Vegans Don't Have Friends. Collin Moulton - Full Special

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William Perez
William Perez Hace 3 horas
William Perez
William Perez Hace 3 horas
5am I'm dying laughing
Blackball Hace 3 horas
1:45..." Skim Milk " Joaquin Phoenix should see this...
Tricia Lewis
Tricia Lewis Hace 4 horas
Funny, but obviously can't cook.
EnemyMindset Hace 10 horas
The white Kevin Hart. Pretty funny though
inkelf Hace 19 horas
Funniest line..."Vegans are healthier."
Agnostic Friar
Agnostic Friar Hace 20 horas
Typical simp running the 'all guys are morons' routine. It was alright until that point.
Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor Hace un día
This man is meant to change the narrative of the 21st century...
indnajns Hace un día
I didn't mean to, but I am ROFL. He is really funny!
Sandy Peppers
Sandy Peppers Hace un día
He’s hilarious!
Joel Browne
Joel Browne Hace un día
That last joke had me on my Gawd damm kneess
Nikki A
Nikki A Hace un día
Lol!!! Quit sending me letters with human handwriting- it’s creepy! Lol!!!
Mr Chrysler
Mr Chrysler Hace 2 días
Comedy for people ignorant of the kitchen? I clicked on it as it has a promise of slagging on vegans, the victims of the syndrome I have identified, Disney Syndrome™. Now they believe worms and birds and deer have human thoughts, when all they are doing is reacting to instincts. But, this guy has already slagged on multiple things I use on a regular basis, or understand why others use them, but are not things in my diet, and as you can see, campaign against vegans. But I firmly suggest the use of bay leaf the next time you cook spaghetti. *That is I guess* ..... *if you can* _cook_ . Only at 126, but is this guy a 100% restaurant, or is it boxed process foods?
Life. Unrestricted. (With Meret Boxler)
Life. Unrestricted. (With Meret Boxler) Hace 2 días
OMG, I just died from the most delicious mixture of brain and belly stimulation. "I waterboard the squirrels to find out when the deer come around." Dead.
Rae The Hufflepuff
Rae The Hufflepuff Hace 2 días
This man sounds like Quagmire with a head cold.
Jeremy Lister
Jeremy Lister Hace 2 días
Where can you buy a vegan spanner?
tido mash
tido mash Hace 2 días
Funny enough quite a few Xhosa's stutter
JamFlo Hace 2 días
The big question is: how many Red Bull did he have before starting his set? 😁😂🤣😃😍
jeremy toutain
jeremy toutain Hace 3 días
On Star?! What year is it in Wisconsin??
Renee Salazar
Renee Salazar Hace 3 días
🤣🤣🤣 The cop part has me laughing so hard🙌👏
Mutant Tugboat
Mutant Tugboat Hace 3 días
The post office joke and closing joke were so funny. I alughed really hard at the last one haha
Greg White
Greg White Hace 3 días
1:40 this is straight out of a Joe Rogan special from like 2014. Joe did say if this ever comes up please feel free to use it...
Cismale Scumbag70
Cismale Scumbag70 Hace 3 días
First funny vegan I have ever seen :)
Delora Sledge
Delora Sledge Hace 3 días
He's hilarious. When my 4 yr. old tells you to "GO TO BED" he's basically calling you a "stupid hate", LOL.
absurdlyy Hace 3 días
He has the same chaotic energy as my best friend and I love it
samotbrandon Hace 4 días
I just yawn "teared" (Teared, not cryed. I'm a male).
samotbrandon Hace 4 días
When grampa is explaining how the mailing system used to work, wouldn't grampa have to explain that a letter is the piece of paper that goes in the envelope, and not just one of the 26 symbols of the alpha bet?
BenNuttinYahoosreel Hace 4 días
Collin is great. I even LOLd here alone at home. Good job.
Aaron P
Aaron P Hace 4 días
Funny as hell. Love it
Joe Bartholomew
Joe Bartholomew Hace 4 días
man that vegan part was hilarious!
Lizee J
Lizee J Hace 4 días
6min in and i'm dying
Lizee J
Lizee J Hace 4 días
" i soaked them for 3 days to get the farts out " LMAOOO i just ate my 3 day soaked black beans
Diane Marcum
Diane Marcum Hace 4 días
So great! I loved your show!
dww34 Hace 5 días
5 freakin stars
Mountain Man *
Mountain Man * Hace 5 días
Great stuff!
Paul John Longua
Paul John Longua Hace 5 días
This guy doesn't like good food.
Karen Burton
Karen Burton Hace 5 días
Point of correction. Only a tiny % of Africans speak that language. Many people die without even knowing that kind of language exists.
Holly Chopp
Holly Chopp Hace 6 días
Love this guy!!! Awesome performance. More please!
just a souls bro named yams
just a souls bro named yams Hace 6 días
Lol the funniest part is that he thinks his wife's 140 IQ is genius level but that's borderline dumb actually
Jessica B
Jessica B Hace 3 días
just a souls bro named yams actually no, you’re incorrect
adorb pokefan
adorb pokefan Hace 6 días
Don’t forget bee hives
Chris Garner
Chris Garner Hace 6 días
I can watch this guy all day. He is so funny it’s worth watching again. The daddy long joke is great?
Lena R
Lena R Hace 6 días
Is this guy from radio? He has a very familiar voice
Chiyo Hanson
Chiyo Hanson Hace 6 días
Medically proven being on a vegan diet will kill u.
ryuzakilawlight Hace 6 días
I don't know why i decided to have dinner whilst watching this. DON'T EAT AND WATCH kids.
Woofeman Hace 7 días
2:24. That's how long it took a vegan to tell you he is a vegan. huh. that's not a joke. Every time I meet a vegan, that's a round about the standard time before, They tell me. Next comment: I don't have any friend's. O K. thinking? is there a joke here?
MrTnbopp123 Hace 7 días
Very mediocre comedian
Magmood Jacobs
Magmood Jacobs Hace 7 días
surely one of the best hillbilly accents
B T Hace 8 días
I'm vegan. And my friends are not. Not one.
Daniel Nunez
Daniel Nunez Hace 8 días
If you need to send money just use Walmart to Walmart... you're welcome
JayHazel12 Hace 8 días
44:39 I just died, I couldn't take it.
Andrew Kelley
Andrew Kelley Hace 8 días
My favorite dry bar guy
Monsieur P.
Monsieur P. Hace 8 días
That’s nice that he takes care of his parents! Sure I’ll be the one that takes care oh my dad when he gets up there in age because my siblings are bastards.
Monsieur P.
Monsieur P. Hace 8 días
This guy is brilliant...
Monsieur P.
Monsieur P. Hace 8 días
Milk hate of the 90’s is why iced lattes and all that good stuff didn’t become popular until after 2000... Evil people
Monsieur P.
Monsieur P. Hace 8 días
Found in the middle of a corn field 😂
Elissa Griffin Davis
Elissa Griffin Davis Hace 8 días
The joke that starts 41:25 made me LMAO.... punchline at 42:19 🤣🤣🤣
Angel D
Angel D Hace 9 días
This was HILARIOUS!! 😂😂😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
NeedITDeathHeated Hace 9 días
29:50 - LMAO
simosc2 Hace 9 días
Collin is absolutely a riot. The best I have heard in a long time.
Konni Lindström
Konni Lindström Hace 9 días
That was great! Not so good at getting the interest early on, but it was really good all the way trough!
Matt Ayers
Matt Ayers Hace 9 días
that guy was funny as hell love him
Josh Hsoj
Josh Hsoj Hace 9 días
It's always good when you randomly pick a comedian you haven't heard of and they turn out good.
masonman88 Hace 10 días
is this guy anti life. 90 seconds is all I could listen to from this moron! go live off can food stupid
R Yoslinne
R Yoslinne Hace 11 días
The chicken part was crazy hahhaa, the impression is absolutely gold 😂😂😂
Hellgearone Hace 11 días
The ending bit with the cop killed me. 🤣
Cam4Jess Hace 11 días
Did I miss a chunk of this video or something? "Vegans Don't Have Friends"
mrs Macca
mrs Macca Hace 11 días
I soaked them for 3 days, to get the farts out.
GL TV lol
GL TV lol Hace 12 días
Wow i love it when a comedian is actually funny from start to finish. Got funnier as it went on 😂😂😂
chris A.
chris A. Hace 12 días
Coconut Banana
Coconut Banana Hace 12 días
Very funny! Excellent!
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