Villarreal 1-4 Barcelona - HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS - 7/05/2020

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#Villarreal #Barcelona #LaLiga
Antoine Griezmann ended his goal drought with a stunning finish and Lionel Messi tormented Villarreal as Barcelona cruised to a 4-1 LaLiga victory on Sunday.
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Messi IS KING Hace 13 días
1:55 to 2:35 😂😂😂😂
Moises Penas
Moises Penas Hace 21 un día
Suárez goal was a rocket
Kari Bollard
Kari Bollard Hace 22 días
I think it is so sick seeing Messi and Griezmann team up like that what a pass by Messi and what a finish by Griezmann
Joanna Hace 24 días
It's a beautiful thing to see Messi linking up with everyone. What a goal Griez!
A. B.
A. B. Hace 24 días
I'm confused, are the crowd cheering fake?
Tristan Hace 25 días
That commentator is so annoying, he’s always making retarded descriptive words
Whustle Dilantro
Whustle Dilantro Hace 25 días
I live for the hudson freakouts
Edger Reyes
Edger Reyes Hace 26 días
You know messi and griezmann are confident with each other when messi assist to griezmann is very similar to his goal against betis
Joanna Hace 24 días
Same old Ray Hudson never gets old 🤣
Hermiie Hace 26 días
1:55 why does it sound like a scream straight from Tom and Jerry??? 😂😂😂
SPORT 4 ALL Hace 27 días
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Hace 27 días
I can tell these commentators missed football ⚽️
Ryan Robertson
Ryan Robertson Hace 27 días
the guys commentating is amazing
Ned Robinson
Ned Robinson Hace 28 días
If Messi continues dropping this deep and carrying it forward/becomes a true #10 for Barca, my out.
Andy Dai
Andy Dai Hace 28 días
1:45 Lol the guy marking suarez trips on nothing, proceeds to run into his own teammate, loses his mark, and suarez scores.
Alexander Meza
Alexander Meza Hace 28 días
Somebody fire that commentator please.
MM - 07NF - Centennial Sr PS (1506)
MM - 07NF - Centennial Sr PS (1506) Hace 28 días
messi, fati, greizmann, suárez, alba, etc. barca has such amazing players!
Marc Magdaleno
Marc Magdaleno Hace 28 días
Messi’s assist to Griezmann was nice and the goal was beautiful, but Messi’s assist to Suarez was the greatest clip of the game
Elkins Four
Elkins Four Hace 28 días
Thanks again for the score in the title
Nhyq C
Nhyq C Hace 28 días
Pls play like this from now on
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Hace 28 días
That first one was own goal. 😂😂😂😂
Carnage _is_not_here
Carnage _is_not_here Hace 28 días
Griezmann is a beast 🙌
T0M0V Hace 28 días
Same old Ray Hudson never gets old 🤣
prison mike
prison mike Hace 28 días
This probably the first time I've seen Barca play as team this season...
Nimbus Valley
Nimbus Valley Hace 28 días
Wtfffffff are those seats filled with ?
Rich Chil
Rich Chil Hace 29 días
Friend: who is your favorite commentator? Alan smith maybe? Me: The legend himself ray hudson
Adam Wickert
Adam Wickert Hace 29 días
Is it just me or do these commentators remind anyone else of Pumba and Timone from the Lion King.
MG Hace 29 días
Now thats the Barca I remember
EA FIFAOFVeVo Hace 29 días
Suarez goal🔥
vangelis sotiropoulos
vangelis sotiropoulos Hace 29 días
The louvre is calling Barcelona 😂
vangelis sotiropoulos
vangelis sotiropoulos Hace 29 días
That shriek 😄
BeanRice.38 Hace 29 días
bruh 1:55
J. CJr
J. CJr Hace 29 días
Fati with the no look goal. Nice👌🏼
Pablitoo Diaz
Pablitoo Diaz Hace 29 días
Okay are those cardboard people
Adil Messi
Adil Messi Hace 29 días
Ray Hudson screaming caught me off guard twice 😂😂😂
ORKA Hace 29 días
:”Messi Touches The Ball” :commentator “ouaaoaoaoahhhhoah
derek toy
derek toy Hace 29 días
Sergio Torres
Sergio Torres Hace 29 días
These Fifa players are good.
Green Bxndit
Green Bxndit Hace 29 días
Villarreal just has a terrible goalie and defense
Nihh Nihh
Nihh Nihh Hace 29 días
Messi looks like 2015 Messi lol
raevon Jackson
raevon Jackson Hace 29 días
Anyone else hate these 2 commentators they be sucking barca 😂
Anonymous Me
Anonymous Me Hace 29 días
There are no people in the stadium, where is the noise coming from?? 😂😲
KAI Hace 29 días
Is it me or Villarreal s goalie just gave up on all of those shots? 🤨
Magicbullet Hace 29 días
1:55 earrape 😂
CalmYe Hace 29 días
Beautiful futbol at its best to watch
Joseph Zephyr
Joseph Zephyr Hace 29 días
Fati adds another 10mil to his price tag 😅
Marcus Fla69
Marcus Fla69 Hace 29 días
All these people will be hating on Barca again when they resume playing poor next week
Westwoods Hace 29 días
Why do Americans never pronounce the 'Z' in Griezmann's name??
Science Guy
Science Guy Hace 29 días
Man Suarez’s goal reminds me of that one Eto goal back years ago
Paul Salas
Paul Salas Hace 29 días
Beautiful performance
Sergio Carvajal Mercado
Sergio Carvajal Mercado Hace 29 días
Social distance in the bench but not on the field. Ridiculous 😂
DJcoco Hace 29 días
2:34 Nobody: The commentator:*f$king dies* "OOOOOHHAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAH
DJcoco Hace 29 días
Xavier Conde
Xavier Conde Hace 29 días
Guy sounds like bob manaray
Diamond Kid's
Diamond Kid's Hace 29 días
iCYBERsmurf Hace 29 días
First goal looked like an own goal.
Lesly Vilsaint
Lesly Vilsaint Hace 29 días
Florentino Perez is the Don of football now ppl can see why Real Madrid has a lot of titles
Lesly Vilsaint
Lesly Vilsaint Hace 29 días
I don’t why they get var in football they just invented a technology corruption for big team that have big name ,Real Madrid and Brazil are the beneficiary of that technology
Nelson Ramos
Nelson Ramos Hace 29 días
Am I the only one who finds Ray Hudson annoying?
Gaming with Efrain
Gaming with Efrain Hace 29 días
Is that team of week
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith Hace 29 días
Yeah that 4th goal should be on a.. truck's mud flap..? Lmao- he missed with that one 😂
*Messi* forever
SSShadow Hace 29 días
MSG has just started
Derly Cisneros
Derly Cisneros Hace 29 días
Bruh Villa Real. Goalkeeper did not even try
민호권 Hace 29 días
Suarez, Fati and griezmann goals were insane. especially fati for his age 👏👏
SandStorm XII
SandStorm XII Hace 29 días
No me jodas
FROZEN OTZI Hace 29 días
When Messi retires the team is going to be trashed bc the coach is terrible and Messi leaving will want to everyone else leave Remember me in 2 years
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance Hace 29 días
Hello, Humans. "The world accommodates you for fitting in, but only rewards you for standing out." -Matshona Dhliwayo TERRANCE OUT
Fernando Pulido
Fernando Pulido Hace 29 días
I remember Griezmann's words when he scored his first goal for Barça: "I just learned that from Leo watching him in the trainnings (during the week)." I remember that prior to that game, Barça had uploaded a video of the trainning highlights and goals, as they often do, with background music. After Griezmann's words, I went back to the video because I knew his goal was very similar to one of Messi's goals in it, and in fact, there was a goal from Messi made just the way of Griezmann's first goal. Now Griezmann scored like only Messi has thought of scoring before (goal against Betis). This definitely tells me that Antoine is for sure wanting to learn from the best, and paying close attention to everything Messi does. That's the type of teammate you want there with Messi and Suárez. It has to start with respect. I hope Griezmann finally gets to fit in and play his best at Barça soon.
Shark Dude #10
Shark Dude #10 Hace 29 días
I'm that crazy I already watched this game 10 times
bolan Lan
bolan Lan Hace 29 días
Messi is great and has been instrumental to the success of Barca. Nonetheless, it appears now that Barca is struggling to manage the player. They are sacrificing the career of many talented players for the will of Messi. Look what Griezmann has become. Look what happened to Coutinho. They are reruiting less powerful manager for Messi. It is time to manage the player or let him go.
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