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Unspoken Music

Unspoken Music

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Our new album REASON is out now! Download/stream it at UnspokenBand.lnk.to/ReasonAlbum
Stunts were performed under professional supervision - do not attempt.
Max Hsu, Nathan Schneider
Joshua Wurzelbacher
Alicia St. Gelais
Creative Team:
Dan Martinie
Shara Katerberg
Loki Michael
Ryan Smith
Cast, in Order of Appearance:
Romy Mattson
Chad Mattson
Edie Mattson
Cru Mattson
Elijah Wurzelbacher
Gideon Wurzelbacher
Judah Wurzelbacher
Noah Wurzelbacher
Ariel Munoz
Jon Lowry
Alan Pelno
Wiso Aponte
Stunt Coordinators:
Joe Stokes
Tobey Stokes
On-Set EMT:
Tyler Rainey
Traffic Control:
Stefani Sanders
Boom Truck Operator:
Ian Hough
Ives Salbert
Ryan Clo
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Ragtop Picture Cars
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Justice Brewer
Jacob Brewer
Ethan Stokes
Colin Stokes
Annabelle Stokes
Luke Estes
Jonathan Madeira
Jeshua Medeira
Kite Kids:
Zion Redding
Jojo Gaines
Markus Fee
Wesley Somerville
Brittany Oden
Josephine Pals
Eleanor Pals
Special Thanks:
Katie Matson
Lisa Wood
Nick Langdon and Christ Community Church
Christie Bragg
Brittany Goebel
Spring Hill Fire Department Station #3
Spring Hill Police Department
Gary Patterson
Tennessee Film Commission
John Mays
Steve Ford
Rachel Stokes
Nathan Thompson at Contrast Visuals
Stephanie Gibson
Maryan Regan
Sarah Adams
Charis Edwards
Taryn Antrobus
Dianne Mays
Libby Smallbone
Centricity Music Staff
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This year’s felt like four seasons of winter
And you’d give anything you think to feel the sun
Always reaching always climbing
Always second guessing the timing
But God has a plan a purpose in this
You are His child so don’t you forget
He put that hunger in your heart
He put that fire in your soul
His love is the reason
To keep on believing
When you feel like giving up
When you feel like giving in
His love is the reason
To keep on believing
If we could pull back the curtain of Heaven
We would see His hand on everything
Every hour every minute every second He’s always been in it
Don’t let a shadow of a doubt take hold
Hold on to what you already know
He put that hunger in your heart
He put that fire in your soul
His love is the reason
To keep on believing
When you feel like giving up
When you feel like giving in
His love is the reason
To keep on believing
It’s the reason
It’s the reason
His love is the reason
He’s the peace in the madness
That you can’t explain
He’s the hope in the heartbreak
The rest in the suffering
He’s closer than the air you breathe
From the start to the end to the in between
Don’t you dare doubt even for a minute
What He started in you
Yeah, He’s gonna finish
He put that hunger in your heart
He put that fire in your soul
His love is the reason
To keep on believing
When you feel like giving up
When you feel like giving in
His love is the reason
To keep on believing
It’s the reason
It’s the reason
To keep on believing

UnspokenReasonUnspoken ReasonHis Love Is The Reason

Rebecca Hace 13 horas
girl’s flying! 🎈 🎈 🎈 must have been fun to shoot- to be in the air with helium balloons! 😮 i’d like to try that!
TITAN blue
TITAN blue Hace 14 horas
He put that heart in the i forgot 🤦🏼‍♂️
Valeria Lobo
Valeria Lobo Hace 16 horas
I really LOVE this song
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 23 horas
Chad guess your using me to make her jealous. How you get females to do what you want. Play head games...
Desiree Rainer
Desiree Rainer Hace un día
I watched this video with my daughter today. She looks like the girl in the video and her character too...she was laughing soo much...(she needet to promise me to not try anything!!) haha no really this song is amazing and all the words are a great thing especially for our next generation!! well done thx a lot! (will let u know if we went to the hospital the next days) :D haha
Jase ASMR Hace 2 días
These lyrics tug on my heart... 🔥 ❤️
Planeta Audiolivro
Planeta Audiolivro Hace 2 días
Acho esse clipe de vocês um máximo. Deus abençoe por esse trabalho lindo🙌💞
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 4 días
Start taking pleasure from your inner reality!!!♥️❤🙏💒 well being!!!♥️❤🙏💒 I'm going to be SELFISH FOR MYSELF JUST LIKE THE REST OF YOU!!!!!!♥️❤♥️❤♥️❤🙏💒
Sergio Contreras
Sergio Contreras Hace 4 días
Para mi hija Rocio....hermoso tema!
master Jeffery
master Jeffery Hace 5 días
David Ordorica
David Ordorica Hace 5 días
Awesome song!
Robert Cole
Robert Cole Hace 5 días
My coison died can you pray for her
willowwillow1969 Hace 5 días
i can't watch this without crying every time. I think this is so beautiful and precious. Great song too!!!
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 6 días
You already have your out. Be honest... Maybe tomorrow you'll have a change of heart. Do you know when GOD is coming to talk? Whenever; he feels like it. He answers to no one. Of course. WELL THEN; HIS WISDOM***!♥️❤♥️
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 6 días
Your telling him to come back now? Just for the record it's not up to you!❤ It's my decision; & I've already made it. Do not & I mean do not bring this up again. You & your fickle heart...STOP
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 6 días
I publically apologize for the behavior sometime this a.m.. It is not like me to do this; not sure why I did. Well; now that I'm thinking about it. I'll need to approach things differently when pertaining to things with this person. This is what you meant about the green light isn't it? OK. FOCUS on one specfic thing; Pleasing GOD!!!!!!♥️❤♥️❤♥️❤🙏💒******
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Hace 6 días
This sounds so much like Steven Curtis Chapman.
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 6 días
Try: HEARTFULNESS VS. Mindfulness!!!!!!❤♥️❤♥️❤♥️🙏
El Akbar
El Akbar Hace 6 días
Siempre antes de saltar aun abismo Siempre viene su ayuda a salvarnos de la destruccion y darnos una nueva esperanza para que podamos ver su poderosa mano ayudandonos en nuestras metas y sueños No hay Dios como mi Dios Grande y poderoso eterno fiel el alfa y la omega
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 7 días
A good good father...♥️❤♥️🙏💒🥀😍
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 7 días
Definitely an Expressive personality!♥️❤🙏💒 hands are moving while he talks...
hayden Dambra36
hayden Dambra36 Hace 7 días
Love this song #unspoken
Lamp in Deep Waters
Lamp in Deep Waters Hace 7 días
This is seriously so cute
Suzay Grenis
Suzay Grenis Hace 8 días
Cute Awesome String of Golden Raisings! Praise God Almighty for this Uplifting video!
Danny Dorito
Danny Dorito Hace 8 días
Lol XD
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 9 días
Good Mourning everyone!!!♥️❤♥️🙏💒 Let's get out there & have an Amazing Day!❤🙏💒 today! LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS JESUS HAS LOVED US!!!!!!♥️❤♥️❤♥️❤♥️💒 HIS 2ND MAIN COMMANDMENT...
xpjv Hace 9 días
What a mockery of truth...
xpjv Hace 2 días
@Chad Mattson, second verse (carton of heaven) tells the truth... But the superman graphics are not biblical related.
Chad Mattson
Chad Mattson Hace 3 días
xpjv how so? Love to hear your thoughts.
Nicor Jecca
Nicor Jecca Hace 9 días
The world sometimes leads you to distruction go w/ the flow and you think it was happiness but it's not at all only God's love can satisfy really..
Sea Kitten
Sea Kitten Hace 9 días
This song inspires me to the fullest. My dream is all that I have and I can't let it go, and God is included in that.
ALIZIA SIGHT Hace 9 días
I Never Feel Like Giving Up 😀👍❤️🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Hanna 123
Hanna 123 Hace 10 días
I love the girl she's so adventurous
Oh Lord you’re the only one who knows how many times I’ve tried, and I have insisted with the same mistakes, please Lord take control of my life!
Cris M.P.
Cris M.P. Hace 11 días
What an awesome video!!! The song, the plot, the message, the ending....wow! What a blessing! Thank you Unspoken Music :)
Uwaldo Hernández
Uwaldo Hernández Hace 11 días
Its good
FOX E carpentress
FOX E carpentress Hace 11 días
Wow, I Love this song, but can’t send it to my grandchildren due to concerns they may try one of these DANGEROUS things and die......how did they even get down from the ballon flight???
My Video Diaries
My Video Diaries Hace 12 días
I legit thought this song was sung by Shawn Mendez because of the voice. The rhythm of the drums reminds me of Stitches.
Geneva Brown
Geneva Brown Hace 3 días
Fa1thful Gam3r
Fa1thful Gam3r Hace 12 días
This song I listen to 24:7 reply if you do to!
Autumn M Sellars
Autumn M Sellars Hace 11 días
NI NI Hace 12 días
The MTV is cool and fantasy. but I have to say that it downplayed the harm of the Bone fracture. The Bone fracture is more terrible than you think. Most of time it need a surgical operation, and put the steel plate(s) into your body to fix the position of the bone. After the recovery of broken bone, you will need to take another operation for taking off the steel plate(s). If the operation has a tiny mistake, it may cause a lifelong problem to you such as lame, Hand cannot be straight.
Martin Glaz
Martin Glaz Hace 12 días
This song (and amazing video) is sure to lift up the spirit of so many! Thank you!!
john cruz
john cruz Hace 13 días
Soy de ecuador y nada me detiene
gm music 2019 time
gm music 2019 time Hace 13 días
chad is my cousin and hes so sweet and kid btw its me grace chad my dad and him and stuff used to do this stuff all the time
michael siciliano
michael siciliano Hace 14 días
Great jazz beat
Blue Frost
Blue Frost Hace 14 días
I'm not as close to religion as my parents are but ever since I heard this song on the radio randomly I've loved it so I had to check out the music video for this song
Chad Mattson
Chad Mattson Hace 3 días
Blue Frost Awesome and thanks so much for taking the time to shoot us a message! You are loved dearly but God wherever you are in your journey. Peace!
Juan morris
Juan morris Hace 14 días
am i the only one who notices that this song is "easy lovers" chorous repeated over and over with a changed lyrics?
Janna Clark
Janna Clark Hace 15 días
Everything happens for a reason
My Little Unicorn
My Little Unicorn Hace 15 días
I love it sooo much it reminds me of someone special
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 15 días
3rd times a charm!!!♥️❤♥️💒💒💒🙏🙏🙏🥀🥀🥀
Pancho Cal
Pancho Cal Hace 15 días
Love that song ♡
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 15 días
Excuse ME!❤♥️❤🥀🙏💒 FOR HAVING THE HUMAN-CONDITION...❤🥀 +I AM EXHAUSTED GAVING NOT SELPT ALL WEEK TRYING TO GET THINGS DONES!!! I ONLY WANT TO HEAR "POSITIVE COMMENTS"!!!!!!❤♥️❤♥️❤♥️🥀🙏💒 PLEASE!!!♥️❤♥️🥀 I have bruises all over my body from moving furniture, etc. No time seller kept changing rules? Her mind she still has hers things in the refrigerator; I don't know what to do. Ask her to please come pick up?...
ady 5255
ady 5255 Hace 16 días
Dont do this but this song is beautiful
Christian Zorrilla
Christian Zorrilla Hace 17 días
God bless you , im loved this song 2019
Mooseberger Hace 17 días
WHAT THE HECK IS THIS MUSIC VIDEO?! i want to hear the pitch meeting for this video
Blue Frost
Blue Frost Hace 14 días
Honestly I like the simplicity of it
The CBT Coach on the Recovery Live Channel
The CBT Coach on the Recovery Live Channel Hace 17 días
Jill V
Jill V Hace 17 días
I thought this was Steven Curtis Chapman
Micah Brown
Micah Brown Hace 17 días
Ummm... was the ballon thing for real?
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 18 días
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 18 días
Moving all week-end now; house deal went thru earlier than anticipated...Thank You!❤💒🙏♥️ GOD!!!!!!!!! GOD IS GOOD... THANKFUL & GRATEFUL FOR ALL I ALREADY HAVE! ATTRACT MORE OF THE SAME!!!!!!!♥️🙏💒❤ YAH!!!!! ...HOW IT WORKS. Some people takes a little longer; than others, but that's OK . What's important is that they get IT!❤❤❤💒🙏♥️♥️♥️
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 18 días
Romi: A little domestic Engineer at age; whatever...♥️🙏💒❤
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 18 días
You have the REASON Tour coming up Oct. 5 , 2019. So you have to choose other videos to go with Reason. Why is that so hard to say? Do you have a written criteria to determine this ; are you able to share it with? Or do you want to share it?
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 18 días
Are you ok?
Indiana Hoosier
Indiana Hoosier Hace 18 días
This 80s kid approves... dare... dare to dream... big!
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 19 días
Always be SINCERE in your dealings!♥️. GOD knows what's in your HEART!♥️❤♥️❤♥️❤ HE KNOWS...
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 19 días
Do you have a insurance policy? Life insurance? Be careful; don't take any medications from anyone; don't trust human you think you know. Punishing you. When not successful?
Lori Lloyd
Lori Lloyd Hace 19 días
She reminds me of my daughter. Brave fearless. She’s just missing her dads approval. God help my daughter. Be her daddy!💜💜♥️♥️
Esperanza de Vida
Esperanza de Vida Hace 19 días
que poder de tema, excelente video
Mike West
Mike West Hace 20 días
you cant hide that chord progression by changing the words, that's a Phil Collins song
Remelyn Ako
Remelyn Ako Hace 20 días
I LOVE your new song It’s the best!May God continue to bless all of you and your family.❤️🙏
Emma Mueller
Emma Mueller Hace 20 días
I love this song and that kid in the video is ME!!! I love this is so amazing god bless you all tonight
pamela williamson
pamela williamson Hace 20 días
Sorry!♥️❤ had to charge phone ready to die.
La'Kendra Hace 21 un día
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