UFC 241: Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier Octagon Interview

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Hace un mes

Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier spoke with Joe Rogan after their title fight at UFC 241.
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Lugh H. Gener
Lugh H. Gener Hace un día
Looks scratches and cut face and neck on Stipe, DC- Edward scissors hands
Villa Mara
Villa Mara Hace un día
Stipe is the dancer. 😂🕺
BERNIE Hace 2 días
2:02 dc is 5’11?😭😭😭🤦🏿‍♀️
R Λ Z O R Hace 2 días
the only fight DC is not crying like a bitch hahaha
THE JACK LIFE Hace 2 días
Didn’t understand a thing #STIPE
Giorgi Gvilia
Giorgi Gvilia Hace 3 días
DC : Stipe is a fantastic champion,of course man stipe is a great champion and baddest man❤👍☝️
WeAreLive! Hace 3 días
Salty Stipe is smiling again
Imagine Knowledge
Imagine Knowledge Hace 3 días
Wtf he saying lol
503 Workshop
503 Workshop Hace 4 días
Wasn't it a post fight interview with Cormier after he'd been knocked out that once made Rogan say he wasn't gonna interview guys right after they'd had there bell rung like that anymore?
manuel maleza
manuel maleza Hace 5 días
Stipe Miocic is the greatest heavyweight of all time .stipe would fuck up prime Fedor and other heavyweight fighter .
Saqib Ansari
Saqib Ansari Hace 6 días
Does anyone what stipe actually said???
kiddada3 Hace 7 días
Cormier never deserved the belts to begin with. LH was never his, he poked his way to HW and it ended up back in the right hands
colt Lastlock
colt Lastlock Hace 8 días
Ariel Lopez
Ariel Lopez Hace 8 días
Ese cormier nunca tuvo que ser campeón es un cobarde para pelear se ubiera retirado desde que se le corrió a John Jon
KylexSheppard Hace 8 días
Stone cold stipe
Gavun Hace 9 días
Kitchen 77
Kitchen 77 Hace 9 días
Any native speaker here who can translates stipe word. I see nothing in my dictionary... Sorry for my bad english.
Milos/Fly Emirates/SRB Jovanovic
Milos/Fly Emirates/SRB Jovanovic Hace 9 días
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Hace 10 días
Everyone here please be objective and even Stipe fans can answer this. Do y’all really believe Stipe is a better fighter then DC
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Hace 10 días
DC has one last DC fight in him and I expect to see it
Zen Ali
Zen Ali Hace 10 días
Stipe voice is unique suitable for movie.
Ja Cl
Ja Cl Hace 10 días
Can someone translate plz
THE JACK LIFE Hace 12 días
Daniel should have finished it in the 1st with that long takedown to show off like drakkar klose did But he’s 40 years old not 26-27 He shouldn’t have been cocky because he knew how easy his fight was gonna he and Taken it for granted hands down fighting Daniel is the real heavyweight champion Hands down
jay s
jay s Hace un día
Stipe is 38 so age never matters in heavy weight
maro Čura
maro Čura Hace 12 días
Stipe speaks Croenglisch 🇭🇷🇺🇸🤣🤣
KyMyers Hace 12 días
We all know thats Jon Jones belt
matija šlat
matija šlat Hace 12 días
as his voice almost broke crowd started laughing 😂😂😂 so he used all his training and compose him self not to brake down😪😪😪
Jake Jutzi
Jake Jutzi Hace 13 días
Daniel said stipe wasn’t good enough to beat him. 😂
Gaming With XXpandasaresavageXX
Gaming With XXpandasaresavageXX Hace 13 días
First JDS Now DC Next Its Struve If He Beats Rothwell
Gaming With XXpandasaresavageXX
Gaming With XXpandasaresavageXX Hace 10 días
isaac alzate yeah that’s what I mean!
isaac alzate
isaac alzate Hace 11 días
Bruh i really HOPE struve gets a title shot only because i want stipe to get his payback at his 1ST LOST IN MMA
Erwin Khang
Erwin Khang Hace 13 días
he's gonna cry as much as he can on National TV to get sympathy, unlike how he talk mad shit when he won!! how unsportsmanlike. thumbs down DC
shakybeeves Hace 13 días
Stipe's revenge/redemption!! Amazing congrats Stipe, a humble and honourable fighter!!!
ShOcKwAvE Hace 14 días
You dont make decisions based on emotions. Wise words.
satsuki the booty killer
satsuki the booty killer Hace 14 días
And dudes said DC could beat jon jones
Bill Blass
Bill Blass Hace 14 días
lol Miocic is the fuckin man! "You know aldhfh dnsl *BLEEP* Cormier fjcl rjudd fjir tough guy *BLEEP* frd lfol look Anaheim you rock!"
predator pride
predator pride Hace 15 días
Stipe the Legende of Croatia
predator pride
predator pride Hace 15 días
Stipe ist der beste Respekt an den croaten
موسیقی موسیقی
موسیقی موسیقی Hace 15 días
Stipe fucked that short fat bald headed fuck real good. I am glad Stipe won.
Brad Smith
Brad Smith Hace 16 días
Why do they always cut parts out? This is just as bad as how they remove ringwalk music on fight pass. I love the UFC but their media department is a joke.
MattIsLoling Hace 16 días
stipe's boomhower filter got turned on
Nicholas Spurr
Nicholas Spurr Hace 17 días
Atta boy stiopic, knew you could do it with the immigrant mentality...
4U 2C
4U 2C Hace 17 días
No need cut.. i not understand shit
Daz 187
Daz 187 Hace 17 días
stipe "jdaiofjsadnfgnoisadmd diosajiodsajdnfsiof.... OH!! OH!!" miocic
Kakaroto Sama
Kakaroto Sama Hace 17 días
Cry niga
adam cole
adam cole Hace 17 días
dc is a loser
Yasar Birgül
Yasar Birgül Hace 17 días
Dc is still champ dude. Nothing goes about the truth. 💪🏽
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Hace 18 días
Dc can’t retire like this. Not bringing his best and lose cuz of it then retire. He can’t go out like this. When he lost to jones I was like ok there’s really nothing coulda been done he can’t beat this guy at 205. But this is different he left too much out there and he lost cuz of it. He needs to demand a rematch and bring his best this time. This is the first time since the fight I’m listening to this interview lol I didn’t even hear it the first time. Actually I heard it once before I don’t even remember where
Mate Matic
Mate Matic Hace 18 días
Fuck the eye poking bitch DC
Oscar V
Oscar V Hace 19 días
It really wasn't that hard to understand
ALESSANDRO Macitus 88 Hace 19 días
What a Great fight respect from italy
Hlinkova Garda
Hlinkova Garda Hace 19 días
hey piece of shit Cormier, go cry to your husband's shoulder Cain!
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Hace 19 días
Stipe is the greatest of all Times...11 Body shots thats amazing for Stipe and disaster for D.C..
humblewarrior Hace 19 días
Rogan to DC: What went wrong? DC: Well, to be honest the eyepokes did not work out, i wanted to make this the beginning of the end but the fight lasted too long so i wasnt lucky this time. Rogan: I understand
frj rearte
frj rearte Hace 19 días
Miocic vs Jones
LOTTO LOTTOsoulja Hace 19 días
Yes he lost hate Comey DC lol how does it feel to be U..Jon Jones lol looking good u looking OLD
2FACE 2PAID Hace 20 días
My heart broke don’t retire dc
Lalise Daka
Lalise Daka Hace 20 días
I bet Brock lesnar having a good laugh at home
Lalise Daka
Lalise Daka Hace 20 días
Lol he got a boner after beating dc maybe these was a no fuck before win bet with his wife.
Börre Turkan
Börre Turkan Hace 20 días
And what happend to the kid that was gonna put the belt on stipe ?
Bhench Concepcion
Bhench Concepcion Hace 21 un día
Ohh..cry dc like u always do when u lose in a fight...
Dj Ahmed
Dj Ahmed Hace 21 un día
Dc interview funny hahaha
milite riul
milite riul Hace 22 días
after this meeting, I have liver pain
Black bitches want white pornstars
Black bitches want white pornstars Hace 22 días
Goat stipe
Jessie Joy
Jessie Joy Hace 22 días
It’s painful to see dc lose. He’s such a good man
Calvin Bonner
Calvin Bonner Hace 22 días
Joe Rogan and Dana White are the reasons I pull for Bellator, ONE and Fight Nights Global so much. It's a shame that pirates are navigating the flagship of the sport we love.
James Yang
James Yang Hace 23 días
I'd say Stipe is the greatest heavy weight champ, all the respect to him
Jay Goodman
Jay Goodman Hace 23 días
Predator gets rematch🤔
Sammy L
Sammy L Hace 23 días
just so you know, Stipe is also a decorated fire fighter. Such a guy and what a beast!
humblewarrior Hace 23 días
Eypokes did not work this time, stipe is just not the guy who is gonna make a story of it
DGETHIS01 Hace 23 días
it appears closed captions aren't available.. i wonder why?
Radek 86
Radek 86 Hace 23 días
So first fight was fake,sold title.
Jean-Paul Moreau
Jean-Paul Moreau Hace 23 días
DC = class act
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