War | Official 4K Teaser | Hrithik Roshan | Tiger Shroff | Vaani Kapoor | Releasing 2 Oct

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Two heroes. One #WAR!
Presenting #HrithikRoshan VS #TigerShroff in #WarTeaser. Whose team are you on? #HrithikVsTiger #VaaniKapoor #SiddharthAnand
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🎬Movie Credits:
Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Vaani Kapoor
Director: Siddharth Anand
Producer: Aditya Chopra
Background Track: ‘Equalizer’ Master & Publishing: SPM Music
Release Date: 2 October 2019
#WarTeaser #YRFnewreleases #yrf

Hrithik RoshanTiger ShroffVaani KapoorWAR

Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar Hace 19 minutos
#dhoom3 ka pain mat dena...plzzz We are true fan's of yrf movies...
abul hasan
abul hasan Hace un hora
Can indian picture have better animation quality,no
pervez ahmed
pervez ahmed Hace un hora
Vaani Kapoor is female version uday chopra only seen in yrf films
Two biggest bollowed stars in a film. This is gonna be rock.✌️✌️
S R Kadarla
S R Kadarla Hace 2 horas
Stuntman Vs Complete Actor 😉😂😂
Jay Mehta
Jay Mehta Hace 3 horas
the alpha traveller
the alpha traveller Hace 3 horas
why does this remind me of Fast & Furious? 🤔🙄
Akshay Sharma
Akshay Sharma Hace 3 horas
Ek h maa k bache honge ye yash raj film mai ye h hota hai.. suspense 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Raj Naipal
Raj Naipal Hace 4 horas
Saaho on 30 august then war on 2 october Pure entertainment and excitement for action lovers 2019 will be a year where indian cinema will be on another level💯
Mayank Raj
Mayank Raj Hace 4 horas
Opening day ka record tute ga ki nhi.....if yes then hit like
My my Hritik and Tiger. What a deadly combo
All Men Solution ,By shubham,
All Men Solution ,By shubham, Hace 5 horas
this movie full copy by fast and the furious
Devadathan Baiju
Devadathan Baiju Hace 5 horas
മച്ചാനെ കട്ട വെയ്റ്റിംഗ് !!!!!from kerala...
Om Prakash Srivastava
Om Prakash Srivastava Hace 6 horas
Kya iss movie mai tiger and hritik bol nhi skte kya 😂😂
Rajendar singh
Rajendar singh Hace 6 horas
I am wetting for movie jaladi yaar
Sam Hace 6 horas
2 of the fittest guys in Bollywood industry
Ujjwal Kumar
Ujjwal Kumar Hace 7 horas
Dhoom3 wala seen h
Diamond Blaqk
Diamond Blaqk Hace 7 horas
Is the movie out???
Smit Bhavsar
Smit Bhavsar Hace 8 horas
At instragram 5 minute in 20 shows housefull for saaho
Smit Bhavsar
Smit Bhavsar Hace 8 horas
Saaho ka record nai tod payegi
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar Hace 8 horas
This treaser is superbbb
vikram chauhan
vikram chauhan Hace 9 horas
अब बच्चे भी हृतिक रोशन से वॉर करेंगे ?
Shawon Ambitious
Shawon Ambitious Hace 10 horas
Teaser 44 million. I can't presume how much Trailer will be.....🙃🙃🙃 Affection from bd...
manan boricha
manan boricha Hace 11 horas
Kuch jaldi ho saketo karna yar please me Tiger sir or hirtik sir ka bahot bada fan hu yar please.☺💐
Kiran Patil
Kiran Patil Hace 11 horas
tyrion lannister
tyrion lannister Hace 11 horas
Looking more promising then saaho
Wer Der
Wer Der Hace 11 horas
Trying to copy fast and furious
Lok Sab
Lok Sab Hace 11 horas
Vaaani Kapoor looks Abigail danger
ANMOL SINGH Hace 11 horas
2 October ko movie ayegi trailer itni jaldi kyu dikhate ho...sala wait nai hota🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rameshwar Satbhaye
Rameshwar Satbhaye Hace 12 horas
Subhankar Das
Subhankar Das Hace 12 horas
Release date
Nuwan Sanjeewa
Nuwan Sanjeewa Hace 13 horas
it may be super.
usaid Abdullah
usaid Abdullah Hace 13 horas
i am very exited trish move
I'm Hrithik Roshan ka fan
Tariq Ali
Tariq Ali Hace 14 horas
Nice mashalla
Kartikeya17 Munshi
Kartikeya17 Munshi Hace 14 horas
That background music at 0:43 Arghhhhhhh!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Apna Squad Gaming
Apna Squad Gaming Hace 14 horas
Best ever Of Hrithik .....Jeher bhai sab
goosebumps Hace 14 horas
Hrithik is looking deadly killer...it will be must watch movie 😯😯😯
Akram Ansari
Akram Ansari Hace 15 horas
Blockbuster movie h 2019 biggest blockbuster hogi
Kampelli Villan
Kampelli Villan Hace 15 horas
Hrithik super
Subhasish Bagdi
Subhasish Bagdi Hace 15 horas
Phir se ullu banyega 😂😂😂😂
Rupam Roy
Rupam Roy Hace 15 horas
Of course! Hr sir
Himanshu Rawat
Himanshu Rawat Hace 16 horas
2 October war movie will release Gandhi hi will be like mujhe mat bhool Jana🤣🤣🤣
Bhika Sing
Bhika Sing Hace 16 horas
laddu chary
laddu chary Hace 16 horas
Oct 2 both war and syee ra rekeased.the syee ra definitely give good compition to war on bollywood.but in South India there is no competition.only syee ra.
Mamta Rathore
Mamta Rathore Hace 16 horas
Aanand Kumar in action
Ashish Gaur
Ashish Gaur Hace 17 horas
Plz #hrithik sir we wanttou in #dhoom 4 !!!! you want Hrithik in #dhoom4 ??
Durgesh Tyagi
Durgesh Tyagi Hace 17 horas
Bahubali ke saamne aaoge ,😂😂
Pranshu Ningwal
Pranshu Ningwal Hace 17 horas
That Sara Ali khan add 😍😍😎
prashant khadka
prashant khadka Hace 19 horas
Guys who are eagerly waiting for war teaser to hit 1M likes in youtube 😎💪
The Hopper
The Hopper Hace 20 horas
fast n furious ki copy 😂
Liza Welling
Liza Welling Hace 20 horas
Why is YRF shoving Vaani Kapoor at us the only work she is getting is by YRF!!
prakash mulakalapalli
prakash mulakalapalli Hace un día
Syeraa vs WAR who wins?
Manas Bansal
Manas Bansal Hace un día
Gandhi: "Am I a Joke to You?"
viraj mehrotra
viraj mehrotra Hace un día
This movie will have no story and just outlandish stunts! I bet after half an hour into the movie, you will feel that you are watching a circus not a movie!
Na Mu
Na Mu Hace un día
Pack up guyzzzz.... Amitabs syera enter the game!!!
Durgaprasad M
Durgaprasad M Hace 5 horas
Sye raa Block buster
Pandu Manne
Pandu Manne Hace 19 horas
Na Mu yeah.. #Syeta teaser 💥💥💥
Be Mysterious
Be Mysterious Hace un día
WTF AT 0.12
achik boy Momin
achik boy Momin Hace un día
Ahinsa k sant ki birthday pe hinsa 😂Sharam Karo 😀
tirth dudhwala
tirth dudhwala Hace un día
Real ha kya
shreya arora
shreya arora Hace un día
10 stars ☺☺☺my favourite actor Tiger shroff
Nisha Singh
Nisha Singh Hace un día
Ye saala tiger har achhi movie ko tatti banane mein laga hua hai . They should've taken Siddharth Malhotra . Competition takkar ki hoti.
Abinash Mishra
Abinash Mishra Hace un día
I think it's a copy of Hollywood movie war
Archana Patel
Archana Patel Hace un día
sreeraj. design
sreeraj. design Hace un día
Who is best Hrithik Roshan 👇👇👇like Rebel Star Prabhas 💬💬comments
Shivang Singh
Shivang Singh Hace un día
I want ae mere dil tu gaaye ja remix and HR dance please 🙏🏽
StaR kun
StaR kun Hace un día
hirithik moves are aweome then tiger
purva jaal
purva jaal Hace un día
Super duper blockbastar movie
Putty Ankit Kumar official
Putty Ankit Kumar official Hace un día
The trailer and the background music says.. The power and the... Superdupper hitss... Conformed... Best of luck... To both superstarr. 😉😍
DesiCrème Hace un día
Lo ji yeh waali fast & furious ki sasti copy..
Dixit Vadhiya
Dixit Vadhiya Hace un día
Teaser asa Ha to pata nahi trailer kasa hoga 2 October ko pakka dhamaka hona Vala Ha
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