WE ASKED 100 ... | MOST VIEWED & FUNNIEST ANSWERS ON Family Feud USA With Steve Harvey

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Bonus Round

Bonus Round

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Kristan Dominguez
Kristan Dominguez Hace 12 días
9:19 I am the wife of one fine peice of chocolate with a whole lot of muscles 10:36 well Steve, they call me the water man!! 12:06 *silent business voice*
Mayia Edits
Mayia Edits Hace un mes
She broke Steve
Dj Akademicks got caught lacking
Dj Akademicks got caught lacking Hace un mes
The best thing on television since ain't no sports
ThatKidNicoLay Hace un mes
Im here for harveys reactions
Corey Webster
Corey Webster Hace 14 días
Same here 😂😂
FAMER4 Hace 25 días
Steve's reactions are priceless
priyanka chowdary
priyanka chowdary Hace 26 días
Same here! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alex New
Alex New Hace un mes
MrJohnsonx3 Hace un mes
8:58 yall wrong for hoe'in Linda like that. Didn't even give her a chance
scar preadtor
scar preadtor Hace un mes
6:16 they should have put on the song I like big butts
Jim Hamberg
Jim Hamberg Hace un mes
.... cut off the money? My man. Most women mak their own money
MattyTdog Hace un mes
Piece of chocolate with muscles. Does that make me white chocolate
Joshua Porter
Joshua Porter Hace un mes
penis funny dinullling
Karan Patil
Karan Patil Hace un mes
aren't get mad, lose my mind. the same thing?
William Quinones
William Quinones Hace un mes
No but it can depend on situation
Nana Abena-Afriyie
Nana Abena-Afriyie Hace un mes
Steve ; name smth a man doesnt want unless its big Marlon : PENIS Me : WT?
Ihsan Halabjay
Ihsan Halabjay Hace un mes
9:40 best moment 😹🤣
Steve Newton
Steve Newton Hace un mes
I fkn love Family feud with Steve!!!!!!!!!!!
Christian Parrish
Christian Parrish Hace un mes
Hilarious, especially the first one.
Oliver Huaracha
Oliver Huaracha Hace un mes
When it gets to the African American families there going to be the funniest 😂
Stefan Popescu
Stefan Popescu Hace un mes
Was penis a good answer? =)))
viperdemonz jenkins
viperdemonz jenkins Hace un mes
was thinking please don't say penis on what a man does not want unless its big and dude says it.
John Harreld
John Harreld Hace un mes
it’s funny how when the white people came he rushed them but when the black people went he gave them time to wait and think
Quentin Wade
Quentin Wade Hace 29 días
Get off it Steve is one of the most non racist people in Hollywood.
Chynelle Litchmore
Chynelle Litchmore Hace un mes
Black power❤💪🏻
Tyler Trezak
Tyler Trezak Hace un mes
Both the guys just went "I'm not risking my life" "Nope same here"
Night shade
Night shade Hace 22 días
And he a soldier too! But he ain't no fool though! 🤣
marty mar
marty mar Hace un mes
marty mar
marty mar Hace un mes
I want to see the puppy that argue with the own÷rand also hid@ from her
Mario Mario
Mario Mario Hace un mes
Rin Jackson
Rin Jackson Hace un mes
8:28 - you're not going to show us what the #2 answer was? >_>
Steffany K
Steffany K Hace un mes
that's highway robbery
Peter Dick
Peter Dick Hace un mes
sadly no
周周俊 Hace un mes
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DeadTurret Hace un mes
I agree with you, but like, this is family feud. Why here of all places?
viperdemonz jenkins
viperdemonz jenkins Hace un mes
and that is the truth.
Tamisha Lee
Tamisha Lee Hace un mes
I watch Steve Harvey every day
BAAS T Hace un mes
Name something you don't want to have unless it's Big. A C.... Car 😂😂💪💪
Sports Fanatic
Sports Fanatic Hace un mes
As a sports fan, I've been watching family fued to get me through the time without no sports, and its hilarious.
FrenchRxses Hace un mes
That's what me and my family have been watching it at night and it funny lol. And i'm a sports that's my cope without hockey so i know how it feels.
Samuel Paxton
Samuel Paxton Hace un mes
Me too it's a competition
Nerd Toy Reviews
Nerd Toy Reviews Hace un mes
8:20 look its M'Baku
Jamaican Canadian
Jamaican Canadian Hace un mes
Lol it’s funny how they didn’t want to answer about dwarf and their wife lol
Quentin Wade
Quentin Wade Hace 29 días
They're smart dudes. Women can be vicious
Jamaican Canadian
Jamaican Canadian Hace un mes
Lol the p answer shocked poor Steve
Mary Shoemaker
Mary Shoemaker Hace un mes
Love you Mr. Harvey you are so funny and you make my day❤🤣❤
Wingman1977 Hace un mes
The penis. What a way to open up a video.
Kenneth Smotherman
Kenneth Smotherman Hace un mes
Your penis😂😂😂😂😂.
Super Angry Hedgehog / Mr Wristband / Daniel Taylor
Super Angry Hedgehog / Mr Wristband / Daniel Taylor Hace un mes
I watch Steve Harvey everyday
680 Games
680 Games Hace un mes
tale king
tale king Hace un mes
The Blue guy2005
The Blue guy2005 Hace un mes
That Annoying Seahawks Fan
That Annoying Seahawks Fan Hace un mes
RandomReality BronyFanatic
RandomReality BronyFanatic Hace un mes
Chaparro Ben
Chaparro Ben Hace un mes
680 Games
680 Games Hace un mes
Mario Mario
Mario Mario Hace un mes
@Eugene Thomas uses a horn
Eugene Thomas
Eugene Thomas Hace un mes
*throws a blue shell*
680 Games
680 Games Hace un mes
@Dat thic Sandwich then y did you reply if nobody cares you should have just passed it up lol😂
Dat thic Sandwich
Dat thic Sandwich Hace un mes
680 Games nobody gives af
I'm leaving YouTube.
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