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Keanu Reeves Stops Armed Robbery! ► eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-3dBiNGufIJw.html
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Scene 38 reimagined by FXitInPost: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-to2SMng4u1k.html
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Niko, Sam and Clint sit down once again to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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BanishedFlips Hace 14 horas
7:03 is it just me, or when the leg gets cut off, and the guy bounces on the floor, does the dismembered leg disappear?
Bloxotrot BT
Bloxotrot BT Hace un día
Man now you can make these quality movies in maybe a good month of after effects premier pro and blender character design and tracking later you got a 3 minute short yey
777lumiere Hace un día
I was watching react 8 and noticed Cmike dusted away had to go back to see how long that happened 😢😢
Nerf Vamp
Nerf Vamp Hace un día
The movie bulk not hulk
Canine Hace un día
Please react to TRON Legacy
Valeria Alexandra Quiles
Valeria Alexandra Quiles Hace un día
Can you guys react to pixar animation? Like the octopus character in finding dory?
icykickflip Hace 2 días
Joshua Worthington
Joshua Worthington Hace 3 días
11:13 Wtf is up with them? They seem very uncomfortable.
Matt Timmons
Matt Timmons Hace 3 días
Do the super pig from Bong Joon Ho’s Okja!!!
Harry Kane
Harry Kane Hace 5 días
VFX artists for blade runner hated that their 3d model looked so realistic that their work was going unnoticed. They put the cartoonish death scene in there to remind us that it was all beautifully faked
suraj s.k
suraj s.k Hace 6 días
Deadpool vfx please
claire ott
claire ott Hace 7 días
13:56 star trek lol
Utkarsh Vashistha
Utkarsh Vashistha Hace 9 días
try reacting to Ra.One
Redbeast13 Hace 10 días
Son of the Mask. Please compare it to the original Mask and maybe answer wtf happened
Brycen Martin
Brycen Martin Hace 10 días
Do the first tron
EveryThingTech Hace 11 días
It should be vfx artists roasts green lantern
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez Hace 11 días
Just because you know the movie is bad, doesn't mean you have to make fun of every single scene that isn't even that bad.
yasco gulli
yasco gulli Hace 11 días
React to District 9
Ray B
Ray B Hace 12 días
I was the guy that rolled into the orange stand in your GL clip.
Was LostKaleb2080
Was LostKaleb2080 Hace 12 días
Wanna know whats funny, when you werw talking about green lantern an ad popped up and the ad was about Ryan Reynolds
SneakyAutobot Hace 12 días
Suggestion: the Transformers films with the action scenes and when they transform
Manu Srivastava
Manu Srivastava Hace 13 días
Hi Corridor Crew - A Indian company called Dreamz Unlimited (I guess) belonging to an Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan, worked on 2 of his movies (starred and also produced by him). 1. Fan - He plays himself and his own doppelganger looking fan. 2. Zero - He plays a dwarf. Whole movie involving him is made on 'digital dolly camera' and every scene involving him has been done 5 times. It will be great if you can do a video on that and it will be great learning for everybody including you guys too (trust me) Because I think, these 2 movies are the finest VFX works in Hindi Indian films (Bollywood) and something of this sort hasn't been attempted in Hollywood as well, and certainly not to this extent.
Angel Arredondo
Angel Arredondo Hace 14 días
Do stunt reaction to hard target
Asta Berg
Asta Berg Hace 14 días
10:40 looks like the *itchy trampoline from Doctor Who.
Jing Tazong Taruk
Jing Tazong Taruk Hace 16 días
Can you make a visual effects review of kungfu hustle
Johannes Nisi
Johannes Nisi Hace 16 días
11:47 Nobby hätte mal besser in Chemie aufpassen sollen hahah eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-FKGA7keLJZo.html
Treyson Schneider
Treyson Schneider Hace 17 días
This dude said Star Trek
Wolf heartf
Wolf heartf Hace 17 días
React to stranger things!!!
Cap'n SuperFan
Cap'n SuperFan Hace 18 días
If you look closely at 16:05, Vader and Obi-Wan's lightsabers actually switch colours in the original scene!
Riley457 Hace 18 días
correction! a movie that came out before avatar w realistic cgi water was Dinosaur (2000)
Hmfirestormz Hace 18 días
That guy in the middle looks like the poor mans ryan Reynolds
Pep Plays
Pep Plays Hace 18 días
I have never seen people laugh so much 😂😂😂
SpeakYourMind Lea
SpeakYourMind Lea Hace 18 días
react to NASA vfx
FMV NEPAL Hace 20 días
can you react this video workflow eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-lgkZC_Ss6YE.html
Keeper Hace 20 días
And no one noticed vanishing Cmike in the outro.
Martha Stubbs
Martha Stubbs Hace 22 días
Terrible episode
Ahmad Saba Afrooz
Ahmad Saba Afrooz Hace 22 días
No good comment ,
ubergoofball Hace 24 días
In 300, despite all the blood flying, not a single drop is seen on the ground
Lewis Williamson
Lewis Williamson Hace 24 días
Elor Yosnak
Elor Yosnak Hace 24 días
I just realised that the FXitinpost thing is the first (still) time that I've ever seen lightsabers deal damage to the environment
Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great Hace 25 días
React to Swordfish (2001) 360 shot.
kit kat
kit kat Hace 25 días
Please do Kingsmen, specifically the seen when he gets cut in half
Jody Highroller
Jody Highroller Hace 25 días
Bruh avatar is so fucking overrated. The CG was good for the time but it didn't age well and the film itself was hot trash
Joey Mitchell
Joey Mitchell Hace 26 días
You should TOTALLY do the 90s rendition of Mortal Kombat
3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7
3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7 Hace 26 días
16:51 That made me wonder: you could also theoretically make the models untextured and occupying actor space as accurately as possible, put a flatcolor shader on both of them, make one model black, the other white, and you get like a clipping alpha matte layer for your hologram actor? You don't have the model distorting the actor, just deciding what parts are clipping and should not be visible. A camera with a really high-res 3D sensor could work too, since that would give you a depthmap in addition to the two shots, allowing you to compare the depthmaps (is Shot B's depthmap "whiter" than Shot A's? If so, white. Otherwise, black. Also, antialiasing filter and other things to polish up that result) and create a clipping matte out of that. And the fingers shot could just be photoscanned static textures and the models could simply be animated as regular CG objects, because that requires a higher degree of clipping accuracy that you just couldn't afford to lose by dealing with footage. Still lots of work, but also with a high budget, 2017 finger CG just seems like the reliable thing.
Anshu Arya
Anshu Arya Hace 28 días
Please do: "False Alarm" by The Weeknd
Owen Hace 29 días
The whole Green Lantern section is hilarious. You should get Ryan Reynolds to do a review of it with you on the couch and I'm sure he'd do it.
Owen Hace 29 días
1:06-1:19 XD
James Varner
James Varner Hace un mes
Did you guys notice the leg that was chopped off in the 300 scene came back when he landed on the ground?
Eccentric Sauce
Eccentric Sauce Hace un mes
That matrix reloaded scene looks like obito’s fight with the rain ninjas
Ambrose Julich
Ambrose Julich Hace un mes
Anja Wood
Anja Wood Hace un mes
Wait... the endgame time travel suits were cg....... the fUck
Lone Hace un mes
So that’s what smearing in AE is for
Richard Dowell
Richard Dowell Hace un mes
Is this really green lantern Hell no this isn't green lantern He's as stewpid aa the actor hinself. Who are you What the hell are you doing You're gonna die. Worst CG ever Avatar was awesome Except the human weirdos look fuzzy. You talking about VR now
Gowtham Nag
Gowtham Nag Hace un mes
React about the aquaman thats some awesome movie
Nick Zardiashvili
Nick Zardiashvili Hace un mes
One must appreciate the meta irony of faking a human character in the Bladerunner: that scene in the film shows an attempt to fool someone into believing that that being is actually real and that is exactly the same thing the VFX artists were tasked with doing. "Can we fool Deckard into thinking it's actually her" becomes "can we fool the audience into thinking it's an actual human being". Meta VFX over here.
Nick Zardiashvili
Nick Zardiashvili Hace un mes
Homer at 12:48 is not a smearing effect. It's a weird, crazy chili pepper trip he's having in that episode and the animation is actually pretty great there.
Nielda Lee
Nielda Lee Hace un mes
Nielda Lee
Nielda Lee Hace un mes
Ransford Flentjar
Ransford Flentjar Hace un mes
That bus scene at the start of the video reminds of the bus scene in Man of Steel for some reason. Now I REALLY wanna see them react to that scene.
illistfloo Hace un mes
The masks oversized teeth were obviously a fake peice but they only wanted it in certain scenes but jim was so badass he was like i can use these the whole movie
Farook The King
Farook The King Hace un mes
I wanna really meet you bro
Captainrandomvids Hace un mes
Ikram Ullah
Ikram Ullah Hace un mes
Please check recall movie.
Prasanth Annam
Prasanth Annam Hace un mes
How to train your dragon 3 movie has one of the best CGI sand designs of all time. Please include that in your next video. I really would love to see your take on it. DM me for the link of needed.
Joffre Romero
Joffre Romero Hace un mes
Video Suggestion : SPY KIDS 3 !!!
Game Life
Game Life Hace un mes
Please do video on (kung fu hustle ) and also (shaollin soccer ) my childhood memories 😁😁😁
Sahil Sanil
Sahil Sanil Hace un mes
How many times will you guys ask for suggestions, comments, etc. STOP it's annoying. It's like my mom constantly reminding me to go get groceries when I AM GONNA MOM. Geez.
Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales Hace un mes
Review this scene: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-okQJPUTQMqA.html and this: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-4qo3EwozH0Y.html
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Do harry potter
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