UFC 241: Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier Octagon Interview

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Hace 6 meses

Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier spoke with Joe Rogan after their title fight at UFC 241.
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Benny D
Benny D Hace 2 días
Tyson Fury fanboys believe their guy is "the baddest man on the planet"😂 They've never heard of Stipe Miocic.
Osama Manan
Osama Manan Hace 2 días
Dc is so great that only 2 guys could beat him, others were thrown around.
loyaxe Hace 2 días
Such badass voice stipe
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Hace 2 días
For true he is the champ all of Champs.. so it's time to give Stipe. M the respect..
Peter Lalai
Peter Lalai Hace 4 días
Guys this dance had me crying 1:41
If you laugh you sub!
If you laugh you sub! Hace 4 días
Stipe levels above fatty eye poke
kratos spartan
kratos spartan Hace 4 días
Stipe earned my respect
Marko Lumovic
Marko Lumovic Hace 5 días
Justice was restored when that eye poking cheater lost.
Ne Oublie
Ne Oublie Hace 9 días
DC is a hoe
Ne Oublie
Ne Oublie Hace 9 días
Somebody needs to make a video called Stipe humbles DC
Daniel Rice
Daniel Rice Hace 9 días
DC eye pokes on purpose. He learned from Jon how effective it is. It blinds you because people wanna be tough and not take the whole 5 minutes. Such scumbaggery.
Presley Balensiefen
Presley Balensiefen Hace 10 días
It’s be great if they had subtitles for SM.
Raja Bebek
Raja Bebek Hace 12 días
Stipe like viking fighter from the past
Haaris Waqas
Haaris Waqas Hace 12 días
Stipe and Jones are the only two guys to hold the older ufc title as well as the new design as new champions.
Bloater Snake
Bloater Snake Hace 14 días
Stipe Miocic would make Brock Lesnar beg for his life
lithiumkc8 Hace 15 días
2:05 that’s the saddest can of Monster I’ve ever seen.
Andrew Wallace's
Andrew Wallace's Hace 15 días
The people complaining about eye pokes stfuuuu and get off the internet it’s ufc anything is allowed you gotta get your defense up and avoid the eye pokes because Jon jones did fall for that poke trick
Corruption City
Corruption City Hace 15 días
Rogan: I’ll never interview a fighter that’s been knocked out...
Corruption City
Corruption City Hace 15 días
1:45 hahahah he starts play humping rogan
Oscar Lopez
Oscar Lopez Hace 16 días
Can someone translate what he said please
Shane Liccardi 2
Shane Liccardi 2 Hace 18 días
Fuck Stipe Miocic, he didn't deserve to win, Daniel Cormier should have won and fuck all you haters that hate what I said.! Fuck Miocic the piece of shit.!
AEGIS Hace 19 días
DC acts like hes this good guy but hes a cheater just like Jon. Fucked up Stipes eye to this day. Fuck this fat piece of shit.
amir324 Hace 19 días
Did stipe hump joe Rogan at 1:44 😂😂😂
Ahmad Syakir Bin Shahridan
Ahmad Syakir Bin Shahridan Hace 21 un día
Dafuq is he saying
Cristian Trifan
Cristian Trifan Hace 22 días
Fuck DC for eye pokes , i'm happy that Stipe beat that cheater , he is not far from Jones
Blake Moulton
Blake Moulton Hace 28 días
Kamuran Deliormanli
Kamuran Deliormanli Hace 29 días
Stipe's voice here is so proper for Death Metal genre.
8th West Avenue
8th West Avenue Hace un mes
40 yr old and small hows that?
Gaming and Animation channel
Gaming and Animation channel Hace 19 días
When he wins OH MY GOD GREATEST HW EVER but when he loses yeh DC is 40 he's old blah blah blah, Even though stipe was 37 only 3 years age difference you guys didn't have any problem when he fought Jon who is eight years younger than DC smh, you DC fans always try to discredit stipe's victory.
Jon 'El Picocuy' Jones
Jon 'El Picocuy' Jones Hace un mes
00:59 hot sauce 😂
Divyaraj Rathore
Divyaraj Rathore Hace un mes
Why doesn't anyone talks about that brutal eye pokes by DC, it would've caused stipe to loose a eye like my guy Bisping, he cheated in both fights with Stipe
Trey Talbot
Trey Talbot Hace 27 días
Thanks for pointing that out! What's more is the fight was never stopped. Fights are usually halted for merely appearing as if an eye was poked, even when it wasn't. Highly suspicious!
Raghav Thakur
Raghav Thakur Hace un mes
"All the eyes" - DC
Nate perry
Nate perry Hace un mes
Stipe sound like he’s on Coke Lmfaoo 😂😂☠️
champ Hace un mes
What a Great champion stipe is but defend or vacate
Nevermind Hace un mes
Cormier tried the eye gouge again but it didnt work. Stipe was waiting for it.
Nick Harris
Nick Harris Hace un mes
I hate DC
A Frank
A Frank Hace un mes
He deserved the loss big time and shouldnt allow him a 3d chance for more eyepoking...
A Frank
A Frank Hace un mes
OMG, DC is such a cheater, would never win in the 1st one against Stipe if he wouldnt poke his eyes constantly !!!!
Buatsaiha Hmar
Buatsaiha Hmar Hace un mes
Hope Stipe doesn't have an Autism kids..
Sarah Chloe
Sarah Chloe Hace un mes
jim efwards
jim efwards Hace un mes
One thing that is certain --- Cormier is the most prolific eyepoker ever ! That dude is CONSTANT fingers to the face. Herb Dean didn't seem to care that much though.
Nakri Vosam
Nakri Vosam Hace un mes
1:45 😂😂 Stipe GOAT
Clasher Hace un mes
The most satisfying win ever!
Patsy Griffith
Patsy Griffith Hace un mes
Joe Rogan: How does that feel? Stipe: wafyjgfsrhkmvxsgjnhggkjbdfjjkmhtascjknvderuo
Joshua Traffanstedt
Joshua Traffanstedt Hace 2 meses
If I were daniel, I'd take only money or title fights. I think he deserves to retire as champion.. but I dont see him winning either the heavyweight or the light heavyweight title.. I dont know if he can make middleweight lol
tony ferguson
tony ferguson Hace un mes
He was beating stipe before the finish and he will beat stipe if he comes with right gameplan does not become cocky and keep his hands up
Joshua Traffanstedt
Joshua Traffanstedt Hace 2 meses
Greatest heavyweight in all of UFC history.
SCCheaters Hace 2 meses
What did he say from 1:15 onwards? Cant fkin understand damn it
The lone one
The lone one Hace 2 meses
deep down inside joe rogan is upset cause he beat up set
santanu malakar
santanu malakar Hace 2 meses
DC is a dirty fighter. And herb Dean can't you see the eye pokes if no then retire ,many will loose a fight because of you and many of them have already lost.
Sarah Chloe
Sarah Chloe Hace un mes
ghuman saab lol butthurted dc fan
tony ferguson
tony ferguson Hace un mes
Dc eyepoked only once in this fight what tf are you watching ??
Dave Miller
Dave Miller Hace 2 meses
Stipe is pure stud material.
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Hace 2 meses
In your interview you said... Stipes Punch are not so good.. And yet my eayepoke friend??
dj shitrape 283
dj shitrape 283 Hace 2 meses
When Stipe said "fuuxtifiyefouegubeubuosboubsbjpebpiebiphdpbpbspbs", I felt that.
Racemixer Berg
Racemixer Berg Hace 2 meses
My father was in Auschwitz concifujeiskjdeiqknquksnwjegation camp.
Out of this world video production, i like it to much .. Unsurpassed part is 1:31. *I upload first twerking, Plsss check it out and comment your opinion* 💞 💘 💟
❤ gorgeous 💙 ❤
ethan Hace 2 meses
I still don't really know what he said but let's go stipe
Bravo stipe majstoree!
Josip Horvat
Josip Horvat Hace 2 meses
It makes me mad to see he is under American flag. Where is that Croatian pride we have. Seems like he forgot who is he.
AcidGlow Hace 2 meses
*Ok.. i just went through all of Stipe's interviews.. We need subtitles on all of them* ✅🤔
Jacob Hultberg
Jacob Hultberg Hace 3 meses
joe started being genuine once stipe humped his leg.
Хабиб нурмагомедов
Хабиб нурмагомедов Hace 3 meses
Patrick Chole
Patrick Chole Hace 3 meses
YES. Love Stipe.
Alejando Iberico
Alejando Iberico Hace 3 meses
Miocic no merecía ganar peleó hasta el pincho en todo momento espero la revancha para que DC lo desvende
mateazo Hace 3 meses
With this video, it doesn't matter if you don't speak English
World Eater
World Eater Hace 3 meses
Officer: How much did you have to drink sir? Stipe: 1:14
Duane Ford
Duane Ford Hace 3 meses
Mmgay this fight was pathetic. Bunch of pussies dancing around like fairies. Balls on your chin. Mmgay
JHDM 1997
JHDM 1997 Hace 3 meses
Joe: the winner and new heavyweight champion, how good does that sound? Stipe: khsjsnsgyjss jsbsyss hdbdhjddbd hdbssgjssgs hdhisnsgddjd jshxusbsyd hdbdzhjsv sjsbysjb
John BJJ
John BJJ Hace 3 meses
JHDM 1997 dude..
Bob Lob
Bob Lob Hace 3 meses
1:04 lol wtf the dude getting manhandled in that celebration behind Stipe and Rogan
Lover Dog
Lover Dog Hace 3 meses
Real champ is back!!!!!
King Warrior
King Warrior Hace 3 meses
We can now say that Stipe is arguably the Greatest UFC heavyweight champion ever!🔥💪👍👑
loita houmed
loita houmed Hace 3 meses
When Stipe won : DC is tough , anything can happen in the fight . When DC won : Stipe is'nt good enough to beat me . That's the difference between these two .
John BJJ
John BJJ Hace 25 días
Jacqueline Daisyface just watch his second fight with stipe and the build up
III3 HH2 Hace 26 días
@Jacqueline Daisyface Stipe will beat DC again, he's just gonna go full Ubereem and give DC the Lesnar treatment and retire him, right?
Jacqueline Daisyface
Jacqueline Daisyface Hace 28 días
@John BJJ At least I have solid evidence. What have you got?
John BJJ
John BJJ Hace 28 días
Jacqueline Daisyface No you are wrong. DC is a cocky eye poking dirtbag.
Jacqueline Daisyface
Jacqueline Daisyface Hace 28 días
Not exactly. DC gave respect to Stipe after the fight. After Stipe started saying that DC's win was a fluke, that's when he took it up a notch.
m 2m
m 2m Hace 3 meses
Dana White eat yourself bitch, Stipe is the champ
Zvonimir Čavara
Zvonimir Čavara Hace 3 meses
In first fight play with eye poke dc just before the ko punch and in this play with eye poke also but stipe didint say nothing about that but it say now with ko dc.. stipe you are the best off all time.. you lose 3. Times 2. Times because eye pokes and 1. Time with dos santos because judge decision.. you are the greatest off all time!!!!
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