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What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

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A Hispanic couple is out to lunch. When they have a hard time speaking English while placing their order, the waitress grows frustrated and insists that they order in English. What will people do?
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What would you do when you think no one is watching? What Would You Do? (WWYD?) explores the varying answers with the help of hidden cameras capturing individuals who have been placed within seemingly everyday situation that quickly go ary. The individuals on this hidden camera show are forced to make tough calls when directly faced with situations of racism, violence, hate crimes, and other hot button cultural issues. Catch John Quinones reporting on these individuals as they make split-second decisions to intervene or mind their own business. WWYD? airs Friday nights at 9|8c on ABC.
What Would You Do? (WWYD) is a hidden camera show, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quinones, in which unknowing bystanders are placed in uncomfortable, and often compromising real world scenarios in public. WWYD’s hidden cameras focus on the average person’s responses and reactions to these issues of social responsibility. Topics such as gay couples being affectionate in public, date rape, racism and racial profiling, interracial couples, abusive parents, drunk driving, and harassment of the homeless are touched upon in this series. What will you do? Would you choose to intervene in these situations? Watch and join the discussion.

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Heisenberg White
Heisenberg White Hace 6 horas
Reminds me of Philipines when you can't speak proper English over there people would make fun of you, it's not even their native language.. Ignorance is remarkable on those islands
Eric Kutepow
Eric Kutepow Hace 9 horas
The problem with this show is that it totally misrepresents reality. A waitress cares more about tips then politics.
Sean Vafa
Sean Vafa Hace 18 horas
That's why I voted for Trump so we can build a wall
name surname
name surname Hace un día
Proud of having Spanish as a mother tongue.
Ms Vonda
Ms Vonda Hace un día
The old racist cpl is clinging to antiquated ideals and perceptions that individuals w melanin are beneath/lesser than them. Dry up and die⚰
박지원 Hace un día
2:12 i hate how most people will just think because someone is speaking spanish (looks hispanic bc they are) theyre mexican (irl, not in this show, ik theyre actors) Im mexican but, that isnt the only place that speaks spanish.
Pee pee Gang
Pee pee Gang Hace 2 días
That last girl had a huge point. America was found by accident and from immigration by Europe. So should we all go back to Europe?
Adrian_the_weebo Hace 2 días
America doesn’t have a language. America never had a language. America was actually founded by English men but people like the Spanish and took over a lot of land for a very long time.
Aka GRILLO Hace 2 días
I think he should be President
Zxzi Hace 2 días
The real question is if they can't speak English how did they read the menu
Ivan Cortez
Ivan Cortez Hace 3 días
The first man is my kind of people great job sir this world would be a better place with kind acts like that
w d y m?
w d y m? Hace 3 días
That old lady is fucking dumb and got my fucking mad.
w d y m?
w d y m? Hace 3 días
"United" States of America
Kirby Brown
Kirby Brown Hace 3 días
If u *live* in a country where most of the people talk a certain language then you haft to learn the language you won’t be able to talk to anyone without learning the language. If you are still in the process of learning then point to what you want, and yeah it is a bit suspicious that someone is a American citizen and has lived in America for years but still doesn’t know enough English to say one sentence.
PaigearieSmiles Hace 3 días
So, I am a waitress. And I don't care what language you speak, I just feel really guilty because of that language barrier and Idk what they want to order. I'm trying to learn some Spanish, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to understand and take orders from people who speak different languages or have very thick accents? I hate having to make them repeat themselves because I know it can be frustrating.
Evelyn Wilson
Evelyn Wilson Hace 3 días
I swear that woman said that foreigners pretend they can't speak English to take American citizens money Fuck that
not you
not you Hace 4 días
Damn that 1st old man got some swag😉😋
Ben dover
Ben dover Hace 4 días
I like how traci goes up to the people that agrees with her and make sure she gets everything they say 💀
Abir Almoznino
Abir Almoznino Hace 4 días
How can she serve them if she can’t understand them
Zxzi Hace 2 días
The experiment is about how she treats them In real life if the person is speaking Spanish or French the chance is someone around there can translate but if not they can point to the menu or use a translater
M G Hace 4 días
I’m proud to speak Spanish and have Hispanic parents.
O L O Hace 5 días
They can be tourists
Toony Kyn
Toony Kyn Hace 5 días
I don’t like the man in the orange shirt he’s rude and the lady aswell she said you just shift them money and they know how to count for me that is very rude and disrespectful. Speaking English when your Mexican is quite hard it’s like speaking English and trying to learn Japanese. Please don’t comment hate this is my opinion and if you have an opinion of my opinion thats fine I’ll respect it the same way you should respect mine.and yes im Mexican so please do not come at me😂
Sabia S
Sabia S Hace 5 días
“They have no problem working here... taking our money.” What, are they supposed to work for free? Does this hoe know that slavery ain’t legal anymore? People work for money, ma’am.
kitty mom
kitty mom Hace 5 días
I just don't get why anyone gives a fuck if ppl are speaking another language. If ur worried ppl will talk shit on you (which happens), learn the language! And remember, ppl gonna talk shit no matter what language lmao
Chrissi Kirkland
Chrissi Kirkland Hace 5 días
Really tired of people complaining about the actress and her "they should stop speaking Mexican" or "Because only Mexicans speak spanish"-attitude. She is an ACTRESS, she is SUPPOSED to act ignorant! Is that so hard to understand?
Cristian Garcia
Cristian Garcia Hace 6 días
For that old couple: try learning Spanish see how hard it is
Guadalupe Barajas
Guadalupe Barajas Hace 6 días
This very sad how Mexicans are treated
Laura Montgomery
Laura Montgomery Hace 6 días
English is an incredibly hard language to learn. If it wasn’t my first language I’m not sure if I would’ve able to do it. I would like to work on my Spanish speaking, I know some words but not nearly enough.
Foxshine Animations
Foxshine Animations Hace 6 días
chumama31 Hace 7 días
I had a worker at a grocery store act like she did not know any english... but really she did she didnt want to help me I was askn for Menudo season... at the end of my shopping i went to show her what i was askn about they do play like know no English! Smgdh!
Lance Goodthrust
Lance Goodthrust Hace 7 días
I don't know, that waitress was turning me on with racist talk.
Armando Jose
Armando Jose Hace 7 días
Tbh I think If ur moving to a country at least you should try to learn the language,in France French,Italy Italian and etc... but it’s fine if ur moving and ur learning but there are ppl who can live more than 2 years in a country and still don’t learn the language
Brenda Fernandez
Brenda Fernandez Hace 7 días
woooow stupid 7/11 worker
Adrian Rox
Adrian Rox Hace 8 días
Them: This isn't Mexico, this is America! Me: This isn't America, this is the United States of America. America is a continent you dumb cow. (By the way, no offense to Americans)
Caleb Melton
Caleb Melton Hace 8 días
I have no problem with them speaking Spanish but America is the only country where we are expected to know someone elses language, I don’t go to China and expect people there to learn English just for my sake
Yessenia Ordonez
Yessenia Ordonez Hace 10 días
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Hace 10 días
It disgusts me that people were on the waitress's side. Just because English is the common language in America doesn't mean, all the people have to speak English. This is a country of immigrants, culture, and diversity. We speak all different languages. This kind of action was very racist and highly disrespectful. Would you say, "Speak English" to people speaking Arabic. I like this show because it teaches people to be respectful and to be kind to others and gives them life lessons.
A J Hace 10 días
There's no official language in America
Dutta Ruhun
Dutta Ruhun Hace 10 días
Listen America Every year millions of people visit this country as tourists so if u hear someone saying a foreign language most likely they aren't here to stay lol
Bharati Sawant
Bharati Sawant Hace 10 días
They say you need to learn English to be in America , how many of you ppl know Native American languages ? Oh u don't ? How can u come in this country n not speak it's language ?
Joshua Perez
Joshua Perez Hace 11 días
That waitress and people who are like that are sick in the head. Puerto Rico is a United States Territory and Puerto Ricans are the kind of Americans that speak Spanish. And some States was a colony of Spain. All Americans for generations should've grown up learning both English and Spanish and we should all be fluent in both and as a matter of fact we should all be fluent in French as well.
Steven Peng
Steven Peng Hace 11 días
Most racists speak only one language, but why they still traveling around the world? Can I say go back to your country and learn some foreign language to them?
N4N0 G1RL Hace 11 días
English isn’t just America ‘s language , we are diverse and should respect others people’s culture and languages as they move to this country to get a fresh start.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Hace 11 días
Ironic seeing how 1. A lot of southern cities have spanish names. 2. Millions of Americans speak spanish as a first language
Amanda Barlow
Amanda Barlow Hace 12 días
My fucking god. Let people be who they are and speak however they want to in whatever language they want to. Why do we care??? And I love how everyone treats these people from other countries like shit and calls them immigrant. We’re all fucking immigrants you stupid fucks.
K I Hace 12 días
That old couple of white farts at the beginning should be making their own grave already, people like that are a fuckin pain in the ass in this damned country, poder latino putos!
NASA F Hace 12 días
Assimilate. Period.
Nisha Agarwal
Nisha Agarwal Hace 13 días
But why are you helping these illegal aliens 🤣🤣😂😂
caballero C12
caballero C12 Hace 13 días
2nd couple that ladies they are stealing our jobs we make the buildings for you too work there and hospitals and that men whit the hat of Hershey get you're ass out of here
little wooly
little wooly Hace 13 días
Yeah, Trump has the right idea. Christ, should at least be able to order food. Even using just single words w"Want" and point to the item on the menu. Come to think of it, was the menu in Spanish or English? I think Johnny overlooked that aspect.
jojo2519 Hace 13 días
I'm from a 3rd world country. English is my second language and I agree with Traci :D :P
Terrible Editor
Terrible Editor Hace 13 días
I love how the first guy didn’t even hesitate to help.
MEGIDIOT Hace 14 días
the spanish talkers can at least make an effort or point to things on the menu, c'mon don't be annoying
Mike R
Mike R Hace 15 días
Learn English.
tWiTcH xD
tWiTcH xD Hace 15 días
Does english not come from europe? There isn't an "american language"
Trash626 Hace 15 días
When you realize the U.S. has no official language
koast_99st Hace 15 días
I respect my elders but That old couple can fuck off
Zeek M
Zeek M Hace 15 días
America was founded on immigration? = A fraudulent statement on 2 levels. I've learned to use my cell phone to translate and obliterate the language barrier.
Stephany Sill
Stephany Sill Hace 16 días
If they went to an other country I bet they would want them to help them.
MycupofTae 95
MycupofTae 95 Hace 16 días
Honestly u dont have to know that much Spanish to know he said dos, which means 2, and agua, which means water. So he meant 2 waters its not like he said anything complicated Tbh. ( *I know they're just actors but i just wanted to say that* )
Neeraj Kumar
Neeraj Kumar Hace 16 días
bumblebri Hace 17 días
林祝凱 Hace 17 días
Do another video: Waitress berates Native Americans for speaking only indigenous languages. Just wanna know if the audience even knows what languages they are speaking. HAHAHA
Fei Han
Fei Han Hace 17 días
Just wondering if it’s a white couple from Spain would they be like speak English. It’s just racist shit against Hispanics and it’s not okay
Jamil Hace 17 días
This is why we have Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to protect people rights who do not speak English.
Weebery Hace 17 días
As someone who lives in NM, you'd be shocked to hear that the Spanish only people here get extremely offended when I don't speak Spanish.. "if you're going to live here, you gotta learn Spanish" I've heard this over and over..
Will G. Forrest
Will G. Forrest Hace 17 días
“This is America. You speak ENGLISH or SPANISH.” Sam Puckett Sam & Cat
Angry Oldhead
Angry Oldhead Hace 18 días
Most Americans think it’s all about English, it really isn’t. What they need to do is pick up a book or take a class and learn new things. It’s that simple. They get so insecure over what they don’t know and bash people.
Lemon Lime
Lemon Lime Hace 18 días
This might be an unpopular opinion, but I feel like if you’re in the US, not everyone’s going to understand you if you don’t speak English. No ones forcing you to speak it, but if you order in another language and the person taking your order doesn’t understand you, they may ask you to order in English. That’s not rude, or anything. In other countries, sometimes the staff doesn’t speak English, so I try my best to order in the local language. It shouldn’t be a “you have to speak english!” thing, but it’s the most commonly spoken language in the US and people might not understand you otherwise. Just like if you go to Spain and order in Russian, you won’t be understood. And again, no one should be rude about it, that’s very rude to do. But maybe try to use a translate app or something? Or just read what’s on the menu? That’s what I do.
Daniela Mercado
Daniela Mercado Hace 18 días
Were taught to learn other languages in school.... spanish and french..yet they still dont know spanish?? They had at least 2 years of learning another language in the US.
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