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Patriot Act

Patriot Act

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National Bail Fund Network: www.communityjusticeexchange.org/nbfn-directory
Know Your Rights Camp: www.knowyourrightscamp.com/
Campaign Zero: www.joincampaignzero.org/
To learn more about how you can support Black Lives Matter, visit: blacklivesmatters.carrd.co
Hasan responds to the recent protests in America over police brutality.
About Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj:
Hasan Minhaj brings an incisive and nuanced perspective to global news, politics, and culture in his weekly Netflix comedy series.
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Ess Kay
Ess Kay Hace 2 horas
thought it was going to be way too serious.... But then squirtle came up, Gotta catch'em all
Maimun Rasheedi
Maimun Rasheedi Hace 2 horas
I feel like I’m being yelled at
byn may
byn may Hace 4 horas
As a black woman, it was honestly really refreshing hearing someone lay everything out and not bullshit about the anti blackness in their community. It’s been exhausting trying to educate nonblack people why it’s terrifying existing in this country, thanks for using your platform to help defend black lives.
Dan Brown
Dan Brown Hace 4 horas
You know, you seemed like a tool, but I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. Shame you didn't prove me wrong
Vonni Do
Vonni Do Hace 6 horas
I have watched this 3 times and cried every time. As an Asian American I really felt this. I have done so much research into the candidates for my state and I hope everyone does as well. Vote!
Aadi Hace 8 horas
And now here we are one month later. Absolutely nothing has changed. And now the cycle will continue.
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson Hace 8 horas
Amen! Great show! - Bonnie Robinson 💗
Arash soltani
Arash soltani Hace 9 horas
Bro you are either ignorant or dishonest. There are so many things wrong with this video that I'm not even gonna comment on... except at least 1 point. The reason we have revolutions back home is because we want our countries to be more like the US. These riots do the opposite and harm exactly the most vulnerable people. But of course no one actually cares about those people. They just want people to think they do.
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade Hace 18 horas
I'm glad he's offering *real solutions* that can make a legible change. I'd also add helping laws about limiting the police force's lethal weaponry and making them require more training before being allowed into the police force get passed.
mynameis jEff
mynameis jEff Hace 18 horas
I'm black, I just hate when people care about skin colours :/
Rania Ashar
Rania Ashar Hace un día
Me When he mentioned bundu khan:👁👄👁
Chandler Grant
Chandler Grant Hace un día
"I'm not saying we're the ones who killed George Floyd, but we have to be the ones who pull that cop off of his neck." Damn straight.
Stacy Family
Stacy Family Hace un día
Now the protesters are retaliating (you can't fight fire with fire). Protesters should/would/could leave how by giving them what they want?? (except destruction, killing, etc.) I say police train = 10 yrs (4 yrs of defense, attack and 6 yrs of rehab, good mental health, ad protection training)!
Angel F
Angel F Hace un día
Nobody defended this cop and the cop was indicted . Yet the Marxist left used this event to destroy property and attack innocent people . So this guy here is excusing the looting and harming of innocent people. They lost me and my family once they started looting .
Dan Brown
Dan Brown Hace 4 horas
You won't get through to them. Just read their comments: tears, anger and passion
Schmetterling ::
Schmetterling :: Hace un día
Thank you. This made me cry
Tania Camille
Tania Camille Hace 2 días
Thank you for calling out colorism
Kc.Peachy Hace 2 días
“Fucking Batman Showed up!” Me- *Thats terrible!* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .*Where the heck is Robin???*
3AE12 Hace 2 días
if u wanna see change run for elections Hassan... don't rant about Squirtle in front of a Camera, ur essentially gonna make it worse for evryone by calling out on our differences from an aggressive stand and by ranting abt Squirtle.
Kathy Oberle
Kathy Oberle Hace 2 días
Get these 4 cops locked up in prison, they are murderers!,,,,,,
Hittem With The Slappa Whammy
Hittem With The Slappa Whammy Hace 2 días
You're probably one of very few asians who thinks this way lmfao because everyone I know... which is 90 percent asian would laugh ag how pathetic you put this piece together... nice try... o yeah us real asians... think you look like an indian we dont believe you are even an asian
Hittem With The Slappa Whammy
Hittem With The Slappa Whammy Hace 2 días
So what mabye george shouldn't have been a criminal
Itz Ewan
Itz Ewan Hace 2 días
Natasha Thompson
Natasha Thompson Hace 3 días
Gregory Winchester
Gregory Winchester Hace 3 días
Thank you Hasan Minhaj! For speaking out! Especially in there own minority community. You are so right! They praise you in sports and entertainment and other areas. But when it comes to their home or family or a job it's a different story. Not seeing the hard racism in their hearts. This is how racism lives on. Because it's deep in their family. They are scared what other family members think! If you want to get rid of racism start with you and family and friends. And watch how the truth comes out! This was a powerful message and Hasan was angry because people need to wake up. This should go viral everywhere. It will make you look at yourself!
roddy hope
roddy hope Hace 3 días
Truth is important. Floyd did not die of asphyxiation. Look at the autopsy report. Floyd died of a heart attack. Check out Floyd’s underlying heart conditions and & toxicology which showed a cocktail of drugs. lawandcrime.com/george-floyd-death/authorities-just-released-george-floyds-complete-autopsy-report-read-it-here/ There is important video footage missing. There is footage leading up to the first attempt to put Floyd into the police van. The next footage is of 3 police officers on him. What happened in between? Footage of before: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-WD0dJA_u90Y.html Footage of police on Floyd: www.thesun.co.uk/news/11715440/four-cops-fired-george-floyd-neck-death-video/ Note: If someone really can't breathe, they can't talk either. Police officers daily encounter people in the act of being their worst selves. Each incident is unique, and they do their best. What did Floyd do instead of getting into the police van? Floyd has been reported at being 6'7" and stocky. That is one big man who was high on a cocktail of drugs and has a history of violence. It is common for someone who is that high, not to feel pain, which makes them harder and more dangerous to subdue.
SaitamaXI Hace 3 días
I'm the friend that's in the room when you get scold by your dad. It's not a joke but I'm so glad it's not me in trouble.
tuan nguyen
tuan nguyen Hace 3 días
please dont break the stores and loot.
Deborah Neal
Deborah Neal Hace 3 días
Hasan PREACH!!!!!
A Bt
A Bt Hace 3 días
The riots were wrong.
SanioraDuc Hace 3 días
Preach! We need to support each other! Idc how some of you look at it but I saw cold blooded murder. That man had no reason to do what he did
The Local Doomer
The Local Doomer Hace 3 días
Most police could care less about actually protecting people. Most of them only want an excuse to get away with beating and shooting people. They realize that because they are police, they could litterally get away with murder. They are not what they want the public to to think they are. Most of them are truly contemptible beings inside. If we do not reform, more people will continue to senselessly die.
Sha-Ron Cassel
Sha-Ron Cassel Hace 4 días
Thank you so much for this! Best, logical, call -out that will hopefully make everyone think!
Sammeet Telang
Sammeet Telang Hace 4 días
Hasan thanks for addressing this to the Indian Community.
Ashrafuz Zaman
Ashrafuz Zaman Hace 5 días
Seriously thou, who are these hateful 14K thumbs down people ?? Not all of them are Pigs I mean Police.. Who are these people.
Susmit Sanyal
Susmit Sanyal Hace 5 días
u guys need to be more like India, here the public polices the police
Ryan Kassel
Ryan Kassel Hace 5 días
Very powerful!
José Manuel Salgado Arriaga
José Manuel Salgado Arriaga Hace 5 días
So police doesn't abuse white people?
DGot14U Hace 5 días
They do. White people accept it. Blacks do not.
Max van marle
Max van marle Hace 6 días
George Floyd was not killed because he was black and he only got this much traction because he was black. Look up white man killed by police because police leaned on neck you can find it and no one cared
Sam draws
Sam draws Hace 6 días
Did he stutter?🙈💅🏽
Doggo Dom
Doggo Dom Hace 6 días
I love how he combines a serious discussion with some bits of humor
Michael D
Michael D Hace 6 días
patrick starshooter
patrick starshooter Hace 6 días
Fucking LEGEND!!!
bunnyrabbit21 Hace 6 días
shahvar khan
shahvar khan Hace 6 días
I had goosebumps hearing this ...
Because I can
Because I can Hace 6 días
Thank you so much bro I can’t tell you how much this means me to see all that emotion and anger on your face and how passionate you are. this is scary really scary
Kazi Shamshad
Kazi Shamshad Hace 6 días
Im not american but it's still kinda bullshit to me that all these are happening
A random Person
A random Person Hace 7 días
I support the act but not the riots. :(
Drithi Panyam
Drithi Panyam Hace un día
Yes same I support the movement but not the violence in the protest from both the police and the protesters.
DGot14U Hace 5 días
Absolutely fair.
Red Fritz
Red Fritz Hace 7 días
One man gets killed by police gets more attention and the normal mass shooting killing lots of people is normal? I think the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were much worse.
DGot14U Hace 5 días
Some things are huge single events. Some are a culmination of smaller events that build up tension to a breaking point.
Anime Tales
Anime Tales Hace 7 días
If I see a cop knee on someone's neck dont care black white or Asian ... if that man did something like killed someone or raped someone , I will help the cop .... but te cop that killed Floyd was wrong that am agreeing ....
Ummati 93
Ummati 93 Hace 8 días
6:02- TO ALL MUSLIMA SISTERS: next time your dad says “you can’t marry the kaala, even though he’s a practicing Muslim,” just keep in mind that your dads a doctor from back home, who’s a taxi driver in North America, who only prays on jummu’ah, eats nihari for breakfast and probably doesn’t care about what ALLAH has to say. He’d probably let you marry a non-Muslim white guy but not a Muslim black guy. He cares what Asim uncle Neelam Aunti will think.
the truth
the truth Hace 8 días
People who disliked are the criminals who killed George
Tony Tate
Tony Tate Hace 8 días
One main point you missed out is that Asians and Hispanics wouldn’t be having any of these rights they are enjoying right now if it wasn’t for black civil rights. The only problem is that black people still don’t have the full rights they fought and died for. You must change your attitudes towards black people right now and stop thinking you’re better.
animegrl 2000
animegrl 2000 Hace 8 días
As an African American who is afraid of the cops and been wrongly accused by them too, your words brought me to tears. Well said.
Ur Mila
Ur Mila Hace 8 días
Yes you belive in Mankind. Humanity a must.
Frederik Høyrup
Frederik Høyrup Hace 9 días
The murder made me angry. The smile on his face as he did it, beeing videotaped. Suggested that this was NOT the first time he did this. Think, talk, act.
Krishna Gopal
Krishna Gopal Hace 9 días
His shows are outrageous , a blatant speaker and superb writer .
Shivam Patel
Shivam Patel Hace 9 días
Could this please be in Hindi and other Asian languages that a wider Asian population can watch and be motivated to be Anti-racist?? Please??
M Scott
M Scott Hace 9 días
Protests and rally's for a cause is great and should be done. Vandalizing, looting, burning buildings down and tossing molotov cocktails into occupied vehicles is equally criminal. You want to demilitarize the police and de-fund them?? Please tell me who you plan to call when you have a home invasion robbery? A social worker because the suspect must just be a misunderstood youth?? Please take the time to go ride-a-long with an active police agency and maybe get first hand what police deal with every single day. I would never say changes don't need to be made but burning down cities is not putting the best foot forward.
Kaneki Hace 10 días
The way you spoke about dua was uncalled for.
joe fisher
joe fisher Hace 10 días
Great video... it I will say from growing up in upstate ny and moving to va one thing I have noticed is black people kind of earn there own sterotype... they say black people dont tip not always true.some white people dont tip but most of the time yeah its black people when I get stiffed just saying if they want equality act like the test of the world quit dwelling on the past
Triangle Poodle
Triangle Poodle Hace 10 días
4:10 - 4:50 really hit me, it's sad. Being from the U.S is embarrassing sometimes.
V M Hace 10 días
George is a criminal
Triangle Poodle
Triangle Poodle Hace 10 días
Do you think that means his life had no value? He was a human being, that was needlessly murdered, for counter fit $20 bill. Was his live worth $20?
Peace Bear
Peace Bear Hace 10 días
I am an Indian who has never been to US and I see about racism in american TV series or films but didn't realise it was still in such a horrible state. I agree with Hassan as Asians living in US, being a minority, they should come ahead in fight against racism which US is plagued with.
MC TRÈSC'EST Hace 10 días
Violence is not the answer we the world 🌎 need to use our 🧠 ones and for all and get strategic positions and politics hit the books 📚 they can’t take my 💰 but never my knowledge 🤓
rajan jamwal
rajan jamwal Hace 10 días
Talk on india media u loser
NikTravels Hace 10 días
Lets never forget that George Floyd went to prison for holding a pregnant woman at gunpoint while his friends robbed her home. Good riddance.
Usama Niazi
Usama Niazi Hace 8 días
No one deserves to die for that.
Pascal Spicy P Siakam
Pascal Spicy P Siakam Hace 10 días
NikTravels he does not deserve to be murdered idiot
Claes Göran
Claes Göran Hace 11 días
I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say, “Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then [let him change it] with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart - and that is the weakest of faith.” [Muslim] mockery of Islam transgresses a certain level, that Allah(swt) sent specific verses to warn against such actions. Allah(swt) says: And if you ask them, they will surely say, "We were only conversing and playing." Say, "Is it Allah and His verses and His Messenger that you were mocking?" Make no excuse; you have disbelieved after your belief. If We pardon one faction of you - We will punish another faction because they were criminals.
d jack
d jack Hace 11 días
Ha ha , south Asians ARE BLACK, you just don't know it
morty2104 Hace 11 días
Black-on-black murders need attention instead of blaming ALL police for hate crimes.
Marc.b.Weed.extream Hace 11 días
jesus usa
Anoushka Klauzahn
Anoushka Klauzahn Hace 11 días
Fantastic Speech!
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