Ty Dolla $ign - Ego Death (feat. Kanye West, FKA twigs & Skrillex) [Official Visualizer]

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Ty Dolla $ign

Ty Dolla $ign

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Ty Dolla $ign - Ego Death (feat. Kanye West, FKA twigs, Skrillex & serpentwithfeet)
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Ty Dolla $ignTy Dollar SignTY$Ty Dolla

Ty Dolla $ign
Ty Dolla $ign Hace un mes
"EGO DEATH" OUT NOW! 🌹🌹🌹 dollasign.lnk.to/EgoDeath
Valen Pro
Valen Pro Hace 4 horas
@angelo kid a mi tambien
ZORRYT KRAVMAGY :3 Hace 7 días
Viva Dolla $ign 👌❤️
Valerie Howell- McNulty
Valerie Howell- McNulty Hace 9 días
@St. VII AMEN. 💗💗👏👏
Hentai Hace 11 días
lau x
lau x Hace 11 días
I can’t stop listening to this song. Amazing collaboration. I suggest you do this again
Luana Vaz
Luana Vaz Hace 40 minutos
tai dollynho
itx.Valeria _
itx.Valeria _ Hace un hora
How do you call this genre?
Leverties Hace 5 horas
if casey frey listens to this, we are all doomed
ೃmichelle Hace 6 horas
Angel Langarica
Angel Langarica Hace 17 horas
Who else thinks it should have a been a Ty solo 😘
Nibert Mike
Nibert Mike Hace 18 horas
The most egocentric man in the world having a verse on ego's death seems weird lol
ivan rojas
ivan rojas Hace 21 un hora
Ive seen friends of mine sharing this song in social media only this fka's part. She deserves her own remix of this song.
Cha Lee
Cha Lee Hace un día
same vibe as DVBBS - GOMF feat. BRIDGE
Zxcharii Hace un día
This man Skrillex is still making heat
Karin Zee
Karin Zee Hace un día
Damn, FKA sounds like perfection 🤍
KRS Beats
KRS Beats Hace un día
He shouldn't release this song at this time
Dot Star
Dot Star Hace un día
This Lit ASF🔥
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Hace un día
Канал РАКА
Канал РАКА Hace un día
Bite za dusto!
Tom suret
Tom suret Hace un día
Est ce que tu as joué dans elite ?
Carola Stober
Carola Stober Hace un día
Last part at the end (from min 3:00) in infinity repeat :-D
Rizzu Khan
Rizzu Khan Hace un día
Who comes from Tiktok😁🤪
Naiko Hace 2 días
the end of this song is super good
J- Ready
J- Ready Hace 2 días
This feel like 2060 so futuristic 🖖🏾👽
Jennifer Ortiz
Jennifer Ortiz Hace 2 días
Why is fka twigs part so short??? Honestly the only part I love from this song!
Genie Rosario
Genie Rosario Hace 2 días
This songs chill
Josiah Bear
Josiah Bear Hace 2 días
The last 10 seconds are the best imo that girl kills it😭 wish it was longer.
The_H1Z1_Godfather Hace 3 días
Top ! Bomba ! greetengs from Montenegro🇲🇪
Master Peace
Master Peace Hace 3 días
YAYO MUSIC Hace 3 días
Ty is killin it for real
Larrell Lewis
Larrell Lewis Hace 3 días
The FKA Twigs part was too short but the song is still good
shane Strong
shane Strong Hace 3 días
FKA twigs part at the end is fucking incredible could be a song on its own 🔥
SGB_Galaxy Hace 3 días
Should replace Kanye with tyga 🤷🏽💯
PB Hace 3 días
What a banger. One of the best TD$ songs. Fire beat and flow. Skrillex on fire
Elisabeth Maillard
Elisabeth Maillard Hace 3 días
1:46 what is this song pleeease help me
FaZe Swirl
FaZe Swirl Hace 3 días
Twigs part sounds like something that would be used on the waltzer
scarlett dunn
scarlett dunn Hace 3 días
People are getting fame on youtube by using the site *AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M* according to TMZ many models also used this site.
Dipen Ganguly
Dipen Ganguly Hace 4 días
The ending gave me say so vibes , fuck yeah
Harry Reece
Harry Reece Hace 4 días
Sorry but this is just boring
Robitussin Ethanol
Robitussin Ethanol Hace 4 días
The end is the only good bit of song. Needs a new release with just the girl at the end
Yeseul Ghim
Yeseul Ghim Hace 4 días
I thought Kanye became a real christian... I don’t know why he wrote those leftistish lyrics...?!
miriam chavez
miriam chavez Hace 4 días
I just understood the verse pay tention yall
Rob Coughlan
Rob Coughlan Hace 4 días
FKA twigs buzzing after checking the comments hahaha
CRE4TIVEediting Hace 4 días
The FKA twigs only version: FKA twigs x Skrillex - Ego Death (Yoseppi's Club Edit) enjoy
Jovani Ortiz
Jovani Ortiz Hace 4 días
Who remembers Skrillex's big year
Andre Wakefield
Andre Wakefield Hace 5 días
Delete Kanye's part and make FKA Twig's part longer
Shaan Blank
Shaan Blank Hace 5 días
Twigs needs longer fuck sake
catalyst X
catalyst X Hace 5 días
Yoo Skril when you gonna drop more music like your old stuff I miss it man it's been to long
Ari Gold
Ari Gold Hace 5 días
The end part 🔥🔥
seductivefury Hace 5 días
Oh My Fukin Goodness..I can't stop playing this💋🌹
DiamondPlayz220 Hace 5 días
You used to know how to love me right You used to know how to love me right Ooh, yeah You've got some things on your mind I would hate to see you cry Ego death is where you find happiness That's the only place you find happiness Off too many drugs, it's so bad for us One too many drinks and you had enough Murdered my ego when you walked away It hurt my ego when you walked away Gave you my all, that wouldn't make you stay Murdered my ego when you walked away You wear this look on your face So much animosity Ego death is where you find happiness That's the only place you find happiness Way too many drugs, it's so bad for us One too many drinks and you had enough Murdered my ego when you walked away It hurt my ego when you walked away Gave me your all, that wouldn't make me stay Murdered my ego when you walked away Hold on, this train going by Free to do what you want to do You've got to live your life Lotta people be thinkin', but I'm just a sayer Artists can't perform the Super Bowl, but it's okay for the players? All these half-way movements, need a whole lot improvement Everybody wanna talk, everybody wanna type Ain't nobody finna do sh- And everybody throwin' dirt, all that talk won't work All that talk don't work, now, who you think you talkin' to nerd? But w-w-w-w-w-wait, it get worse Wait, it-wait, it-wait, it been bad Showin' up to the Grammy's mad Tryna win some' we already have Tryna become some' we already are Don't make me go Rastafar' If you do, no try, no dyin', we livid, I'm livin', I get more specific All these admirations, likes, and false validations Feeding to our ego, talk for somethin', negro One in four get locked up, your girlfriend get knocked up Plan B was they Plan A to lower the count of our families To lower the count on our damn votes Let the man quote (your joy isn't tied to me) Who dropped drones on 'em? Ye, don't take that tone on 'em (your joy isn't tied to me, yeah) Don't go Watch The Throne on 'em Just hit a billi', he goin' on 'em (your joy isn't tied to me) (Your joy isn't tied to me) I let my ego down and then I rise back up I let my ego down and then the beast come back I'm armed, to let a sucker step up and get bombed By a beat created by my producer I am losin' my mind 'cause your heart's so blind When you left me outside, I be losin' my mind I am losin' my mind 'cause your heart's so blind When you left me outside, I be losin' my mind It's gonna cost you to be great You will have to sacrifice something to be great Edit: now can i have likes :>
Dalia Huerta
Dalia Huerta Hace 5 días
I came for FKA twigs part only.
Golden Darkness
Golden Darkness Hace 5 días
Sin Ty Dolla $ign & Kanye este temazo nunca hubiera existido. Así que dejen de tirar mierda y disfruten de estos 3:51 minutos de puro Arte. Para mi es una de las mejores del 2020, buen trabajo mis felicitaciones a los cheffs: Ty Dolla $ign, Kanye West, FKA twigs & Skrillex
GodSpeed14 Hace 5 días
Ty Dolla flowed the best on this and Skrillex murdered the beat
Cody Goold
Cody Goold Hace 5 días
Yea my ego death was not exactly pleasant, been almost a month and I still feel and think weird
Your Favorite Fat Weeb
Your Favorite Fat Weeb Hace 5 días
This song is perfect ty dollar sign’s singing was awesome as always Kanye’s verse was great and Skrillex production made the song twice as better and FKA twigs part was great
Angelo Bengochea
Angelo Bengochea Hace 5 días
Was I the only one nervous as f 3:08 mins into the song and no FKA Twigs?
Rct3warrior200 Hace 5 días
Where the skrillex fans at!! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Custodia H
Custodia H Hace 6 días
1:45 song?
Ma7h3uz4sp Hace 6 días
was wondering why this is so good. like, trying to figure out why it's so hard to find songs like this one, then i saw "skrillex" and i was "oohh now i see why this is so fire"
Cristian Negoita
Cristian Negoita Hace 6 días
This is lit
ZAP Coaching
ZAP Coaching Hace 6 días
Plan b was their plan A, tryna lower the count of our famlay, tryna lower the count of our damn votes... 🤯
Nikko Jones
Nikko Jones Hace 6 días
I just lost so much respect for fka twigs and skrillex for working with Kanye the only good part of the song was the end so why even work with human garbage like Kanye if it’s not only for clout? Sell out bullshit her song with future is trash too she really needs to chill with these horrible unnecessary features just for attention
ivanasedits Hace 6 días
Can someone cut Kanye out and make FKA Twigs' part twice as long? 😍
chocolatewheelchair Hace 6 días
Kanye 2020!!!!!
Mali Ou
Mali Ou Hace 6 días
Came for the snippet of 10 sec fka twigs.
VENUSTV Hace 6 días
sick Music
Kodeloop Hace 6 días
Love it
Shaneo Mac
Shaneo Mac Hace 6 días
1.27-1.43 hits different
Haley ik this is your favorite song please don't go baby I love you with all you're heart
Kim Nguyen
Kim Nguyen Hace 6 días
I like Ty Dolla $ign's Part!
James Sheehy
James Sheehy Hace 6 días
You know you're waiting for the song of the summer, this coming on the radio snapped me out of lockdown and back into work love it!
Tomas Pazzelli
Tomas Pazzelli Hace 6 días
Para qué tener un tremendo productor como skrillex, si van a hacer un beat medio pelo ?
Jumpsuit J
Jumpsuit J Hace 7 días
2:53 Can someone please tell me if the voice clip there is serpentwithfeet???
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