Wake up Call

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Rittz - Topic

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Wake up Call · Rittz · Twista · Yelawolf · Jonathan McCollum · Gerek Marcin · Welka Bartosz Jakub · Michael Wayne Atha · Carl Terrell Mitchell
Wake up Call
℗ CNT Records
Released on: 2019-11-08
Producer: soSpecial Beats
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RittzTwistaYelawolfJonathan McCollum

Skytronix Hace 22 horas
Setting this as my alarm clock
StonerFromThe618 Hace un día
bruh this mf beats, my rx550 cant handle them lows lol
Dat Wonguy
Dat Wonguy Hace 4 días
Dam. This is a problematic situation waiting to be unleashed.
dawn nite
dawn nite Hace 6 días
The rap God is on its throne
Mother fuckers
Matthew Sharp
Matthew Sharp Hace 7 días
woooooha BIG ROCKS ON MY FINGERS LIKE THANOS!!! boi is fire!!!
Devin BigBooth
Devin BigBooth Hace 7 días
Rittz is Top of The Line!!!
Simeon Akpik
Simeon Akpik Hace 7 días
Music industry alarm clock don't work, they won't wake up to this.
Bobbie Martinez
Bobbie Martinez Hace 8 días
J1inabillion Hace 8 días
How many people keep repeating twista verse 😎
Dakota Buse
Dakota Buse Hace 9 días
So yo this is me goin str8 out with this an me being real n str8 up out of what I get and feel from the whole track besides it being a bad ass banger and a all 3 legends and masters of their own crafts and greatness they put out and have so much meaning and intention of being a calling or messaging ones demeanor and deprivation of ones character for the reason of their personal thoughts or spirit working as a comeback or there was confusion or misunderstanding leading to three being offended and I will take the Bold chance and go ahead and risk this for I know that this sounds crazy or taking a chance putting it out there for what other than my conscience not that I'm crazy or paranoid thinking that the world's against me or I am somebody that importance it'll be and there song but the Wake Up Call was something very self felt and heart welt there are feel as if it were four or somehow it underlines or is talkin to me or who I am when I'm in my thoughts or me indeed thinking my head causes me all kinds of spiritual Reckoning or things that I am not at the place of understanding or being able to explain what take from what I hear or really feel and take and relation to or something and the music speaking to me very much moving touching my spirit moving my mind or my body to feel that my soul is or shall I say something trying to make me want to know what's really going on and what shall I go is say without sounding like a nut or lost in my perception before I recognize and take time to try and try to determine what is going on for my reality actuality he put forth into now all that I know is I'm not crazy for I feel what I feel and speak it or put this out there for it's real for the feeling felt is what is felt From the track heard over and over put into thoughts or a web of my understanding am I crazy? I support and stand behind all three grapes and have been inspired by all three with my love passion for music and rap or the way of how I want to B her or put out my music or tell my pain in my story through music and other things learned as lessons hoping that I can be A+ role model or change the world or be able to help someone or speak in Waze I'm a role models sense of being dealing with life's lessons and battles if someone is going through or having issues with what I have passed can be Enlightenment or help through this industry or dog eat dog Warner feed off fame or money the flashy cars and glamour of the mainstream and fasaud of how being an artist or becoming heard around the world or getting known around the world isn't easy or something you can just do or be able to do with out pain heart passion committed determined confidence diligence patience acceptance personality originality style blood sweat and tears with ability to take criticism or being driven by demands or going against who doesn't believe ot feel your ready or telling you k bnj ow you cant or not ready for being able to handle self under pressure and take control and earn a spot in the industry or speak in power truth and leadership or touch the listeners souls or hit the notes or through hearts with lyrics of uplifting and inspiring and truth that isn't being put out exposed for what's covered up or ignored because of authority with intimidation with poc and fear u cant do or speak about it or things will be come the worst or torturement of ones will to the one who is me WILL IAM DAKOTA SCOTT BUSE & I WILL DO MY DAMNDEST AND GO FOR MY DREAMS AND WORLDS BEING A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER FOR THE GREATER GOOD AN GODLY MOVEN IS WHAT I AM TO BE PUT AS MY LIFES LIVING LOVING AND SHARING MESSAGE OR MOVEMENT TO BE GIVEN AND RECEIVING THE WORDS OR BLESSING ON LESSONS COMING THROUGH SPIRIT GIVEN OR SOME THROUGH THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST WORKING ITS POWER AND WAY OF LIFE N RIGHTEOUSNESS THROUGH MY FAITH, RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR FATHER GOD. TESTIMONY WITNESSED AND WORKS WORKED UNTO ME AS MY JOB GIVEN UNTO ME FROM GOD A BE THE PROPHET I AM IN A SENSE TO USE MY MOUTH TO BE HEARD BY EARS AND SPREAD GOSPEL AND WORD THROUGH CHRIST IN HEAVEN WE ARE SAVED AND WILL BE IN HEAVEN WHEN IT COMES BY HIS CHOOSEN DAY OF WRATH AND WILL COME FOR HIS CHRISTIANS WHO HAVE ASKED OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST SON OF GOD, TO COME INTO OUR HEARTS AND FORGIVE US FOR OUR SINS AND CLEANSE US WITH BLOOD OF THE SACRIFICE OF CHRIST AND BE PUT IN THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE TO BE in HEAVEN FOR ALL ETERNITY GIVEN THE BLESSINGS GIVEN FOR ACCEPTING THE LORD AS YOUT PERSONAL SAVIOR,---@,
Logan Adams
Logan Adams Hace 10 días
i challenge anybody!!! to put the lyrics to this down ..
No Name
No Name Hace 10 días
"gave it a listen now it's on your playlist." I'm like..🤨
Oregrown420 Hace 11 días
Twista in another dimension 😳
Avery Veber
Avery Veber Hace 11 días
Slumafia shit 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
fernando junkeiro Junkeiro
fernando junkeiro Junkeiro Hace 11 días
Oh shit twista did it again
Jeffrey Lyons
Jeffrey Lyons Hace 12 días
twista fuckin came in and murdered this beat!!!!
Ftw Nil
Ftw Nil Hace 12 días
Wake up
Lee Parris
Lee Parris Hace 12 días
Just left the ER the CAT scan says I didn't break my neck just a sprain
Shawn Hughs
Shawn Hughs Hace 13 días
Man whoever did the mixing and mastering is amazing its so clear and ledgible. 3 of the best in the game right here. Keep bringing the heat
I had to get rid of the old me to become an O.G 🔥 🔥.
Evangel Hace 14 días
"if i rap fast, i'm good" man no wonder this genre is overinflated y'all think anything hard huh?😂😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
look up
look up Hace 14 días
mission accepted
Jimmy Thrash
Jimmy Thrash Hace 14 días
The King of Gc this song serious 💪💪 💪🤟🤟👌🤞😠 😠✊ ✊
Wendy Darling
Wendy Darling Hace 14 días
Twista 💕💯💘 Takes the 👑 on this one, you guys learn something from the ⭐King⭐💋💘💕
Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson Hace 14 días
After I saw twista at a festival. I lost all respect for him. Yeah he's been about for decades. Still ain't no reason to treat fans like shit.
Norman Coleman
Norman Coleman Hace 14 días
GOT DAMNNN RITZ. My mutha fuka
Jlxm Hace 15 días
All it would take to make his career is a verse from Logic.. or Eminem (Em probs the only white rapper to be able to rhyme as fast tho)
imtheonlytye Hace 16 días
yoooo Twista WENT HARD ON THIS
UnderGroundBooking UGB
UnderGroundBooking UGB Hace 16 días
TheBeelzboss Hace 16 días
Twista really fixes the song after that bad Yel verse
Tin Tizzy
Tin Tizzy Hace 15 días
yea sucks yela always gotta try to be different instead of just chopping like he should
Adam Schmidt
Adam Schmidt Hace 16 días
Dude. There is no one that can even touch you bro
John d
John d Hace 16 días
Ritz and Yelawolf need to do a whole album together
Nozge Hace 16 días
So glad to hear Catfish and White Jesus on the same track again straight fireeeee SLUMERICAN CNT
Bradely Dowling
Bradely Dowling Hace 16 días
Rittz better than ever
O.D. Hace 16 días
Damn, I could listen to a catalog of Rittz and Twista all day long. They should do a whole collabo album together.
Musicman34 Hace 16 días
Dustin Fidge
Dustin Fidge Hace 16 días
Much love CNT & Slumerican, but I gotta give it to Twista.
Gamer Deal
Gamer Deal Hace 16 días
[Verse 1- Rittz] R-R-R-R-I-Double T Z C N T is the game, never change from the fame I got Try to stand out around me gonna need to have a Shae Boha with the rainbow dot And some baseball socks and a (?) top, Drip drip drippin' like a paintball shot Diamonds on my neck please [?] clasp still latch but the chain went POP! Fuck a lady cop, Jonas, brothers Fuck the rap game raw, don't wear, rubbers Don't care, what is, considered in style now Lookin' like you in and out of homeless, shelters And I'm on time, Jonny Amazon Prime Like a fat bitch cannonball dive And it made waves in a pool, wishin' I'd drown Fuck you and the rappers you consider top five Cause they name's not mine, that's fine In time I become your favorite, underrated One you hated cause you made a sudden change And gave it a listen now I'm always on your playlist You ain't armed and dangerous, we ain't scared at all Little homie you ain't [?] Shouldn't even be a lot for you to wear [?] I got bread like fresh croissants, and Paris, France A Renaissance man My lid don't fit the sauce pan (?) These MC's so soft, they singin' Whatcha thinkin, you got a god damn goth band [?] down to shake a pedal lookin' stupid hard You keep a name, let's abuse it boy I'll run up on you in the zoomies store You hit snooze too long [Chorus- Rittz] Tryna sleep on me, here's a wake up call It's time for you to get a wake up call You done called me underrated for way too long It's time for you to get a wake up call Scared to get me on a feature cause I'm way too hard It's time for you to get a wake up call Gotcha fingernails now, puttin' make up on Man the game got soft, here's a wake up call, tell 'em Wake up, wake up, wake up Somebody better tell 'em Wake up, wake up, wake up Somebody better tell 'em Wake up, wake up, wake up Somebody better tell 'em It's time for you to a get a wake up call ye-yeah [Verse 2- Yelawolf] I'm skippin' over cracks in the sidewalk, I'm a hypochondriac So sick that I had to put 4 quarters in the slot of a laundromat Pour chlorox and the floor pops, I'm sorry I fucked up the carpet But I had to get rid of the old me to become an OG, I disposed of the carcass MWA, motherfuckers an old box, chevy's bumpin' me Sippin' on creekwater, with a rolled christmas tree in a sunken sea In the gutter where the junkies be Me and my mother got fuckin' peeved Married to the system yeah, give the devil his custody That's a hot pink pentagram I'm Catfish Billy, bitch Took the sun of God on a lightning rod to awaken my crip Slumerican red, for the walkin' dead With a buckshot in my script Til the clock no longer ticks, tick, tick, tick, ugh Ghetto cowboy, [?] Pull up on the block with the fuckin' nine more Choppin' blades, moppin' tours Made a boss, not employed Drippin' sauce, attaboy Look at him rob?, not annoyed Diary of a slum god, that's opiate Taylored product boy [Chorus- Rittz] Tryna sleep on me, here's a wake up call It's time for you to get a wake up call You done called me underrated for way too long It's time for you to get a wake up call Scared to get me on a feature cause I'm way too hard It's time for you to get a wake up call Gotcha fingernails now, puttin' make up on Man the game got soft, here's a wake up call, tell 'em Wake up, wake up, wake up Somebody better tell 'em Wake up, wake up, wake up Somebody better tell 'em Wake up, wake up, wake up Somebody better tell 'em It's time for you to a get a wake up call ye-yeah [Verse 3 - Twista] When you checkin' out the subject and the predicate Etiquette of a nigga, better get out of my way, I'm a Veteran, you can never get ahead of it, let him inside Of my cage, I kill ‘em, I'm an elephant, I'm better than Whoever that want to be makin' a mockery of In order for me to let you live, it gotta be love Shake ‘em for takin' me ‘cause I be fillin' the vacancy Of a cemetery with the many bodies in blood Like Kato, must chop Big rocks on the fingers like Thanos And if you ask who wanna get it with the T, I bet you seein' a Room full of niggas you couldn't say most! I got a life you could put up inside of a book! And when I ride I'mma come with the style of a crook! You ain't gon' never be able to get one of these And the way I spit it be leavin' ‘em niggas shook! The story is gory, orientated to rhyme Victorious wars, I made it into another reality Instead of the horror that waited inside of the Mind of a shorty, invaded with another kinda Perception of life! I came out of it and I'm Attackin' the rhythm with a vengeance! Smackin' ‘em with every sentence! I'm on a pedestal and it's inevitable, I be the bidness! When you checkin' out the style, it's wild, it's brolic! Listen to the pound, its sound is sonic! When you hear me say nobody comin' this hard, you ain't Knowin' nobody that been around this honest! Look at Twist, he the shit, kill an enemy Dead with what he kick, knowin' they must fall! Look at Rittz when he spit, spill an enemy Guts like grits, it's a Wake Up Call! [Hook] Tryna sleep on me, here's a wake up call It's time for you to get a wake up call You done called me underrated for way too long It's time for you to get a wake up call Scared to get me on a feature cause I'm way too hard It's time for you to get a wake up call Gotcha fingernails now, puttin' make up on Man the game got soft, here's a wake up call, tell 'em Wake up, wake up, wake up Somebody better tell 'em Wake up, wake up, wake up Somebody better tell 'em Wake up, wake up, wake up Somebody better tell 'em It's time for you to a get a wake up call ye-yeah Lyrics from phonelyrics.com
ElMucho DingDong
ElMucho DingDong Hace 17 días
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 didn't expect anything less man never disappointed
DirtyD702 Hace 17 días
Twista killed that shit
DirtyD702 Hace 17 días
Carson Jacob
Carson Jacob Hace 18 días
Just got out of jail a few days ago. This song was more of a wake up call than a little 60 day stretch. Thanks rittz. Regardless if I got a guilty conscience towards some of your lyrics or my past I just take it as a wake up call.
DaMyris Carlton
DaMyris Carlton Hace 19 días
Rittz went crazy😅
Dale Nikander
Dale Nikander Hace 20 días
Damn that’s 🔥 🔥 🔥 good shit rittz wolf and twista hot damn
Jr Czysz
Jr Czysz Hace 20 días
Hook is soo good
Booger Herrera
Booger Herrera Hace 20 días
Tookie that cookie lookin real spooookie who he
Jose Maldonado
Jose Maldonado Hace 21 un día
You’re the goat my dude
Orlando Pergamo
Orlando Pergamo Hace 21 un día
I'm getting stupid! It's the only song I listened this week, it's on repeat forever WTF 🔥
Tell Me Something
Tell Me Something Hace 21 un día
juggalotus8900 Hace 21 un día
My God I'm glad Rittz exists as a rapper as well as everyone in the track.
221ddj Hace 21 un día
I wonder who are the limp dicks that disliked this joint. These 3 killed it...Twista just did it with all head shots.
Creep Ster
Creep Ster Hace 21 un día
RITZ is pimp. 100% CREEP.
Ryan Franky
Ryan Franky Hace 21 un día
oh shit...i just heard something.. JL B. HOOD sounds like TWISTA!...wow
Ryan Franky
Ryan Franky Hace 21 un día
Ryan Franky
Ryan Franky Hace 21 un día
Oh... Thanks for sending me this Rittz...shit is FIRE!
Juicer Hace 21 un día
300k views. Maybe he should dye his hair purple and mumble rap about lean. rap is doomed.
Mr. Freshman
Mr. Freshman Hace 20 días
No way that's a ton of views
Slaughter Them
Slaughter Them Hace 21 un día
Only a select few artists continue to get better with each and every release Rittz you are one hundred percent one of them.
XLR8 the rapper
XLR8 the rapper Hace 22 días
White Jesus fucking Christ Rittz is a fucking surgeon with his lyrics!!
Brandon Lockridge
Brandon Lockridge Hace 22 días
Dude after not hearing from Yela and Rittz in awhile it’s good to see y’all still kill shit exactly like I remember.
It's what You make it
It's what You make it Hace 22 días
Boondox Saints. That vest, member berries, lol
aaron horton
aaron horton Hace 22 días
🔥Af Rittz and yela always kill shit and twista been top tier for Years!!! Legendary shit!!!
Switchellmobb Hace 22 días
Love Yelawolf but was really disappointed with his verse.
Collab Rehab
Collab Rehab Hace 22 días
Need a video of this!!!
Mr. Freshman
Mr. Freshman Hace 22 días
the lyrics for this just came out on genius!!! This song is literally genius!!
Ronnie Myrick
Ronnie Myrick Hace 22 días
Twista is 45 years old and hasnt lost a step yet. What a legend.
Franchise Da Cowboy
Franchise Da Cowboy Hace 22 días
Heeeeesssss baaaaacccccckk its rittz bitch
Baraa Zaghmout
Baraa Zaghmout Hace 23 días
Man, this is fire as hell!!! better than most rappers out there for sure
maurice garland
maurice garland Hace 23 días
This song is fuggin awesome
Hollow Man
Hollow Man Hace 17 días
Up church haha 🤘
SchwiftyE30 Hace 23 días
Fuckin embarrassing for every rapper on the radio and any so called hip hop enthusiast. No chopping=no talent unless you elucidating something real.
Bryan Sweat
Bryan Sweat Hace 23 días
They never left O.K.G
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