USA vs. Argentina | Which one do I like more?

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I made this video a few weeks ago during my last stay in Argentina. I thought it would be fun to try a vlog style video & answer the #1 question that people ALWAYS ask me.
Everyone wants to know which country I prefer: the USA or Argentina?
The truth is, there are so many things I love about both countries. Each one has different things to offer, and it's impossible for me to choose.
If you're reading this and you don't know much about me, here's my story...
My parents immigrated to the USA from Argentina before I was born. When I was 22, I went to Argentina to study Spanish and ended up meeting my husband. Ever since, I've spent several years in Argentina...I said 5 years in the video, but later I realized it's been 6! Also, right now we are in the USA doing the paperwork to get Renzo's greencard... so we aren't in Argentina.
Anyhow, I hope this video helps you get to know me more. I also hope that it helps you see that every country has something wonderful to offer, as well as things we wish we could change.
No country is better than any other... they are simply all different. And at the end of the day... we are all the same... we grow up in different cultures, but we are all HUMAN.
Let me know if the comments if you enjoyed this video!
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🌎 Where are you from?
🗣 Do you speak another language?
-Yes, I learned Spanish and speak fluently.
✈️ What countries have you traveled to?
-Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy
🇦🇷 Have you ever lived abroad?
-Yes, I have lived in Argentina since January 2013
🤷🏼‍♀️ You speak too fast. Can you slow down?
-No. I work with advanced English learners, and they don't need or want me to slow down. You can slow down my videos with this chrome extension:
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The English Coach
The English Coach Hace 10 meses
So, should I make more vlogs like this?? :D
Alejandro De Castilla
Alejandro De Castilla Hace 18 días
Of course...this kind video is so didactic...thanks for sharing this!😍
bluesunny Hace un mes
yes, please. where are you? lol
Carlos Omar Gonzalez Resendiz
Carlos Omar Gonzalez Resendiz Hace un mes
Yes! make more videos like this please I love diferents kind of culture
John Smith
John Smith Hace 2 meses
Im galf argentine. My gma and gpa moved here with my mom and uncle. I want to mobe back to argentina from u.s.
MD Kuddus
MD Kuddus Hace 2 meses
The English Coach hi
Projeto HM
Projeto HM Hace 7 horas
Very nice video, I live in South Brazil, it’s really close to the Argentina and a lot things you said on that video we use to do here, Mate, Assado (here we call it Churrasco), meeting friends without some reason. I had the experience to live in US, first time in Boston and then in Pasadena, California and the first thing I notice there was about the distance beteween people. For us who live here in South America is really wierd can't hung, kiss or even shake hands with other people kkkk
Agnaldo Emidio
Agnaldo Emidio Hace 8 horas
Hello Stefanie I understand a litlle english eu estou melhorando muito o inglês este ano quando comecei a acompanhar seu trabalho no yutub conheci a Argentina fui a cidade de Laplata falo pouco espanhol sou de Recife Brasil
oliciv ss
oliciv ss Hace 3 días
Elpida Kermanidou
Elpida Kermanidou Hace 4 días
i was offered mate once..i refused to drink from the same straw :DDD
Sebas V
Sebas V Hace 6 días
Cuando haras un video hablando español
_Dot Connector
_Dot Connector Hace 7 días
4:19 "People there (USA) don't use public transportation..." Boston, Phily, NY, come on, it is all about public transportation but the west coast is a different story. If you use public transportation West of the Mississippi, moris en el intento!.
_Dot Connector
_Dot Connector Hace 7 días
2:25 "In the US, roads have car lanes. In Argentina, roads have car lanes. In the US drivers stay within the lanes. In Argentina, drivers... shall we say only use lanes a visual entertainment?"
Clint Sevilla
Clint Sevilla Hace 7 días
California is not used to public transportation. NY is different.
British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent
British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent Hace 7 días
Argentina is better tell the truth. Police State Vs Argentina? Joke Lines on the road and to many lines in your head. Your an accident!
JuanMa Barreda Fafasuli
JuanMa Barreda Fafasuli Hace 11 días
aguanten los redondos
Kenneth Yu
Kenneth Yu Hace 17 días
Usa is better
Alejandro De Castilla
Alejandro De Castilla Hace 18 días
Wonderful video I love the natural you are and I am thankful with you because I learn a lot of about each topic you talk in your should do more videos like in different part of our world..
Bonny Guillen
Bonny Guillen Hace 27 días
A different way to share with us. I love this video very much.
Ivannsenn Hace 28 días
Trust me, I don't own a car, I don't want a car, I won't own a car ("The Library", Seinfeld's reference lol) . Driving, specially in the city of Buenos Aires (In smaller towns seems to be more civilized) is terrible, completely pisses me off 24/7. The problem I believe is that some people don't think too much on the consequences before they happen. I love they way you talk about the greats and the so-so's in an energetic and respectful way, many should learn from you. The social ackwardness bit in the US made me chuckle lol, I need to go there if the gods ever allow me, to see for myself. Anyway, first time seeing your vlog, you're awesome, keep it up.
David Santos
David Santos Hace un mes
You are lovely I like you so much ... thanks
Tanø Hace un mes
You forgot to talk about inflation here (jk)
Jona Bustos
Jona Bustos Hace un mes
Con esos ojos, ensrñame todo el inglés que quieras, linda.
Alexander Matheus
Alexander Matheus Hace un mes
Victoria Pinto
Victoria Pinto Hace un mes
I am from Argentina but I found the "mate tradition" discusting and dangerous! because you can contract sick if you don't know the person who drink mate with you
Valério Albuquerque
Valério Albuquerque Hace un mes
Coming to Brazil.
Carlos Omar Gonzalez Resendiz
Carlos Omar Gonzalez Resendiz Hace un mes
I would like to know more about the culture in the U.S.
Diogenes lima
Diogenes lima Hace un mes
Hey, you looks like the capitain marvel, grettings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Huni Yi
Huni Yi Hace 2 meses
I am from south Korea I have practiced listening through your youtobe. Thank you.
Fabio Costa
Fabio Costa Hace 2 meses
Have you been to Brazil?
Mike C
Mike C Hace 2 meses
Good thing you left America when you did so many Americans these days suffering with mental illness everybody does nothing but compete against each other for the same exact stuff whether it be women fighting over men or men fighting over women Largest prison population in the world highest rate of unpaid student loan credit card debit who wants to live there Life like that Day to day
Natalie B
Natalie B Hace 2 meses
Sharing drinks with people... even your close family members is one way disease is spread. I guess if you don’t care if you get (or give) hepatitis or herpes... share away. You should not even kiss a baby on the lips. It is so sad to see a child with a cold sore.
Luize Ramos
Luize Ramos Hace 2 meses
Filipinas and Argentina has lot of similarities.
Melody Vaio
Melody Vaio Hace 2 meses
I'm an argentinian leaving in the USA and I agree with everything you say I love somethings here I love somethings there can't choose
Psychology Passionate
Psychology Passionate Hace 2 meses
0:25 Yet another reason why Argentina is different from the US. Lols.
cesar oblitas la rosa
cesar oblitas la rosa Hace 2 meses
ella es argentina??
Aizen 818
Aizen 818 Hace 2 meses
Hi Steph! After 8 months since you made this video, today you got a new student and a follower. Sigue cosechando exitos 😁. Keep it up! We want more of you work. Great idea to shot the video outdoors.
gajanan goral
gajanan goral Hace 2 meses
Thank you so much I really appreciate to you r hard work because no one can do this types of work which is you doing please do More video which is helpful for us thanks
Elisa de Castro Lisboa
Elisa de Castro Lisboa Hace 2 meses
what are you doing in Argentina????
I wish you can teach me some English.
mia 3alamia
mia 3alamia Hace 3 meses
And I like you in vlogs
mia 3alamia
mia 3alamia Hace 3 meses
it's wonderful place thank you a lot
Gavrilenko栄光 Hace 3 meses
wow after this video i found out that my country has many common things with Argentina
Edwards Daniel
Edwards Daniel Hace 3 meses
No offense. Although you feel Argentineans treat people warmer than American, maybe. But Argentinean is indeed the most inhospitable people in all Latino America world. You have to admit that, I think the people from other Latino America would agree with me, this is consensus. " Many Argentineans they think they are Europeans, different with Latino Americanos, so they feel they prior" these were not my word, these were told by many of my Latin American amigos, BTW no soy de Latino America. But I agree with that, cause I felt the same when I traveled there before. I don't understand why they feel so prior with theirselves, cause Argentina had always failed in many places and events, such as Falkland war, withering economy, collapsed currency, bad public security... Yes I admit that those are also happened in many other Latino America countries, but they don't feel prior. Anyway, Argentina is a beautiful country with beautiful people, literally beautiful faces and slim figure.
BradVickers89 Hace 3 meses
Don't put all people on the same bag, buddy. Not all Argentine people are like that. Many latin American people who criticize us and describe us that way ignore the fact that they can act the same way and even worse. There are many haters around the world, it's not good to be xenophobic, you know. Let her live her experience in peace. We are an open country with nice people, nobody here feel superior or better than anyone. That's the biggest bullshit i have ever heard, and if other people try so hard to make us look that way then i'm not sure who feels inferior in this case. I don't understand why all those people who criticize us feel so insecure about themselves... it's easy, if you and your friends don't like Argentina and are racists then don't come here, but don't go around saying shit about us because you can't generalize that way. It's funny that most of those latin american people who criticize us then come here to get a job and more opportunities, and we always receive them friendly, we give them a chance. We are not a rich country and we still need to develop in many different aspects, but we are a proud nation, with good people. I won't say anything about Malvinas war, and i don't understand why you mentioned this thing trying to hurt argentine people, but let me tell you that it is very, really veerry pathetic to laugh about people who died there. Winning a war doesn't make a nation worse or better, all wars bring loses, for both sides. I was trying hard to be polite but people like you, with all that hate inside, all that racism... it's really disgusting and i feel pity for you. You're pathetic.
Soe Ko Ko
Soe Ko Ko Hace 3 meses
M Junaid
M Junaid Hace 3 meses
TBH --- Being a Pakistani I can say it very confidently that the USA is far better than every country in terms of facilities, transportation, etc I had never been there but I can feel it while watching to videos on my Laptop, Oh man. The USA is an icon for other countries. Also, come to Pakistan also. Pakistani food is awesome. I'm sure if you ate a Pakistani food then you'll say goodbye to other countries.
•fędēøh• πSSπ
•fędēøh• πSSπ Hace 3 meses
Hit or miss pero esto es argentina tu novio te besa cuando el le pinta mua Siempre veo como sobrevive mirtha Y cristina mato a nissman xD
Víctor Colmenares
Víctor Colmenares Hace 3 meses
moree vlogs like this, maybe someday you could say some tense in spanish to hear your pronunciation, amazinggg...!
iam_bryan012 Hace 3 meses
she has already made videos speaking in spanish, she sound quite perfect, she has a argentina accent and i know it cause im a native spanish speaker.
Pornthep Piriyasoranant
Pornthep Piriyasoranant Hace 4 meses
This style is just great ! it's look real & natuaral also relaxing
yetisuncle Hace 4 meses
i bet the transmission rates of herpes simplex is astronomical there. if everyone kisses everyone and everyone shares beverages with strangers. no thanks ill keep my germs to myself, and you keep yours to yourself thanks. lmao
daveh Ferré
daveh Ferré Hace 4 meses
Hacete otro de estos ví querés pásate a matear en la zapla...
iis yulrantedatu
iis yulrantedatu Hace 4 meses
My best english teacher. Thanks so much stefanie😃
Taiwili Kayan
Taiwili Kayan Hace 4 meses
Come to Brazil! We drink Mate 👏😂
michele silva
michele silva Hace 4 meses
Omg I LOVED this vlog! It was amazing!
幸伏田 Hace 4 meses
Claudia Lourenci
Claudia Lourenci Hace 4 meses
In Brazil is the same people are very friendly
Hari Uzir
Hari Uzir Hace 4 meses
You re the best english speaker mem
rodrigo storm
rodrigo storm Hace 4 meses
For me looks like u prefer Argentina, love the way u talk btw 😁😍
Life & Nature
Life & Nature Hace 4 meses
From how you describe Argentina, it reminds me Italy somehow, If I recall correctly more 50% of the population is of Italian origin and the behaving you describe sound very familiar. As for driving I suggest you to make some practice in the traffic of Milano or Napoli or even New York; then you'll be ready to drive in Buenos Aires. About public transportation, I do not know how it is in Sacramento, never been there, but i would say that in San Francisco is quite efficent. Overall an instructive and curious video. Thank for it Stefanie.
The English Coach
The English Coach Hace 4 meses
That's funny... because in 2015 when I went to Italy, the first thing I said when I stepped out of the airplane and started walking around the city was "OMG this looks like Buenos Aires!" We were in Rome :D
Hi. Great,wonderful video.we can see cafes,cars,buildings...and much more of the capital of Argentina Buenos Aires. in fact video with images is more helpful and interesting. I wish to watch and persue videos about sports...and ofher topics,and videos of other cities and nations if it.s possible .Thanks.Gracias
Obida Al Ahmad
Obida Al Ahmad Hace 4 meses
Hi Stiffaniey,try to drink matte with milk instade of water,it's really so delicious.
Mauro Blazquez
Mauro Blazquez Hace 5 meses
Si sabía que venistes te iba a buscar jaja 😍
Mario Quiroga
Mario Quiroga Hace 5 meses
Make a video speaking argentine spanish please
Gerson Yamada
Gerson Yamada Hace 5 meses
So, you should come to São Paulo and drive here ❗️ you will see... 😉
José Luis Dominguez
José Luis Dominguez Hace 5 meses
I’d like to listen to you speaking Spanish
JefersonDeybi Hace 5 meses
Hola, yo soy de Nicaragua, aca hablamos espa;ol e ingles. En lo personal me gusta el acento argentino, pero hay veces q nos los entiendo, hablan muy rapido, y hay algunas palabras q no se que significan, como por ejemplo: haceme un pete, metetelo en el ojete, te voy a romper el orto, haceme una garcha, besame la chota, tocala q es gomosa, etc. Puedes hacer un video explicando q significa eso por favor?
Rebeca Silva
Rebeca Silva Hace 5 meses
I love hear the sound that your voice, is amazing😍
Guto Chaves
Guto Chaves Hace 5 meses
Martin O
Martin O Hace 5 meses
Loved the video, I was born in NYC and raised in Baires to Argentine parents. Been living in NYC since late teen years and I feel exactly the same as you on the the subject. I miss walking in Buenos Aires on a Sunday and being able to hear your footsteps, as it is just so quiet because everyone is with their families. When my kids get older, definitely will go back and live there again
Devy Fandub
Devy Fandub Hace 5 meses
xD hey, do you have any video speaking spanish?
Alex Vinogradov
Alex Vinogradov Hace 6 meses
thank you. You are is good teacher. I like always see your video
selda aslan
selda aslan Hace 6 meses
hi steph, I liked your hair here very much.
Oscar Rondon
Oscar Rondon Hace 6 meses
Do you have any video talking only in English? Would be Nice.
Guido Bulacios
Guido Bulacios Hace 6 meses
You pronounce very good asado and mate. Nice video! Congrats 🙂
Allan Vargas
Allan Vargas Hace 6 meses
I recently found out your ESwomen channel Stefanie, and I really love your videos, I really enjoy watching them, they've helped me a lot to improve my English and I mean, you just have helped me way too much! thank you, Stefanie! By the way, the high-quality of this video is lit, pretty good! Saludos desde Guatemala :)
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