US military warns people preparing to storm Area 51

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Officials warn public of dangers at secretive Nevada base and signal that the Air Force stands ready; national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin report from the Pentagon. #SpecialReport #FoxNews
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Ilidio Francisco
Ilidio Francisco Hace 11 horas
Some Americans are just pure stupid, can't they read the same guns to stay away.. Got to love America
Feerza Reptilio
Feerza Reptilio Hace 13 horas
It's obvious that Russia will Raid Area 51 Because the Reporter said *Russian bots*
Angel of Death
Angel of Death Hace 18 horas
Goverment : fbi nice job in making this trend
bee asael
bee asael Hace 20 horas
The entire world: *accepts it as a joke* Fox: R U S S I A N B O T S Russians: * not knowing what’s going on and being hunted by Pikachu* Vat.
RashCrib2005 NL/EN
RashCrib2005 NL/EN Hace un día
Well... i want to see the Doctor!
YouTube Is Life
YouTube Is Life Hace un día
But think logical i think theres nothing and Naruto run doesnt actually faster than bullets, you may hate this comment but im telling the truth even if there where things they would be transported
Riyan Toussaint
Riyan Toussaint Hace un día
Storming area 51 is like trying to enter fort zancudo in GTA 5
Isabel Kukka
Isabel Kukka Hace un día
But like.... why are they protecting it so mutch
MrWhatdafuBOOM Hace 2 días
If we can storm one of the most guarded places on the planet yet can't stop Article 13 I'll be done with humanity.
Geckoguy YT
Geckoguy YT Hace 2 días
I got some ender pearls and a shulker box. Let’s do this boys
ye wang
ye wang Hace 2 días
Forget vicinity 51, lets invade the bermuda triangle, it cant sink us all
Hmbrew 27
Hmbrew 27 Hace 2 días
Russian bots 🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🙄🙄
Quinn Farkas
Quinn Farkas Hace 2 días
Time to r/wooosh the government
Mathias Vinding Hansen 7B Tingløkkeskolen
Mathias Vinding Hansen 7B Tingløkkeskolen Hace 3 días
Such fake news lmao He said it was a joke and not for Fame and likes
Coolest Derp
Coolest Derp Hace 3 días
0:44 the news reporter is evil she forgot the point of naruto running
Mochi _26
Mochi _26 Hace 3 días
y'all talking about Naruto but im wondering if where gonna find Poppy there.
Jake Mace
Jake Mace Hace 3 días
I know donald trump is alien. The real information is hidden in that area 51.
Mike Stewart
Mike Stewart Hace 3 días
Forget the aliens..I'm searching for my history..(I'm African American by the way)
Toasty Hace 3 días
“And not Russian bots”
Mike Tipton
Mike Tipton Hace 3 días
Do it you little dumb shits, I want to see the body count
Tilted jorc
Tilted jorc Hace 3 días
Lets just change the date
Maynor Reyes
Maynor Reyes Hace 3 días
Government will probably use this to spark up the revolution. People will not stand for 1,000,000 being slaughtered without doing anything. They probably have everything ready and want to get this democide started. Stand by folks, remember the government and the elites are the enemy.
StormOfTheCentury Hace 4 días
we should raid Jeffrey Epstein's bank accounts first..
blue oh
blue oh Hace 4 días
Zeldyaf 4425
Zeldyaf 4425 Hace 4 días
When you want to storm Area-51: Me: Let's do this Others: *URA!!!!!!!!!*
milk tea
milk tea Hace 4 días
All we need is diamond armor and a diamond sword some potions an we guud
joseph manriquez
joseph manriquez Hace 4 días
When you guys make it ... Don't forget to report any illegal aliens. I think we have enough spacebacks. We should keep the one's that want to work ... So, they can pay taxes. Remember, only one color matters ... Green. If you don't believe me ... That the only thing the homeless ask for.
AmbipomAMP Hace 4 días
Let’s use animals like lions, tigers and bears oh my!!
Dawson Vlogs
Dawson Vlogs Hace 4 días
I want to go so bad!
Jules Clement Kayumba
Jules Clement Kayumba Hace 5 días
It took me some time by trying to find out what was at that famous place. Eureka! Now, I know; the whole story of Neil Armstrong and colleagues took place in that area. Believe me!
Erik the Mind Control Guy
Erik the Mind Control Guy Hace 5 días
Go Storm Chucky Cheese kids, at least you won't get bullet holes in your tee-shirt.
Stoic Observer
Stoic Observer Hace 5 días
This is absolutely hilarious.
Lupe Moreno
Lupe Moreno Hace 5 días
Forget Area 51, You Want To See Aliens, Just Look All Around You, Rush Them And Send Them Home,👽👽👽👽
Auttie B
Auttie B Hace 6 días
Do it, respects from South Africa. Antartica next?
Richard Peralez
Richard Peralez Hace 6 días
Even if they were there.. They would be deep underground.. You would never make it...
Rob39893 Hace 6 días
Yes i'm going for it, if they want too shoot us do your best, but remember when the secret is revealed, nobody is going to trust them again.
νταν νταν
νταν νταν Hace 6 días
they are hiding from us 👊👊 things we can't imagine , there might be allready building and preparing going to Athens planets ( Kepler?) where only richest can go 👊👊👊👊
MrrPiotr Hace 6 días
All roads leading to Area 51 will be closed by police, FBI and CIA, many U.S. forces will be guard this terrain, jets show of strenght to scary people or something big happen. Or peacefully way: in the cinema will be premiere Avatar 2 and everybody wants to ride the cinemas. There is many ways to hide truth.
XAL3M Music
XAL3M Music Hace 6 días
Like it seriously isn't worth losing 1 million people
Josh Stern
Josh Stern Hace 6 días
Their hiding the krabby Patty secret formula in there...
That Gall
That Gall Hace 7 días
I find it funny that “UFO’s “ don’t look anything like this -> 🛸 they looked like this -> ✈️ the government normalised planes to us normal people so if we did see a real ufo which was this (✈️) we would mistake it as a “plane” that humans apparently built. Think outside what they give us as excuses. Don’t be blind and forget about typical education lies.
Cristtian Botta
Cristtian Botta Hace 7 días
I don't understand why people believe that 👽 only land in the United States when there's million of other places where they can just chill and layback
HyPeR kenedy
HyPeR kenedy Hace 7 días
I just want an alien girl friend 😍😂😂
Kaidyy Hace 7 días
1.1m pepole going? Air Force can’t do much about that some of those pepole might be crazy and have guns with them
medalla30x Hace 7 días
2 Hercules C-130 fully loaded, 4 A10 Warthogs, and 6 Apache gunships! Done!
airlife2u Hace 7 días
When fools Rush in I think it's how they label that
Antex Hace 7 días
”Russin bots”
Samrocket132 Fitsjerols
Samrocket132 Fitsjerols Hace 8 días
I wouldn't want to risk my life going to area 51 and if they actually do storm it then I'm not gonna lie they are kind of dumb
Red Rose
Red Rose Hace 8 días
Omg this is just so stupid gosh 😂
Prasanna R
Prasanna R Hace 8 días
Well, if they told some Russians that area 51 got a lot of vodka........
Guardian of love
Guardian of love Hace 8 días
That's because its real
estonia flag
estonia flag Hace 8 días
The FBI is trying to make us not go.
YourBoyBurrito Hace 8 días
I love how serious people are actually taking this 😂
Epic gamer Ima rage
Epic gamer Ima rage Hace 8 días
Who cares about planes We got naruto runners rock boiz epic gamers and pewdiepie
Gwenn NO -NAME
Gwenn NO -NAME Hace 9 días
It be like "Lake Placid", up in Maine, there's nothing there!!
Laura Hace 9 días
I heard an theory that there aliens do experiments of people
Zambie Slaya2016
Zambie Slaya2016 Hace 10 días
PEOPLE DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT STORM AREA 51 BECAUSE NARUTO RUNNING IS NOT A REAL THING AND YOU WON'T DODGE ANY BULLETS AT ALL YOU WILL ALL BE MASSACRED FOR LIES YOU WANT TO BELIEVE, satan wants you all to believe in aliens but not Jesus Christ so you would waste your life trying to storm a Military Base ! Repent in the name of Jesus Christ now while you still have a chance so you may all Go to heaven and enjoy the paradise there
IIAdministrationII Hace 10 días
Just an air force base. No need to raid. You will only find new weaponry and aircraft that is classified in order to stop it from being stolen by another country
SAD Puppy
SAD Puppy Hace 10 días
Silver Hace 10 días
Recruiting Naruto runners
WeirdKai Hace 10 días
We need Observstion Haki to dodge their bullets
Keltlady Hace 10 días
Lol idiots
bystander2009 Hace 10 días
My prediction would be that no one will even bother to raid the base on September 20, 2019. Cause it's just a stupid idea raiding a military airbase let alone they have enough firepower to fend off 2 million unarmed civilians.
Ozzers Oz
Ozzers Oz Hace 10 días
avengers show up at area 51 rather than normal people
All I want is juicy live Howard the alien footage
gabriel soares cardoso neto
gabriel soares cardoso neto Hace 11 días
LOL we are living in a south park episode
Valentin Nicolae
Valentin Nicolae Hace 11 días
Area 51 Need just to drink milk
Dotto's Cringe
Dotto's Cringe Hace 11 días
Alright boys, to raid this base, we need speed IV and enchanted diamond armor, oh, and don't forget our enchanted diamond swords incase the guards copy our plan to naruto run at them
Sea shadowbanned N.Christopher
Sea shadowbanned N.Christopher Hace 11 días
Frozenblitzalphagaming Hace 11 días
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