Warriors vs Lakers Full Game Highlights! 2019 NBA Preseason

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Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers Full Game Highlights! Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers October 14, 2019-20 NBA Preseason
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Gedamax Hace un día
cp3 on lakers....
super xxi
super xxi Hace 7 días
rmzke boy
rmzke boy Hace 24 días
gogogo lakers
sb studio99
sb studio99 Hace 24 días
Nice video
Hell Raizah
Hell Raizah Hace 24 días
dream team 2018 vs dream team 2019
Anthony Mcclain
Anthony Mcclain Hace 26 días
Damn my have the tables have turned, the golden girls were full of themselves thought they couldn't be touched , now the Lakers are feasting on them, lmao
Bc Dubb
Bc Dubb Hace 27 días
So AD,dwight,cousins,and mcgee damn lol
kulit qoh
kulit qoh Hace 27 días
Sana mag laro na si kuzma heheheh👌idol pwede mag tanong sayo
Terrance Wells
Terrance Wells Hace 27 días
Lakers looking nice fr
Munsters Kim
Munsters Kim Hace 28 días
Did i actually saw a white man? amazing diversity
insane dane
insane dane Hace 28 días
Fuck nba suck on chinas tit
Jacqueline Choong
Jacqueline Choong Hace 28 días
赌球的朋友加我 稳定带队 不中包赔 还送高额彩金ZTTZ868
The one
The one Hace 28 días
hella boring!
Bernard Murray
Bernard Murray Hace 28 días
Wow Dwight Howard round 2 with the Lakers DeMarcus Cousins 😱😱😱👊👊🤙🤙🤙
khenji bayron
khenji bayron Hace 28 días
taio taRIQ
taio taRIQ Hace 28 días
looking good and strong that what we need
The ScavengeR
The ScavengeR Hace 28 días
Championship: farewell warriors 👋
Bryan B
Bryan B Hace 28 días
We miss u KD 🤣
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander Hace 28 días
Why is Dwight Howard looking like a hobo?
John mark Buenavista
John mark Buenavista Hace 28 días
Curry still good shooter but lakers is a monter😍
ian flames
ian flames Hace 28 días
Howard is like a rodman play keep doing good lakers
El Grime
El Grime Hace 29 días
Let's Go Dwight! Let's get that Ring! 🏆🏀🔥🐐
Draw with Ro
Draw with Ro Hace 29 días
Speed art time lapse of my Digital Painting of Stephen Curry : eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-9qbbBaswM8Q.html
Rajim Wakefield
Rajim Wakefield Hace 29 días
Lakers needs a championship this year bro
Paul Baccay
Paul Baccay Hace 29 días
Wer kavion pippen...
Roger Head
Roger Head Hace 29 días
To be honest since KD left from GS who can mess with the Lakers. Lebron, AD, Dwight(around yo lip I'll add), and Cousins. Hope they all on the same page.
Bitch/ L
Bitch/ L Hace 29 días
8:34 thank me later 😂 dude got his knees broken
Stackz Dollarz
Stackz Dollarz Hace 29 días
Who else hoping for a Dwight Howard comeback this season? 👍
Kenneth Petovic
Kenneth Petovic Hace 29 días
Kenneth Petovic
Kenneth Petovic Hace 29 días
Jazzarome Hace 29 días
Who won?
rosan ghale
rosan ghale Hace 29 días
MCgee has really improved his game and footwork!!
Ethan Flintoft
Ethan Flintoft Hace 29 días
The second string playing with better chemistry than the starting five in my opinion. Hopefully AD and LBJ can figure out each other's games enough to gel together well.
rodney sample
rodney sample Hace 29 días
Caruso is the truth
Alfonso Castro
Alfonso Castro Hace 29 días
warriors looking like TRASH!!
Cyrah Ayson Baitos
Cyrah Ayson Baitos Hace 29 días
Bobbbyyy Booiii
Bobbbyyy Booiii Hace 29 días
Laker's starters werent even on the court in the 1st half and they were just toying with GS. Lakers getting a title. Dont. Fucking. @. Me.
The Freaky Robber
The Freaky Robber Hace 29 días
Norvell might be a hidden gem
Forged Skill
Forged Skill Hace 29 días
I heard Antetokounmpo and I thought to myself shit did I miss a trade or something
Jonathan Saxton
Jonathan Saxton Hace 25 días
SAME. And I'm lookin at dude like, that kinda looks like him too... a guy can dream though haha
kenny zhang
kenny zhang Hace 29 días
daniel mayer
daniel mayer Hace 29 días
Am I the only one who thinks d lo looks like a Wnba player that got lost in the wrong league.
Frank Hernandez
Frank Hernandez Hace 29 días
After LBJ, Caruso is my fav Laker to watch.
michael jimenez
michael jimenez Hace 29 días
lakers pre season : nice rotation..... all have playing time.... lakers season : no rotation...bron, ad,kuzma got al the playing time...
HD GAMING Hace 29 días
What happened to warriors man they can't even win a simple match, what happened to the team ,I know that there main player is transferred to another team , but u can't lose hope team , without your main player also u can play,show the world that u r the best,love u warriors
Vaida Vaida
Vaida Vaida Hace 29 días
1:34 its Thanasis Antetokounmpo?
Werkin Progress
Werkin Progress Hace 29 días
I feel badly for people that truly think the Lakers will wit a chip this year
I mean Gianns brother dunks just like him
Child's World
Child's World Hace 29 días
Hey hello, do you like the LEGO video? then look eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-nc7RBMt-R9Y.html
NBA Basketball Highlights TV
NBA Basketball Highlights TV Hace 29 días
Darwin Ceno
Darwin Ceno Hace 29 días
Wers da pens off cerry ?
Dan Customer
Dan Customer Hace 29 días
Who cares about comrade Kerr and comrade LeBron and their Chinese Masters ! F****** traitors to the United States ! Just like the majority of you traitors that live in California !
Riedon Born
Riedon Born Hace 29 días
Superman is coming back...
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page Hace 29 días
Tiny David Stockton waived and replaced by taller SPOT-UP SHOOTER, 6'5 Reggie Hearn. 😀😀😀 2nd Unit about to look like Dwight Howard's Orlando Magic NBA Finals team. Dwight Howard surrounded by 4 shooters.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page Hace 29 días
Quinn Cook 4 for 5 at 3-pointers in his 1st game as a Laker with 16 points. Starter at the 1-spot, Avery Bradley also 4 for 5 at 3-pointers with 18 points. #3 point guard Alex Caruso with his 3rd straight lackluster night with only 3 points. That summertime campaign for Alex Caruso to be a starter failed miserably.
Not Luca
Not Luca Hace 29 días
Coach better give Damion Lee rotation minutes this season. He has been great every time he steps on the court.
Vaughan power
Vaughan power Hace 29 días
Oh yeah boy...nothing but Lakers this year..oohhh yes.whoo.
Mike Cheema
Mike Cheema Hace 29 días
I’m better than everyone I’m getting drafted tonight
LEXUS GAVILO Hace 29 días
It's so Nice to See Kostas playing knowing that he'll be like his brother in the uocoming years
Pankz Flyheight
Pankz Flyheight Hace 29 días
that block on curry is a foul
Antuan Turner
Antuan Turner Hace 29 días
Im no laker fan but its good to see javale and howard doing good.
John carmelo tambalque
John carmelo tambalque Hace 29 días
If you enjoy basketball or nba like this 👇
MasterCamper Hace 29 días
We will miss you Jordan P
Crissan Tagnba
Crissan Tagnba Hace 29 días
This is funny lakers this team cannot play in playoffs this lebron need allien and superhero and powerpop girl to champion lebron is old ended career sleep in your hourse and relax ritired now
Albert Sah
Albert Sah Hace 29 días
I think warriors don't have big guys to defend for us 🤦🏿‍♂️
Joshua Reaper
Joshua Reaper Hace 29 días
steph currys threes 4:55 5:01 5:08
MYX TV Hace un mes
Go Lakers woohoo ohh yeah I think Los Angeles Lakers third or fourth place in Western 👇
david Williams
david Williams Hace un mes
6:20 😁😁 he said he got good ball movement pause
education654321 Hace un mes
Lakers look 💀 deadly lol.
education654321 Hace un mes
Why the hell did Warriors get rid of all their good players lol. McGee killing them
Chris Hace un mes
check your uploads dude. 2 minutes of time left to play, 8 points the difference, and the video ends. FAIL
Malou De Luzon
Malou De Luzon Hace un mes
No can't beat bkn
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