VFX Artists React to BOLLYWOOD Bad & Great CGi 3

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Niko, Clint, and Wren check out some of the crazy VFX and action coming out of India's film industry.
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Parv Choudhary
Parv Choudhary Hace un día
Do a Video on krrish movies there are 3 of them!! 3rd part has better vfx than it's previous ones! And there is a another movie called "jaani Dushman" it has some of the Hilarious vfx shots you guys could've ever seen!!
Disha Shrivastava
Disha Shrivastava Hace un día
10:58 Friends , this is India P.S I am an Indian
Disha Shrivastava
Disha Shrivastava Hace un día
10:53 He is actually a video game character who came to real life because of a glitch I know that because I have seen this movie more than 10 times
Taine de Jong
Taine de Jong Hace un día
That fly can have the house and the car and the bank details
Chaitanya Sonawane
Chaitanya Sonawane Hace un día
koi to inhe batao ki wo ladke lota parade kar rahe the XD indian fans - like (ps- for those who dont know what im talking about - raaone ka clip dekho)
Phycopath Hace un día
In the train scene I am Indian spider man
Daniel Talash
Daniel Talash Hace 2 días
I had those googles too
Nauraiz Islam
Nauraiz Islam Hace 3 días
Shah Rukh Khan is the World highest paid actor with a net worth with 600 mil
tHe iCEman
tHe iCEman Hace 3 días
They forgot about Dollywood
Sara M
Sara M Hace 3 días
The fly sacrifice scene fully got me emotional
Markel Milanes
Markel Milanes Hace 4 días
what the F am I watching...the fly thing is awesome....OMG
Sılvıo Prodıp Khalko
Sılvıo Prodıp Khalko Hace 4 días
Watch Bahubali
Technical Galaxy
Technical Galaxy Hace 4 días
10:53 in the film he is actually a robot
Shivikaar Prasad
Shivikaar Prasad Hace 4 días
Can you react to Shah Rukh Kahn's Fan?
Kristen Lum
Kristen Lum Hace 5 días
It had a plan b No I think it had a plan FLY
Kala Kumar
Kala Kumar Hace 5 días
Oh. My God ohh my God. They are bloody acting. Overacting. Fuck you....u r. Acting like. Ass hole......ohh ohhhh no .. Be normal. ..bloody. Actor. Basted
Kala Kumar
Kala Kumar Hace 5 días
Bloody fake reaction ediots they are just acting. Bloody fake acting. Go to. .hell. Ok.
Smoof29 Hace 5 días
Did that fly just sacrifice itself and then come back as the ifriit (idk how to spell it)
Daniel Kaharap
Daniel Kaharap Hace 5 días
Plis go to the store and kill the fly with insect spray. Done.....
Adil Akash
Adil Akash Hace 5 días
You should watch rhe fight scene in RA.ONE
mohan krishna andra
mohan krishna andra Hace 6 días
React for saaho vfx
mohan krishna andra
mohan krishna andra Hace 6 días
Ailm LVR
Ailm LVR Hace 6 días
Duude you guys definitely need to check out Chrish 3. Its a trilogy/quadrilogy but the best one is the Chrish 3. It will blow your minds. There is heaps of cool stuff in it but the plane scene is epic. Just search plane chrish 3
Manav Mishra
Manav Mishra Hace 6 días
Salman bhaiii fucks physics like no one does in Bollywood. Please review VFX of Salman Khan's movies
NotVishalll Hace 6 días
Why don't you guys check out tummbad that a masterpiece??
I see u
I see u Hace 6 días
Lakshman Goutham
Lakshman Goutham Hace 7 días
The fly movie belongs to tollywood not bollywood
cuLiref Hace 7 días
Bollywood vfx movies are comedies
Pramod Shetty
Pramod Shetty Hace 7 días
Now watch Shahrukh Khan's Fan VFX please
Anis Kotia
Anis Kotia Hace 7 días
Awesome video...pls do more on Bollywood. Also, can you do some more on planet of the apes?
Wan Rafizah Mohamed Ariffin
Wan Rafizah Mohamed Ariffin Hace 8 días
the guy=use gun me=use fly swatter duh
Lakshya Rana
Lakshya Rana Hace 8 días
guys i m from india, nd thought tht our vfx are shit in front of yours but noticing your reaction, i m a bit....proud.......u guys are awesome......bollywood rocks..
atif abdulla
atif abdulla Hace 9 días
You should understand the film......sha ruk Khan jumping to the train.........he is a robot in that part of the movie.....that's why he is able to do all kinds of dangers stuffs
Sam Da Animator
Sam Da Animator Hace 9 días
That fly film is called Makhi, and the reason why the fly is able to do what it does is because it's a man who was resurrected as the fly and the fly is basically the love interest to the woman
Man in the Park
Man in the Park Hace 9 días
11:20, the only thing that looked real was him running sideways on the train.
EnderDude Gaming
EnderDude Gaming Hace 9 días
Yes try to shoot a fly that’s a smart move
fhinix spark multimedia
fhinix spark multimedia Hace 9 días
Pls make some tollywood movies brk
Yatinder moria
Yatinder moria Hace 10 días
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-J5YLtXECpOk.html Watch this
Death cupid
Death cupid Hace 10 días
10:54 the same guy who starred in zero sharukh khan
Sadhan Sarma
Sadhan Sarma Hace 10 días
Do watch Shahrukh Khan's Chennai express
Suraj Thakur
Suraj Thakur Hace 11 días
We want next video on tanaji unsung warrior
YTD72 Hace 11 días
That second Bollywood movie with short guy is inspired from Apoorva Sagodharargal movie released in 1989 with no CG.
Suraj Thakur
Suraj Thakur Hace 11 días
No one can beat the makki movie vfx
Jithu k
Jithu k Hace 11 días
I'll say the story of ra one Shekhar Subramanium (Shah Rukh Khan), a game designer who creates a motion sensor-based game in which the antagonist (Ra.One) is more powerful than the protagonist (G.One). The former escapes from the game's virtual world and enters the real world; his aim is to kill Lucifer, the game ID of Shekhar's son and the only player to have challenged Ra.One's power. Relentlessly pursued, the family is forced to bring out G.One from the virtual world to defeat Ra.One and protect them.
InVictus Hace 11 días
Physics Doesn't Matter in boollywood
Tanvi Mishra
Tanvi Mishra Hace 11 días
All he needed was bug repellent 😂😂😂
Aswin Shanty Anil
Aswin Shanty Anil Hace 11 días
0:53 Guys you forgot Mollywood 🙄
Jithu k
Jithu k Hace 11 días
To tell the u wanted to give the name of 2 movies, that are Ra one and kitigobha 2. To my suprice you guys already watched Ra one
Fahkrudin Din
Fahkrudin Din Hace 11 días
Atleast they acknowledged that its not just Bollywood this time
Insanecodkiller Montages
Insanecodkiller Montages Hace 12 días
Bro these guys need to watch Pakistani lolly wood lmao
Justin King
Justin King Hace 12 días
Clint would be perfect for Bollywood lol
Frédérique Gosselin
Frédérique Gosselin Hace 12 días
The way they put Kevin Hart when suggesting to just hire small actors KILLED ME HAHA
ITLLBGRAND Hace 12 días
D: *snorts line*"S-So right! What if, listen! What if?? The bad guy fights a fly! And like it's a fly that the woman is in love with!!" VFX crew: "Sounds strange... But by fuck if we're not gonna make this the greatest showdown in movie history!!!"
Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo
Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo Hace 12 días
that small guy is like the greatest india actor ever like brad pitt or leonardo dicaprio or both in india shahrukh khan
David Y
David Y Hace 12 días
The fly knows, it had a plan bee!
Holgast Hace 12 días
I am so glad you guys did Eega. It's a movie I recommend constantly.
Aedus Xerxes
Aedus Xerxes Hace 12 días
I've got to be getting old... I was all 'hey those are nice shirts lets take a look.... the hell you mean 128 bucks?!?!', they're cool but not 128 cool lol
anurag singh
anurag singh Hace 13 días
Go and watch indian movie shivay for some pretty cool vfx jobs
Rushabh Chheda
Rushabh Chheda Hace 13 días
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-RGweD7VBAS8.html Do check this one out!
Carol Danvers
Carol Danvers Hace 13 días
btw Dhanywad for introducing people about that movie
Carol Danvers
Carol Danvers Hace 13 días
you guys are amazing, that movie name is Makkhi from tollywood
Jason Clementraj
Jason Clementraj Hace 13 días
9:05, the reason why they dont cast some short actor is because the Bollywood actors have a very big fanbase and if the actor is acting in any movie, may it be a very bad movie the fanbase will watch it atleast 2 or 3 times in cinema theater just to show their respect to their fav actor... Which is like a huge boost to the movies.....
Jason Clementraj
Jason Clementraj Hace 13 días
Eega is a really good movie, if u havent watched it, I suggest you watch it NOW! It has a great story!
Stew pid
Stew pid Hace 13 días
Pls react tp Filipino cgi movies like Tiktik : the aswang chronicles..lol and victor magtanggol
sravan royal
sravan royal Hace 13 días
The fly movie is directed by great Tollywood SS Rajamouli. Who also directed bahuballi
BAD BOY Hace 13 días
Bro please react to EEGA(FLY) vs sparrow fight scene And interval car flip scene Best
James Gison
James Gison Hace 14 días
Now im scared of india
Ballu KickAss
Ballu KickAss Hace 14 días
All Of The Shit Is Awesome to These three Idiots I don't know why they review when they like everything
Craig Cashman
Craig Cashman Hace 14 días
Not sure if you knew this, but Simon Birch was played by Ron Pearlman.
Haripavan Reddy Bojjam
Haripavan Reddy Bojjam Hace 14 días
The cannon in the movie "The fly" was set by the fly itself watch full movie to understand it .It's an awesome story
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