Unboxing Every Google Pixel 4

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Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy

Hace 7 meses

Unboxing every Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL. Colors include Clearly White, Oh So Orange and Just Black.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Hace 7 meses
Which color you going for?
Karl Michael
Karl Michael Hace un mes
moon ryan
moon ryan Hace 2 meses
Google is HTC that almost collapsed in Taiwan?
Reverse Card
Reverse Card Hace 3 meses
Just black
Sven San
Sven San Hace 3 meses
Midnight green
Sven San
Sven San Hace 3 meses
Moinul Hasan
Moinul Hasan Hace un día
I am using OnePlus 7 pro, so should I shift to pixal 4 xl or stick to my OnePlus phone????
edmar saribay
edmar saribay Hace 12 días
where did u get it can u pls tell me?
Lord Grim
Lord Grim Hace 16 días
I wish i could win this phone i just keep dreaming to have a better phone :(
Omega Drake
Omega Drake Hace 17 días
My Xperia XZ premium going out on me. Im looking for a good phone
suchasreallife Hace 20 días
Would love my 2xl but the camera...and the glass...
Jacqueline Bahena
Jacqueline Bahena Hace 20 días
This video sucks
afaley Malek
afaley Malek Hace 22 días
I like the small one
Ori Ayodele
Ori Ayodele Hace 24 días
The pixel 4 looks so small on camera
Abhishek Panda
Abhishek Panda Hace 26 días
Isn’t it amazing that the 2017 iPhone X had fit the same Face ID components in a lot smaller sized notch than a chunky bezel like the pixel 4 in 2019
MisterRJC Hace 25 días
completely diff tech. The face id is much faster and smarter. Theres also a higher quality front camera than a n iPhone X, and you have the sensor for the motion control, ANND you have a 90hz screen, which takes alot more power. So to say the large forehead is just for face scan is just wrong
Vishal Patil
Vishal Patil Hace 27 días
where are headphones/earphones ??
binesh mohanan
binesh mohanan Hace 27 días
DONT GET EXCITED,BCZ ITS google pixel phones. i have one, i cant use it properly becauz of its heating while taking photos , using net and even making calls. its a big price phones but doesnt hv the quality for the money, its very sad that we cant use a big price phone for a call whichone is a basic purpose of the phone,.we cant hold bcauz of heat and take any photos bcauz of heat whichone is regarded as the winner of best camera phone of all time from a renowned famous company GOOGLE. shame on you all people which has a customercare which BEHAVES RUDELY TO THE CUSTOMER and is good for nothing,.they taken for service for more than 7 times and the they returned not a phone an iron box. shame on company who cheats by giving a cheap phone by taking big price, DONT BUY PIXEL PHONES ,DONT BUY PIXEL PHONES, DONT BUY PIXEL HEATING IRON OX PHONES,,YOU WILL BE CHEATED.
Seb Pang
Seb Pang Hace 27 días
I’m kinda sad the white pixel doesn’t have the mint green for the power switch
Cronusiedd 25
Cronusiedd 25 Hace un mes
Love Google! love Android! Big respect for Google because in history Google save Android.😊👍
Alan Jagroop
Alan Jagroop Hace un mes
Why dont the pixel phones have a RJUST METAL BATMAN CASE YET.🤔🤔👍and CAN YOU REVIEW IT ON YOUR CHANNEL if it do.
Amit Shah
Amit Shah Hace un mes
I didn’t find orange pixel 4
Amit Shah
Amit Shah Hace un mes
If you have let me know please
Indrajit Das
Indrajit Das Hace un mes
give me a 'just and a kind phone" not a costly one... i know it makes no sense..i want a small...easy to hold..cool and "sick and sleek" type of phone with that devilish kind look...not a big phone which i cant even hold and probably longer than my public...
henry chipoya
henry chipoya Hace un mes
I so need a new phone😭.. The panda looking one looks awesome
Omega Drake
Omega Drake Hace 17 días
I need new phone to I been using my Xperia XZ premium is going out on me 😔
henry chipoya
henry chipoya Hace un mes
I so need a new phone😭.. The panda looking one looks awesome
David Martrano
David Martrano Hace un mes
I waited the 6mos for a price reduction and got the 4 XL for 599.oo. Now, I can live with this price. Waiting anxiously for it to arrive from the Google store?
nicolas Lang
nicolas Lang Hace un mes
Was there every a follow up video???
mynameisdeus Hace un mes
Not sure anyone has talked about this but when I open the app House Party on my Pixel 4 XL and tap the "flip camera" toggle it switches to the infrared camera instead of the front facing. I thought it was weird...if so maybe you can make a video on that?
Anita Greco
Anita Greco Hace un mes
No fingerprint, how can I log onto apps that use fingerprint tech, like banking and paypal?
Adoo Hace un mes
face id
Mr Banana Vlogs
Mr Banana Vlogs Hace un mes
Google Pixel 4 XL 6.3"Display with 25 wat fast charging if it has or faster
tomray70 Hace un mes
Canadian people are being liked cool people on the earth through all over the world I'm from usa
Aditya reddy Kudamala Kudamala
Aditya reddy Kudamala Kudamala Hace un mes
It looks so good so I am going for orange
Thangkhanlal Lhungdim
Thangkhanlal Lhungdim Hace un mes
I have watched 5 times this video,most satisfying video for me
Carlos Escobedo
Carlos Escobedo Hace un mes
So after Dear Apple... Lew unboxes these phones and calls them fancy looking knowing damn well the iPhone 12 looked better and had the better design. Compared to the iPhone 11 unboxing he goes on with a petty video by silently unboxing and not even describing its design or its actual FANCY look. This is why Apple doesn’t send you products, you’re BIASED.
Abdullah Abdul Jaleel
Abdullah Abdul Jaleel Hace un mes
Watching from my Infinix Hot 6x 😂🤣😅
David H
David H Hace un mes
Just bought the Pixel 4 on sale $ 499 and the Pixel 4 XL sale $ 599 both unlocked and online . Liked the new sale prices
A K Hace un mes
Face unlock to recognise your face in the future.
aethicxzy Hace un mes
Lol im really anticipating the 4a
I mean i love the processor but the mah battery,price,camera. Bruhh
Spy Gamer
Spy Gamer Hace un mes
Austin McHenry
Austin McHenry Hace un mes
Probably the original small white one
Pulga Atomica
Pulga Atomica Hace 2 meses
that's my favorite phone ever!!!
The Aviationist Khizr
The Aviationist Khizr Hace un mes
@yasqq yup
yasqq Hace un mes
is it good?
Ty Luck
Ty Luck Hace 2 meses
My dream phone
Garrett Dupree
Garrett Dupree Hace 2 meses
So I take it there will never be a review of this phone?
Léa Straga
Léa Straga Hace 2 meses
I miss the old designs... ngl
natasdas Hace 2 meses
7:44 thank me later
moon ryan
moon ryan Hace 2 meses
Google is HTC that almost collapsed in Taiwan?
Anoj Kc
Anoj Kc Hace 2 meses
His okay google started my google assistant 🤣🤣
Pavao Mrazek
Pavao Mrazek Hace 2 meses
Google 2017: one camera is enough. Google 2020:
Scott Mathewson
Scott Mathewson Hace 2 meses
Inge Nunis
Inge Nunis Hace 2 meses
Love your reviews.....I’m giving serious thought going back too Android( as I had LG once upon a time & was talked into Apple). I would choose the glossy Black ( I prefer that over the matte):)
Delia Mejia
Delia Mejia Hace 2 meses
need a new phone Can I have one of those. I cant afford a new one and currently borrowing one lmao.
Joey Rebrovich
Joey Rebrovich Hace 2 meses
Watching on my Google Pixel 4 XL
Josh Case
Josh Case Hace 2 meses
Returned my Pixel 4 XL for iPhone 11 Pro Max. Glad I did, the iPhone is much better imo
armin salari
armin salari Hace 2 meses
Good phone .. really good phone
isaac selander z
isaac selander z Hace 2 meses
Don't buy this piece of shit.
Product Therapy
Product Therapy Hace 3 meses
I think this is the ugliest pixel phone design :(
Manoj Lakmal Botheju
Manoj Lakmal Botheju Hace 3 meses
Pixel 4 doesn't support Vibrate when call connect/answered in outgoing calls. Very essential feature for day to day life.
Leo da best
Leo da best Hace 3 meses
outdates snarpdragon 855. there is already 855+ when it's launched!
Leo da best
Leo da best Hace 3 meses
doesn't support 5G
Leo da best
Leo da best Hace 3 meses
too expensive. 1400 dollars
Lynette,gary and kevin
Lynette,gary and kevin Hace 3 meses
Ugly looking phones though.
Gatwickman Hace 3 meses
on me to find out does this phone take an SD card
B3ar edits
B3ar edits Hace 3 meses
I have only had 2 phones Google pixel 3 and 4
Brendan Hace 3 meses
The black and orange👌🔥👌
Arief Ash
Arief Ash Hace 3 meses
I got old android phone which I've been used for 2+years and now having issues with its battery😂 I would love to get one of this pixel 4 version please 🙏🏻😭
Jay Lesley
Jay Lesley Hace 3 meses
THIS PHONE IS THE WORSSSST!!! Bought it and it stopped working on day 4! Dont do it! Pics were good but if phone doesnt work what diff does it make! Dont buy! =(
Afgboss Afgboss
Afgboss Afgboss Hace 3 meses
It sucks
Max Larsen
Max Larsen Hace 3 meses
Whenever you said “okay google” my phone and nest mini searched exactly what you said after 😂😂😂
Ihor Zver
Ihor Zver Hace 3 meses
I bet new Pixel 4 as scrap as all gadgets from Google. I have Pixel 3 XL and I cannot express how much I hate this garbage. Just money on wind. The battery is in couple in 4-5 hours, the performance is lower than in mine iPhone 6. Bluetooth so stupid - sometimes cannot connect to my car or 0 Pixel Buds headphones (this one even worse than Pixel phone). Google should apologise for Earth for using sources in such useless way.
Please send me that phone
Toni Grillo
Toni Grillo Hace 3 meses
I'd get the white😊
Guardian Leopard
Guardian Leopard Hace 3 meses
Google using crappy OLED displays then Samsung using on their mid-rangers is unexpectedle
Stephanie W.
Stephanie W. Hace 3 meses
There is something about unboxing anything
AlGh Fedi
AlGh Fedi Hace 3 meses
I think unboxing just one phone is a better idea than stacking all of them together 🤔
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