Uncle Sam Hits The Dyno On His Quest For 1000HP! (And Ends The Night With Broken Pieces)

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Hace 7 meses

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GoldWingGuy Hace 7 meses
What kinda tuning software do you use when tuning
idriwzrd Hace 7 meses
I was already gonna like the video, then you brought out the puppies...
really fast!!
really fast!! Hace 7 meses
Wow that car is a beast now holy .......golden retrievers!!!!
Cripple Bitchin
Cripple Bitchin Hace 7 meses
When the hood is closed on Uncle Sam it just reminds me of the original " MAD MAX" and the blower sticks through the Hood on the Cop Car. This could be the car for the remake of MAD MAX , woop woop
Dave D
Dave D Hace 6 meses
Cripple Bitchin plot twist, Uncle Sam was actually built in Australia by Holden in the adelaide factory which is not far from broken hill where original mad max was filmed
Ron Overdrive
Ron Overdrive Hace 7 meses
Looking forward to when Uncle Sam can do tandems with Neighbor on the track. :P
Fuse Hace 7 meses
The sparks from the pulley look neat.
RankDropper71 Hace 7 meses
Is it possible the blower isn't adequate or maybe changing pully wheel would help that rise to a 1000 bhp
turgsh01 Hace 7 meses
Ha... 1000HP is weak... B is for Build built a lambo rated for 1500hp.
Tyler Welken
Tyler Welken Hace 7 meses
Just noticed one of your thin blue line flags is backwards "retreating " the flag never runs. It should either go on the other side or you need to get a mirrored flag.
zabnat Hace 7 meses
Liters per hour? With that you only get kilowatts on the dyno, so no bald eagles for you. ;)
DABBIT BEAVIS Hace 7 meses
That belt blows off laz will never put his hand there on dyno pull again
SOMNIOHM Hace 7 meses
☄☄All i can say is holy fvck that thing sounds soO M E A N!
Andrew Osborne
Andrew Osborne Hace 7 meses
I love how your wife likes to encourage you to make more power. 😄
Andrew Osborne
Andrew Osborne Hace 7 meses
I think of George keeps going away is going he's going to rival Cleetus in the next few years! 😆👍
Sand King
Sand King Hace 7 meses
Uncle sam is a bad moderfoker
S Hargrove
S Hargrove Hace 7 meses
Love the channel Jeremy keep it up
Anon Anonme
Anon Anonme Hace 7 meses
One adam12 respond R/P report one of our squads doing burnouts and doughnuts at Cleetus McFarland location. One Adam 12 en route Central; Central One Adam 12 at location no one around. Clear Location resuming patrol. As they drive away....... Mean while Jeremy and friends are snickering and one says " I TOLD you those doughnuts would come in handy."
Axle Grind
Axle Grind Hace 7 meses
spaghetti in the 5 hole. great superstition. i know that one.
T-RopE Hace 7 meses
looked like you were burnin clutch there at the end also
T-RopE Hace 7 meses
ow hold the fucin phone here. when someone tells you to get some beer, you DO NOT return with a measly 6pack, yu herr
bjhe333 Hace 7 meses
Doesn't quite sound as good as a ford but it is okay I guess😁
Gary Bunch
Gary Bunch Hace 7 meses
Playing with the 5 dogs at the end-priceless!!
ltseven Hace 7 meses
Please please don’t ever grow up
flyonbyya Hace 7 meses
I’ve been reading about E-turbos or E-superchargers (same thing) for years. They’ll get better and better and cheaper and cheaper. A few years ago, Volvo produced a triple charged concept...take a look at link below m.eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-cNzYty1gAZI.html
Nogainsnodames Hace 7 meses
THE 4TH O JULY 19:58!!
Andrew Stoffel
Andrew Stoffel Hace 7 meses
Beautiful sound and I love the build and tuning but once the tires have given up how much more power do you need?😂
Brett Robinson
Brett Robinson Hace 7 meses
The Hellcat pumps are actually 470lph the 525 is just a made up name.
Matt Sloop
Matt Sloop Hace 7 meses
That's the best sounding car in the fleet.
James Dupin
James Dupin Hace 7 meses
Amen awesomeness pure awesomeness!!!
hammered hemi
hammered hemi Hace 7 meses
When are the "Too swerve and Deflect" stickers going on the fenders? Ps love the car and and how its coming along and don't forget the pups at the end.
That 95 Guy
That 95 Guy Hace 7 meses
I can’t wait to see you and Cleetus drifting side by side
79tazman Hace 7 meses
I love the sparks flying off the hood that was awesome
Junior lsx
Junior lsx Hace 7 meses
I make more on my 6.0 n single s488 waste of money on ur part
J.R. Beumel
J.R. Beumel Hace 7 meses
You and Garrett need to go to the Hoonigan Burn Yard. Jeremy with Uncle Sam and Garrett with Neighbor and shred some tires. Would be an amazing video.
Hydrocarbon82 Hace 7 meses
Any time pumps are mismatched by more than 10% (rating, voltage, fittings, etc), you get the higher flow pump "surging" thru the smaller pump. The pressure surges thru the check valve before it can close, and it does it lighting fast several times a second. It's similar to a large & small turbo in parallel where the small turbo's instant boost just surges out thru the large turbo's slow-moving compressor. There's still flow but no pressure.
Daniel Alexander
Daniel Alexander Hace 7 meses
Neighbor is in deep trouble
Jake Lemos-Rairie
Jake Lemos-Rairie Hace 7 meses
Amazing group of guys! Keep up the great work! You truly inspire people, including myself. Thank you.
The Randallis
The Randallis Hace 7 meses
I'm going to unscribe unless I see or S10 build
aricarrey Hace 7 meses
Motorwest performance inc. LOOK US UP!! We can send you some injectors!!! Send us an email!
Shawn M.
Shawn M. Hace 7 meses
"so that's why it was 80% off, probably..."
The Hungry Slug
The Hungry Slug Hace 7 meses
Another day, Another axle. Awesome NOW Uncle Sam can really through his "Weight" around.
The Randallis
The Randallis Hace 7 meses
I want to see more S10
David Bigar
David Bigar Hace 7 meses
As they say, smoke em if ya got em!
Steven La
Steven La Hace 7 meses
Uncle Sam VS Neighbor
Jerry Lifsey
Jerry Lifsey Hace 7 meses
Superchargers need a small CVT on the charger's pulley
Andru Backos
Andru Backos Hace 7 meses
The end is the best part
BocaChevy Hace 7 meses
I love neighbor but this thing sounds sooo much better!
jim isaacs
jim isaacs Hace 7 meses
Uncle Sam for the win hell yeah brother
A. Wheeler
A. Wheeler Hace 7 meses
nice hood sparkler lol
dan magda
dan magda Hace 7 meses
Wow she’s nasty!
James Jamieson
James Jamieson Hace 7 meses
Idk how I came across this video but in glad I did. If you are confident enough to do a youtube video without blowing an engine maybe you can help my poor baby.
C Jam
C Jam Hace 7 meses
12:06 Hilarious
Bryce Newsome
Bryce Newsome Hace 7 meses
The end with you guys in the car reminds me of a bunch of teenagers taking dads car out on a Friday night
David Bakker-Wester
David Bakker-Wester Hace 7 meses
Right when thr axle blew sparks came from around the blower/hole in the hood. What was that?
Thomas Vittetoe
Thomas Vittetoe Hace 7 meses
Must do a role race with neighbor , bc from a dig neither would have traction
Timmy Reeves
Timmy Reeves Hace 7 meses
Such a mad max sound awesome catching neighbor up be so cool to see both drift and drag
Cole and Neale's channel
Cole and Neale's channel Hace 7 meses
Love the Uncle Sam build but you will now need new stronger axles making with all that torque you broke one in no time I'd definitely get some made
19:45 never seen SPARKS and FLAMES same time and them laughing so hard YEE YEEE
Tom Gates
Tom Gates Hace 7 meses
Cleetus. You know we all love ya. But I think you're gonna have a fight with this one
Soppo Toppo
Soppo Toppo Hace 7 meses
3:17 Neighbor back there scoping out his competition?
LSX427_King Hace 7 meses
Best part. 20:36. Hands down. 🤘🏼🤘🏼
Shifttube Hace 7 meses
so i been wondering why you and cleetus dont build a ramp that folds out you can move it to get the cars loaded on the dyno from the rear side of the building . So you dont have to drive threw the building every-time you want to dyno a car
Devon Simpson
Devon Simpson Hace 7 meses
Stupid question: What kind of car is this?
Karl Hopkins
Karl Hopkins Hace 7 meses
Chevy caprice, only available as cop car's
Luke Adamson
Luke Adamson Hace 7 meses
At Cleetus and Cars you must drag Neighbour. For a laugh someone should also place a box of donuts at the end of the strip to see who is the better cop by getting to the donuts first. 😂
0xXAllForNothingXx0 Hace 7 meses
Hands down your best video yet dude, exciting seeing you RIP that thing.
Aj Doe
Aj Doe Hace 7 meses
I fucking love this channel.
Yost Built
Yost Built Hace 7 meses
RIP to the crown vic! George vs james on sales infomercials! leroy's low boost setting is 20 psi ! give uncle same 6 more psi !
Eric Alcantara
Eric Alcantara Hace 7 meses
hey jermey the cops wants there car back lol lol lol lol
EddieG Hace 7 meses
Get some of the Gforce axels Cletus runs.
EddieG Hace 7 meses
With a stock suspension on that car, your never gonna hook on the road. Better get some coil overs and stiffer control arms and sway bars.
Luke Adamson
Luke Adamson Hace 7 meses
At this point Uncle Sam is a fully committed race car so why not? To do list; Slicks, ✔️ Lightweight seats, ✔️ Texas Speed block, ✔️ Blower, ✔️ Suspension, Axels + driveshaft, Nitrous, Don’t let Dr Spreyemall tamper with shot size, ✖️
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