Unboxing Every Google Pixel 4

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Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy

Hace 29 días

Unboxing every Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL. Colors include Clearly White, Oh So Orange and Just Black.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Hace 29 días
Which color you going for?
XenoOfficial Hace 5 días
John dias
John dias Hace 7 días
Anyone which remains
arjohn vida
arjohn vida Hace 13 días
Orange please 🙏
frog oof
frog oof Hace 17 días
Rowan CG
Rowan CG Hace 28 días
Glossy black
Joemar Jardiel
Joemar Jardiel Hace 20 horas
Can I have one of those PLEASE? -_-
Marwan Hace un día
hi Unbox therapy, its my birthday ,would it be possible for you to send me one of the many great phones you have as a gift(an iPhone or Samsung or Huawei maybe). Mine is currently broken. Pleeease ;)
Sean Nikolai Sanchez
Sean Nikolai Sanchez Hace un día
This video proves that I am very poor
bj shepp
bj shepp Hace 2 días
There copying iphone😮
maritim kan
maritim kan Hace 3 días
The cam is amazing
Cris I.V.Y
Cris I.V.Y Hace 3 días
Sexiest phone I’ve held yet and I’ve held the iPhone 11 Pro and note 10
FOMAD Hace 4 días
Yo when you said OK Google.... My Google went off?
free rose
free rose Hace 4 días
Can you give me a Google phone??
sushil p
sushil p Hace 5 días
When is the full review coming in?
Olu Ade
Olu Ade Hace 6 días
Exclusively face unlock what the fuck that’s trash
Carter Gabel
Carter Gabel Hace 6 días
Can you do a full review
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith Hace 7 días
Google Pixel SUCKS! They copied Apple.
ARDIAN Bytyqi Hace 7 días
Rainbow. Its all i want
Mazen 01
Mazen 01 Hace 7 días
Kyle Belcina
Kyle Belcina Hace 7 días
Can you do a review of the Xiaomi Mi note 10. 108 megapixel camera
Topu Hace 7 días
Lol, what 18-watt fast charger on both the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL; are they coping Apple’s iPhone 11 lineup’s 18-watt fast charger 😂
Andrew Gates
Andrew Gates Hace 7 días
I'd go for black. However, I'm still rockin the o.g. pixel XL. It's a great phone even for today's standards. I'm going to switch when the security patches end, I just saw Google will send a December update, after saying November would be the last. So I have a few weeks to breathe, and maybe snag a black Friday deal if there is one.
ivan Martinovic
ivan Martinovic Hace 8 días
Can you please make a bend test with the super google phone 🤣🤣🤣
Ahmad Syazrie
Ahmad Syazrie Hace 8 días
lmao siri legit popped out on my phone the moment you said “hey siri”
Hamxa Shareef
Hamxa Shareef Hace 8 días
When your review is coming on this !?
Peace Hace 8 días
No headphones and there's even no headphone jack... This is a joke not a phone...
qvbe Hace 8 días
Time for a bendgate video, watch JerryRigEverything's video. lmao
Damien Probé
Damien Probé Hace 8 días
Have you had the same issue with Bluetooth mic not working and the only way you could fix it is to restart the phone, then make the call?
Thewirter Reyes
Thewirter Reyes Hace 8 días
.W. ClearlyWhite
Max Gonzales
Max Gonzales Hace 8 días
0:01 They're Halloween colors!
01Beaker Productions
01Beaker Productions Hace 9 días
Lew: "Ok Google, what is Unbox Therapy" Google Home Mini: The AFC, also known as the affordable care act, or Obama Care is..." Me: "Wait, what?"
InFamousCavalier Hace 9 días
I want itttt
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel Hace 9 días
Why is it that you look so mad in the thumb nail about the Google pixel 4 BUT when a iPhone 11 you look so happy to explain what it is wow I'm a Google person to!
jesstellsya Hace 9 días
His "Ok Google" activated my Google Assistant.
Thea reach
Thea reach Hace 8 días
Love you babe
JDJDH e Hace 10 días
Google pixel 4xl copied the iphone 11 pro again😑
Brexter Somosa
Brexter Somosa Hace 10 días
Try unbox the Mate 30 pro and Mate 30
Snowy Hace 10 días
I dont think will puts interest in talking
Lavish in vain
Lavish in vain Hace 10 días
A bitch can just want to check ur phone . She can just open it with ur face ......... he’ll no cheat on players
Cool-J Hace 11 días
That’s not fair
Kamala Shiriyeva
Kamala Shiriyeva Hace 11 días
Most of the new phone copied apple!!
Alexander B
Alexander B Hace 11 días
Kevin Hace 12 días
Is the pixel 4 series worth its price tag?
blindben999 Hace 12 días
When is google sending you your review script, so you can tell us how it’s the best phone ever??!!!!
Duc Manh LP
Duc Manh LP Hace 13 días
Guten Tag
Anis Qaleesya
Anis Qaleesya Hace 13 días
TheDodo7000 Hace 14 días
Ta feo.
Eric Green
Eric Green Hace 14 días
Very disappointing phone spec wise, but just like Apple it's in the package - which had me using my phone more efficiently. As a developer I was sad there was no access to raw sensor data from the Radar Chip, Soli.
Jose Angel Silván Garcia.
Jose Angel Silván Garcia. Hace 14 días
Oka. ; ) ...
bravehart0818 Hace 14 días
I like to have the orange one.
Jesse de Groot
Jesse de Groot Hace 14 días
I love the Orange Pixel 4XL
DuckyWithDaEdits Hace 14 días
I love the vid you suck jk
Ivan Rocka
Ivan Rocka Hace 14 días
Give me one, please, i never asked anything😂😂
Sheryl S
Sheryl S Hace 14 días
Come on man... not you too! My tv volume lowered so much after you said ok Google. Idk what you said after either time and I'm not even gonna try to go back to it tbh. You gotta mute the ok/hey at least in the future... Please
Starcraft Planet
Starcraft Planet Hace 14 días
it's cute that you take your videos, but you should test sounds with music from now on
the spilled tea
the spilled tea Hace 15 días
They did not. Apple is quaking
Zairi dhuddy
Zairi dhuddy Hace 15 días
This phone is peace of trash like u
#http ally
#http ally Hace 11 días
You spelled piece wrong 😳
owen novales
owen novales Hace 15 días
S9+Iphone 11 Pro = )
Bibek Poudel
Bibek Poudel Hace 15 días
I realized something with Pixel 4. Music apps just randomly switch between songs even when I am not waving my hand above it. It's just too annoying. Is anyone else having the same problem?
bobbizon oik
bobbizon oik Hace 16 días
Херня полная ребят, он даже не всё рассказал, очень большые минусы у этого телефона
hèsø #
hèsø # Hace 16 días
Lew do a unboxing for the realme x2 pro please
Irfan Siddiqui
Irfan Siddiqui Hace 16 días
Waiting for jerry to get his hands on it
MalarkeyMan Hace 16 días
Lew: Why does the iPhone X have a notch?! It’s so ugly! Also Lew: Hmmm this big forehead and chin on the Pixel 4 is pretty nice
MalarkeyMan Hace 14 días
Sheryl S I don’t even know what to believe anymore when Lew is involved
Sheryl S
Sheryl S Hace 14 días
I think he's said he prefers foreheads before so it wouldn't be a new thought from him. Whenever he switches to notch Android phones, he turns off the notch. There was a way to hide it back when iPhone x came out that he did a video on too. Mans likes a five head 🤷🏾‍♀️
300ignacio Hace 16 días
I love the orange can I get one
Wil Wells
Wil Wells Hace 17 días
Cheers for triggering my entire house with that unexpected Okay Google drop aha
Massimo Simonetti
Massimo Simonetti Hace 17 días
when Lew said "ok google" not only did it unlock my pixel two sitting next to my laptop but it searched for Unbox Therapy without delay...
pepole reaction
pepole reaction Hace 17 días
Can u Hit me by one of these
Mony_CAMBO OFFICIAL Hace 17 días
Ichorof Hace 17 días
If you switch from android to iphone will your whatsapp chat history automatically install on the iphone device as well ? I don't think it used to happen cross platforms automatically you had to do it manually is it still the case ? Also I have a HTC 10 that's barely working by this point, I need something with a good camera what do you guys recommend Pixel 4 or Iphone 11 or Iphone 11 Pro 64 gb ? Even with the low storage model idk if the price difference is justifiable but the non Pro version isn't even full HD and has a glossy back so what do you guys think ?
Rudolph Claus
Rudolph Claus Hace 17 días
I feel the pixel 3xl was best
Learn It
Learn It Hace 17 días
So google just literally copied Apple
Joker Says
Joker Says Hace 18 días
Man I wish rounded corners would go away
Coolboy 2016
Coolboy 2016 Hace 18 días
You don't do any giveawayes? 😒
Dan Hace 18 días
People always talk about other phones copying each other, like people saying google pixel copying the new iPhones with the cameras, you do realise it takes a long time to actually make a phone, these phones weren't made within the time of the iPhone coming out, also have you not seen the camera style of the Huawei Mate 20 pro? You can say that iPhone and Pixel took inspiration from that.
YT BOY Hace 18 días
Bro can you send me one. Please im DESPERATE 🤳
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