Videos for Cats to Watch - 8 Hour Bird Bonanza

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Paul Dinning

Paul Dinning

Hace 2 años

Videos for Cats to Watch - 8 Hour Bird Bonanza
Video Produced by Paul Dinning - Wildlife in Cornwall #PaulDinning

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Tanay Aylin
Tanay Aylin Hace un día
My cat sat here and watched it, he loved it!
Deadgirls Inreverse
Deadgirls Inreverse Hace 2 días
My cat keeps going to the window to find the birds that she hears in this video
lauren Hace 2 días
I watched this with my dog and he loves it!
ashtonツ Hace 3 días
My cat pounced at the screen ;-;
Kiz Biz
Kiz Biz Hace 3 días
Trying to cheer my cat up after putting her worming treatment liquid thing on her neck. She’s refusing to look at me, and is now looking around for the birds when they fly off screen.
Sangeetha Senthilkumar
Sangeetha Senthilkumar Hace 3 días
Give like if your cat jump on your phone
Unsp0k3n D3m0n
Unsp0k3n D3m0n Hace 5 días
My cat keeps trying to follow them when they fly off. She also sometime runs into the screen.
lulu blaze and prince-my cats
lulu blaze and prince-my cats Hace 5 días
My cat movie with laying on my bed, and she was watching this the whole time and She was confused. It was so funny🤣🤣🤣
PARAZONIA YT Hace 7 días
me: about to go to bed my cat: just one more vid
Chasm Jumper World Champion 2019
Chasm Jumper World Champion 2019 Hace 9 días
Those are some suspicious birds. It's like they are buying weed behind the K-Mart or something.
Ghosty216 Hace 9 días
Are these birds real or animated
Vulpis Insomnia
Vulpis Insomnia Hace 10 días
Mr. Flufflepuffers, my Coonie approved. :D Loved how he he sat on my Lap, watching this on one screen while i worked on another . :D
Robert Lucchini
Robert Lucchini Hace 10 días
Anybody know what bird is at 1:38:58?
A-fnaf-fan1987 Hace 10 días
it was a nice Saturday evening when a girl named Grace laid on her bed with her cat Butler. she calmly set her computer down beside her and put on josh dub videos on ESwomen, but then she had an idea. she searched up cat videos and clicked on a bird. She knew that her cat loved to "play" with birds and then leave them on her doorstep. They sat there for a while and studied the different birds as they passed by with elegance. After a robin passed, her cat suddenly jumped from the spot she had laid before, (my stomach) and landed on the keyboard. Her cat started to paw at the screen with a large amount of pressure. Grace started to laugh.
4EyedBlaccat Hace 12 días
how they so round
IceSorceress Hace 12 días
My cat INSTANTLY loved this!
デハートフィリップ Hace 13 días
She likes this video thank you
sam dawson
sam dawson Hace 14 días
My cat has never shown an interest in the tv before I showed her this video, now she gets up and stands in front of everything I watch and boops the screen
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones Hace 15 días
I can sit this on the ground and my cats is so entertained!! He evens rewinds it , yes I know my cat is smart!!!
Skizzums Hace 16 días
Great video. Thanks
DaedricTV Hace 17 días
This is my cats favourite video. Thanks for the 8 hours of footage!
Blake ThePerson
Blake ThePerson Hace 17 días
My cat just started purring really loud XD
Ratheon Hudson
Ratheon Hudson Hace 17 días
I have no cat, yet I am a cat person. I watched this with keen amusement
Kashish Srivastava
Kashish Srivastava Hace 18 días
Title: Videos for Cats to watch Me as a human watching this for 5:07:22 hrs:
Jenelle Peterson
Jenelle Peterson Hace 19 días
My kit-kat sits and watches this like I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons: 6 inches from the screen and occasionally pouncing. Thanks for the excellent video!
Jeff Abell
Jeff Abell Hace 20 días
Oh my God, my cat LOVED this!
Connor Hace 22 días
My cat liked this
Panda Hace 22 días
i put this on while i eat because my cat tries to steal my food otherwise
LI SHI Hace 23 días
My cat looooooove this vedio!
Madeline Stewart
Madeline Stewart Hace 23 días
my cat literally watched this for two hours and 44 minutes
Pink Lady K 💝
Pink Lady K 💝 Hace 24 días
My baby LOVED this video. He laughed so hard when he heard the birds flying away
Caroline Solorzano
Caroline Solorzano Hace 24 días
My cat loves this lmao
tawnteens Hace 25 días
I love this video! What do you call the brown bird with red face?
Sawera Hanif
Sawera Hanif Hace 26 días
My kittoooo jumped out of her skin to watch that bird flap her wings..
honey Hace 27 días
my cat really sat there watching this for almost 30 minutes and I had to suppress my laughter, I felt like a parent watching their kid use ESwomen omg
honey Hace 27 días
I didn't think this would do anything but my cat became so alert when she saw the video playing agshsj her ears perked up and she kept trying to hunt and see where the sound was coming from, she pawed at my phone's screen and licked it?? and then just settled down into the bread loaf position and kept watching the birds
Elle Mack
Elle Mack Hace 29 días
also good for that ~authentic woodland atmosphere~
Queen Of Memes
Queen Of Memes Hace 29 días
My cat watched this for like ten minutes Anytime a bird flew off screen her head would jerk up like she expected to see a bird above her Adorable
GutterGirl Acidron
GutterGirl Acidron Hace un mes
My cat loves this movie. This morning, he was running around the kitchen trying to catch the birds! I enjoy watching these beautiful birds as we are now in winter
Unzi Karim
Unzi Karim Hace un mes
That awkward moment when I play the vid for the cat so she'd get up from my books instead we both watchin it now
antystein Hace un mes
My cat watched it for 4,5 hours straight!
GoldenState Hace un mes
Very Relaxing.
Lisa Hatfield
Lisa Hatfield Hace un mes
Once again, we're watching this video and cat is taking a nap..........
irfan sukma ardiatama
irfan sukma ardiatama Hace un mes
J'zargo wants you to like this video
Jessica Pearce
Jessica Pearce Hace un mes
my cat started creeping towards the screen as if he was going to pounce, he loved this video, he had his eyes glued to the screen and couldn't work out where the birds were going when they flew away on the screen
Reich Motion Pictures
Reich Motion Pictures Hace un mes
This is better than the actual Cats movie.
Pat Neander
Pat Neander Hace un mes
Where is as general location and what are these birds. Please somebody tell me!
mph seti
mph seti Hace un mes
Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan Hace un mes
My cats are usually bored with videos for cats. They were transfixed by this one.
Savage Badass
Savage Badass Hace un mes
Am I the only human who watch this?
Ravenclaw Thestral
Ravenclaw Thestral Hace un mes
My cat approves.
Dew Hace un mes
just now realized these vids r for cats 😅
Lisa Jarvis
Lisa Jarvis Hace un mes
Just a thought ~ if these different bird species can clammily share a table ~ what does this say about us humans
Donna Hace un mes
Just found your channel a few weeks ago. My cat loves the videos. I may have to buy her, her own phone to watch on lol. I tried putting it on TV for her but she likes it better on the phone. And doesnt like to be interrupted with calls lol. Thanks for entertaining her. Hugs.
JaJa Davis
JaJa Davis Hace un mes
I am a 🦁 now
Vivian McCormack
Vivian McCormack Hace un mes
My cat fell asleep while trying to watch this 8/10
jagger wan
jagger wan Hace un mes
ombrafaye2115 Hace un mes
Bomber thanks you for this excellent entertainment.
Aliah castillo
Aliah castillo Hace un mes
My Cats favorite video so far of searching others! Watched a total of 25min ♥️♥️
pskton Hace un mes
36 seeds that first bird ate, but then that particular bird usually eats a lot.
Rhys Chen
Rhys Chen Hace un mes
This Video was literally liked by our Cat Mystique lol
Rachel Bryce
Rachel Bryce Hace un mes
Okay I totally have to thank you! My kitten woke me up around 10:30. Your video was the only thing that put her to sleep.. it is now 3am. She has this new thing where she screams like a spoiled toddler until I play..4ever grateful
Morrison Lasister
Morrison Lasister Hace un mes
I am watching this on my phone and then my cat saw the birds and then sat on my phone
Yuki Rozen
Yuki Rozen Hace un mes
My kitten tried to catch the birds, frantically scratching and launching herself at the screen, then behind the screen (tablet) then when she finally understood she couldn't catch them, she looked at them so intensely... 15 min later, I see she felt asleep! 🤦🏻‍♀️😅
Damien Darhk
Damien Darhk Hace un mes
I don't even have a cat, I just absolutely love birds.
Chodaddy Nihga
Chodaddy Nihga Hace un mes
So I have this crazy hyperactive cat named Blu and she's always biting things inside the house and is always energetic however one thing I noticed whenever letting her outside is she really loves watching other animals like yeah cats will be cats and hunt small birds and what not but I sometimes play close attention to her and it's fascinating how involved she is with observing the other creatures, anyways point being this one time I was watching a shark documentary and it showed lots of fishes and stuff and for the first time ever she was calm as could be she was just enjoying watching them swim all over the screen and the same thing happened with this video, thanks to this video lots of future bitten cables were saved
Inknut Hace un mes
Yes this me favorite one to watch while Bella isn’t home
3dartistguy Hace un mes
Meow! Meow!
Megan Williams
Megan Williams Hace un mes
my cat loves these and keeps crying for more lol she wont stop following me and sniffing my laptop
Annoying Human being
Annoying Human being Hace un mes
Thanks you so much! My cat was meowing at me and wanted attention but I needed to take a shower so I put this video on my tv and he stopped bothering me. After I was done showering he was still there watching the birds.
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