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CLASHwithSHANE | Clash Royale

CLASHwithSHANE | Clash Royale

Hace un mes

Best Bait Deck in Clash Royale 2020 for Legendary Arena 13 Trophy Pushing on Ladder - Best Log Bait Deck Zap Bait Deck in Clash Royale With Royal Hogs Fire Cracker Cycle Deck in Clash Royale.
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CLASHwithSHANE | Clash Royale
CLASHwithSHANE | Clash Royale Hace un mes
New Season, New Pass Royale Tomorrow! - Enter in Creator Code "Shane" now if you want to be ready for the new season release! ❤️❤️❤️
Panagiotis Tsironis
Panagiotis Tsironis Hace un mes
This deck is amazing my friend. I made a similar one some weeks ago but with arrows instead of earthquake and valkyrie instead of goblin cage. It's a defense BEAST! Especially now that the earthquake was completely destroyed by the balance changes
Arnas Gudaitis
Arnas Gudaitis Hace un mes
WTF with your beard bro??? You looking like zz top😂😂😂
David Ricardo Benito Vasconcelos
David Ricardo Benito Vasconcelos Hace un mes
Code shane from the begining of the creator codes in clash royale
Foxboy77 Gaming
Foxboy77 Gaming Hace un mes
Can you show me a good e-wiz deck I just got him yesterday
David Ricardo Benito Vasconcelos
David Ricardo Benito Vasconcelos Hace un mes
this season you didn't played the 99% winrate deck with your mini lvl 10 account 😭
Red D
Red D Hace un mes
I don't see how this deck will do against a golem or many tanks
Lance Stalker
Lance Stalker Hace un mes
@7:00 😂 listen and look st the opponent name
RoMi Hace un mes
Awsome gamelay ....I also play like him check out
Arman Ghazali
Arman Ghazali Hace un mes
Next week is my grandpa's birthday and he is the one encouraging me to start youtube. I hope I can show him that I have 1000 subs on my channel as a present. I hope you guys can support me. Thank you.
TJ Clasher
TJ Clasher Hace un mes
I already use this deck defore seeing shane's video.But i am using royal giant in the place of royal hogs.That's the diffenent......
PAPACITA Hace un mes
Alright guys jumping in here to our dear friend... Intresting name yes interesting name.
Andrew Shahin
Andrew Shahin Hace un mes
Y is his stuff in the shop more expensive? where he live?
Tito Rj44
Tito Rj44 Hace un mes
7:00 our dear friend...uuh ok. DankKushSmoker 😂
Mohammed binhamza
Mohammed binhamza Hace un mes
Hey shane just purchase gold pass for support to u
Gina Whatever
Gina Whatever Hace un mes
Hi Shane! I saw your video about the card tier list you made a couple of months ago (April - couple XD). I would like to ask where would you put the new skeleton dragons-card? Just 'cause AFAIK I remember as you tried how it is doing in one of our your videos... Thanks for answer for anyone! :D
King Isalive
King Isalive Hace un mes
Watching ur videos didnt Recognize how the time goes
Angus Pifeteau
Angus Pifeteau Hace un mes
Is this channel clash with ragnar?
PookieCat 14
PookieCat 14 Hace un mes
I still have not made up my mind whether or not I will buy the Pass Royale again this season... But if I'll do it, you know which Creator Code I will use
yashwanth bharadwaj
yashwanth bharadwaj Hace un mes
Why do I always lose u ask even if I use code Shane because I am too bad as I don't know how to defend
alberto ortiz
alberto ortiz Hace un mes
Join my clan its Dark Fire ♤♤♤
Zhang Mason
Zhang Mason Hace un mes
Shane why don't you star level your cards?
Kelli Bain
Kelli Bain Hace un mes
This is the deck i been using all season basically. Love this deck
Iancu Mihai
Iancu Mihai Hace un mes
Good job !
Ahaduzzaman Ahad
Ahaduzzaman Ahad Hace un mes
Hey guys... Please join my clan . Clan tag: #LJPUVR9L IF you join my clan i will give you co-leader
Marcia Regina
Marcia Regina Hace un mes
New Fisherman deck! Thank you
Daniel K
Daniel K Hace un mes
Golem was my first thaught as well
R 30
R 30 Hace un mes
Lava hound and balon deck
Refael Zizov
Refael Zizov Hace un mes
the deck is a bit difficult to use but you can win with it if you use it correctly
Thomas Gustafson
Thomas Gustafson Hace un mes
“ I hate bait and the fire cracker” as you use bait and fire cracker
Alex Teoh
Alex Teoh Hace un mes
Opponent : Angry!!!!!!! Shane : Don't be mad at me bro.... For the last game. Hahaha lol XD. Good for Shane. 👍
TheCheetos44 Hace un mes
plot twist.. dont nerf the delivery... make it a ledgy
ViraJ Gawand
ViraJ Gawand Hace un mes
Imagine thay bm guy losing..... he still would've laughed but cried inside
Beska 342
Beska 342 Hace un mes
Oh no that's suck, he has mega knight, meanwhile the pigies destroy the tower, because he miss his megaknight
Wonderful World
Wonderful World Hace un mes
It's nice
Ben Altergott
Ben Altergott Hace un mes
Bro, first you're looking more like an extra from The Last Kingdom everyday. #Vikinglife. Great video, firecracker is pure evil to face with the deck.
Vlasto Cicka
Vlasto Cicka Hace un mes
Every Shane's vid: (lose only 1 battle) 🔥🔥
Spooky_YT Hace un mes
Are there any mega knight decks? It is my highest level legendary.
David Ricardo Benito Vasconcelos
David Ricardo Benito Vasconcelos Hace un mes
The deck was golem but with rocket in place of the lightning
aspctrr Hace un mes
Goblin hog
Christo S
Christo S Hace un mes
Bait and spam decks 🤮
Gudia K.
Gudia K. Hace un mes
Please check this deck mega knight, Prince, mini pekka, dark prince, fire cracker, fire ball, executioner and electro wizard
Dragonslayer- Brawl Stars
Dragonslayer- Brawl Stars Hace un mes
Sorry can't buy it parent dun allow :(
Anny Patil
Anny Patil Hace un mes
Is this Deck still good in New season 12 ?
Isaac c
Isaac c Hace un mes
imagine getting the pass for free
ElHappy Juicebox
ElHappy Juicebox Hace un mes
DankKushSmoker is an interesting name indeed
Serban Nelu
Serban Nelu Hace un mes
Shane what you will do for us when you will have 1 milion subscribers?
Ronish Awale
Ronish Awale Hace un mes
Nice guess man
Suhail Gamer
Suhail Gamer Hace un mes
Eli Moua
Eli Moua Hace un mes
Make a skeleton dragon deck!
Doug Landrum
Doug Landrum Hace un mes
That deck is so hard to play and it’s never worked on people who have seen this deck. That’s my experience at least
Suh Cheuy
Suh Cheuy Hace un mes
"Major suckage right here guys"😂
SGTSALT357 Hace un mes
What are you gonna have now mega knight? 😂
KaoticSuper Hace un mes
Yo that bmer needs to shut up he almost lost with his hard counter
peak violento
peak violento Hace un mes
30 minutes to use (once again :D) the code shane in the shop
Josef Cooper
Josef Cooper Hace un mes
This deck suck
Critical Hace un mes
Join clan THE BAKAS
Naveen B Menon
Naveen B Menon Hace un mes
The exact same deck is what i used this season but the goblin cage was bomb tower...... Shane deserves more love and support
Ganesh Jayakumar
Ganesh Jayakumar Hace un mes
Pls invite me to your clan My tag:PQQPQQCG8
DaviZz Hace un mes
Keeper going
The SJW Strangler
The SJW Strangler Hace un mes
It’s annoying that I have to put zap and a tank killer that won’t die to spells (save rocket) in every deck as well as log for all the goblin barrels out there while at the same time keeping my elixir average low enough for all those cycle decks. So my custom decks are usually Zap, Log/Royal Delivery, Inferno Dragon/Minions, usually two win conditions, Hunter & mini Pekka for one shot kills & a random card. Plus SC likes to stick it to people who play new decks at first. It’s making the game stale. I recently played against a Golem, X-Bow, E Barb Clone deck, then two 3 Musk decks with no FB or other hard counters, infinite amount of Pekka decks all with E Wiz/Arrows to protect him, 2.6 Hog Cycles, that damn Inferno Tower log bait deck with Rocket, Balloon Rage decks galore & of course MK decks & RG decks were the icing on the cake. Hopefully, Next Season will be better. Probably going to run a custom Golem Balloon deck just to be that guy who plays two cards with death damage. I could be a Giant ass and through clone or mirror in there too.
Aiden Hace un mes
here's a pro move you could've done at 16:31 Shane... you could've placed down ur goblin cage behind to giant, so the princess tower targets the graveyard
CLASHwithSHANE | Clash Royale
CLASHwithSHANE | Clash Royale Hace un mes
Good point
Joseph Tomassetti
Joseph Tomassetti Hace un mes
i was laughing so hard at 10:45
mission Hace un mes
17:36 maybe it is never mind😂😂
Gaming2Night Hace un mes
Ashwin Kumar
Ashwin Kumar Hace un mes
shane i always see ur vid under 1hour
jamar taylor
jamar taylor Hace un mes
"That delivery value there guys was inShane!" Shane went on to win the best pun award
Mason Scott
Mason Scott Hace un mes
InSHANE video man. Have a good day
Alanie Samayoa
Alanie Samayoa Hace un mes
How does one acquire the bandit screaming emote?!?! I’ve been dying for it. 😭
Alanie Samayoa
Alanie Samayoa Hace un mes
Michael Dahlinger
Michael Dahlinger Hace un mes
Found the video on it: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo--Ww41eREtTQ.html
Alanie Samayoa
Alanie Samayoa Hace un mes
Michael Dahlinger It hasn’t popped up at all yet, and I’ve been playing since August lol.
Michael Dahlinger
Michael Dahlinger Hace un mes
I think I got it a year or 2 back, I believe it came with the cheering knight emote, excited musketeer, and crl #1 emote as the first ever emotes outside of the original king ones. You might be able to buy it in the shop now, I don't know for sure.
Yatchy Hace un mes
my boy shane, of course ima use your code for the new pass royale! don’t even gotta ask!
Om Purohit
Om Purohit Hace un mes
Bro you are from which e-sports clan?
Weefy Hace un mes
In almost every video shane says "Oh guys were dead" and then beats the guy
Shashank P
Shashank P Hace un mes
14:53 i hate these type of opponents 😑
Black is the new Red
Black is the new Red Hace un mes
So you hate me
PAIN Hace un mes
I mean like yeah you won nobody cares
illuminatutos Hace un mes
I sometimes do that when my opponent has a really annoying deck
KaoticSuper Hace un mes
Shashank Poojary He’s so annoying he bms for no reason and he has hc -_-
Loaded Loki
Loaded Loki Hace un mes
I'm dumb.... for not using code shane
jpvlogs 05
jpvlogs 05 Hace un mes
Few tweeks could be amazing split lane pressure aswell!!!🥰❤ btw shane lobe the videos!!!!!❤❤
Teh ScHoolBoy
Teh ScHoolBoy Hace un mes
Ik but it's a bait deck... It's for bait no splitting 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
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