VFX Artists React to BOLLYWOOD Bad & Great CGi

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Corridor Crew

Corridor Crew

Hace 8 meses

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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Bollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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forever4c12 Hace 8 meses
I'm one of the VFX artist credited for the " interior rolling ball scene" in THE ROBOT. At start we did got a very detail head scan model of the antagonist but ended up never used, as the rendering was deemed too heavy for the studio. Only low poly version was used whenever he did any ridiculous moves. The most challenging part of the scene is the intense flashing light. It ruins camera tracking. we have to painstakingly fix the track & match every single flashlight for the CG stunts by hand. P.s. the movie's VFX was actually outsourced to dozens of small studio in hong kong, so as you can see the quality vary A LOT between shots.
Let’s Go
Let’s Go Hace 2 días
I hate how when someone tries to share their experience on a film set, the replies are generally negative. So can people stop abusing an extremely talented person and his incredible work. (@Eshaan Rawal, @sunny singh)
Akhil Ch
Akhil Ch Hace 23 días
Fìrst of all...all these are not bollywood...Its tollywood
Techno Grapher
Techno Grapher Hace un mes
Guys using physics!? Your Hollywood movie that doesn't have physics you call it a si fi movie And you here find some physics here see the budget of your movies and Bollywood movies but Bollywood works way good than Hollywood
Sam! • 15 years and
Sam! • 15 years and Hace un mes
@sunny singhMan do something with your life..
Kannav Sharma
Kannav Sharma Hace un mes
That was most imaginative and good
Jon Mariotti
Jon Mariotti Hace 11 horas
Do Heart Under Blade!
Neelam Ompu
Neelam Ompu Hace 18 horas
「nani」 Hace 23 horas
I bet they was cringing the whole time
OMEGA Hace un día
I m indian and I know what are you talking about 😂 there is no phisics in indian movies
tamil edits
tamil edits Hace un día
this is kollywood
abhijit chanda
abhijit chanda Hace un día
You really need to check this out. Don’t use it in your videos if you don’t want to get death threats but I know you’ll get a kick out of our CGI prime minister doing yoga. eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-rhz2l-vS9P0.html
Anirudha Agrawal
Anirudha Agrawal Hace 2 días
War and Ek tha Tiger has some cool action scenes try to check them out .
Algeria's 4th Wall
Algeria's 4th Wall Hace 2 días
At 1:02 the guy in the background came out of nothing
sneha jain
sneha jain Hace 2 días
Try KGF movie
척척박사콘박사 Hace 3 días
Glad my Korean sub is finally confirmed:D
Entertainment Hace 3 días
hey guys..i wanna learn ...VFX/CGI from you guys....can you guys help me...this is important guys...i need help
Shivikaar Prasad
Shivikaar Prasad Hace 3 días
*In Singham Returns, when Singham hits the car the car looks like it had impact, as in Mission Imposible III, it did not.*
Ridimek Hace 4 días
Bollywood movies VFX all done by After effects 🤣
Arun Dcoutha
Arun Dcoutha Hace 4 días
Bhahubali is a Telugu movie it's from South India. And Robert is from Tamil movie also from South Indian as well. So please makes Sure the difference between South Indian movies and. Bollywood. Keep aware on your next video
Arun Dcoutha
Arun Dcoutha Hace 4 días
Hey guys, Those are not Bollywood. It's from South Indian Movies. All Indian movies are not Bollywood, Please Check it online before you do video
Nicholas Leclerc
Nicholas Leclerc Hace 4 días
1:05 Awesome
Ayush Dhande
Ayush Dhande Hace 4 días
Plz react to Krrish 3
GET ME Hace 5 días
5:40 GTA mod activated 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Spoonbob Hace 5 días
0:30 Top 10 anime entrances
Honey Chintal
Honey Chintal Hace 5 días
Watch Bollywood movie Tanhaji
jugal lohana
jugal lohana Hace 5 días
Im from India, check out the movie - Jaani dushman : Ek anokhi kahani (2002) this movie has the worst CGI ever and you’ll laugh like hell
Y2K Hace 5 días
Alltime greatest youtube intro right here (until the next bollywood video)
Texplanations Hace 5 días
Bro you gotta check out the movies by Ananta Jalil. A Bangladesh Businessman, Director, Producer, Actor. Mentionable : The Speed, Nisshartho Valobasha
Ajay SM
Ajay SM Hace 6 días
Never forget kaand south indian movie pehle karta hai badnaam bollywood hota hai . . Ps whoever say that even bollywood make such physics ki maa chodne wali movies need to know they are always copied and inspired from such shitty movies
Tasz Hace 6 días
i love how in the opening scene of the video in 00:51 there's a frame of Sam with the cap on
garima srivastava
garima srivastava Hace 7 días
The movie war starring hrithik roshan has some really cool sequences...
Lakshya Rana
Lakshya Rana Hace 7 días
Love bollywood man XDXD love ya guys..plz make more vids..on bolly plz plz plz
please do see tollywood movies more then bollywood they have more hilarious stunts than bollywood
The C major Guy
The C major Guy Hace 7 días
If I am correct the scientist and the robot are different actors....I'm from india btw
Shiv Prakash Singh
Shiv Prakash Singh Hace 4 días
they are same
KingsmanXV Hace 8 días
Love the soap opera type intro you guys did for Sam 😂
Sameer Choudhury
Sameer Choudhury Hace 8 días
Do Krish guys
Arpit Sharma
Arpit Sharma Hace 8 días
try tollywood(South Indian Movies) movies guyz there're way crazier than Bollywood in terms of breaking the laws of physics
Manish Rajpurohit
Manish Rajpurohit Hace 8 días
Watch the vfx of "shivaay" a bollywood movie
Dyuthi Prashanth
Dyuthi Prashanth Hace 8 días
ROBOT has a sequel which was released around last year- "2.0"..... plz do consider a reaction to the sequel too.... !!!
Bhavesh Mali
Bhavesh Mali Hace 8 días
Singam return is nice
Dheeraj Amara
Dheeraj Amara Hace 9 días
Bahubali is a telugu film and was dubbed in hindi Pls stop devaluing Tollywood Jk
Sushil Reddy
Sushil Reddy Hace 9 días
And it's not bollywood it originated from Kollywood after which it was dubbed in hindi
Caramel Creation
Caramel Creation Hace 9 días
its kollywood
Tiger Official
Tiger Official Hace 10 días
Try the movie “WAR” it’s basiclly an updated Bollywood action movie
eriko59 Hace 10 días
Check out Warni Warni by Omar Souleyman. Amazing vfx 🤣
jarred322 Hace 11 días
Guardians of the galaxy
all in one
all in one Hace 11 días
Who are you to judge bollywood movies that they are good or bad
anuj singh
anuj singh Hace 11 días
a fiilm name FAN cgi done by redchilles
YANGJUN ZHOU Hace 11 días
VFX-HDRI Ball(gray ball and a chromium ball) Dimensions:12cm/20cm/25cm/Custom diameter ​www.maoping.art/vfx-hdri/ ​www.amazon.com/dp/B07PN8WQ16?ref=myi_title_dp​
Adhya Pandit
Adhya Pandit Hace 12 días
6:23 the reaction of the first person on the left is of the actors head turning around is hilarious 😂 😂😂😂😂
yongzeal Hace 12 días
Bahubali should have been in the most Pathetic movie list in Bollywood.
Osama Tammam
Osama Tammam Hace 12 días
I've watched a very cool Chinese film it's called the villainess, it's an action film..and I wonder if they were using any visual effects while making it. I think it would be very cool if you checked it out. www.imdb.com/title/tt6777338/
ITLLBGRAND Hace 12 días
Honestly though alot of the CGI looks as good if not better than Hollywood vfx in some scenes
SaiKarhtik naga sadineni
SaiKarhtik naga sadineni Hace 13 días
Actually Bahubali is from Tollywood
setiop Hace 13 días
Best cgi songs ever .Actually 100 % organic eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-3-RW3nUHs8g.html
Raju Mridha
Raju Mridha Hace 13 días
2.O please watch
Rahul Mascarenhas
Rahul Mascarenhas Hace 13 días
Sam teleported with his cap 😂😂
Dhanush Gowda
Dhanush Gowda Hace 13 días
you should see Race Gurram
Killbox Onealpha
Killbox Onealpha Hace 13 días
React to Transformers movies pls
RAKSHAN JAGAN Hace 13 días
Watch KGF
Yapang Jamir
Yapang Jamir Hace 14 días
Do reaction video on Nollywood Effects. 😆
nanban subash
nanban subash Hace 14 días
This is not a Bollywood...this kollywood..
The Paradox
The Paradox Hace 14 días
googlegirl25 Hace 14 días
The most difficult CG work on the robot movie must have been making the main actor (Rajnikant) not look like the balding 85 year old man he is 😂
KillerKane0 Hace 15 días
Notice how in Enthrian's car chase, Aishwarya Rai Bachanan doesn't have a hair out of place. This isn't a special effect. She is just like that.
Federico Fedex
Federico Fedex Hace 15 días
At 0:41 what's the name of the scream sound? I'm 100% sure it's the same scream from one of the Russian guards that got their legs chopped off by Rick's laser in the Pickel Rick episode. Does it have a name like the Wilhelm scream?
nibba 07
nibba 07 Hace 15 días
entry 😁😂🤣✌
Mukesh Dhamu
Mukesh Dhamu Hace 15 días
Singam scene is good
Galaxy Boy154
Galaxy Boy154 Hace 16 días
You should check out the movie unstoppable with trains
abid khan
abid khan Hace 16 días
Darshan H R
Darshan H R Hace 17 días
Please react to Indian movie KGF. It's has best stunts and real world VFX
Celeste Durel
Celeste Durel Hace 17 días
You guys should review the Chinese movie Hero. Like when the main character spitting the brush amongst arrows. Or the flickering of the flame lights when a lie is told. There are some really cool and also really cheesy VFX in this movie.
Suyog Parab
Suyog Parab Hace 17 días
Not everything from India is Bollywood (Hindi film industry) These are SIIMA, South Indian films. Probably Tollywood or Kollywood.
Narmadha Narayanan
Narmadha Narayanan Hace 17 días
Bahubali is an regional language movie not Bollywood.. Language:Telugu. Robot is not Bollywood movie.. its a Tamil movie
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