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Trevor Noah does his best British accents covering royal news, updating us on Brexit's progression while impersonating some of Britain's most iconic figures.
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Mash DP to safety
Mash DP to safety Hace 2 días
All I gotta say is The brummie accent
Life like light line
Life like light line Hace 4 días
So what's this guy's main job? Mocking people to earn money! Shamed. You shouldnt mock the UK royals for money.
dennydaydreamer Hace 4 días
The street comes as part of the house...
Adam Khan
Adam Khan Hace 7 días
Spurs Gog
Spurs Gog Hace 13 días
There is no such thing as a British accent. The country has hundreds.
Robert Hendry
Robert Hendry Hace 15 días
Please Trevor, don't be like the who pronounce the word Brexit as " Bregzit!"
stickeefingas Hace 17 días
Bruh he's so unfunny
born strong
born strong Hace 19 días
0:30 jokes aside she is one of the strongest women leader we know 💖
Oliver Holden
Oliver Holden Hace 20 días
Why does American comedy sound like it was aimed at 8 year olds?
Ivan Bryan
Ivan Bryan Hace 20 días
What you're here for 4:18 😂
Torbilan Hace 26 días
I love the daily show so much. I am a programmer and not from the US, but the daily show is always playing on my other monitor.
Dorcas Chepkirui
Dorcas Chepkirui Hace un mes
Trevor can you speak Swahili???
robin jermiah
robin jermiah Hace un mes
Can u imitate slavoj zizek ?
Nagia Zia
Nagia Zia Hace un mes
boris brian
boris brian Hace un mes
How many saw the video of Teresa may dancing and partying with her friends 😂
AkulIX Hace un mes
Stop calling us Great Britain we aren’t great no more
Mc Grindah
Mc Grindah Hace 12 días
Speak for yourself. You depressed loser
WrightyPegz Hace un mes
AkulIX Nah we’re still pretty decent. Also, “Fairly Average Britain” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.
jellyjay Hace un mes
well SA accents are much closer to English accents than American ones. No wonder he is good at it. Same goes for Kiwis and Aussies.
Tamara Brink
Tamara Brink Hace un mes
im a brit and this is still hilarious
Crystal Jamal Esso
Crystal Jamal Esso Hace un mes
I Believe he is aware there are different accents in the UK,and that Prince Harry and his brother know how to get their hands dirty.Lets not be too serious gents.
georgetaylor100 Hace un mes
Hit and miss tbh. John Oliver sounded like Michael Caine. Also there is no one "Britsh accent" , just like there is no one American accent...
Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis Hace un mes
This guy is obsessed by trump once trump has left the Oval Office this gutter rat will have no more material. just because someone loves their country doesn’t make him a fascist.
lugguage1 Hace un mes
Downing Sreet is gated off and gaurded.
mininovaq Hace un mes
That road is blocked by fences that are guarded with armed police officers. No Chinese menu slipping :D
Dollicious Customs
Dollicious Customs Hace un mes
Bloody brilliant! hahah bet he can't do a yorkshire accent
magdalene adjei
magdalene adjei Hace un mes
Whenever he says "awww" I know some shade is about to drop!!
Crooked Warden
Crooked Warden Hace un mes
As a British guy...You honestly don't touch the queen unless you want to shadowed face on the rooftops to consider putting one through you.
Aliciá Greaves
Aliciá Greaves Hace un mes
If he's a comedian all he’d get from a British audience are fake laughs and claps. This guy ain't funny at all.
Bankole Bello
Bankole Bello Hace un mes
Trump was been nice touching d back of d queen... If he wasn't, he won't be touching her back 🤣😂😅🤣😅😂
Asad Love
Asad Love Hace un mes
The Queen is like grizzly Bear or something.😂😂😂
Tacticalshadow04 Tacticalshadow04
Tacticalshadow04 Tacticalshadow04 Hace un mes
Bit harsh
Mohsin Ali
Mohsin Ali Hace un mes
Yeah so funny racist and this n that......benchood
Bunny in the Box
Bunny in the Box Hace un mes
If you say so.
Gilda Dadgar
Gilda Dadgar Hace un mes
Harry was a soldier who fought and bled in Afghanistan. To assume he has never heard of sweat is ridiculously ignorant.
Linda West
Linda West Hace un mes
accent is all over the place, " Don't touch the Queen. They need to calm sown". Try touching the President. They would shoot you. !5 men surrounding a car and running alongside it like Dalmatians doesn't seem funny? and of course we don't like Trump. the man is an idiot...on either side of the Pond. Borderline criminal. Apart from a funny accent, I didn't find the jokes funny at all.Take away the funny voices and .....not really any quality jokes in there.
sudhangshu pal
sudhangshu pal Hace un mes
Only Tommy Robinson can save britain. Hard core christian Leader can save english people from becomeing sharia britain.
oldrrocr Hace un mes
Don the Con: 0:18 take a que from Teresa May and Resign. If not for us, for the sake that your VP will pardon you of all the crimes you committed as president*
James England
James England Hace un mes
James England
James England Hace un mes
He’s not funny at all.
KledzTv Hace un mes
Not all people speak like that in England like u got people from south London that people speak with slang plus many other places
MrKynny1 Hace un mes
Trevors British accents are great. I wonder if he could do either a Welsh, brummie, scouse or gordie accents instead of his southern ones.
Sires Orb
Sires Orb Hace un mes
Isn't that cultural appropriation?
Sledgemain Hace un mes
what an unfunny cringy biased individual
cat lover
cat lover Hace un día
Haha snowflake
Simon Fetwi
Simon Fetwi Hace un mes
The queen is a weeping angel lol dont turn your back
Olivia Tinsley
Olivia Tinsley Hace un mes
Simon Fetwi don’t blink dude.
Archibald Tuttle
Archibald Tuttle Hace un mes
Queen could have Dumpette thrown into the tower!
Terry Howard
Terry Howard Hace un mes
England overrated!
Terry Howard
Terry Howard Hace un mes
Love it!!!
Matthias Liszt
Matthias Liszt Hace un mes
not even being slightly funny in five minutes ...
Josephine Johnson
Josephine Johnson Hace un mes
Love, love Trevor! Noah❤️I’m not a fun of politics, but because of Trevor, I started watching it on my way to work & coming home from work:) One day, ( 2months ago) I just happen to click on one of his stage comedy about the Russian accent, & since then I’ve watch all his shows, & found out he is also the guy that hosted the daily show, w/c I didn’t know. I never watch any shows whatsoever. But now I’m hooked. “Laughter is a great medicine”! Thanks Trevor😘 keep up the great work! And take care🙏🏻
Sweet Science!
Sweet Science! Hace un mes
There’s more than one British accent.
Bob Scott
Bob Scott Hace un mes
He’s really funny but quite ill-informed, Downing street is gated at both ends, Prince Harry served in the army, and he only really does two British accents, which are barely ever heard in day to day life
DomWeasel Hace un mes
It's only been gated since Thatcher was receiving bomb threats.
Jonny Wishbone
Jonny Wishbone Hace un mes
Orange Man Bad
keean collins
keean collins Hace un mes
Daym he's so unfunny
Common Sense
Common Sense Hace un mes
Number 10 is as secure as the White House
Peter Grice
Peter Grice Hace un mes
These accents are not "nailed." They're actually pretty badly done.
heeckypi01 Hace un mes
He laughs so much in this video that i actually got to see his dimple on the right side of his face.l
Danny Rosa
Danny Rosa Hace un mes
Hahahahahaha funny
Kirubel Ayni
Kirubel Ayni Hace un mes
I can't imagine politics without Trevor 😂😂😂
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey Hace un mes
Got it wrong on UK hates Trump. Speaking as a Brit your accent sucks. You can walk into the Whitehouse. You couldn't drive a tank into 10 Downing Street you ignorant schmuck.
Joseph Cunningham
Joseph Cunningham Hace un mes
This video is incredibly unfunny and cringy quite hard to watch
shaggy Hace un mes
I don't hate immigration, I just don't like being told what to do by Germans... They invaded as saxons, they started two wars which almost ended the world, they also caused a fair few issues in France, Italy, Switzerland and various other places... Then they went around the world slaughtering people claiming to be from England while claiming Anglo Saxons have always been in England... Try going back 50,000 years back when it was celts and Picts.
cat lover
cat lover Hace un día
About the slaughtering thing, you did it all on your own. The Bengal famine alone killed millions.
bill tev
bill tev Hace un mes
To Trevor, I would love to hear a parrot do your accent in Xhosa
Damaris Jembere
Damaris Jembere Hace un mes
Saul Colson
Saul Colson Hace un mes
Trump is well received over here in the uk, mainstream media at it again with false narratives 😂
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma Hace un mes
😂😂queen is a Grizzly Bear 😂😂 she will jump back on u...
언니french Hace un mes
Janet Graham-Russell
Janet Graham-Russell Hace un mes
Erm. I hope he knows that dogging is quite a different this in the UK. Or did he mean that?
D Donawan
D Donawan Hace un mes
Jax James
Jax James Hace un mes
There is no such thing as a British accent. 🙄🙄🙄
corbeau Hace un mes
it's not weird the UK doesn't like Trump... They have had a class based system for a while now, Trump doesn't fit in. This system allows for discriminating your own kind a bit better than your traditional US racism - it's present in the US as well, but it's much less of an institution. You don't have royalty for one: everyone is elected. There is no upper instituted class. It's a big part of why you parted with the UK xD Boris still stands a chance and he does sympathize with the Donald ^^ Both systems lead to anger and hatred, meh. The wheels on the bus... Show less
Johannes Huber
Johannes Huber Hace un mes
How gifted can a man be?! Truly amazing!
A M Hace un mes
There are so many different accents in the UK
cat lover
cat lover Hace un día
Just like in other countries.
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