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Mariana Kayla
Mariana Kayla Hace 18 minutos
Mas que tipo de macumba é essa?!?!?!
Carmen Pérez
Carmen Pérez Hace 2 horas
Es YeonJun o YonJun?
Madalena Silva
Madalena Silva Hace 2 horas
흔한아미 Hace 3 horas
아 txt 입덕 각이다
ĐẠT NGUYỄN Hace 3 horas
They is a good dancer. So I love BTS and BTS's younger brothers
jessica elia fernandez zanabria
jessica elia fernandez zanabria Hace 3 horas
Nunca van a ser igual q bts 😂😂
fateh nazaruddin
fateh nazaruddin Hace 3 horas
Wow nice chemistry teamwork dance them create...mind blowing!!!!
Darker sita
Darker sita Hace 4 horas
dandara ellen
dandara ellen Hace 5 horas
Estamos - os esperando!!!
dandara ellen
dandara ellen Hace 5 horas
Quando vocês vão fazer show no Brasil? Espero que seja logo ❤
laetee Hace 6 horas
straight up one of the coolest dances ive ever seen. u can tell how hard theyve worked wow👏👏
Vitoria Cristina
Vitoria Cristina Hace 7 horas
Mano tem que ser tao lindos assim ai eu infarto com txt e bts ...KKk
Bilal Hussein
Bilal Hussein Hace 7 horas
i wish bts and txt in one band
Thamara Santana
Thamara Santana Hace 7 horas
Aaah...Que..... S2 Que lindos, estou diferenciando por letra inicial!! Y B Kai Tae S
Karol Lizbeth Aguayo Pérez
Karol Lizbeth Aguayo Pérez Hace 7 horas
How beautiful they all are, they dance very well amazing😊❣️💖
Skippy THPP
Skippy THPP Hace 7 horas
And they're like supposed to sing while doin all that?
Guadalupe Torres
Guadalupe Torres Hace 7 horas
el de blanco es soobin?
KIM LOVE Hace 8 horas
3:29 ese pasito me hace recordar al AYUWOKI
ปลา toทอด
ปลา toทอด Hace 9 horas
ปอ เปะ
sanjaya magar
sanjaya magar Hace 9 horas
They just want to get Rookie of the year. let's do it.Let's make their wish come true.
Gianne Beast
Gianne Beast Hace 10 horas
I think I saw something at 0:50 and 2:13 🌰🌰
woro Murti utami
woro Murti utami Hace 10 horas
So much dominos moves..
보경 Hace 10 horas
개인적으로 노래대박 좋은디,, 춤도 매력있고, 근데 너무 과한 것 같기도;;
Yrmsrc Hwang
Yrmsrc Hwang Hace 10 horas
I bet NCT can also kill the choreography😉😍
Liv Woodthunder
Liv Woodthunder Hace 11 horas
Wenn mich jemand fragt: ,,Welche K-pop Gruppe hörst du denn am liebsten?'' Dann antworte ich: ,,Natürlich BTS und TXT!
Kim Pierce
Kim Pierce Hace 11 horas
to those that are new or wanting to know who is who gray long sleeve: Choi Yeonjun white shirt: Choi Soobin half red half dark blue hoodie: Choi Beomgyu black hoodie: Kang Taehyun yellow hoodie: Huening Kai
Hanif aufi Ulul azmi
Hanif aufi Ulul azmi Hace 11 horas
Dance very hard
E u n 1330 W o n C h i n
E u n 1330 W o n C h i n Hace 12 horas
Son unos bebes ❤❤❤ soy mayor para ellos :'v
Jimin’s Waifu
Jimin’s Waifu Hace 12 horas
My sister is older than hueningkai 😂😂😂
Kotchakorn plagwong
Kotchakorn plagwong Hace 12 horas
นับถือในความบิ๊กฮิตนะ เทรนเด็กแต่ละคนคือดีมากๆ ทักษะก่รเต้นกระฉับกระเฉง ความมั่นใจ เห้ยสุดยอดอะ แล้วคือท่าแต่ละท่าโครตแปลกใหม่ มีการปรับเปลี่ยนให้ดูเพลินมากๆ
이상봉 Hace 12 horas
원래 보이그룹 노래 안듣는데 새송이 커버곡 듣다가 노래가 좋은거같아서 춤도봤는데 춤도 엄청나네 애들도 인기가 쭉쭉 올라갈듯
Kristen Angelika Catapang
Kristen Angelika Catapang Hace 12 horas
Hueningkai kinda looks like a character from a webtoon... super handsome ❤ he looks like Park Ilpyo from God of Highschool
뽀빵 Hace 12 horas
Hoàng Thiên
Hoàng Thiên Hace 12 horas
It's Amanda
It's Amanda Hace 12 horas
when taehyun turns to the side I mistook him as jk. aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!
bếu Thỏ
bếu Thỏ Hace 13 horas
I'm army but i don't like txt
잡다한지식? Hace 13 horas
.....?? 뭐지...? 이상하게 하나같이 군무가 딱딱 일치성 잘 맞냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 중간 깨알 독창적인 안무도 몇 개도 보이는데? 방탄 처럼 크게 될 상 인데? 꾸준히 조용히 앨범만 내고 활동만 잘하면 사건사고 없이 청정한 그런 그룹 되길 바랍니다 !!
Edward Greenall
Edward Greenall Hace 13 horas
is it bad that I'm still mixing up soobin and yeonjun? edit: literally, the only thing I can find to distinguish them is voice and whether soobin is rapping or not...
Michi Hace 13 horas
洛子 Hace 14 horas
white pants 😂
sugar plum!
sugar plum! Hace 14 horas
collection of tummys! 0:50 beomgyu's 1:10 huening kai's
pride girl
pride girl Hace 14 horas
تعقيم بصري💜
Öykü Yaraşır
Öykü Yaraşır Hace 15 horas
Алина Тян
Алина Тян Hace 16 horas
Namjoon Kim
Namjoon Kim Hace 16 horas
20 minutes just for the intro ●︿●
Namjoon Kim
Namjoon Kim Hace 16 horas
I want Lee Hyun, BTS and TXT in one frame
다콩 Hace 16 horas
선배니 후배나 춤 빡쎈건 같네..; 힘내세요!̆̈!̆̈!
Jolene Chiam
Jolene Chiam Hace 17 horas
Hey let’s all wear black pants and not tell beomg yu
Soeun Park
Soeun Park Hace 17 horas
노래가 막 그렇게 좋은진 모르겠는데 안무는 진짜 잘짰다. 또 신인이라 그런지 딱딱 맞아서 되게 깔끔함 춤선 어색한 애 하나도 없네
weslley barberena
weslley barberena Hace 18 horas
Amo tanto a yeonjun:')
ᄒᄒ희 Hace 18 horas
진~짜 열심히 한 게 티난다 👍🏻 꽃길만 걸어요
Oh My Mia X3
Oh My Mia X3 Hace 19 horas
Okay but who’s the one in the yellow/orange hoodie 👀
Kim Pierce
Kim Pierce Hace 10 horas
that is the youngest member, Huening Kai
Zen UwU
Zen UwU Hace 19 horas
I just realized that their dance is as hard as BTS but I still can dance BTS and TXT easily
Han Hace 17 horas
It's all about how you perform it. Given enough time, most people with a decent experience in dancing would be able to learn any dance. But what set aparts between a good and bad dancer is how you perform the choreo.
Elmams Ruata
Elmams Ruata Hace 19 horas
Julienne Nicolas
Julienne Nicolas Hace 19 horas
Marco Marc
Marco Marc Hace 20 horas
Is it just me, or does the background hurts my eyes 😎
holy_water_ supplier
holy_water_ supplier Hace 20 horas
2:13 ummmm yeonjun's hair
Vicko Erazo
Vicko Erazo Hace 20 horas
Tienen muy buena energia!! Bien chicos!!
Kim Pierce
Kim Pierce Hace 20 horas
TXT member age range (International age) Yeonjun - 19, will be 20 this fall. (September) Soobin - 18, will be 19 at the end of this year. (December) Beomgyu - 18, just turned 18 this month!! 🎉 🎉 🎉 Taehyun - 17, just turned 17 in February!! 🎉 🎉 🎉 Huening Kai - 16, will be 17 this summer (August)
blackpink oficial
blackpink oficial Hace 20 horas
Thats good i like it
Yanyao Zhao
Yanyao Zhao Hace 20 horas
They have massive energy
Mary Angeli Jimin
Mary Angeli Jimin Hace 21 un hora
They now tuck in and hold their shirts when they do a extreme step *I guess bighit has learned from BTS*
megan yumang
megan yumang Hace 21 un hora
Adriana Paredes
Adriana Paredes Hace 21 un hora
Cuanta energía los envidio desearía bailar hací 😊
Tae Natasha
Tae Natasha Hace 21 un hora
They are so fking ENERGETIC!
Mr.Shady -
Mr.Shady - Hace 21 un hora
Never knew one of them was half German and Korean? Also I’m talking about the youngest one
Jayella Solvera
Jayella Solvera Hace 21 un hora
I can't decide who my bias is. oh well, i have seven biases on bangtan, why not have five here?
SnowNia Heart
SnowNia Heart Hace 21 un hora
Not about shipping but just about collaboration Make ITZY and TXT collab
팬걸 0526
팬걸 0526 Hace 21 un hora
Gosh they really give their best! more than a hundred percent. I like it and love them so much!
정국전 Hace 21 un hora
Soobin : *Lifts his shirt* Me: **Immidiately pauses the video and look at a beautiful view--** Shirt the II : SUCKS ON you**biSH**
TXT Fanboy
TXT Fanboy Hace 22 horas
subscribe to my channel and kindly watch my vid,thanks
useipie 24
useipie 24 Hace 22 horas
White shirt: soobin Yellow sweatshirt: kai Gray long sleeved shirt: yeonjun Half red half blue: beomgyu Black shirt: taehyun Hope this helped!
parkilysm Hace 23 horas
The advertisement in this video is feminine wash😂
Kawaii- chan
Kawaii- chan Hace 23 horas
Quem é BR da like !
mart who
mart who Hace 23 horas
ersarani putri
ersarani putri Hace un día
Ogm they're so cute af
はり하리 Hace un día
jeon Jung-hye
jeon Jung-hye Hace un día
Mmmm!Pakyo sagad Bighit!Kilala ko na sila!Hakhak!
america quiñonez
america quiñonez Hace un día
anyone can tell them apart? I literally already know all they're last names and i can tell them apart unlike my family who say's all of them look a one day i already knew them when they debuted with this song CROWN BY TXT i have this song stuck in my head and follow me on instagram @dianacastillo111
Kim Pierce
Kim Pierce Hace 22 horas
took me about a week to tell who is who. at a certain angle Taehyun and Beomgyu look like twin. those 2 got me confused for a bit
hannah Kirkpatrick
hannah Kirkpatrick Hace un día
I see they learned to wear loose shirts from BTS
Luciana Pereira Cantarutti
Luciana Pereira Cantarutti Hace un día
I just realized that I'm Hueningkai stan cuz I only see him ;P
Dylan Mora
Dylan Mora Hace un día
siento que cuando crezca y vea los dance practice de Bangtan y TXT voy a llorar
Isobel Hace un día
The formations are so cool 💕💕😍
AgustMoods Hace un día
I just noticed Kai and Soobin are matching pants. How adorable!! 😍😍💕💕
AgustMoods Hace un día
Every time I see Kais tummy I start fangirling because it's so cute. 😮😮😮💕💕
tainiyjoaco ibañez pereira
tainiyjoaco ibañez pereira Hace un día
Yañez Denis
Yañez Denis Hace un día
3:22 Kai is so hot
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook Hace un día
Dançam pra caralhooo
Lizbeth Martinez
Lizbeth Martinez Hace un día
Amo a TXT
asma Ali
asma Ali Hace un día
iKonic Hace un día
Taehyun is that smol one right?
Kim Pierce
Kim Pierce Hace un día
Taehyun is in the black hoodie
AyaNanase Hace un día
The choreography is so well thought, it's genius
Hazz Ev3
Hazz Ev3 Hace un día
Huening shirt looks like svt shirt
Mochim Hace un día
Why do they all have that same face they all look like legit twins
sara vink
sara vink Hace un día
who did dislike the video? WTF! the poeple who did that are not good in there mind
Лена Головач
Лена Головач Hace un día
Есть хоть один Русский?
jannie gatinha
jannie gatinha Hace un día
나는이 노래를 사랑
The Charm
The Charm Hace un día
Their dance moves are so energetic & clean
Kim Pierce
Kim Pierce Hace un día
to those that are new or wanting to know who is who gray long sleeve: Choi Yeonjun white shirt: Choi Soobin half red half dark blue hoodie: Choi Beomgyu black hoodie: Kang Taehyun yellow hoodie: Huening Kai
Lyn Brosas
Lyn Brosas Hace un día
Mind blown for their choreo 😍
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