Unboxing 3 PETABYTES of storage!!

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What's better than one petabyte of storage?...
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KnowledgeableSunny Hace 9 horas
A entire petabyte is the amount of storage in the human brain. Isn’t it crazy that there is a server that has the storage capacity of 3 human brains.
TheMiningTeam Hace 16 horas
I have 1/1000th of this storage.
Mr. Creeper
Mr. Creeper Hace 17 horas
Linus : We Now Have More Than 100 HardDesk To Increase Our Server Storage To 3 Petabyte. People In The Future : Look At These Silly People. We Now Have One HardDisk 3 Petabyte.
smartypants 4621
smartypants 4621 Hace 18 horas
share some data lol
OhTryAgain Hace 19 horas
Linus, you own all the games of world?
Shunaar the cheese
Shunaar the cheese Hace 20 horas
I would fill it up with yiff. hehe
Georgijs Novikovs
Georgijs Novikovs Hace 23 horas
I just got an ad with Linus in it before this video. My brain hurts
Lucky Ismi Sanjaya
Lucky Ismi Sanjaya Hace un día
Maybe you need the entire disneyland to build the storage server.
Jack White
Jack White Hace 2 días
Me an intelectual: how many times can it store shrek saga?
Jack White
Jack White Hace 2 días
Linus is going to store the storage. BIG BRAIN.
Jack White
Jack White Hace 2 días
So, the data of this video is data in the storage. So data of this video is a soap opera of data.
Jan Vávra
Jan Vávra Hace 2 días
I want only one, this is enough for me 😀
Borf Borf
Borf Borf Hace 2 días
A human brain has 2.5 petabytes of storage. Damn.
zDeLv1 Hace 2 días
Eh non penso
Pat Davis 2403
Pat Davis 2403 Hace 2 días
*_Now you can store 3 petafiles!_* I’m so sorry.
qpatilo :D
qpatilo :D Hace 2 días
linus with 900 terabytes: i have no memory... me with 500 gigabytes: oml i have soo much memory😍
aadesh bhattarai
aadesh bhattarai Hace 2 días
Aye I could finally download GTA V!!!!
Sudheer Singh chauhan
Sudheer Singh chauhan Hace 2 días
2020:- going to use Ztx 2020 ti 2040:- going to use AMD CCQ 0∆p14 High PRO mini 33rrz hyper clock 220V Nano pattern ADAPTER
Crystal Games
Crystal Games Hace 2 días
Fuck Democrats Fuck Republicans
Fuck Democrats Fuck Republicans Hace 2 días
unboxes 3TB....... drops them all on the floor
JasperCrazyGamer Hace 2 días
I still remember that having a terabyte of storage was a quite some storage and I’m almost 16
IOAN.ER. Hace 3 días
i think you can start downloading 60% of internet data on ur pc now!!!
Best Scince Exprement
Best Scince Exprement Hace 3 días
Hi sir. I.m student but i don't have any job...iam poore man .plz give me a pc for my study i don't have any mony ..
Vit M. Cbl.
Vit M. Cbl. Hace 3 días
wow a linus techtips ad ON a linus techtips video
MJ S Hace 3 días
Over a 100k worth of storage, jeez.
Jok Holk
Jok Holk Hace 3 días
Do u use all of that maybe a donate for world?
Finnegan Ernst Felix Jeßulat
Finnegan Ernst Felix Jeßulat Hace 3 días
if you were to buy the hard drives alone you'd pay around 36.920$ for one petabyte of storage or the given 960Tb haha
elmo_wasagreat guy
elmo_wasagreat guy Hace 3 días
That's our linus going over board on everything he does
Bill Hubbard
Bill Hubbard Hace 3 días
That's just cool.. I dont know about any of this stuff.. But its pretty damn cool
Luke Rieff
Luke Rieff Hace 4 días
Only the third batch of hard drives seagate has sent, are already 28.800k together, what the frick
MAC Hace 4 días
You know that feeling when you accidentaly buy 3 petabytes of storage
Dominique Hace 4 días
These are exactly 3.6 Petabytes... i mean.. 600TB Difference is nothing 😅
Benjamin McEwan
Benjamin McEwan Hace 4 días
Linus have a backup ESwomen channel with all your content. Even make it unlisted and find a lossless compression standard. Want to know how much a petabyte of storage costs.
Felix Gurkenwasser
Felix Gurkenwasser Hace 4 días
Why not Western Digital?
RAIF Hace 4 días
Those are some expensive dominoes
Logan Halstead
Logan Halstead Hace 4 días
0:28 And legend has it to this day that the Linus we now see is a ghost after getting killed in the middle of the night...due to his wife.
Akhil Hace 4 días
Does he actually even pay for them?
lachlive tv
lachlive tv Hace 4 días
One question why
VIPER Hace 4 días
Minecraft with shaders: Pathetic.
ZaneyBoss Hace 4 días
Get 👏 a 👏 terabyte 👏 of 👏 ram 👏
Sipher Gaming
Sipher Gaming Hace 4 días
I got an ad with Linus in
Hypern0vaX Hace 5 días
Linus is running the supply dry... no wonder hdd cost a pretty penny
bobcatwill 1234
bobcatwill 1234 Hace 5 días
"You could call it used, or you could call it pre tested" said everyone's mom at a garage sale.
roserose Hace 5 días
How much is this cuz I might need more then 10 TB
Aaron it Roblox
Aaron it Roblox Hace 5 días
2020: 3 petabytes of storage. 2100: 3 petabytes of ram
Lnni Hace 5 días
I dont even have a tera byte on my pc
Christian Render
Christian Render Hace 5 días
im over here perfectly fine with a computer with 800 gb
Xx_DareDevil_xX 4
Xx_DareDevil_xX 4 Hace 5 días
some dude into the future be like: 3 petabytes?...pshhhhhht, we have 100 petabytes in a lowend computer
Jack Bean
Jack Bean Hace 5 días
One petabyte is worth 94 trillion dollars
Silvi Florea
Silvi Florea Hace 5 días
What the fuck is a petabyte??? HELLO??????
ConsumeTheVoid Hace 6 días
6:08 Didn't you do a video about the Canadian government having ~65 Petabytes in their supercomputer around 2 years ago?
Ur_Dailybirbmemestar Hace 6 días
i have 3 GB ...
Rowan Hace 6 días
me having only 218 gb in my laptop. :/
wildvillions Hace 6 días
480p video, u need storage 😂😂😂
AZRubs Hace 6 días
You probably just ran Seagate out of business
JoeTaylor Animation
JoeTaylor Animation Hace 6 días
dang, you could probably get halo 5 with that
joao paulo
joao paulo Hace 6 días
E eu querendo comprar um HDD de 500GB hahahah i cry
Artem Hace 6 días
I want to buy ONE of them 16 TB disk, maaan... =/
blackdiamond 0075
blackdiamond 0075 Hace 6 días
imagine how fast your computer would be with a petabyte of ram.
Ben Jones
Ben Jones Hace 4 días
Not so fast after a point, also depends how fast that RAM is. More RAM just means you can load more memory into a place that is quick for the CPU to access (quicker than a harddrive/SSD). Therefore you can load more bulky apps at once that are all running and updating quickly, or the CPU can remember/"cache" the result of a lot of bulky calculations, and then access them back again, without having to recompute them. But the software needs to actually be designed to make use of huge amounts of RAM. The way software is currently designed, we haven't identified many spots in a program where we are making a bulky calculation, that we could cache and then get back later. So there aren't many ways to make use of the RAM that will actually speed up an ordinary program that exists today. Then eventually the speed of the connection from the RAM to the CPU, and the speed of the CPU will limit how much of the memory it can fill at a time, and most of the memory will be sitting there empty. So very soon you will need a much faster CPU to make the computer any faster. So it would just load all of the Operating System and all your programs, and all of your harddrive data into RAM so it all can be accessed quickly (so your harddrive would not be used at all, only to load everything in at the start and then selectively save stuff back). Then it could initialise copies of all your programs in an initial state but paused, so that they are ready to run when you open them. Then it could maybe load a bunch of stuff off the internet it thinks you'll access next, to try to speed up your perceived internet connection (Note: Google Search has a feature where it begins loading some pages in search results it thinks you'll click before you click them). The operating system can then try to guess whenever you hit often-encountered states in your programs, and make a copies of that memory, so that if you go back to that state, it can just load the previous memory instead of running any code to change the current memory, but that would be hard. But a lot of creative work would have to be done with the programs and infrastructure to design them differently to cache calculations. Note: Chrome web browser notoriously takes up huge amounts of RAM because it holds on to heaps of stuff in case it's needed later, to make it appear fast, like it keeps all your old pages in memory for a bit, even after you closed them, so that you can hit the back/forward button and the page won't have to load again. It also holds onto a bunch of stuff that it calculates while loading each page, that can add up to a lot of extra RAM. Note that computers started off with punch-coded memory, and then tape drives, that were incredibly slow. So the computer was designed around that expected speed. But eventually these were upgraded to harddrives, SSDs, and RAM, and the computer design adapted. So it's already as if we have massive amounts of fast memory. Computers only really need one type of memory, but we're working with what devices we can actually make, which end up having these trade-offs of speed vs price vs durability, and have to design the computer around that. If you want to know more, look up the "memory hierarchy". RAM isn't the fastest memory in a computer either, the CPU has a tiny amount of "Level 1"/"Level 2"/"Level 3" cache and CPU registers built into it, to store very temporary calculations during its operation, that is way faster than RAM. Computer design would be even more different, and probably way simpler, if we knew we had petabytes of that stuff.
FaZeR V.I.P Hace 6 días
give me a one
FatiTank Drawings
FatiTank Drawings Hace 7 días
1/400 of the internet data volume?
Lucas’ Vids
Lucas’ Vids Hace 7 días
0:32. Wife walks in
Lucas’ Vids
Lucas’ Vids Hace 7 días
0:36 Wife walks in
Mishael Dank
Mishael Dank Hace 7 días
How about geobytes
ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugmembugem ossas
ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugmembugem ossas Hace 7 días
make a geopbyte
Ñįńjō 3000
Ñįńjō 3000 Hace 7 días
Me: ugh I only have 1GB of storage left LTT : ugh I only have 100 TB left
Castle Hace 7 días
get all of your insane specs and put them all in a GIGANTIC case
Killer Bunny
Killer Bunny Hace 8 días
30 years later: Hah only 3 pb? Even my phone have 32pb
1k subs With No Videos
1k subs With No Videos Hace 8 días
999,999,999, dec 31st 11:59 pm anyone? But srsly only 3 petabytes. I unboxed googolplex yoyabytes. And it took up the space of a grain of sand. Not 16 cardboard boxes. Oh yea and btw happy new Aeon.
Wild Wolf
Wild Wolf Hace 8 días
Linus over here with 3 petabytes of storage while I only have 400 gigs on my pc. I have more space on my Playstation 4 than my pc.
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