TWISTED Cuban LECHON in Cuba!!! Pork Hammock!!

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Best Ever Food Review Show

Best Ever Food Review Show

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1. BATEY LOS LORENZOS (Family house)
ADDRESS: Vinales, Cuba
🐖CUBA LECHON ASADO: Clean and cut the pig, then place it on a hammock. In each pocket of the pig, add seasoning (garlic, onion, cumin, calamondin and lime). Add salt in each pocket as well as on the skin. Place pig over an open fire and cover it with banana leaves for 3 hours. After 3 hours, flip the pig on the hammock and cook for one more hour.
🍚CONGRI (Cuban Black Beans and Rice): In a big pot, add the dried black beans, water and bring it to a boil. In a separate bowl, mash garlic, cachucha pepper, cilantro and onion together. Add the spices/seasoning to the boiling water with the beans, then add white rice. Add pork fat and grease to the pot, mix and then allow to cook until water is absorbed.
🇨🇺MALANGA (Fried Taro Chips): Peel the taro. Slice into circular shaped chips and fry in pork grease. Top with salt.
🍌PLANTAIN (Fried Plantain Chips): In a pan, add pork grease and bring to a boil. Slice the plantain and fry.
🇨🇺YUCCA (Boiled Yucca/Cassava): Peel the yucca potatoes. Chop into large pieces and boil in water (no seasoning). Wait 20 minutes or so until cooked.
☕CAFÉ CUBANO (Cuban Coffee): Pick the beans from the tree. Lay the beans out on a large tarp and allow them to sit in the sun and dry. Mash the beans in a wooden bowl to remove the shells. Roast and grind the beans. Pour the ground beans into hot water and bring it to a boil. Pour the coffee into the filter.
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Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show Hace un mes
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Edelmari Santiago Torres
Edelmari Santiago Torres Hace 7 días
Best Ever Food Review Show come to Puerto Rico and taste our lechón and pasteles ❤️ you will liked ... for a weird food gandinga or patitas de cerdo ( I don’t eat them but they taste good though)
AKIVE Hace 10 días
.Best Ever Food Review Show Best Ever Food Review Show Best Ever Food Review Show ........ Y O U should be condemned for this despicable video. It proves to me that for some strange reason you feel attracted to the extreme way of life these perverts in Asia enjoy and other countries enjoy!!!! That you feel the urge of making/showing these sickening videos, tells me something about your own hidden, filthy dark side, which turns your own little “Best Ever Food Review shows” into first class abominations due to your ecstatic love for animal abuse!!! Nothing more and nothing less!!!!
ilovejimin sikeilovenoone
ilovejimin sikeilovenoone Hace 16 días
Can you please go to dominican republic i really love your channel i cant wait to travel as much as u do ❤
kyuranger Rider
kyuranger Rider Hace 21 un día
His voice is dancing with women
Icelet Rivera
Icelet Rivera Hace un mes
Go to Puerto Rico
Leon Ross
Leon Ross Hace un día
Lol, meeeehhhh
Nehal Khandekar
Nehal Khandekar Hace un día
Most entertaining food reviewer I have ever seen on ESwomen... Couldn't hold myself from subscribing😊
The teletabs vloggsz Season1
The teletabs vloggsz Season1 Hace un día
Actually lechon came from philippines its our traditional foood and its very delicious even you search it on internet i promise lechon came from philippines and we filipinos are proud that other countries are adapting our traditional foods🇵🇭🇵🇭😊😊❤️😍😁the best lechon is on cebu!
Adam 541eh
Adam 541eh Hace 2 días
Uoro is awesome 👏
Marquel Perkins
Marquel Perkins Hace 2 días
Bro i love your show
Splash Hace 2 días
Im surprised they let you in cuba
Jen Jenanluv
Jen Jenanluv Hace 2 días
How are those two cattle not fighting? 😅
Sohrav Kharkongor
Sohrav Kharkongor Hace 3 días
Rudraneel Roy
Rudraneel Roy Hace 4 días
Oro is the bomb. We need Oro every episode with Sonny.
Lin Jeremy
Lin Jeremy Hace 4 días
Think Outside The Box
Think Outside The Box Hace 5 días
I'm Tony a Political Prisoner From Cuba.
Map Nguyễn
Map Nguyễn Hace 5 días
2:42 : Wow , Vietnam coffee with filter like VN !!! (y)
Your Conscience
Your Conscience Hace 5 días
13:18 - oh.. oh I want exactly that.. a beautiful laid-back woman on my side but the rural lifestyle.. this imagery really brought up some feels for me
rishav kumar
rishav kumar Hace 5 días
The food is fine, i wanna smoke the rolled tobacco leaf without the chemicals and all..
Vince San Juan
Vince San Juan Hace 6 días
Muaath Ahmed
Muaath Ahmed Hace 7 días
11:57 😂😂😂😂😂
tucker bailey
tucker bailey Hace 7 días
OMG, their reactions after smoking the cigar, lol, that just lets you know they don't smoke, especially Oro, sweet baby
Dankwizard 123
Dankwizard 123 Hace 7 días
I may not have a horse but I have a donkey
Ann Marie Taylor Mendez
Ann Marie Taylor Mendez Hace 7 días
Love your show sonny
Idy TV
Idy TV Hace 7 días
Francis John Bulaong
Francis John Bulaong Hace 7 días
That's burneddddddddd!
Share What I Can
Share What I Can Hace 8 días
So pity of the animal that people killed, we should avoid meat, I feel so sad when I see the people eat animal meat, they also want to live like humans, but people love to eat them almost. Hmmmm
FlacoEnrique Hace 8 días
I love Cuba. Visited the country many times since i was 4 years old. They are by far the most welcoming and kind people you will EVER meet !
Maria Calabria
Maria Calabria Hace 8 días
Oro is good looking
Sanjay Singnar
Sanjay Singnar Hace 8 días
Wow, what a great place 😘😘😘😘😘
Marlena Morrow
Marlena Morrow Hace 9 días
I adore the way y'all play off each other! What a wonderful friendship!
WhenFallGuyTalks Hace 9 días
I want to know which country did you get stuck in due to the covid 19 pandemic?
LovelyLiaMeurin 13
LovelyLiaMeurin 13 Hace 9 días
Why does oro padron have the same last name as me?
pRaveen ChaRy Poloju
pRaveen ChaRy Poloju Hace 10 días
Hi I'm from India How a tasty lunch with fork
Ilana Freidman
Ilana Freidman Hace 14 días
I just gonna say it. Oro is hot. Bye
Mina Alisasis
Mina Alisasis Hace 14 días
Dried leaves tobacco, pasta, cigars, leaves in the long years , cause lungs disease , or tv,
Mina Alisasis
Mina Alisasis Hace 14 días
In phil, tobacco for older, smoke tobacco, when sliced into small pieces and drien under the sun,, its called pasta, strong flavor and create bad smell of mouth breath, yellowish teeth. For the older smoke,
Mina Alisasis
Mina Alisasis Hace 14 días
Cuba and phil, lecheon, and mostly man wore hat play guitar, singing dancing , its also look alike mexico, friendly, , bug planted of tobacco,
stonedboss Hace 15 días
The main difference in the tobacco grown in Cuba is the soil. You shouldn't be coughing since you shouldn't be inhaling. Also cigars taste best when aged for a few months.
Everyone But China
Everyone But China Hace 15 días
at 06:19, look at that reddish soil, rich in Fe, no wonder the taste for Cuban cigar in this area are so great
Andres Dejesus
Andres Dejesus Hace 15 días
Go to Guavate in Puerto Rico they have the best Lechon asado 👍🏻
Geko Hassan
Geko Hassan Hace 15 días
Jonathan Wick
Jonathan Wick Hace 18 días
That house is very very Blessed with family Love!
the prophet
the prophet Hace 18 días
Okay who else was waiting on a weed The Killa ganja!!??🤔😎
Thuy Dinh
Thuy Dinh Hace 18 días
yummy, this is the best BBQ
Leigh Jenkins
Leigh Jenkins Hace 19 días
The sound production on this video is next level.
Sylvia Ramos
Sylvia Ramos Hace 21 un día
I looooove following u, what a beautiful friendship, may God keep u and your team safe healthy happy today tomorrow and always, u have to go to European countries specially Portugal, my hometown, I live in Canada now, keep up the great work, u r very handsome as well lol, xoxo
Emotions MARK
Emotions MARK Hace 21 un día
Oro is your best partner we would like you to have him in your team his humor is nice
Asita Mani
Asita Mani Hace 24 días
I love all your video ever think about going to South Pacific like Tonga and samoa
Daniela Aguilar
Daniela Aguilar Hace 24 días
Tindi Jordan
Tindi Jordan Hace 24 días
You are the best at this bro 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Victa Nguyen
Victa Nguyen Hace 25 días
M2O Hace 25 días
havana oh nanana
Mr alpha malngmei
Mr alpha malngmei Hace 25 días
I like ur sidekick.
Arly Kohar
Arly Kohar Hace 26 días
11:56 he droped it xD
Leonard Pearlman
Leonard Pearlman Hace 26 días
I'm from Miami, and have been eating Cuban food and especially drinking that coffee, and hearing something about Cuba pretty much every day for my whole life! So, in around sixty years of this, I'm now seeing something about ordinary life in Cuba for the first time!!!!!! This says something about America I think, don't YOU think? It's not just the cigars, it's ANYTHING from Cuba, especially any IDEAS. Media blackout I'm saying. It seems pleasant and ordinary. Aside from being cooked an eaten outside, that meal seems very familiar. People in Miami (say) cook that at home sometimes (a whole pig!) and of course it's always available in restaurants of all kinds. Cuban food is great! I'd like to know a LOT more about that coffee, but I guess that's a different show.
nelson trinidad
nelson trinidad Hace 27 días
I love u man
Kenyjuls Hace 28 días
It's amazing how similar their foods are to the Philippines. We also eat boiled cassava (kamoteng-kahoy).
Frank Alviar
Frank Alviar Hace 29 días
How can a land be so familiar yet so strange. Lived in the Philippines, now living in Canada. If the plane took a detour to Cuba, I wouldn't have noticed until I saw the Cubans. Looks like the countryside of Iloilo.
Da Tifugh
Da Tifugh Hace un mes
Weird as fuck
baby husky crazy fun challenges
baby husky crazy fun challenges Hace un mes
You should go to puerto rico like if u agree
রূপসী বাংলা
রূপসী বাংলা Hace un mes
love form Bangladesh
varvi varvi
varvi varvi Hace un mes
The original lechon is in the spain and Philippines
Veniulem Hace un mes
those where some really intense fucking transitions just to cut to them drinking coffee
Alanthecat Hace un mes
wow gg
Errica Tafalla
Errica Tafalla Hace un mes
I like oro! 💜
Gyan Karlo Mangona
Gyan Karlo Mangona Hace un mes
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
It so sad to see the Cuban people hospitality and to know that it’s the US policy that has made their life so miserable! This people are kind and humble and doesn’t deserve all the pain and suffering they have endure because they choose to live different then us! The US government has listened to a minority of rich Cubans in exile who’s greed and selfishness didn’t wanna to share the wealth with the majority of Cuban society!.... where have I heard this uhmm oh ok the Republicans and the white supremacist say the same thing they’re selfish and racist!
jon castro
jon castro Hace un mes
please stop co hosting its fucking up the show.
Mahabubul Alam
Mahabubul Alam Hace un mes
Pls be careful you could get the corona virus
Nothing Raider
Nothing Raider Hace un mes
Phillipines 🇵🇭 and Cuba 🇨🇺 can share food cultures.. 😎
jerry palacio
jerry palacio Hace un mes
love ur editing on this one
TmF Videos
TmF Videos Hace un mes
Come to Jamaica
Natalie Adonis
Natalie Adonis Hace un mes
Oro is so handsome! 😁
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