Tyson Fury defeats Deontay Wilder for WBC Heavyweight Championship | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

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Hace 22 horas

In a surprise to most people, Tyson Fury dominated the fight vs Deontay Wilder, knocking him down twice in the first few rounds. In the 7th round, Wilder was bombarded with a flurry of punches, causing his corner to throw in the towel. Fury is now the new, undefeated WBC World Heavyweight Champion.
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Tyson Fury defeats Deontay Wilder for WBC Heavyweight Championship | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

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PBC ON FOX Hace 22 horas
Do you think Wilder should opt in for Wilder-Fury III?
pyro bandit 310
pyro bandit 310 Hace 5 horas
@Brandon Adam so you were a judge in the first fight? Cuz i thought it was a clean draw with fury being dropped twice in the first fight. Second fight wilder was clearly hit to his hurting point fury wins so make the 3rd fight and we shall see if it holds up.
Captain Nemo
Captain Nemo Hace 5 horas
FULL FIGHT: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-k0pvpiyc4Wc.html
Semper Fortis
Semper Fortis Hace 5 horas
Wilder can always take his costume to Rupaul's drag show... There he can drop it like it's hot as many times without it being as shameful.
pyro bandit 310
pyro bandit 310 Hace 5 horas
Yes definetly a part 3.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Hace 4 horas
Lol, beat by some out of shape white guy.
Serena Machado
Serena Machado Hace 4 horas
Kenny Bayless did everything he could to save wilder. Smh
Trymeson 321
Trymeson 321 Hace 4 horas
Tony Young
Tony Young Hace 4 horas
2:24 😂
Robin Cometa
Robin Cometa Hace 4 horas
CHIGGA Hace 5 horas
Mike is fr the giant from clash of clans
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez Hace 5 horas
You sucks as editor!!!!
The Cult Of Personality
The Cult Of Personality Hace 5 horas
Eat Your Cereal
Rafiki Hace 5 horas
Eat Your Cereal
Josh Hace 5 horas
Am I the only one who saw blood coming out of Wilder's ear, 2:01 ? Replay like 10 seconds before that and you'll see Wilder rubbing his ear like he had blood or something in it. That punch Tyson threw did look like it hit him flush in the ear when I saw it in slow mo, what do yall think
Rafiki Hace 5 horas
Eat Your Cereal
The Cult Of Personality
The Cult Of Personality Hace 5 horas
Eat Your Cereal
Mrclassic7 Hace 5 horas
Bronze Bomb didn't detonate this fight.
Deondre Clark
Deondre Clark Hace 5 horas
Busted ear drum = zero balance. Win is a win but there is a reason he looked so dominant.
James Madison
James Madison Hace 5 horas
Floyd still the best !!!!!
Timothy Simmons
Timothy Simmons Hace 5 horas
Wilder's career is over.
Luke Lieghley
Luke Lieghley Hace 5 horas
Erick Gomez-Mendez
Erick Gomez-Mendez Hace 5 horas
The pbc needs to take notes from dazn how to make a highlight videos . So many good parts missed out .
John Mackereth
John Mackereth Hace 5 horas
These are the worst “Highlights” I’ve ever seen.
Eat Your Cereal
Eat Your Cereal Hace 5 horas
Eat Your Cereal
Bryan Briggs
Bryan Briggs Hace 5 horas
He didn't seem like himself in this fight.
Jonathan Medina Berio
Jonathan Medina Berio Hace 5 horas
Was undefeated!
Viniethepooh_993 Kahar
Viniethepooh_993 Kahar Hace 5 horas
That looks fake asf what kinda knock down was that also wtf kinda highlights where these there where way more important moments in the fight
nick Hace 5 horas
Viniethepooh_993 Kahar *were
jaymie justice
jaymie justice Hace 5 horas
He pushed him down #1 and #2 he outweighs him by almost 45 pounds gthoh
Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung Hace 5 horas
"Everyone has a hit in their plan" -Tike Mythin
Tudorinc Hace 5 horas
Something wrong with that guys legs - he went down from a slap to the top of the head and a jab to the ribs
M Jones
M Jones Hace 5 horas
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Eric Pierson
Eric Pierson Hace 5 horas
That first knockdown knocked those skinny legs out from under him haha
Project Vivid
Project Vivid Hace 5 horas
wilder shoulda just been throwing haymakers because he cannot actually box. Good win for fury.
Jae Savo
Jae Savo Hace 5 horas
Go fw My New Single Uhuh - Jae savo Yeahh its smoke 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Juan Barrera
Juan Barrera Hace 5 horas
Wilder took a fall it's so obvious he looked like somebody put molly in his water boxing is WWE.
David R
David R Hace 5 horas
Sandeep Humagain
Sandeep Humagain Hace 5 horas
Playboy 005
Playboy 005 Hace 5 horas
Master put him in his place
You’re just a little gay.
You’re just a little gay. Hace 5 horas
follow me on insta @jack.__.69 and call me.
B Saline
B Saline Hace 5 horas
Why is this on trending
biggest D
biggest D Hace 5 horas
Gematria effect newseswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-ZYX_Eg2dvMM.html
Majesty D
Majesty D Hace 5 horas
fury is a beast that cannot be stopped
Exufi Hace 5 horas
“Don’t lie who was watching while reading comments 🌞 🌏” (im gifting my next 50 subs)🍔🐾😭
SAGA EJ1 Hace 5 horas
I got Wilder destroying Joshua next and Ruiz fighting Fury. . Wilder will be back and Fury gets mad respect. He's a great fighter. No shock that he won.
edgar mendoza
edgar mendoza Hace 5 horas
Beautiful fight terrible highlight
mEtAlMaNiAc787 Hace 5 horas
felt a bit bad for wilder taking such a beating after he got hit in the ear.
Assyriankid Tv
Assyriankid Tv Hace 5 horas
These are my Two favorite Heavyweights RN! Love to both.
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Hace 5 horas
Well done to both Fighters. You could tell after the third round those extra 40 lb make a huge difference. Beyonce can stay in the heavyweight but he has options now. I'll be honest the light heavyweight division is not ready. But if you stays in the heavyweight division, he has earned his spot.
Tay Keith
Tay Keith Hace 5 horas
Is it just me or did Wilder look and act really weird in there.
NO_ONE ENO_ON Hace 5 horas
does he actually train for fights? dude got no hands..fury almost killed him
Carlos Quiroz
Carlos Quiroz Hace 5 horas
These heavyweight fights are boring. Fighters are way too slow and no real boxing abilities.
bests Hace 5 horas
Wilder falling like it fazed him. Idk, not a wilder fan but just saying
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Hace 5 horas
And the next match, it's all fair. The boxing heavyweight division is back just like I said. The odds were fair and nobody could cheat the house. I told you there's a way to do it fairly.
bests Hace 5 horas
This looked fake ah
Greg A
Greg A Hace 5 horas
Lol wow, could they make it any more obvious. That was pathetic.
V Torres
V Torres Hace 5 horas
How are you going to create a highlight video but exclude the actual part of the fight where the referee stopped the fight?
Gonzalo Bernal
Gonzalo Bernal Hace 5 horas
Now he will wait for whoever comes out between Fury and Joshua for the rematch. But Wilder has to defend his position. I told you by the time we get to this point it goes however it goes.
Colby Chaos
Colby Chaos Hace 5 horas
I don’t understand why people don’t like Wilder, I mean the guy literally picked up boxing at 19 to help his sick daughter, and he became the greatest puncher ever. Don’t forget what he did to Fury just year ago, he will be back stronger.
Sharkonlands Hace 5 horas
Bruh who does the highlights man they’ve been terrible.
justin batchman
justin batchman Hace 5 horas
Rxonmymind Hace 5 horas
How I miss the REAL Tyson. He would have eaten this chicken little Tyson lunch.
J Simo
J Simo Hace 5 horas
can't wait to see how greasy fury gets with all the new jing
Chase Witherspoon
Chase Witherspoon Hace 5 horas
Tyson Fury The GOAT #teamtyson
Black superman
Black superman Hace 5 horas
wilder cant compair to tyson or lewis or hollyfied thats was the worst super fight i ever seen
jd5179 Hace 5 horas
Who dafuq made this "highlights"? Lol My 10 year old son can make better fight highlights vids than this
Swift_Feederzz2 Hace 5 horas
Jake Paul
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Hace 5 horas
Why just why
Semper Fortis
Semper Fortis Hace 5 horas
Jonathan Muldrow
Jonathan Muldrow Hace 5 horas
Highlights? Wtf did I buy the fight for?
Just Awesome ::
Just Awesome :: Hace 5 horas
Fury Exposed Wilder🤔
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Hace 5 horas
I know and it's crazy cuz people are still saying Wilder is better
J Rodriguez
J Rodriguez Hace 5 horas
Bumsquash! 😂😂🤣🤣
223 made key
223 made key Hace 5 horas
if the ref jus said tko the first match this wouldn’t happen
SoFly Win
SoFly Win Hace 5 horas
Not tryna be racist but I always wonder why dark skin people bother going through pain getting tattoos when its not even visible from afar
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Hace 5 horas
I love being handcuffed behind my back all day. Do you enjoy being handcuffed behind your back?
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Hace 5 horas
Lmao 😂😂😂😂
Will Inneed
Will Inneed Hace 5 horas
I be forgetting Fury got like 4 inches and 50 pounds on Wilder
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak Hace 5 horas
Boxing is king
Darren Fariadacunha
Darren Fariadacunha Hace 5 horas
Was set up
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