Trying Tik Tok Life Hacks to see if they work

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Trying Tik Tok Life Hacks to see if they work! Today we're trying more diy life hacks to see them in action! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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Y E A H G E T I N T O I T Hace 53 minutos
5:25 6ix9ine intensifies
Flamingo •
Flamingo • Hace 3 horas
Here is what lia did wrong she was supposed to boil the noodles and then fry them
kayko vlogs
kayko vlogs Hace 5 horas
Plz don't say diabetes when there is lots of sugar in something that's not how it works plz no hate plz
Pavan Mv
Pavan Mv Hace 6 horas
If she had a bigger wall the tennis thing would work
Metin A
Metin A Hace 6 horas
The first one you need more oil so it coats it completely
Quwyaifmetix Hace 6 horas
Support me feet
Undral Erdenetsetseg
Undral Erdenetsetseg Hace 9 horas
Even if there's water some because you've needed it's kind of like you're just putting a lot more water into
Basta Himz
Basta Himz Hace 10 horas
u have to cook them first in water then sun dry after it dried thats the time u can fry them.
mr. mustache
mr. mustache Hace 12 horas
Ssssniperwolf i like your vidios so much there are funy n you make mi day evry tame
betallama in roblox
betallama in roblox Hace 14 horas
i did the cake hack with Oreo and it is so good but next time i have to take the icing out of the cookie then add a little less milk
Ryan Cabansag
Ryan Cabansag Hace 15 horas
**SSSniperwolf make a cake** Me:imma make one **after** IT TASED BOMB REEEEEEEEEEEEE
Josefa Reyes Chacón
Josefa Reyes Chacón Hace 18 horas
does it pass the blizard test
LowYummy Hace 19 horas
There’s nothing more satisfying when you’re eating macaroni or something and that steam emerges.
tati colon
tati colon Hace 19 horas
For the twists they did not puff up probrobly because there wasn't enough oil
O Circu
O Circu Hace 19 horas
0:30 Rrrrrotini
Khloe Thai
Khloe Thai Hace 20 horas
SniperWolf I have a hack but be careful put two spoons of floor chocolate chips milk i think and some other stuff I forgot and it puffs up But remember when I said be careful raw flour can or has I forgot e-coil and it can make you sick so bake the flour idk but ;-;
Rory Pilie
Rory Pilie Hace 23 horas
Sniper wolf : the brown part taste like cardboard Me: how do u know what that tase like
Crystal Beckinsale
Crystal Beckinsale Hace un día
I love tik tok 👌👌👌.
Lewis Tharp
Lewis Tharp Hace un día
Nothing but a disappointment my dad tells me the same thing every day
Fortnite Ninja
Fortnite Ninja Hace un día
The cookies and milk cake is actually nice
VandJgaming Hace un día
They don’t use pasta for the cinnamon things they use Durlos they look like pasta but they aren’t
Crispin Uribe
Crispin Uribe Hace un día
That gushers ball look goob
Crispin Uribe
Crispin Uribe Hace un día
No i miss spelled good
JaFab Minecraft
JaFab Minecraft Hace un día
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Hace un día
Well am getting in truple cuz am watching sniper for like when I stared getting on youtube
Kipras Vlogs
Kipras Vlogs Hace un día
You would made them cin. Twists but u used like one drop of oil
Cuddle Bear
Cuddle Bear Hace un día
I wanna make a cookie cake and a fruit rollup ball😐
Maddielove25 Hace un día
So I was out grocery shopping with my mom and we found some chips ahoy. I don’t know how u spell it. But they were s’mores cookies. A cookie with chocolate on the inside and mini marshmallows and chocolate chip on the outside. And on the package it a a tip. It said. TIP!!! Heat up in microwave for 15sec for a bla bla bla. And me and I mom did a little mucbang on it. We both had one microwaved. And one not. It. Was. So. Good. We legit ate the whole package in one day. So. 5 star def
kaykay unkown
kaykay unkown Hace un día
Dang she not ur friend if she give you a fingertip of fruit rollup
Tired Frogg
Tired Frogg Hace un día
Other youtubers: oh ew! It’s to sweet! Lia: *its so good!*
Gavin Edwards
Gavin Edwards Hace un día
i like how she calls us friend not FANS
Niamh Carolan
Niamh Carolan Hace un día
Bestcookiess3 :3
Bestcookiess3 :3 Hace un día
2:20 Without baking powder or anything similar to it, the cake wouldn’t rise..
Marius Predoi
Marius Predoi Hace 2 días
Your just flexing your bommmmmmmmmmmm not very good
Rae Hace 2 días
The cookie "hack" I did it when I was a kid and by accident, one day I putted less milk than usual and I heated up too much in the microwave so it ended up being that mushy paste
Roblox Videos
Roblox Videos Hace 2 días
misszoya23 Hace 2 días
Leah: So I saw this at three in the morning Me looking at the time:👁👄👁 My alarm clock: it’s 3:00 a.m. 😈
Yappa Thegamer
Yappa Thegamer Hace 2 días
She did the first life hack wrong u have to add the flour stuff u bake with to fluff it
crazzy llamas
crazzy llamas Hace 2 días
you do be an adult child tho
Crystal Beckinsale
Crystal Beckinsale Hace 2 días
Alpha Wolfie
Alpha Wolfie Hace 3 días
SSSniperWolf I think it would work better in legging on a blanket or yoga mat because wearing a skirt I tried and it seemed harder to do, when I tried leggings it was better and it was a little easier just thought I’d let you know so if you wanted to try it again it would work better!
Nightmare Girl
Nightmare Girl Hace 3 días
I can play with you my own brother doesn’t play with me
laura cataaw
laura cataaw Hace 3 días
take string put the ball on the racket with the string then it might work
Heri Heribertus
Heri Heribertus Hace 3 días
e hahahaha
Heri Heribertus
Heri Heribertus Hace 3 días
Heri Heribertus
Heri Heribertus Hace 3 días
Heri Heribertus
Heri Heribertus Hace 3 días
Kierce Bunner
Kierce Bunner Hace 3 días
Don't worry ill play leap frog I got big hops
Rica Goyon
Rica Goyon Hace 3 días
I saw your panty
Anja M.
Anja M. Hace 3 días
Come on... I really didn’t take you for being that dumb! What makes pasta big? WATER! Because the pasta sucks the water... logic!!!🤦🏼‍♀️🤷‍♀️
rrt Rodriguez
rrt Rodriguez Hace 3 días
AshieX Firefly
AshieX Firefly Hace 3 días
When you made the gushers this is me literally Lia: my gushers taco Me: hello diabetes
Taaovad oreo
Taaovad oreo Hace 3 días
I no joke started DROOLING when she made the gummy ball 🤤
Payton Trepanier
Payton Trepanier Hace 3 días
How do u know what cortbord taste like
Annabelle Dulong
Annabelle Dulong Hace 4 días
She didnt use enough oil...
Sonali Sarkar
Sonali Sarkar Hace 4 días
No one Literally no one Sssniperwolf : NO MOTHER IM PASTA
Gigi Ortiz
Gigi Ortiz Hace 4 días
Wiggle one bone at a time then push them out one at a time
Hunter Henderson
Hunter Henderson Hace 4 días
Cookie gacha Bruh
Cookie gacha Bruh Hace 4 días
Flower_roseYT x
Flower_roseYT x Hace 4 días
You should try to make cloud bread. I saw that on TikTok so tipe in cloud bread or on ESwomen there’s probably a tutorial :)
Electro Gal
Electro Gal Hace 4 días
Robert Tullock
Robert Tullock Hace 4 días
2:45 "have you hade your Weetabix" (only special people will understand)
Khadige Ayad
Khadige Ayad Hace 4 días
Ya Lia pleaseeee make "that's illegal" merch it would be sooooo cool!
Jayden Cadena
Jayden Cadena Hace 4 días
Who else think that the lil mini pizzas from trader hella good 🤔😂
Jayden Cadena
Jayden Cadena Hace 4 días
I meant Trader Joe’s :(
Mimo Mwangi
Mimo Mwangi Hace 4 días
Diabetes ball😂😂
Galaxy_wolf Girl
Galaxy_wolf Girl Hace 4 días
Ok I need to say a couple things: Who else thinks lia should make a THATS ILEGLE merch with cop lights in the background, (like) And who thinks lia should make a hack Chanel with her OWN hacks(comment) ⬇️. ⬇️
Thalia Simms
Thalia Simms Hace 2 días
Lol nobody commented or like so I did
•Adventures Unlimited•
•Adventures Unlimited• Hace 4 días
She said “its cloud texture” she acts like she touched one before🤣😂
Sharmonique Cover
Sharmonique Cover Hace 4 días
I like the effect after she she said rotini pasta (I don't know the types of pasta so correct me if I spelt it or pronounced it wrong. I'm just going with what I heard)
Val Grant
Val Grant Hace 4 días
sapelaw games
sapelaw games Hace 5 días
Lia, how you separate the yolk from the egg white is where you have to grab an empty plastic bottle and take the cap off, then you squeeze it and put it on the yolk then un squeeze it and there you go! you have separated the egg yolk from the white! ;)
Devilish _fox
Devilish _fox Hace 5 días
Cooking with sssniperwolf
hacker tv
hacker tv Hace 5 días
The egg of empires free world like or comment if you agree
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