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Zion WilliamsonNBA Summer League HighlightsLeBron James JrLA Clippers

Darius Weiss
Darius Weiss Hace 5 horas
Lonzo Ball Jimmy butler Al Horford Kemba Walker D’Angelo Russel Russel Westbrook Demarcus Cousins Kahwi Leonard Paul George Chris Paul Anthony Davis Danny Green Avery Bradley Quinn Cook Ben Macklemore Andre Iguodala Kevin Durant Jorden Bell Deandre Jordan Willie Reed Cauley Stein Kyrie Irving Derrick Rose Jared Dudley ==================================== And more.........
Parker Grissom
Parker Grissom Hace 7 horas
Donovan Mitchell is a top 25 player
Adel Fadi
Adel Fadi Hace 9 horas
kawhi really balanced the entire nba
Liam John
Liam John Hace 11 horas
Holdup, why the utah jazz title contenders?😂😂
Parker Grissom
Parker Grissom Hace 7 horas
Liam John Boi they have 3 top 30 players and they have the best chemistry in the league
Garlens M.
Garlens M. Hace 12 horas
i was a rockets/James Harden fan. James and westbrook will make a great team
Lawrence Downs
Lawrence Downs Hace 12 horas
Aaaaand Boogie is out :/
Dhanush Kondaparthi
Dhanush Kondaparthi Hace 15 horas
Well everything looks balanced except Golden State warriors 🤷🏻‍♂️
harvasblackjacket _
harvasblackjacket _ Hace 16 horas
been here since 600k and i'm gonna be here for you hitting 1 million respect man respect
Shiro Limbaga
Shiro Limbaga Hace un día
Clippers in 5
Förortens Elias
Förortens Elias Hace un día
Suns took the biggest L
tyrone blackshear
tyrone blackshear Hace un día
Clippers did the best in free agency
Nba Kid
Nba Kid Hace un día
9:01 Knicks should be below average heat should be playoff contenders raptors ain’t to damn lock
Nba Kid
Nba Kid Hace un día
The Knicks progressed so much tf u smokin
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig Hace 2 días
76ers got better? Jimmy buckets leaves and horford signs...at best thats braking even, closer to getting worse....not to mention jj redick....and the Heat are a playoff contender
Brian Sullivan
Brian Sullivan Hace 2 días
Clips getting Kawhi, PG13, Lamar. I garentee you they're winning it all next season. Blake, Chris Paul, and DeAndre should have stayed
Christopher Valdez
Christopher Valdez Hace 2 días
So close to 1 million!!
Lil buddah
Lil buddah Hace 2 días
Westbrook is fuckinf asss mate
Daaammn Daniël
Daaammn Daniël Hace 3 días
Biggest L, knicks Biggest W, Lakers... Champions next season, Lakers in 5 against the nets because kyrie gets injured....
Reginald Hace 3 días
Based off the thumbnail, i thought it was gonna be like "they all have beards"
Jesse Caro
Jesse Caro Hace 3 días
Yo who the fuck in their right mind put the grizzlies at bad with jaren Jackson, ja morant, Brandon Clarke, Jonas valanciunas, Andre iguodala and josh Jackson. That’s bad?!?! If that’s bad to u I must be tripping
Money Staker
Money Staker Hace 3 días
Why does ron baker look like Danny Duncan
Eric Santana
Eric Santana Hace 3 días
The clippers were number one in power rankings a few times just not to start a season
Gerald Wachira
Gerald Wachira Hace 3 días
Boogie tore his ACL btw
The god mode Of rapidity
The god mode Of rapidity Hace 3 días
Rip achilles
Down Town Splash
Down Town Splash Hace 3 días
clippers automatically won nba finals
3rdjayhawker Hace 3 días
Well tanking is equalling dissapointment by a guy from LA
Kevwardo Hace 3 días
As a Knicks fan rip
cikicikimiski Hace 4 días
More like LeBron Baker now ....
ChromaKingo Hace 4 días
ngl warriors took an l
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez Hace 4 días
Is Kevin love going to spurs?
Evan Chang
Evan Chang Hace 4 días
My man, your videos are so entertaining and informative. Good work behind them. Nice.
Justin Siever
Justin Siever Hace 4 días
So close to 1M
R L Hace 4 días
All because of "The Decision"
Season Sports
Season Sports Hace 4 días
Thunder biggest loser hands down. Traded a guy averaging triple doubles for a old man barely averaging 15.
Felix Hua
Felix Hua Hace 4 días
how is mike conley in the top 25 yet you leave out names like john wall, kevin love, draymond green, rudy golbert, CJ mccollum, kyle lowry and seriously where the fuck is KD on the list.
Steven Harris
Steven Harris Hace 5 días
Love the hunter x hunter vibes in the beginning
Jeremiah pondexter
Jeremiah pondexter Hace 6 días
The knicks💀
DogeNutter YT
DogeNutter YT Hace 6 días
Im a blazers fan, 9:46 :(
Asim Ali
Asim Ali Hace 6 días
Lakers in 5
Basic Basketball
Basic Basketball Hace 6 días
Gsw lineup 2020 PG: Curry SG: D Angelo SF: Klay (when he comes back) PF: Draymond C: Cauley Stein or Kevon Looney Btw comment when Klay would come back
bruceownsu Hace un día
Yo Boy GOAT Hace 7 días
For the knicks not getting zion is the rigged lottery
NBA Cutz
NBA Cutz Hace 8 días
This NBA season is going to be very interesting lol. We have a more balanced NBA season now.
Ramar Richmond
Ramar Richmond Hace 8 días
The cavs have Darius Garland at least playoff contenders
Jacob Brunet
Jacob Brunet Hace 8 días
I’m a Houston fan so ima be a lil biast but rockets are winning it all I mean look at dat chemistry
DANIEL Hace 9 días
Lol who TF is Ron Baker
tonyjr97 Hace 9 días
Clippers would of taken biggest W had suns not locked up Aaron Baynes😤
meena partha
meena partha Hace 9 días
High key Utah is a huge contender
Andrew Hace 9 días
Next season is gonna be crazy
SurgeonOfDeath Hace 10 días
Knicks took the fattest L
Nothing 123
Nothing 123 Hace 10 días
I disliked this video just bcoz Stephen Curry was not in the video and thumbnail
UNTOT3M JR Hace 10 días
The Knicks got rj though
Kaysan Janmohamed
Kaysan Janmohamed Hace 10 días
2:11 KD?
Hunter Sartin
Hunter Sartin Hace 10 días
Biggest L was the warriors, and the the team that did the best was the lakers
materdei praeco
materdei praeco Hace 10 días
Listen this might be controversial but I don't think the clippers will win because the okc thunder didn't even win with KD the Beard and Russ PG 13 is worst than harden and KD and kawhi is worst than KD and Russ is better than the rest of the clippers team . By a raptors fan and not saying this because kawhi left :(
MIKE RAFOLS Hace 11 días
You know what, I think GSW could of done better...
J.R. Elgran
J.R. Elgran Hace 11 días
Grizz still bad but atl just below average? Yep youre smoking good shit
J.R. Elgran
J.R. Elgran Hace 11 días
Best backcourt ever??? One cant guard anyone the other cant dribble or create his own shot. Jimmy stop it 2 on 2 they can't even Beat a prime Joe and Zeke
jacob clark
jacob clark Hace 11 días
Celtics nation babyyy
jacob clark
jacob clark Hace 11 días
I’m not a knicks fan but they did get the guy that scored more than Zion in the ncaa in rj Barrett
Fakbumholeinass Hace 11 días
Last 3 offseason shave been insane (2016 outside of the KD decision not really that big) 2017: the migration of stars from east to west. Butler, Millsap, PG13, and Melo. CP3 and Kyrie switch teams and that draft class with Donovan Mitchell, Fox, Lauri, and Kuz. 2018: the Kawhi trade, LeBron to LA, Boogie to GS, and that draft class with Luka, Trae, Bagley, and Ayton. 2019: you guys already know. This has been the craziest.
Red Hat Duckie Boi
Red Hat Duckie Boi Hace 11 días
“They see it as a business.” *Laughs in Dirk Nowitzki rejecting max contract from other teams to let Mavs sign Chandler Parsons*
UploadVidZ Hace 12 días
73-9 Warriors blew a 3-1 lead
Acidcus 28
Acidcus 28 Hace 6 días
UploadVidZ haha never forget
GetDacheedOn YT
GetDacheedOn YT Hace 12 días
I’m predicting Warriors win another title with a 57-25 record
Yuyu Zhang
Yuyu Zhang Hace 12 días
Biggest L:KNICKS Biggest Winner:CLIPPERS
salomon daballer
salomon daballer Hace 12 días
Bro how are the heat worse than the magic 😂 your crazy bro
TinkleFN Hace 13 días
What is the best in the background st 0:05
Johnathan Gonzalez
Johnathan Gonzalez Hace 13 días
Our best player in okc is 6’0
Johnathan Gonzalez
Johnathan Gonzalez Hace 13 días
Yes it’s not good to be a fucking okc fan or even live here :,(
Used Burrito
Used Burrito Hace 13 días
Perfect into 👌🏻
Miguel Pedroza
Miguel Pedroza Hace 13 días
Bruh my team took the biggest L we lost Russell Westbrook and Paul gourge
Matt Garcia
Matt Garcia Hace 13 días
OKC fans nobody now
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