UFC 239 Post-Fight Press Conference: Jorge Masvidal talks record fast KO over Ben Askren

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Hace 5 meses

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Adam Schiff Loves the Cock
Adam Schiff Loves the Cock Hace un día
Love this dude no homo
Eddy Shluger
Eddy Shluger Hace un día
I love Jorge Masvidal.
Pepe TV
Pepe TV Hace 2 días
Jorge: but my job thank God i could punch my coworker in the face Everyone else: i wish we have that job hahahaha
Pepe TV
Pepe TV Hace 2 días
Much better than mcgregor oriented with what the rules and ethics but all about business
S N Hace 3 días
Ghost busters. Lol
S N Hace 3 días
Carressing is good. 1 only
S N Hace 3 días
Hell no 😖
S N Hace 3 días
You so Mean 😊 not really 🐌 lol. Ha Ha I did 😄 Slow snail not that slow soft touch ❤
love climber
love climber Hace 3 días
Crotch ain’t for dudes jaaaaaaaa it was very necessary
Tommy E
Tommy E Hace 4 días
Thats a badass dude right there straight g
ÉBomViverEmBracara Avgvsta
ÉBomViverEmBracara Avgvsta Hace 5 días
super necessary
Science Fiction
Science Fiction Hace 6 días
That fat fuckin idiot at 1:35 asking Jorge stupid questions needs to be chin checked
Another yt channel
Another yt channel Hace 7 días
No longer with us clavicle 😂😂😂
George Hace 8 días
CLASSIC - smartest answers - Best MMA Interview Ever !!
Nicholas Tarr
Nicholas Tarr Hace 9 días
If you didn't like him then that is personal your luck about to get cut u gonna fight someone real not till lol or askren hahahahaha or out of shape Nate you about to fight a real Cat!
BlindProphet Hace 9 días
"His face is a magnet to crotches"
Mr Fairprice
Mr Fairprice Hace 9 días
i want see jorge and colby fighting this two duds was good friends and now are both big rivals,hell what a fight that can be.
Hector Allan Rivera
Hector Allan Rivera Hace 9 días
Super classic interview!!
Devin G
Devin G Hace 11 días
Hey Jorge You a good guy Hope you dominate more and baptize all these disrespectful mfkr
Tyger King of kings
Tyger King of kings Hace 11 días
One of my favorite interview's from Masvidal.💯🤣🤣🤣👍👍
Hamster Holder
Hamster Holder Hace 12 días
This dude something else I fw him heavy
Noah Garber
Noah Garber Hace 12 días
Does anyone have a full translation of the Spanish dialogue from this interview? I'm curious what that reporter asked him and what his response was?
ShawnBlaque Hace 12 días
LOOOOL what an interview, get fucked Ben
aidan ewart
aidan ewart Hace 14 días
they asked him the same question about 7 times jesus
igotlobsterhands Hace 15 días
These media people are either asking the same questions or asking questions he's already answered
Joe Gatto
Joe Gatto Hace 15 días
Mgm buffet to the face
JovimVentura Hace 16 días
Reminds me of Joakim Noah's press conferences/vibe. Love or hate him - he's a unapologetically 100% real.
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Hace 17 días
I love this guy little MAZZY coming up in the game
chicago4130 Hace 17 días
"His face is a magnet for crouches"😂
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Hace 17 días
He is definitely in my book he is a goober diber....💯👊💪
Anthony Hogeback
Anthony Hogeback Hace 17 días
Who’s here after ben retired. Jorge actually ended Ben.
RWoooshBaiter Hace un día
If I had one win where I pretty much lost then I talked mad shit and got laid out in 5 seconds I’d probably quit too.
RAMPAGE_KILLA Hace 11 días
Who could blame ben for being done, mf got knocked out in a scary way lol
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez Hace 18 días
Dudes talk shiet on the internet but in person they pussys and get beat up
Cuban Power
Cuban Power Hace 18 días
Hitting either the Cuban power 🇨🇺!!proud of you baby 305 4 life
Ramon omaR
Ramon omaR Hace 19 días
These interviewers are retarded. They always ask a question that he just answered in his previous answer.
Angel hernandezhernandez
Angel hernandezhernandez Hace 19 días
I fucken like this guy!!! Awesome...masdival fuck that reporter, you a gansta!
brandon hudson
brandon hudson Hace 20 días
“I thought he was gunna get up 😼”
Christian arce
Christian arce Hace 20 días
MGM Buffet to the face meing!
XXX Hace 20 días
Super Necessary.....
SantiagoWEAPON0X0 Hace 20 días
Love this dude!!!!
Zvezdan Aleksic
Zvezdan Aleksic Hace 21 un día
His talk is just Real 100%...The Notorious one's r just fake like all the Baywatch t..s-When Jorge talks it's just language from thr streets,Conor's talks shit from a dude 20yards behind which wrote him all down to the paper...Jorge is pure violence...Would like to see him against Instagram Colby...😂😂😂
Mike Vega
Mike Vega Hace 22 días
Masvidal is my new hero. He's hilarious
mouse2588 Hace 22 días
@10:52 real talk!
El Doucheo
El Doucheo Hace 23 días
This crotch ain't for dudes! Omg! 🤣🤣🤣
Antonio LaMontagne
Antonio LaMontagne Hace 23 días
" He wants to hug my knees and put his face in my crotch." 😂😂😂💀💀💀
《 Wicked 》
《 Wicked 》 Hace 24 días
This dude is Beastt
Short Clips
Short Clips Hace 24 días
“So to those people I would say, maybe don’t watch MMA and go back to soccer.” 😂😂😂😂😂
brickcityluv Hace 25 días
"Hi, it's me violence calling"- Masvidal
Derek B
Derek B Hace 26 días
How can someone not like this guy. He’s hilarious.
quierovermitubo Hace 26 días
Can’t get over this interview, this dude is highly intelligent, not to mention he’s an incredible fighter
Josiah Marin
Josiah Marin Hace 21 un día
quierovermitubo and funny af
WICKED ASTRO Hace 27 días
He wants to hug my leg and put his face in my crotch 💀
Moto Moto
Moto Moto Hace 27 días
Lmfao.......wow. Finally a real MF
McChillson Hace 28 días
The birth of #SuperNecessary
Grant Hosking
Grant Hosking Hace 28 días
Hail the new ice-man 😎
08rubenja Hace 28 días
He got the head buster with the no longer with us clavicle. Dam straight savage
Dallas Edwards
Dallas Edwards Hace 28 días
Not beef just some idiot I don't like lol
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia Hace 29 días
When masvidal spoke Spanish and made a joke or said something funny 98%of the people didn't laugh, this show us that being bilingual or knowing more languages has an advantage, LET THIS SINK IN!
Ntw Engineer
Ntw Engineer Hace un mes
I love the way he talks the speed the slang He is the real shittt
bruce lee
bruce lee Hace un mes
you guys must be jealous cause i get to punch my co workers in the face hahaha savage
JOE JITTSU Hace un mes
Illusive Hace un mes
Usmans a different animal
Pony boy Curtis
Pony boy Curtis Hace un mes
Journalist: “Some people say the punches weren’t necessary? Masvidal “They were super necessary”😂
𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 Hace un mes
This dude is funny as shit and my new fav fighter 😂😂😂😂
Mark Wisch
Mark Wisch Hace un mes
Says it isn't personal yet he says if he sees him on the streets he's gonna slap him up. Makes sense.
airfuzz4 Hace un mes
Been telling cats about Jorge for a few years now. Folks finally seeing who this dude is. Let's gooooo!!! Masvidal is street but we'll spoken and highly intelligent.
Peter Kliewer
Peter Kliewer Hace un mes
Masvidal too real, fakes just can’t handle him
Gabriel Melnik
Gabriel Melnik Hace un mes
"if this was beef i'd be in front of his house waiting for him" we believe you Jorge, we believe you.
Gabriel Melnik
Gabriel Melnik Hace un mes
Nunca habia escuchado a Masvidal hablar en español, no me imaginaba que tuviese un acento cubano tan marcado jajaja
andre khoury
andre khoury Hace un mes
This crotch ain’t for dudes Lmao I love this guy
bob thompkins
bob thompkins Hace un mes
Advice to Ben: Stay the FAWK away from Whole Foods!
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
EaST CoAsT MaCHete Hace un mes
Watching this after that flying knee KO makes it more satisfying 😂
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