Trying Makartt Green Polygel Nail Kit

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In this video I'm trying out the Makartt Green Polygel Nail Kit.
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Makartt Green Polygel Kit:
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Makartt website: (15% Coupon code: longhairprettynails)
Other Products Used:
Cuticle Pusher and Drill bits:
Nail Drill: (coupon code: LONGHAIRPRETTYNAILS10)
Melodysusie Nail Drill: (Cheaper Alternative)
Medium Grit Drill Bit:
Nail Tips:
Crystal Dappen Dish:
Gold foil flakes:
Kiara Sky Glitter: (coupon code: LONGHAIRPRETTYNAILS10)
Music by Ryan Little - Take It Easy -
Music by Ryan Little - fall so high. -

How to Remove Polygel, Acrylic, and Dip Powder Nails:
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Iridescent Crystals:
Nailfie Glass Diamond:
Where I get my brushes?
Alpha Brush:
Red Iguana Silicon Practice Hand:
10% off coupon code: lhpn
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Main Camera (Sony FDR-AX700):
Second Camera (Sony FDR-AX53):
SanDisk 128 GB 4K SD card:
Nail Art:
Nail Art Supplies:
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LongHairPrettyNails Hace un mes
Check out our new House Tour video:
Beatuiful SweetLifeofmines
Beatuiful SweetLifeofmines Hace 18 horas
I learned how to do poly gel watching you. I like watching your videos
Carla Campbell
Carla Campbell Hace 8 días
I love your channel. You have inspired me to start learning how to do nails. Keep the videos coming. Black owned💜
sdsdCarol dfMaxwell
sdsdCarol dfMaxwell Hace 29 días
Honey._. Playz
Honey._. Playz Hace 29 días
She’s at 1.11M
PandaGamer '-'
PandaGamer '-' Hace 29 días
justtt did
Cheyanne Buckhannon
Cheyanne Buckhannon Hace 10 horas
I feel like you should really add press ons that you have made to your web page, available in different lengths and some should be inspired by your videos. That would be so awesome🤩
Imelie Burke
Imelie Burke Hace 16 horas
I love your channel sooo much ❤️
Hannah Hace un día
Wendyyyyyy , I love you more with every video I watch!!!!
Christina Williams
Christina Williams Hace un día
I just wanted to congratulate you on your new adventure as a home owner and to say Thank you for doing these tutorials. I have watch you for a while and I finally bought the poly gel Modelones and I love it of course i made mistakes but with practice today . I am 😊. Thank you
개사나야래 Hace 3 días
So pretty😍🤩
Daddy's Angel
Daddy's Angel Hace 3 días
Green? Girl that's that vanilla tootsie roll color 😂 don't let them fool you
theumbrellaofdoom Hace 3 días
wow these are my FAV nails
Zariyah English
Zariyah English Hace 3 días
I love that your always trying new kit and you helped me a lot when you did the Amazon kit because I have and you showed me how to use it right
Kaya Rutstein
Kaya Rutstein Hace 4 días
PLEASE use a glass nail file instead of clipping your nails! Clipping your nails damages them and can even break them, which isn't good. Glass nail files work really fast without as much damage
daisy sandoval
daisy sandoval Hace 4 días
Those are sooooo cute
The - ABC - Celestial Surgery Centre
The - ABC - Celestial Surgery Centre Hace 4 días
You cuties are so great together, I'm seriously so happy for you guys 🎊🎉💝
artistNmaking Hace 5 días
This is so gorgeous
Christine Mathiesen
Christine Mathiesen Hace 5 días
Every set you do is amazing. Very beautiful
Art & uni lover
Art & uni lover Hace 6 días
Ok I am gonna get the same kit but pink and do what she did when I get older hopefully 😢😅
Heather Macfadgen
Heather Macfadgen Hace 7 días
Those came out beautiful 💖
Teags Hace 7 días
am i the only one who things the tubes and the files and stuff look yellow and not green
gabriella schweska
gabriella schweska Hace 7 días
Please link the drill bits
Indi Viivs98
Indi Viivs98 Hace 7 días
These are so stunning! Simple but make a statement 😍😍😍
messier 31
messier 31 Hace 7 días
I love singing the intro lol ❤️
Naturally Nicole
Naturally Nicole Hace 9 días
I’ve been watching you for awhile now and have been wondering who you sound like! I finally figured it sound just like the glamtwinz here on YT, it crazy 😱
deathlive death people
deathlive death people Hace 9 días
I just realized that on the brush on glue there stands Klebstoff so glue in german
Jazmin The Scorpio
Jazmin The Scorpio Hace 10 días
That house is goalssss 😍😍😍
Rudha Abdullah
Rudha Abdullah Hace 10 días
I love u but when u do the nail prep I have a. Phobia so love u 😘
Elexus Hill
Elexus Hill Hace 10 días
how abt I just bought this kit bc it was green and then amazon sent it all beat up & I got it for free? 😁I love this set. its beautiful
equine della
equine della Hace 12 días
Omg i love them so much !!
Cara Howell
Cara Howell Hace 12 días
What was the clear polly again? Can you list that please.
ava evelyn
ava evelyn Hace 14 días
oops srry another question, what’s the difference between clear nails and the white ones? because i know you mentioned you like the clear ones better.
ava evelyn
ava evelyn Hace 14 días
hiii! i just started watching ur channel. i have a question, why do some people use nail polish on their acyrlic nails and others use powder to paint their nails?
charlene WL0318
charlene WL0318 Hace 14 días
I’m so proud of you girl! Over a million! You deserve it all sis!
Diane Thompson
Diane Thompson Hace 14 días
Absolutely beautiful, congratulations on your new house . I enjoy your videos as always.
Queenleo87 R.
Queenleo87 R. Hace 15 días
3rd my kit today
Marvelously Made Up
Marvelously Made Up Hace 15 días
What brand of dual forms would you recommend for a straighter nail? I'm like you, id like the curved look. I ordered the modelones forms & was pretty disappointed 😒
Queenleo87 R.
Queenleo87 R. Hace 16 días
I’m so excited!!! This is my second time watching this video I ordered this same kit to do my nails for my bday this Thursday I should have it tomorrow so Tttttttthhhhhhhaaaaaannnnnnkkkkkssss in advance Oan congrats on your home
Solo_ Alpha
Solo_ Alpha Hace 17 días
The down likes are all the people that are jealous about how you do your nails. Screw them
KatelynEby Hace 17 días
I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS, such a soothing voice!!! I have been watching for the last 2 hours 😂😂🙋🏼‍♀️🙈 #cantstopwontstop
Mrs. Omeezy!
Mrs. Omeezy! Hace 17 días
So do you do other people’s nails because I’m On my way! 😭❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Craft it Up with SKA
Craft it Up with SKA Hace 17 días
Everyone on the comments is like Nobody: Literally no one: Me: tHiS iS tHe InTrO tO lOnG hAiR pReTtY nAiLs ShOw yEaHh
nyazid Hace 18 días
When she dug into her cuticle, I was so satisfied
Hewlin Major
Hewlin Major Hace 18 días
You right girl I just got my nails done for my birthday
Mieanne Li
Mieanne Li Hace 19 días
Can't even paint my nails with regular polish but I still love watching your videos 😊
Shailah BUTTERFLY Hace 19 días
She is so talented
Mary Jade Stringham
Mary Jade Stringham Hace 19 días
Girl you have too much talent. As a beginner I feel like I have to practice for a year to even watch your videos. :)
T Quail
T Quail Hace 19 días
You did an amazing job! I love how well the greens blended together. You are so talented!
Rebecca Boyarhi
Rebecca Boyarhi Hace 20 días
Congratulations on your new place. I enjoy watching your videos. It's very soothing your process. 👌🔥
Izzy Boo
Izzy Boo Hace 20 días
Miss your live nail videos with hubby💅🏽 Congrats on the new house! Much love from Buffalo NY💖💖
Chonté Nailz
Chonté Nailz Hace 20 días
When you top coat those nails 🤤 🤤 🤤
[insert name]
[insert name] Hace 20 días
this beautiful woman rlly makes my day, and her little laughs are so adorable
Nina Jones
Nina Jones Hace 20 días
Is the foundation of your house slanted, or is it just an optical illusion because of the hill lol
Adriyanna Jahnae
Adriyanna Jahnae Hace 20 días
Top clear coat is soooo satisfying 😍😍😍
Gabrielle Dimming
Gabrielle Dimming Hace 20 días
Love the design!!!
Aritri Chaki
Aritri Chaki Hace 20 días
Does she live in or near Texas? Because you can get houses that big only in Texas lmao
Breezy Hace 20 días
There so pretty
Ruby Chickens
Ruby Chickens Hace 21 un día
I don’t know why but I love her voice soooo much there’s just something about it and I love all the nail art soooo much too she’s such an inspo
April Oooo
April Oooo Hace 21 un día
Beautiful, you are so creative!
Antonio Pedro
Antonio Pedro Hace 21 un día
Hear me out... MIXING ALL MY POLY-GELS! Like if you agree!
Vanessa P. Jachero
Vanessa P. Jachero Hace 21 un día
Sehar Zaib
Sehar Zaib Hace 21 un día
They look BEAUTIFUL.
Kayleigh Marie Lynch
Kayleigh Marie Lynch Hace 21 un día
Hi you make it look so easy 😫😫😫
Melissa Stanko
Melissa Stanko Hace 21 un día
Fae Rumans
Fae Rumans Hace 22 días
I HAVE to do this, but rose quartz
Shaina Ramos
Shaina Ramos Hace 22 días
GIRL your new home is FABULOUSSSS
Vanessa Pickova
Vanessa Pickova Hace 22 días
I that avelibal vor 12 jeahr old kids ?
Connie Curtis
Connie Curtis Hace 23 días
I don’t know anything about nails, but her videos are so esthetically pleasing and her voice is so soothing that I love watching them to relax/fall asleep to 🥰
Scft _thxghtz
Scft _thxghtz Hace 23 días
Your House is So Beautiful!😩💖💖💖
Kenna rose
Kenna rose Hace 23 días
U need to do my nails😭❤️ i needs good nails n unique ones ily❤️
Laura Feldsteen
Laura Feldsteen Hace 23 días
Who else finds her voice soothing? I still want to try polygel, but I'm hesitant. She makes it seem so easy.
Tyler-ann H
Tyler-ann H Hace 23 días
i really wish that makartt would ship to europe 😔
Adrielle Ramos
Adrielle Ramos Hace 23 días
Top ,coisa linda amo seu trabalho meu sonho é fazer essas unhas😍
Sydney Small
Sydney Small Hace 23 días
You were the one who inspired me to start doing my own nails with polygel! I love polygel it’s one of the best inventions in the nail community :) your house looks gorgeous and the same is said with your set!
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