs Your Squanch Hace 26 días
It all started when Lebron went to the Heat and Kawhi didn't leave the Lakers "high & dry" he actually saved the league cause Kawhi, Lebron, and AD on 1 team would've been ruined the NBA
Derek Lowery
Derek Lowery Hace 27 días
I was totally with you, up until the end when you said "the Raptors defeated the behemoth that we've come to now as the Golden State Warriors." The reality is that the Raptors didn't defeat the team that we knew as that behemoth Golden State Warriors team. They defeated a Warriors squad that lacked it's core players. Yes the Raptors _did_ defeat the Warriors, just not as the "behemoth" we knew them as. *I know that you're smart enough and that you understand the game of basketball enough not to actually believe that statement, yet you decided to say it anyway for dramatic effect. Come on Jxmy.. smh*
Avinash Hace 28 días
Lol the suns have looked good this year too
John Ric S. SANTIAGO Hace 28 días
Then eric paschall scored 36 points 13 rebounds in a win against the blazers with dame and cj
Hype Gamer
Hype Gamer Hace un mes
That intro was good
SpiderJedi21 Hace un mes
Dope vid. Got me hyped even if I’m late
Monkey D Jordan
Monkey D Jordan Hace un mes
Jx: The Miami Heat is below average in 2020 Jimmy B with the Heat: *5-1 to start the season* Jx: ...
David Carrasco
David Carrasco Hace un mes
Bruh don't compare 5-1 lol.. Wait till it get to 70 games
Dilroop Singh
Dilroop Singh Hace un mes
Based on the thumbnail, it thought the video would be about nba players having beards
Alexander Chrystall
Alexander Chrystall Hace un mes
Nicks took the biggest L Clippers biggest Win. You can change Clippers for Brooklyn but KD is still out for the season.
IamNeil aRon
IamNeil aRon Hace un mes
I’m from the future. The Phoenix Suns are Whooping Everyone’s azzs
LiAngelo Ball
LiAngelo Ball Hace un mes
Bring back the Jazz music :(
RKN11 Hace un mes
Just gonna keep watching this till Jimmy puts some respect and change the heat to become a play off lock. Because getting Jimmy Butler means nothing 5-1
Alternate Selfie
Alternate Selfie Hace un mes
Anyone here watching during the 2020 season?76ers 1st seat going 5-0 and D-Lo might be going to the T-wolves
Renzo CraPosting
Renzo CraPosting Hace un mes
76s lost Butler they didn't get better
milot ramadani
milot ramadani Hace un mes
Where’s KD on the list?
Raging Red
Raging Red Hace un mes
At least my team has Rubio now👌
Jonathan Hace un mes
Lakers looks like the old school lakers from the 80s ... just compare the line up .
ASMRKitchen Chris
ASMRKitchen Chris Hace un mes
Ron Baker for President!
Shaqtin Curry
Shaqtin Curry Hace un mes
its the hunger of titles without putting much work in. unloyal asf.
I nort
I nort Hace un mes
So kd going from the warriors to the nets is being hungry for a title or kahwi going to the clippers is being hungry for a title
roque mercado
roque mercado Hace un mes
tbhturbo Hace un mes
U on drugs bruh... looool...
Jimmy Mann-Mellor
Jimmy Mann-Mellor Hace un mes
I don’t think you can out L the Knicks on this one
jlee7351 Hace un mes
Biggest L no doubt is the NY Knicks then the Celtics
jlee7351 Hace un mes
You left kevin durant off the list in 2:10???
sukka sakke
sukka sakke Hace un mes
Rachel and Molly can yall leave TV please
LBSZZZ LBSZZ Hace un mes
every single video I watched of you has been great dude ! thank you
Christopher Barber
Christopher Barber Hace un mes
clippers in 5 in the nba finals
Brady Oiler
Brady Oiler Hace un mes
Rip trap sax but he can’t go back because he won’t make money and I already know there’s people saying all he wants is money so he took away trap sax
Obama Hace un mes
i can’t believe people actually think the heat are worse than the magic or the kings smh
Dale Draper
Dale Draper Hace un mes
KD not in the top 25 of 2019? Confused af.
Butter_NUT Hace un mes
I loved this off season
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