True Facts : The Sand Bubbler Crab

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(credits and links below)
Huge thanks to:
Fabiane Gallucci, Gustavo Fonseca , Alvaro Migotto
and Maikon Di Domenico, NP Bio Mar, CEBI Mar USP:
for access to the amazing online database
at and footage from Life Between the Grains
Sri Harsha - for inspiring me with a clip!
Matthew Davidson - for the amazing fight scene
Kita M Williams - for filming sand and polychaetes
Natural History Museum And Institute, Chiba, Japan
Jackson Hart Grady
for helping me with the research!
to submit footage:

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Raphael Loh
Raphael Loh Hace 4 horas
Honestly... without the narration, those micro organisms would freak me out!
StormerMusic Hace un día
"That's how the sand bubbler crab do"!
Lynx Hace un día
3:34 killed me omg
Mae Mendoza
Mae Mendoza Hace un día
WarVenom Hace 2 días
R.i.p my boy David
Beans just Beans
Beans just Beans Hace 5 días
zefrank1 3 steps to make a new word Step 1. Take a verb Step 2. Add Y Step 3. Duplicate
Luna lovedraw
Luna lovedraw Hace 5 días
Very glittery sand
Krish aliyaah
Krish aliyaah Hace 6 días
Why am I watching this while working out?
Timbertot Hace 6 días
Wait, so when I accidentally had a mouthful of sand, I swallowed all of that shit too?
Benjamin Price
Benjamin Price Hace 8 días
"let me ask ask a question do you like balls" I got a pair of them so yeah
Grimn_Jow GAME
Grimn_Jow GAME Hace 8 días
"And dreams of balls" dude this has me dead I love this guy XD
1toebe Hace 8 días
Always hilarious lol!
essential animations
essential animations Hace 9 días
These lil guys are everywhere at the beach near my grandma’s house except there blue
Scuz I’m blind type of guy 188
Scuz I’m blind type of guy 188 Hace 9 días
2:34 thick thighs save lives
Im 15
Im 15 Hace 10 días
1:30 that thing is vibing to ncs right there
That One Dutch Man
That One Dutch Man Hace 10 días
My boi Henry here finally got mentioned
源源乐 Hace 11 días
I really don’t want to accidentally eat or touch sand now....
Ceader3 Viper
Ceader3 Viper Hace 12 días
Why do I identify with this crab?
Miami10305 Hace 13 días
R.I.P David 🙏
Xean Calica
Xean Calica Hace 13 días
it feels like this guy should be rhyming
Gordon Emanuel
Gordon Emanuel Hace 14 días
This is my favourite
Tuyet Trinh gamer
Tuyet Trinh gamer Hace 14 días
The narrator is so funny and weird aswell
Paxus Hace 14 días
HahhahahahHAHHAHAHHAHAHA! Marvelous! 👍 'd #OldManPaxus Rating: ★★★★★
From The Flight Deck
From The Flight Deck Hace 16 días
David the idiot again
Rayan Paul
Rayan Paul Hace 16 días
Hey thats an Indian coin
Paleiko0630 Hace 16 días
I love this channel. It's cute and funny and science-y and a bit like David Attenboroughs funny side. ❤️
Unknown Guy
Unknown Guy Hace 17 días
Nagisa Yuki
Nagisa Yuki Hace 17 días
The sand bubbler's mouth kinda looks like a grasshopper mouth
DAM29 Hace 17 días
So long David
Glenn Highcove
Glenn Highcove Hace 18 días
I really like the background music used for all of these videos. It is very relaxing and I think is a nice foil for the humor.
Caeleph Hace 18 días
I thought this was a normal nature channel, then they hit me with "David on the other head is a total idiot." Man, I already love this
reubenkiller1 Dark murder
reubenkiller1 Dark murder Hace 18 días
told.u david
Carl, Wheezer of souls
Carl, Wheezer of souls Hace 18 días
they're like a little Wall-E if it had babies with a washing machine, and a crab snuck in there at some point.
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man Hace 18 días
dude this is the funniest shit
Jay Rilley
Jay Rilley Hace 18 días
I use to catch this tiny buggers but it very hard since they can just borrow themself in the send and wash by the wave in the beach.
xyz123456 Hace 19 días
wtf is going on in the sand :D first stage of SPORE
Mick Jackson
Mick Jackson Hace 19 días
Best commentary ever!
Rochelle Poon
Rochelle Poon Hace 19 días
I’m little I’m little I’m BIGGGG~😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Paper St. Soap Co.
Paper St. Soap Co. Hace 19 días
Who has to study, dissect, figure out, how and why, these lil dealy-bobbers gather food from sand?
Peter Chen
Peter Chen Hace 19 días
I have trypophobia. This video made me want to kill myself.
Exit Only
Exit Only Hace 19 días
I would have paid more attention in science class if they had videos like this back in the day.
Trench Maggot
Trench Maggot Hace 20 días
Oh how I love his voice/commentary/and facts. Best way to learn!
Melone Tankberry
Melone Tankberry Hace 20 días
sehr schön.
paul veitch
paul veitch Hace 20 días
Wait, so they don't breathe under water?
Flautist Acacia
Flautist Acacia Hace 20 días
"moves like Yoda in the second worst Star Wars movie" I had to check the date on this, I wonder if his ranking changed lmao
Sanjiku Mak
Sanjiku Mak Hace 20 días
Posaksakaskakskaskssks pow pow pow pow
Andy Yip
Andy Yip Hace 20 días
justin brown
justin brown Hace 20 días
Juneau Moore
Juneau Moore Hace 20 días
I just want a nature documentary narrated entirely by this guy all jokes included too
Li Hace 20 días
Can we have a whole episode on tardigrades please?
Krish Taehyung
Krish Taehyung Hace 20 días
This makes me terrified of sand eww
Errol Andrade
Errol Andrade Hace 20 días
Absolutely hilarious 😂😂.....but a font of knowledge . What are you on ? I want some please 😂😂😂😂😂
Jo Labz
Jo Labz Hace 20 días
You a sir are obsessed with balls. 😂
Shizuo Hace 21 un día
IDK how you got in my ESwomen recommendations but i'm glade. This is really funny man.
Faris Iqmal
Faris Iqmal Hace 21 un día
Oddly satisfying
Pixu Chan
Pixu Chan Hace 21 un día
These crabs are so pretty!!!
some bigfoot with internet access
some bigfoot with internet access Hace 21 un día
This is really entertaining and Interesting
Rel1369 Hace 21 un día
zefrank has way too much fun commentating these.
SkyTan Sora
SkyTan Sora Hace 22 días
So I stepped on crab spit pretty much
Ratep Hace 22 días
Haha he said balls.
Mara Lane
Mara Lane Hace 22 días
You are always a highlight of my day!
BIG SMOKE Hace 22 días
*crab1 teleports behind crab 2* Crab2: NANI? Crab1: *spawns a stand and throws him* yara yara
Zachariah Wright
Zachariah Wright Hace 23 días
More videos on crabs would be appreciated (\/)i._,i(\/)
SNOWFlak Hace 23 días
And dreams of balls
Desiree Caldwell
Desiree Caldwell Hace 24 días
Poor David :/
badwolf_26 Hace 24 días
welp, never kicking sand into a hole at the beach again.
Jorge Antonio Sanchez
Jorge Antonio Sanchez Hace 24 días
Oh so we’re going to the club? One second. [whips hair out in literally one second] *OK I’M READY*
ryley hessell
ryley hessell Hace 24 días
God damb it david
Tremond Thompson
Tremond Thompson Hace 24 días
Bruh these crabs are literally WALL-E
Abhinav Tripathi
Abhinav Tripathi Hace 25 días
2:12 that is an indian 5 rupee coin
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