Watch NASA and SpaceX make second attempt to launch astronauts to space

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Saturday now marks the first time in nearly a decade that American astronauts will launch into space from U.S. soil following the postponement of Wednesday’s launch due to weather concerns.
The mission is scheduled to send NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to space aboard the Crew Dragon capsule, designed by Tesla founder Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. The launch is taking place at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 12:22 p.m. PT/3:22 p.m. ET on Saturday, May 30.
Coverage will begin with pre-flight preparations at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET.If weather or other factors prevent the launch from happening again on Saturday as it is currently planned, SpaceX and NASA will push the launch to Sunday with a 60 percent chance of being able to begin the mission on that day.The spacecraft is intended to dock with the International Space Station.
As CNET reports, the Demo-2 mission is “part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, which involves two commercial spaceflight companies, SpaceX and Boeing, building and launching crew capsules designed to ferry astronauts to and from the ISS.”
If all goes to plan, the May 30 event will mark the first time SpaceX has launched humans into space.

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Space Facts Wax
Space Facts Wax Hace 28 días
Thank you for posting. I had the chance to witness a rocket launch in 2018. Amazing experience. I posted a pretty awesome clip of the experience to my page.
ArmyRob13 Hace un mes
Why does the video always cut off at the action points?
Claudi Ja
Claudi Ja Hace un mes
What would Stanley Kubrick think of this mouse at 3 hours 38 minutes and 50 seconds?
Claudi Ja
Claudi Ja Hace un mes
A MOUSE IN SPACE … right... at 3:38:50 seconds left picture near the flames LOOK
Haniel Merejo
Haniel Merejo Hace un mes
Gerardo P. Nieves
Gerardo P. Nieves Hace un mes
Hacia el minuto 3.38.51 en adelante de la transmisión se puede ver un ratón que sale en la base del cohete. Over de minute 3.39 of transmission, we can see a mice that is walking on the base of the rocket!!! its amazing. they send a mice to outer space!! to check out if everything its ok with the mission.
Gavin Johnson
Gavin Johnson Hace un mes
We've never been to space never will
pmgriphone Hace un mes
What is the piece of debris rolling over the top of the engine starting at 3:35:45? Foam?
Airoe_ltd Hace un mes
3:35:44 So does anyone see that squirrel or lizard or something on the back!?!? Right screen...
That1Chick Hace un mes
Made in Hollywood.
MarianaDiana Lejan
MarianaDiana Lejan Hace un mes
3:32:10 Countdown
Eliza Fernandes
Eliza Fernandes Hace un mes
Some good news in 2020. , good job
Joseph Herron
Joseph Herron Hace un mes
SpaceX is amazing. This just shows you what a private industry can accomplish when it's allowed to flourish.
Adnan Alqadi
Adnan Alqadi Hace un mes
Ooooh woooow, lol is it big?
Adnan Alqadi
Adnan Alqadi Hace un mes
Adnan Alqadi
Adnan Alqadi Hace un mes
Before you clap and drink beer celebrating the event, and before you pay 90% of your salary as taxes, watch this video
John Sigler
John Sigler Hace un mes
Yo wtf is that for a second at 3:30:13
Charity Changes Everything
Charity Changes Everything Hace un mes
They cut off the end where you can see a mouse running around on the back of the craft!
That1Chick Hace un mes
LMAO I know right!? So believable
M B Hace un mes
Meanwhile the descendants of Wakanda is making fireworks in most of the cities in America.
Pirates Fate
Pirates Fate Hace un mes
No cockpit vid of them live going into space? ALL BULLSHIT!!!
Experiencing Vietnam
Experiencing Vietnam Hace un mes
But guys Flat Earth.....?
Chris NoLastName
Chris NoLastName Hace un mes
We as a nation need more uniting events like this.
That1Chick Hace un mes
Don’t worry with all the BS, we’ll “all be together” in FEMA camps shortly lol
Nikki Hace un mes
1:05:34 has NASA finally mastered gravity manipulation????
HarleySpike Hace un mes
I'm not a flat earther, but the feed cutting off right as the first stage was about to land was shady AF. And I don't buy the vibration interrupting the feed as there are plenty of vids showing that thing landing when SpaceX was first trying to perfect it. And now it loses feed when it counts the most?! I maybe could by "in case something happens", but its not even the same view when it cuts back on. The first view before it landed was closer, in color, and clearer, when it came back on, the landing site was further away and in black and white....??
Sean McDevitt
Sean McDevitt Hace un mes
Hahahaha this is a joke
David Meade
David Meade Hace un mes
Those spacesuits looks absolutely horrible
Sam Rosendary
Sam Rosendary Hace un mes
I don’t but watching this makes me want to cry tears of joy ..
X ANDREW X Hace un mes
Would've loved to see some big mouthed hollywood liberal pukes like Rob Reiner stuffed in the trunk and dropped off midway..
Fox250R Hace un mes
My god Oregonlies, you really suck.
Lika Lika
Lika Lika Hace un mes
Look at 3:34:00 the ship starts to return to land. Open your eyes. Not to mention the mouse that passes through the "supposed" capsule. So cute
Lika Lika
Lika Lika Hace un mes
Very cool the Astronaut Mouse. kkkkk. You are hilarious and at the same time disrespectful to the world.
mjs1231 Hace un mes
Social media is pure trash controlled by greedy fanatics. I refuse to use any of them in their current form. STOP PROMOTING THEM.
redvirrus Hace un mes
Yeah but the earth is flat right..? Right...? 🌎
James G
James G Hace un mes
Aren't they on internal roads inside the secure part of Kennedy Space Centre? What possible threats could they face in the small drive between there and the pad on a secured road that requires a SWAT van and 6 police cars? Armed alligators or something
uyeit Hace un mes
“Flat earth”
andreas schaetze
andreas schaetze Hace un mes
3:45:00 Why the clouds (1.600 km/h) are quicker then the Dragon (27 km/s!!!)? And why the second stage is quicker then the clouds but still behind the Dragon? The view is in both cases backwards. Did I miss something?
chessicles99 Hace un mes
Dragon is just going up and to the left from the perspective of that camera, not down and to the right.
eew12 Hace un mes
I could've done without what was essentially a Trump campaign ad at the end of this, as if Donald Trump believes in any type of science. Give me a break.
fubar jenkins
fubar jenkins Hace un mes
Shes hot af
Brennhaugen Hace un mes
Dont care about Nasa or Elon Musk. Not impressed.
Al Edgar
Al Edgar Hace un mes
To see How all this could have been happened I suggest to watch this! It really moved me!
Oscar Portillo
Oscar Portillo Hace un mes
Zoë Heck
Zoë Heck Hace un mes
Where are all the satellites and stars?
Yakidon T Warren
Yakidon T Warren Hace un mes
Most of us came for 3:32:19
derek mattingly
derek mattingly Hace un mes
we did it
Twinkle Bean
Twinkle Bean Hace un mes
This is going to be one hella of a chapter or essay
Leah Sativa
Leah Sativa Hace un mes
God bless the world and space♥️
Jon La Montagne
Jon La Montagne Hace un mes
Holy lag did someone use AOL?
Soo Tong
Soo Tong Hace un mes
Space x
APPupied Hace un mes
Why is there a mouse in space...
wxb200 Hace un mes
Who is that?!?! She's beautiful!
John Gomez
John Gomez Hace un mes
@3:32:16 for Launch
The Hedgehog‘s Dilemma
The Hedgehog‘s Dilemma Hace un mes
And to think... so much of it... of how far we’ve come... all began with the courage of a small town in West Virginia back in the 1950s. Here’s a clip from the historical film based on the autobiography about it of the science project of a few school boys who inspired the nation when NASA was in its infancy and as a result went on to change the face of the space race and by extension the Cold War.
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy Hace un mes
Space race? Soviet won most of them, it is like a contest.
박연진 Hace un mes
한국인 손 korean
James Schmidlin
James Schmidlin Hace un mes
The USA is back in business. Congratulations to NASA, SpaceX and Musk, and POTUS Trump and his administration! Well done! Keep aiming for the stars and take us all along!
Flyer Elite
Flyer Elite Hace un mes
The excitement in her green eyes. Amazing. And he only held her hand half easy. What's up with that.
Blue Avian
Blue Avian Hace un mes
Can the flat earthers please explain this round spherical object in the background from the space shuttle after it launches?
Zoë Heck
Zoë Heck Hace un mes
Fish eye cam? It kept going back and forth from fisheye to flat
Rashid Idir El
Rashid Idir El Hace un mes
How tf it land back perfect af foh
Blue Avian
Blue Avian Hace un mes
Meanwhile the extraterrestrials are laughing at our prehistoric space crafts!
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy Hace un mes
Blue idiot
Luke Somers
Luke Somers Hace un mes
No matter how far forward into the future you go, this will still be in the historic era, because we are keeping track of history.
Jahnboza Hace un mes
People complaining about the camera quality. Like okay...let's see you take a video at 4,000 mph to 16,000 mph...
KARINA Constanzo
KARINA Constanzo Hace un mes
That’s awesome!
idk what to put here
idk what to put here Hace un mes
Jabez Pido
Jabez Pido Hace un mes
That's fucking rad
Elise taylor
Elise taylor Hace un mes
Did they edited this? 🧐 kinda look funny
The Shadow
The Shadow Hace un mes
@Elise taylor I'm in the Shadows yet STILL smarter and more educated than your dumb ass.
Elise taylor
Elise taylor Hace un mes
The Shadow take yo ass back to the shadow
The Shadow
The Shadow Hace un mes
Funny how? Know what just stfu.
Stephen harris
Stephen harris Hace un mes
It's pretty funny that the live view was lost when the first stage set down
The Shadow
The Shadow Hace un mes
It's not funny. The vibration ALWAYS knocks it out or disrupts when a fucking rocket engine is coming down
pearlmax Hace un mes
So bogus.
Knitting Pasta
Knitting Pasta Hace un mes
New space ship looks fly. Video quality worse than the 80s launch footage.
Korina42 Hace un mes
So Bob and Doug really took off, eh? Eh? Get it? 🤣 Hahahaha! I crack myself up. #GreatWhiteNorth
crazydubaddict Hace un mes
woah I see some space debris at 3:44:59 ! damn
lisa W
lisa W Hace un mes
So just as we are about to observe a most amazing feat of aerospace technology - landing a rocket as if backing it into a parking space on a listing unmanned drone ship in the middle of the ocean and they lose the video.
Loaded Compact
Loaded Compact Hace un mes
@lisa W Lol, I guess you don't know what turbulence and high winds can do to signals.. I swear people are so stupid.
lisa W
lisa W Hace un mes
They are right it doesn’t stop. The BS just keeps on coming
Ryder Spreadborough
Ryder Spreadborough Hace un mes
3:32:25 The Launch
Im Legit
Im Legit Hace un mes
They took the chance and escaped the pandemic
Cnite Vedi
Cnite Vedi Hace un mes
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