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Sullimon Yousuf
Sullimon Yousuf Hace 20 horas
I can understand the man. He’s speaking Farsi(a Persian language) and says because they’re afghans. They will automatically be blamed for the situation for being Muslim
Giovanni Heinemann
Giovanni Heinemann Hace un día
In Italy (where I’m from) there was a story of some people going to hospital because of that. It’s pepper spray!
Issac Tohme
Issac Tohme Hace 2 días
I was bear maced
Isaiah Edmond
Isaiah Edmond Hace 4 días
and he is drinking
Isaiah Edmond
Isaiah Edmond Hace 4 días
Anthony isn't even 21
Oscar Manzo
Oscar Manzo Hace 4 días
Brandon says the same thing every single god damn minute
Darwin Paul
Darwin Paul Hace 5 días
It was blake griffin.
STW-StaTicz Hace 6 días
Brandon a lil snitch🤣
Punjabi Haveli cooking channel
Punjabi Haveli cooking channel Hace 8 días
Tear gas
Cfig Raps
Cfig Raps Hace 12 días
Or pepper spray
Cfig Raps
Cfig Raps Hace 12 días
It was tear gas I know it
Mason Dixit
Mason Dixit Hace 15 días
He was Tryin to get rid of the thing cuz it was drugs lol
Gxmingcxrs _
Gxmingcxrs _ Hace 17 días
The blue thing is pepper spray
Ian Abad
Ian Abad Hace 17 días
It could be tear gas
Ground Rogue
Ground Rogue Hace 18 días
6:17 funniest part
xd fantastic
xd fantastic Hace 18 días
Guys it’s tear gas.
Kisha Boyland
Kisha Boyland Hace 21 un día
I think that is Pepped spray
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez Hace 21 un día
What if it was a homemade teargas
Muqeem 123
Muqeem 123 Hace 22 días
He is speaking Dari farsi
Melissa Lilly
Melissa Lilly Hace 22 días
6:50 .... same thing happens at my school I was with my friends in another class and we went to go have lunch but we were being evacuated because someone sprayed pepper spray and everyone was effected by it for about an hour or so
Nehemiah Reyes
Nehemiah Reyes Hace 22 días
00:53 what is the lady in the pink wearing
Jessica And friends
Jessica And friends Hace 18 días
Dark Ghost
Dark Ghost Hace 22 días
Booker you the best dog 🐶 🐕
Azat Gaming
Azat Gaming Hace 23 días
6:46 that pimple tho lmao
Landon Bombi51
Landon Bombi51 Hace 23 días
The old Anthony remember him
Realityy. Hace 23 días
2020 anyone??
Gaming With Seba
Gaming With Seba Hace 24 días
Who’s in Jan 2020
Larry legend Jefferson
Larry legend Jefferson Hace 24 días
Listen to blueface If you don’t want the smoke stop inhaling it
Mario Orozco
Mario Orozco Hace 24 días
What happened between Sherman and Diba?????
Rafael Molina
Rafael Molina Hace 26 días
That’s veep pen
joel olmos
joel olmos Hace 26 días
It is called drug ring search it up
jorge Ramirez
jorge Ramirez Hace 26 días
Dude I will take pepper spray It's homemade pepper spray
Repeat_your name
Repeat_your name Hace 28 días
That same thing happens to me at a different store
SUGFrankie Hace 29 días
A girl did that in our class but the teacher was the only one who reacted then she got daep
Manny Montez
Manny Montez Hace un mes
Anthony is: Thicker than a snicker, beach like a Chevy
Mari Sacramento
Mari Sacramento Hace un mes
Bella was so hot
Adair Creations
Adair Creations Hace un mes
That looks like a cart
Migdaly Montoya
Migdaly Montoya Hace un mes
Hope your ok
Migdaly Montoya
Migdaly Montoya Hace un mes
It was tear gas I know because of my brother knows all about that stuff
Josue Zelaya
Josue Zelaya Hace un mes
That thing that he sprayed it's pepper spray
Rosa Flores
Rosa Flores Hace un mes
If they didn't know what it was why would they buy it
hamza hamidi
hamza hamidi Hace un mes
8:48 the two people are speaking farsi
Travis Fletcher
Travis Fletcher Hace un mes
Yall really called the cops cuz of pepper spray
Linh Diep
Linh Diep Hace un mes
Linh Diep
Linh Diep Hace un mes
It’s tier gas
Adam Harling
Adam Harling Hace un mes
It might be tear gas
Areli Velazco
Areli Velazco Hace un mes
Brandonnnnnn stop talk a lot about the same thing over and over and over
Jordan S
Jordan S Hace un mes
If I was the one who got sprayed and started coughing I would have just left it’s that simple there is no point in making a scene
D1A2J_GAMING_ YT Hace un mes
What if they were fbi and undercover and started small on a test subject hmmmm or even the government and the ambulance was in on it
lollo Lol
lollo Lol Hace un mes
You would be able to tell if It was pepper spray . By the smell. The burning. Ect.
lollo Lol
lollo Lol Hace un mes
It definitely wasn’t pepper spray
lollo Lol
lollo Lol Hace un mes
Dude seriously!!!!!
Ignacio Gomez
Ignacio Gomez Hace un mes
Yeah it’s pepper spray I’m so dumb
Ignacio Gomez
Ignacio Gomez Hace un mes
I have that spray it’s a spray to protect you’re self you spray in peoples eye and it makes them react
Yo Tengo Amigos
Yo Tengo Amigos Hace un mes
Pepper spray.
Ares Quade
Ares Quade Hace un mes
It was mace
sfx_darkk _
sfx_darkk _ Hace un mes
Accidentally drops cake on booker
Hendrik Botha
Hendrik Botha Hace un mes
It was pepperspray gas
family Happy squad
family Happy squad Hace un mes
Dude your such a drama queen wores then the older ladys around you plus stop repeating yourself and you was not directly pepper sprayed if you was you would be crying like the lil b$*&# you really are lol you and your friend called the cops for that dumb shit what a waste of there Time when ther Is Real crimes being commited in San Diego but i Guess youll do anything for a video right?
moet223 Hace un mes
I am glad everybody’s safe
Mike Sanchez
Mike Sanchez Hace un mes
I know who that guy is in the red shirt he is my naBer
Lisbeth Gonzalez
Lisbeth Gonzalez Hace 2 meses
Hi L am a big fun
manny skatz
manny skatz Hace 2 meses
That was tear gas i think
frosty Hace 2 meses
It's tear gas dumb motha fers lied
myra1930 Hace 2 meses
If that was me and I found something like that in my bag I would of taken it to my nearest police station. I find their story hard to believe because if it was true they wouldn't of tried to leave
TTV_YOU_JUST _GOT Hace 2 meses
I’m rly ill rn I need rest but doesn’t stop me from watching u Ik this is an old vid I haven’t seen this one before
Belen Cortez
Belen Cortez Hace 2 meses
A grown ass man really walked into a restaurant and sprayed something he doesn’t even know is and then tried to act all clueless wtf !
Kriz jrmusic
Kriz jrmusic Hace 2 meses
I don't even have 300 a dog has 100k ah shit what does it do what do I do I sing write N produce music this dog just eat sleep bark N pose
Levi Cohen
Levi Cohen Hace 2 meses
Did anyone else think at first it looked like a vape😂
koolkalebs gaming
koolkalebs gaming Hace 2 meses
6:42 was the best moment of the video
Vale Yllada
Vale Yllada Hace 2 meses
10.17 i think it’s pepper spray u should be careful
edreessnoorvlogs noor
edreessnoorvlogs noor Hace 2 meses
what was that laugh 6:24
Sergio Calmo
Sergio Calmo Hace 2 meses
I've got pepper sprayed when I was 5
Mikee Hagen
Mikee Hagen Hace 2 meses
I think it was Bear Mas
topper Hace 2 meses
am i the only one that thinks that looks like a vape
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