USA vs. Argentina | Which one do I like more?

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I made this video a few weeks ago during my last stay in Argentina. I thought it would be fun to try a vlog style video & answer the #1 question that people ALWAYS ask me.
Everyone wants to know which country I prefer: the USA or Argentina?
The truth is, there are so many things I love about both countries. Each one has different things to offer, and it's impossible for me to choose.
If you're reading this and you don't know much about me, here's my story...
My parents immigrated to the USA from Argentina before I was born. When I was 22, I went to Argentina to study Spanish and ended up meeting my husband. Ever since, I've spent several years in Argentina...I said 5 years in the video, but later I realized it's been 6! Also, right now we are in the USA doing the paperwork to get Renzo's greencard... so we aren't in Argentina.
Anyhow, I hope this video helps you get to know me more. I also hope that it helps you see that every country has something wonderful to offer, as well as things we wish we could change.
No country is better than any other... they are simply all different. And at the end of the day... we are all the same... we grow up in different cultures, but we are all HUMAN.
Let me know if the comments if you enjoyed this video!
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🌎 Where are you from?
🗣 Do you speak another language?
-Yes, I learned Spanish and speak fluently.
✈️ What countries have you traveled to?
-Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy
🇦🇷 Have you ever lived abroad?
-Yes, I have lived in Argentina since January 2013
🤷🏼‍♀️ You speak too fast. Can you slow down?
-No. I work with advanced English learners, and they don't need or want me to slow down. You can slow down my videos with this chrome extension:
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The English Coach
The English Coach Hace un año
So, should I make more vlogs like this?? :D
치 라즈Marry
치 라즈Marry Hace 8 días
Yesssss plzzzz💛😍😍
Anderson Medina Guerrero
Anderson Medina Guerrero Hace 10 días
Yes, please!
Yuzu Shirayumi
Yuzu Shirayumi Hace 21 un día
The English Coach yes it is awesome 👏🏻 i love it 🥰
Yu Ming
Yu Ming Hace 2 meses
Yes, I like your Vlog , so wonderful
Mohanad Hakim
Mohanad Hakim Hace 2 meses
Ederson Claw
Ederson Claw Hace 10 horas
"Go go go do this do that take the kids here take the kids there, I mean I don't have kids "😂😂
Diego Ferreyra
Diego Ferreyra Hace un día
I have spoken to many people from USA.
1mas1 Hace 3 días
Buen orto
Shazzadulhoque Swagoto
Shazzadulhoque Swagoto Hace 7 días
she is lookong alike alysa healy & sounds alike too
Athina Jetter
Athina Jetter Hace 10 días
I personally do not like the physical interaction in Argentina, idk I just feel like it is unnecessary. But I do like that how easy it is to hang out with people.
Sami khan Baba
Sami khan Baba Hace 10 días
Driving without discipline like Pakistan
Nokia 2020
Nokia 2020 Hace 11 días
I think Argentina is better
Ivan Floyd
Ivan Floyd Hace 11 días
La amistad es como una religion en Argentina.
Daniel Sozzi
Daniel Sozzi Hace 13 días
Great video! You just honored both countries with your explanation. I'm from Buenos Aires and I've never been to the US but I 've got good friends in Chicago and Miami who tell me about the american lifestyle. Good choice filming in Palermo!😀🖒
Renegade Rebel
Renegade Rebel Hace 21 un día
I wish the economy was better
Jarocha treisy Mendez
Jarocha treisy Mendez Hace 22 días
That is perfect to talk about culture i love that kind of history
Paulo Vitor
Paulo Vitor Hace 23 días
Gostei muito, faça mais videos assim, ao ar livre, obrigado.
Alexis Colón FPV
Alexis Colón FPV Hace 24 días
With $1500.00 USD can live in Argentina
*ceeraunophile *
*ceeraunophile * Hace 25 días
"Todag won't be the day that I die"😂😂😂😂Love you Stephanyy💖
Dami Mancini
Dami Mancini Hace 29 días
Aregentina comienza del otro lado de General Paz. No tiene nada que ver con Palermo
Himalaya Hace un mes
With the coronavirus, now, I do not think that anybody envy the Argentine culture, I mean... to drink from the same glass!
AmadeoRS6 Hace un mes
Thank you Stefanie for your videos! I'm learning for a couple of years but my English is not really perfect. After watching your videos I'm feeling more confident to speak with my collegues and most important I get actually more fun to learn more and more. Great effect)
1984byeable Hace un mes
Said nothing.
freelancelady Hace un mes
I don’t think I would love to drink from the same cup than another person has used, specially if they have a bad cold...but for the rest it seems to be a really nice place.
Rogelio Fernandez Jimenez
Rogelio Fernandez Jimenez Hace un mes
I hate driving in the USA, their rules are so strict, i prefer México hehehe.
João Paulo T S
João Paulo T S Hace un mes
Is there anyone who knows the song at the beginning?
Sergii Leontiev
Sergii Leontiev Hace 2 meses
Thats because Argentina is more than 50years behind the USA Its like time travel in the past
Noelia721 Hace 2 días
Yeah, how us usa now? Start to respect others
Marcelo Ciarro
Marcelo Ciarro Hace un mes
Yep, that's why we don't have 67000 people dead by coronavirus.
Melbnolan Hace 2 meses
Buenos Aires, my favourite city in the Southern Hemisphere, I wish they could figure out the economic and financial issues that have plagued this resource rich country for over 60 years. Mate is shared with the same straw because the straw is sterling silver which is antibacterial.
Bartolo Hace 2 meses
No Andes con una cámara tan buena por la calle No en Argentina
Antune Hace 2 meses
porque hay subtitulo chino e indonesio pero no español? :"v
milton vega
milton vega Hace 2 meses
Thank you so much, Miss Stefanie I like to practice your English videos and write all the new vocabulary used for you in your conversations about your recommendation to lean the English language. I would like to hear from you again in other videos to share with us and practice the English. I usually study your videos and how you explain new situations that occur in a real-life from you and your family that is great and amazing listening to all your conversations. Go ahead and God bless you and your family. Bye. Bye.
Abdimahad derow
Abdimahad derow Hace 3 meses
my dear I like your English keep going beautiful 🍯 honey h
Morteza Z
Morteza Z Hace 3 meses
Hi thank you so much for trying to teach me english. I have a request if you may not have a podcast
Pablo Zarate
Pablo Zarate Hace 3 meses
No manejo en Argentina por que aca se parece un poco a como manejan en la India, tocan bocina por todo, no ceden el paso al peaton, te tiran el coche encima para que cruses corriendo ... nadie maneja bien en Argentina. Si alguien para en su esquina y espera que cruze un peaton , todos van a tocan bocina y van a ponerse muy agresivos. Eso no existe en California alla mientras mejor trates a los peatones es mejor, si tiras el coche muy adelante quizas te toquen bocina por que estas impidiendo el paso al peaton o quizas te pongan una multa autoimaticamente por las camaras.
Pablo Zarate
Pablo Zarate Hace 3 meses
@1:50 i hear you! same here ... i had my california driver license and i won't ever get one in Argentina, i rather ride a bike here
Nils Hace 3 meses
I see boludo country I press like
Marcos Batista
Marcos Batista Hace 3 meses
I've just discovered this video and I enjoy it a lot. It's awesome.
Mongoose 1980
Mongoose 1980 Hace 3 meses
I would like to see a video on Bariloche. Saludos
Frijolitø Rebelde
Frijolitø Rebelde Hace 3 meses
Ella es toda tiernita
nanos pj
nanos pj Hace 3 meses
the way you are talking drive me so crazy ti kiss you :/
Tyler Hace 3 meses
Amazing coach
guillermo daniel pivetta porras
guillermo daniel pivetta porras Hace 4 meses
I've never driven in Argentina, but having driven in France and the south of Italy, i don't think anything could scare me anymore.
Ray T
Ray T Hace 5 meses
5:20 *entiendo que sea normal, pero eso no se suele hacer por qué nunca se sabe que enfermedades puedas tener o el otro* caras vemos, virus no sabemos. Es por higiene. Soy mexicano, eso sucede aquí en algunos lados. Pero yo paso
doudi riad
doudi riad Hace 5 meses
The reason that make me like your videos is your accent , really you have a good accent and pronouncetion 😉 , and actually when I listen to you I like English more than before , thank you Stephanie 🙏😇
Alejandro Buenahora
Alejandro Buenahora Hace 5 meses
Just Human
Just Human Hace 5 meses
Please Stef, make more videos like this! Your narration is very interesting to listen to. It would be great if you made such videos about every country you have visited. Thanks!
Eleazar herrera
Eleazar herrera Hace 5 meses
Socialismo y capitalismo está claro cual es mejor
Oleg Solodyak
Oleg Solodyak Hace 5 meses
Lovely video!
Ale Scognamiglio
Ale Scognamiglio Hace 5 meses
If u see how we drive in Napoli, you'll get super scared🤣🤣
Valeria Gomez
Valeria Gomez Hace 5 meses
Amo esté país
Ruben Villegas
Ruben Villegas Hace 5 meses
Do They share the cup using the same straw ??
Anders Eriksson
Anders Eriksson Hace 5 meses
Yeah I'll respectfully pass. Tradition or not, it's not sanitary. You can spread all sorts of stuff that way. Even people that go to hookah bars use their own mouthpiece.
DEGAS7 aaa
DEGAS7 aaa Hace 5 meses
Is a metal straw so is not as disgusting as you might think, but is definitely disgusting.
david Hace 5 meses
Me encanto!! Like
Goodzone Hace 5 meses
Don't cry for me Argentina..... 😌
Sebastian Hace 5 meses
European culture is deeply rooted in Argentina, especially Italian and Spanish!
gaston saidacovsky
gaston saidacovsky Hace 5 meses
Great video. Yeah , we are very close when comes to greeting someone. A kiss, a hug. The food yeah,we eat a lot of meat. I personally dont like mate (im from Argentina) but im sure u know, is a little bit hard being a foreign in Argentina, ppl usually wants to take advantages of that, hope u dont get that treat.
SBVCP Hace 5 meses
I wished everyone spoke (speak? sorry) clearly and slowly like you, so I understand. I tried to understand scottish once....once.
SBVCP Hace 5 meses
*| Adventurous* Nice diplomatic way of saying theres a lot of morons in the road here haha. Overall I think law is not awfully respected. And yes, theres no automatics here, besides perhaps one or two exceptions. In 24 years, I never saw one (not that I can check that on a car passing by but still). That said yes, we have about 30% more car fatalities than the US About public transport... yes its very present (Except for the metro which is only in buenos aires). However the quality of the buses...its definitely lackin. I live in a major touristic place and I have waited one or two times nearly two hours. I tend to wait like 45 minutes minimum pretty much always. And you dont use that much public transportaiton I guess because both cars and fuel is cheaper for you, as well as bigger distances (less centralization) and you get your license at 16. That said, I think public transportation should be a thing everywhere (less traaffic, usually cheaper, less pollution, etc) About the "warm" greeting, yes. Fun fact, according to the washington post (well a studio featured in there, but I dont know how scientifically relevant it is) says that Argentina is the country with the least personal space haha About the mate depends hugely on the person. Usually I always saw people at least clean the straw (that said I dont like mate, so i dont have a big mate culture)
Luis Bar
Luis Bar Hace 5 meses
Thanks for your words about my country!!!
Bhuvnesh Sharma
Bhuvnesh Sharma Hace 5 meses
Hey give me information about cost of living
Xavier Xampute
Xavier Xampute Hace 5 meses
Argentinians dont respect the law.
Xavier Xampute
Xavier Xampute Hace 5 meses
Be careful in Argentina. It Is a very dangerous place.
Sherlock !
Sherlock ! Hace 5 meses
I love your accent so much. I understand every word you say. I'm from argentina too, i live in buenos aires. Keep doing videos like this one pls
Moisés Guilherme
Moisés Guilherme Hace 5 meses
Pelé is better than Maradona.
chinu sharma
chinu sharma Hace 5 meses
Hello ma'am! I am indian. Do you like India??
pikariben Hace 5 meses
Cool, I definitely like this video! And I like the way you speak~
Tigran Gyulzadyan
Tigran Gyulzadyan Hace 5 meses
Sounds like a way better place to live at compared to US, don't be that humble, it's obvious you like Argentina way better. And as far as the traffic it more sounds like the Los Angeles :)
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Hace 5 meses
The video is so professional, as if it was made by Nolan or Scorsese. You nailed it.
Vitalie Hace 5 meses
I am not from the US nor Argentina, but I would like to hear more about Argentina, and especially whether it is really so dangerous there or not, because I have a friend who lives there in Neuquen and she says that Argentina is a dangerous place.
Ethan King
Ethan King Hace 5 meses
How to improve my English, can you give me some suggestions?
Papa Léguas
Papa Léguas Hace 5 meses
I could understand you the entire video.
Edgar Aguilera
Edgar Aguilera Hace 5 meses
We use the public transportation in NYC
Orestes Manzanilla
Orestes Manzanilla Hace 5 meses
You would love Colombia and Venezuela. Obviously the culture is different, but the warmth and closeness is the same. We just do not do mate, but coffee, beer or rum :) ... being a Venezuelan, however, I feel it is my duty to dis-encourage you from going to Venezuela (unless you have a very street-wise guide), as it would put you in risk without necessity.
Orestes Manzanilla
Orestes Manzanilla Hace 5 meses
@Anders Eriksson Thanks for your words.. As a Venezuelan, I think we are partly responsible, in the sense that for too long, people did not care about politics, people chose to "not be interested in politics", and ceased making the necessary demands when the government and its politicians and institutions had a bad management. People settled for receiving benefits, and just voting to punish the last party in the Presidency. People did not care who was running for parliament, nor how were they changing the constitution, until it was too late, because we had no democracy anymore. I have seen this lack of interest and civil participation in many countries, but I think those with parliamentary systems give less power to the president, and therefore are a little more protected. We lacked being involved as citizens. Did we deserve to die, starve and be tortured, for sure we did not....
Anders Eriksson
Anders Eriksson Hace 5 meses
I really hope Venezuela turns around and gets better. People there are so nice and don't deserve all the trouble they are experiencing.
Orestes Manzanilla
Orestes Manzanilla Hace 5 meses
@The English Coach That is very brave and sweet of you :)
The English Coach
The English Coach Hace 5 meses
If I had locals there who I could visit and who would help me stay safe, I would definitely go :P
fernando sDa
fernando sDa Hace 5 meses
I loved this video
mg zaw
mg zaw Hace 5 meses
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