Trump Is Waiting For Saudi Arabia To Tell Him Who To Attack

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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America's top unintelligence official tweeted that he is awaiting direction from the Saudis before deciding on how and when to retaliate against the perpetrators of this weekend's drone strikes. #LSSC #Monologue #Colbert
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muadhib001 Hace un día
No sentences from trump make sense anymore
Dumb TV
Dumb TV Hace 6 días
Even liberals and progressives want endless wars :(
Amos Naftali
Amos Naftali Hace 11 días
This isnt funny Stephen Colbert seems to think that Iran a terror state sponsoring country ally of Russia, China, North Korea should be messing with our allies in the Middle East, his show should be canceled.
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds Hace 16 días
saudi arabia first.
How much do you need Mr. P
G. P.
G. P. Hace 23 días
Trump is waiting for Saudi Arabia to tell him **whom** to attack.🤓
Missy Mckay
Missy Mckay Hace 24 días
Keep with the truth !
Six Figure
Six Figure Hace 24 días
I mean this host is the stupidest person by what he’s saying
Raymond Okou
Raymond Okou Hace 25 días
Thanks Heaven for Trump 😄
Martin Smith
Martin Smith Hace 25 días
Why can't Saudi Arabia defend itself with the billions of dollars of weapons the U.S. sold to them ???
JURGEN MARTIN Moller Hace 26 días
The Saudi Crown Prince MBS,, Mohamed Bone Saw- should take one of his bone saws and cut away Trumps bone spurs. So the Donald finally can join the military, and a remarkable alliance of USA, Saudi Arabia and Israel can attack Iran. Of course in the name of justice and democracy, wherein all three countries are experts.
common sense
common sense Hace 26 días
if trump said ,we gonna laugh , we will laugh everyday we will be tired of laughing , he is keeping his promise,
MAFIA Hace 26 días
Crazy how the bombed oil company had recently made plans to go public too.
Kim Seal
Kim Seal Hace 26 días
I can’t read any quote by Donald Trump without internally hearing it in Stephen Colbert’s Trump impersonation.
Stannous Flouride
Stannous Flouride Hace 26 días
I think that it will eventually come out that someone connected with this administration bought a bunch of oil futures contracts within the last 60 days. Looking at this chart*0/historical-prices?page=all I just discovered that prices were generally steady with a slight fluctuation for the first 9 months of 2019 (with a very small decline in Aug & Sept) but have surged over the last week.
lilyme3 Hace 26 días
"in the history of any history." Oh COME ON Stephen! That was your TIME to make a LOTR joke!!! xDDD
djwaglmuffin Hace 27 días
History of any history....he is from a parallel universe.
Nicoletta Ciccone
Nicoletta Ciccone Hace 27 días
People should know the arabs wahabbies are the masters of lies and manipulation and this stupid OrangeLard is following those terrorists.....shame on stupid Trump besides the arabas are not allies they want to kill, conquer and slave like in the old days, history speak volumes!!!!
Keallei Hace 27 días
Okay. This is the 3rd time I’ve tried to watch this. I keep falling asleep in depression.
COMPASSION2611 Hace 27 días
Please explain to me how anyone can vote for a man who can snatch children away from their parents especially infants and small children and treat them like animals as if their lives don't matter... All lives matter... everyone is somebody special. Even a half baked President. What is the reward for treating people with cruelty? What if it was you on the receiving end being abused and mistreated?
amiho gatai
amiho gatai Hace 27 días
hey, if a man on a dialysis can coordinate an attack o the most expensive and most sophisticated security system in the world. the houthi rebels can do the same to people who paid trump a bunch of money to prove how bad a failure of a business man he is.
Dark Angel
Dark Angel Hace 27 días
5:06 As soon as I heard this I was like - whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Piedone21 Hace 27 días
We are locked and loaded waiting for orders from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto Hace 27 días
Ameria set off car bombs in busy market places and blamed the citizens as our excuse for invading and murdering millions of people to enforce PEACE at gun point,
Piedone21 Hace 27 días
Remember the old days when dirty politics were done in secret? Trump is doing it in the open and gets away with it unbelievable
Cliff Hanley
Cliff Hanley Hace 27 días
From the standpoint of water.
Maria da Luz Moutinho
Maria da Luz Moutinho Hace 27 días
Lol está um espectáculo ...imita na perfeição Trump!! Ele é o maior da vida airada...Até parece que está na terra da Donaldandia e o petrodolar ....capa de revista ou até um filme onde um protagonista ganha um razzie!! Muito ele gosta de manobras de diversão e do gabar a cesta que parece querer ir a feira maior arsenal militar!!
jan rees
jan rees Hace 27 días
Top unintelligence official. 🤣💚
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai Hace 27 días
If you want to know why foreigners don't like the US...It's because we keep getting involved in their affairs.
Gary Holden
Gary Holden Hace 28 días
Trump to his bend over buddy, MBS - say it was Canada. I hate Canada, you hate Canadians. Buy a drone at bestbuy, stick a maple leaf on it and we'll fuckem over big time. Again.
johnmclane101 Hace 28 días
Wow! Stephens schtick is getting really boring. He constantly attacks trump yet should be thanking him for giving him supposed "material" that his liberal lapdogs suck up from his nut juice!
Stephanie De La Cruz
Stephanie De La Cruz Hace 28 días
Ouch! 😜🤪🥰🥰🤯🤣
Fran C.
Fran C. Hace 28 días
Trump should go on that show are u Smarter Than a 5th Grader?.. his response would be " I'm the smartest 5th the History of any History!" LOL Jk 🤗😂🤣
Shaun Wayne
Shaun Wayne Hace 28 días
PLENTY OF OIL in America Seems like it needs some democracy :D
Akash Jha
Akash Jha Hace 28 días
So nobody gonna talk about how good the trump mimicry is ?
Denis N
Denis N Hace 28 días
Trump be signing(Africa/Toto): It's gonna take Iran a lot to drag oil away from you There's nothing that a hundred missiles or more could ever do I share the reigns with Araaaaabia! Gonna wait for them to tell me to do the things that should be done
Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer
Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer Hace 28 días
Attack ~Iran #ww3
Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer
Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer Hace 28 días
@afutla qian In the Money from Munitions
afutla qian
afutla qian Hace 28 días
On the money Stephen.
Thomas Tamir
Thomas Tamir Hace 28 días
Stephen, is It true that you wait for Soros to tell you what to do?
Duder Hace 28 días
This is stupid, fck trump and all ... but why criticize his unwillingness to go to war? I thought Colbert was anti-war... Trevor Noah is anti-trump but still praises him on the rare occasions he does good things. Colbert is way too partisan.
Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo
Jhonny Un poco loco Bravo Hace 29 días
So lets move onto the Saudia Arabia Collusion since we have nothing on him and dont mind Democrat Politicians scandals right liberals?!
zengara11 Hace 27 días
well, Trump did sell a washington post journalist that got chopped up by a bone saw for telling the truth, and when asked if he would do something about it. He said "just take the money" I believe it was 5 times? At least repeatedly
Davinxi P
Davinxi P Hace 29 días
Joe Biden would have held America to its knees and let OPEC manipulate
Davinxi P
Davinxi P Hace 29 días
Guess Stephen was wrong and trump was right
waiotahi52 Hace 29 días
If only Iran had purchased an entire floor of Trump Tower like the Saudis did...Cheap protection money in the end. Or loaned Donald or one of his spawn some money...
Darrell P
Darrell P Hace 29 días
you realize that Trump makes all americans look stupid, right??
Jaime G
Jaime G Hace 29 días
the humans should never look for another planet to live for what to destroy it like the way they did earth humans will never learn with there wars .
Jaime G
Jaime G Hace 29 días
i guess what ever are past wars many young men died there mothere's lost there love ones that is sad
Darrell P
Darrell P Hace 29 días
Another American attack, just to start another war, Americans stay home. Just like 9\11, Bush killed so many of you and you don't even mind????????
Jaime G
Jaime G Hace 29 días
war alway's the same shit lies after lies
Cosmo Curieux
Cosmo Curieux Hace 29 días
45 is colluding with the Saudis who are the most dangerous enemy to the USA besides Putin's Russia
Rabea ally
Rabea ally Hace 29 días
in the video , where he was with Bahrain crown prince , he said Bahrain has a lot of money 740billion , sadly the people there are very poor , why they hide this money?!?
Lavylee Workrobbmanins
Lavylee Workrobbmanins Hace 29 días
We're all going to die soon, regardless. U gonna die, I'm gonna die, Trump is gonna die, we're all gonna die soon. None of this isn't going to matter at the end of the day.
George Tsitsiani
George Tsitsiani Hace 29 días
Trump threw Assange under the bus - I am done with his bandwagon.
George Tsitsiani
George Tsitsiani Hace 29 días
On the money Stephen.
Crystal Dunkin
Crystal Dunkin Hace 29 días
Our top unofficial intelligence official.
Crystal Dunkin
Crystal Dunkin Hace 29 días
@doliio volay ummm, did you even watch this video and listen to it?
Richard Monroe
Richard Monroe Hace 29 días
Do they pay the audience to laugh and applaud?
Knute Kritt
Knute Kritt Hace un mes
BBC reports the missiles and drones attacks did not come from within Yemen...The USA Whitehouse has not reported any definitive blame on Iran or Iraq as of 10:00am EST on Friday Sept 20th...My guess is that there is a multi country cooperative happening in gaining information needed to place this type of responsibility....the world must not allow Iran to gain any kind of material advantage...Iranian Government is evil and has already declared world wide Jihad, destruction to Isreal and all of Christianity....this needs to be a world effort, not just a Saudi effort to stop terrorism and Iran is protecting terrorists...Iran is known to promote and support terrorist activity in Yemen, like Houthi....Terrorist activity against other countries supported by Iran is how they are attacking other Countries.....these are coming for YOU and me....we can either bow to their religion and reject judeo/ christianity or be subjected and killed....I will not reject Jesus Christ for these women butchering bastardsofSatan
Moritz Dietz
Moritz Dietz Hace un mes
4:00 "Oh I love it! I love it when it squirts down the throat man" uuuuhhh I mean I am not judging but "ok"
Harley Toms
Harley Toms Hace un mes
Attack the Philippines. I'm a Filipino and screw this
Knute Kritt
Knute Kritt Hace un mes
Stephen could twist a screw
Sandra Payne
Sandra Payne Hace un mes
I can't BELIEVE what a DICK HEAD this old POS is.... SMDH
THE BEST Hace un mes
As a Saudi, Saudi Arabia does not want war and procrastinates in telling you who attacked us, because Iran is a crazy country. There is nothing to lose. America is pressing Saudi Arabia to wage war and we do not want. So fucK USA And long life Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
THE BEST Hace un mes
For Americans ppl, take care of your own affairs and remember that shooting in schools and public places is not good 😌
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Hace un mes
This sounds like the WMD excuse to invade Iraq
John Kimm
John Kimm Hace un mes
I am the original
I am the original Hace un mes
Can't wait until all Donnie man child's property is reclaimed by the government to pay his debts
Patrick Shelley
Patrick Shelley Hace un mes
The Hootie just hasn't been the same since the blowfish left.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Hace un mes
Support Iran 🇮🇷 People of yeman are diying bcz of Saudi sanctions and military attack
Ms Cloudherder
Ms Cloudherder Hace un mes
The next person Trump is going to attack is The “President” of Puerto Rico, not realizing that HE is the President of Puerto Rico. Then he will get Bahamas and Alabama confused. Geography is HAAAARD.
Beardo HickritiqueTM
Beardo HickritiqueTM Hace un mes
Amazing how many left-of-center and never-(fill in any candidate's name) flock around late night show and talk show uploads to post vitriol. Complain to the wall, but vote.
RubelliteFae Hace un mes
Yeah, and Da'esh shouldn't be able to do as much damage as they do. But, they have US weapons they got from SA, so...
Laleesh Pleetu
Laleesh Pleetu Hace un mes
And who does this 👆 clown get his orders from? Uh, let me guess.
Mark S
Mark S Hace un mes
Keep telling yourselves that
corrine rea
corrine rea Hace un mes
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